She Calls Me Daddy

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Annabelle, my sweet child Anna will be 19 tomorrow. I can’t even imagine the baby girl I took in my arms from hospital crib is an adult now. Lilly, my wife and the love of my life, bless her soul, died when Anna was merely a 5yr old kid. Since then I have been her father, her mother, her entire universe.

I am Mark, they say I am an American version of David Beckham. I don’t know about them but I have enjoyed women’s attention all my life. Girls check me out even this day, at my 45 years of age. Light blonde hair which is turning salt and pepper day by day, nice warm blue eyes, 6’2″ tall and well built muscular body describe me well. I have been surfing instructor, I’ve recently opened a gym too where I train both men and women for the surfing athletics. So, you can imagine, my tall form has less fat and more muscles.

And Anna is just like her mother. Icy blue eyes, charcoal black hairs, creamy white complexion; my Anna is a vision. She was bubbly back in her childhood days but puberty has blessed her so well. She’s tall, just like me, around 5’8″ at present. But she’s a bookworm. Outdoor games or surfing has never attracted her much. And I never insist. My child needs to be happy first.

That is where it is bothering me so much. Anna seems so distracted these days. I can tell something is bothering her. She’s distracted lately, almost indulged deep thought. She doesn’t happily chime anymore when I get home after a long day. Don’t get me wrong we share an immensely strong bond of father and daughter but there are times when my own child seems far away from me.

And there is another problem. I have been one woman man all my life. I have had flings with women after Lilly died. Can’t deny a man has needs, and it needs to be served time to time. But none of them became so close that I could take them home. They were nice on bed, we had sex and that’s it. My home is only for Anna and me. No one else can enter. But these days I can’t look at any other women anymore. They don’t attract me anymore. That one night at beach party has changed everything.

I have a big family from my parent’s side; two brothers and one sister. We all get together for occasions every now and then. So this summer we went to Cali, we have a beach house adjacent to the long coast of Santa Monica. It is big enough for 4 families. And we share a close bond with each other, always smiling and enjoying. My sister, Carla has one daughter Meghan. She is just one year younger than my daughter Anna. They are completely opposite. Meghan is very outgoing and lively kind of a girl who likes to have fun. On the contrary Anna is sit tight and look pretty kind of a girl. Despite their differences they are very good friends. One morning we were all chilling and drinking root beer in the warm cozy sun when these two cuties popped up in bikinis.

It was obviously Meghan’s idea. And the idea was great. She was wearing a light yellow bikini which matched greatly with her tanned skin. Anna wore a light blue one that brought out the icy blue of her eyes so beautifully. This was the first time Anna wore something that revealed so much of her skin. I could see her a little uncomfortable with so many eyes regarding her but she must feel beautiful in her own skin. And being beautiful comes from being confident. We all appreciated both of their appearance, though Anna seemed to take away more of the compliments since it was first time wearing such a revealing apparel.

They thanked us and went off to play with the sand. I watched them from distance. Anna has fully blossomed. Her body has grown from a little girl to complete woman. I couldn’t remember the size she wore for bras, but it seemed they were somewhere between 34 or 36. My girl is blessed with nature’s most gorgeous gifts. Her waist is smaller with a flat belly and perfectly rounded hips. Her skin seems smooth, almost silky against finger tips. As I thought about moving my finger along Anna’s thighs I felt arousal was coming. And I got deeply ashamed. This is my child we are talking about. It’s so inappropriate the way I was finding her beautiful.

I got up to take another beer from the cooler and rebuked myself for such thought.

But in the evening the same feelings returned with much more intensity. We were scheduled to visit a beach party that evening. One of my brothers was host there. We got free passes and alcohol and all. But the only problem was we had one car to drive there. It was a mini corolla and we were 8. Of course it was difficult to accommodate. In the back seat Meghan, Carla, Anna and me were supposed to seat. But Jimmy, one of my nephews insisted to seat in the middle of us, causing Anna to sit almost on my lap.

I had held her since so many years; she grew up in my lap. But seeing her so beautiful in that soft blue bikini in the morning changed whole perspective. Without a hesitation Anna climbed onto my lap, as she had done all her life and looked up to my eyes.

“Daddy, am I too heavy for you?” Her big baby blue eyes asked me with concern.

My heart chimed with pleasure and guilt, “no baby, it’s okay.”

“But I have amatör porno grown bigger now.” she said with a cute smile.

“Never for me” I replied and snuggled her closer.

Her soft thighs were on my muscular one. My hard chest and a pair of strong arms cuddled my baby in my arms. But her softness, her roundness, her incredible smell in nose hammered again and again on the self restriction I was desperately trying to build.

Everyone around us was having casual chat with occasional giggles and laughter. Anna was deeply engrossed in something that Meghan was showing in her iphone. So she shifted a little causing her left butt sit directly on my cock. I felt my man sprang into life immediately. That caused Anna to look at me with questioning eye brows. I tried to control and offered a smile. But my man was erect by then. I was waiting for Anna to sprint away at the touch but no such thing happened. She looked at me with confused eyes for a minute, and then went back to the interesting thing playing in Meghan’s phone.

I elicited a sigh at the comfort of my daughter. But the enthusiastic cock showed no sign of decrease. It remained erect and grew in size with every minute. Anna dug deeper with her butt, as if she wanted more of that touch. I held my breath and sat up a little, digging deeper into her silky touch. The more the car moved the more it dug inside her flesh. Suddenly the car pushed brake at the red light causing everyone to lean forward. My arms went around Anna’s waist and encircled her as she was about to fall.

My fingers burned her soft skin of belly, she was breathing deeply. My man still stood erect and Anna nudged a bit against it. I was in paradise. My girl felt so soft yet so warm.

Our journey ended soon and I tried hard to control my erection. Thank god I was wearing a Hawaiian shorts with multi color print which helped to hide the erection a lot. Precum was there, wetting the material of the shorts I could feel. But I wasn’t ashamed anymore. I became desperate.

The evening went smooth, there were a lot of girls, drinking and enjoying the party. But none of them caught my eyes, as they kept on travelling back to my girl. She was with Jimmy and Meghan, loitering here and there, enjoying different rides. Although she was at legal age of drinking she never tried once. She said she didn’t like the taste much. My girl is such a sweetheart!

At one point she came running almost, too much enthusiastic at finding a beach movie screen. But Meghan was not really interested to watch film at the party and Jimmy was nowhere to be found. So she came pleading me to watch the film along with her.

I happily complied. We snuggled up closer. The temperature began falling as evening was turning into night. We were sitting on a blanket in the sand in open air and cozy sea breeze flew around us. Many couples were sitting there, already kissing and sucking each other’s face out. I tried to focus on the film but I had watched the film way too many times. And the people around us were making it even harder to think anything else except the beautiful young woman’s body next to me. I am sorry, but I was really lusted at that time.

It had been so long since I shared such an intimate moment with someone for who I felt aroused. I watched films with Anna before but she was baby back then. And she isn’t a baby anymore.

Anna held onto me and snuggled a little just beneath my chin. Her arms tightly encircled around my waist. She was sitting in between my legs and I tried to warm her body by covering it with myself as much as possible. But being this close took its toll. I felt arousal again. It was becoming annoying. I knew I couldn’t do anything, not here, not until I get home. But my body kept on betraying me. I felt my cock poked its head through the shorts.

I tried to think anything else; about home, about work, about Lilly. But the sweet fragrance from my baby’s shampoo lured me more into arousal. I was debating if I should get up giving Anna an excuse of toilet when something very unusual happened.

A palm closed around the peaking head of the cock. I almost moaned out loud, thanks to the movie in the background no one could hear it; no one except my daughter. She looked up into my eyes and bit a little in her lower lip. I could see her pupils dilated. She traced her fingers against my cock and dragged a nail over it. It pained but it aroused even more. She got the encouragement she needed. She cupped my man in her smaller hands and took in its weight. Aahh! It felt too good to be held like that. She rubbed along the shaft and tried to figure out the length of it. I am sure she had had fantasy about long penises before. And her father wasn’t going to disappoint. The cock grew larger to its usual 6″ and I felt my Anna’s grip went tighter with its growing size. She couldn’t stop touching. And her novice touches excided me even more. Anna sat up against my chest, ready to savor more but just then my cell phone started ringing.

“Son of a bitch!” I exclaimed a little too harshly than usual. First time I cursed in front anal porno of Anna. She was sitting away now, almost frightened at the things she had done. I tried to say it was okay, she should not be so afraid but the phone rang again. All the people around us grunted and yelled to take the phone away. Ashamed, I lifted Anna and rushed outside.

That night passed by in agony. I masturbated furiously at the shower. My body couldn’t get enough. It needed more and more. It needed Anna. Anna’s touch remained imprinted on my cock. And I couldn’t shake off how good it felt to be held in her arms.

We returned home in the morning and didn’t say a thing about it since then. It’s been a month now. We act like father and daughter in the house. No closer spaces, no invading in each other’s rooms. She seems distracted all the time. I know she is burning with guilt. And so am I. I can blame alcohol for the things happened at the beach, but I know that is not true. I have tried to find solace in other women. But as I fucked them, as I grinded my cock against their pussy it was only Anna that I imagined in my mind.

My hunger needs to be satiated. And it wants Anna. Only Anna.

I spend less time at home so that I don’t have to face Anna much. I know Anna avoids me too. She greets me before college in the morning. I get to gym early and don’t come back until 9. When I get back I see Anna’s room locked; she has been keeping to herself a lot.

I drink scotch sitting in the patio at night, a guitar in my hands, softly playing a tune I fabricated a long time ago. Lilly’s favourite. And Anna’s too.

I drink some more in agony.

“Daddy” a soft tone cues in the hallway. I turn back and see my baby girl, in her night gown, standing in the hallway with her favourite Winnie the Pooh teddy at her arms. She looks like she has been asleep. I extend my hand, “come here, baby girl”.

“I can’t sleep daddy.” She nudges against me in the patio, her breathing a little faster than usual.

“What is it baby? Did you have a nightmare?”

“No..” she moves her head, “I dreamt you are not talking to me anymore.” she looks up, “did I do anything wrong daddy?”

My heart breaks at the plea in her voice, “no baby girl, you are my princess. You haven’t done anything wrong. Ever.”

She says, “do you remember tomorrow is my birthday?”

“Yes.” I smile, “how can I forget my princess’s birthday?”

“Will you give me anything I want?”

“Everything I have is yours baby.”

The next morning I wake up with amazement. My Anna is sleeping in my arms. And we are in my room. Even though we share a very close relationship, we have been sleeping separately since she became 9. After Lilly’s death she used to cry all night. So I soothed her as she slept. But she thought she was being weaker at the show of her tears, so she stopped sleeping with me, she went back sleeping in her own room.

Today as I wake up I find her sleeping form against me. She is lying on her left side and I am spooning against her. My muscular thigh is against her softer one. She is sleeping peacefully, completely unaware of the boner that is peeking against her butts; also the palm that determinedly cups her oh-so-soft breast.

As my mind registers our position the burning want returns with shattering intensity. I can’t help but moan a little as I greedily seek for more of her touch.

I know I should get up. I know I should distance myself before it’s too late. Taking a deep breath I try to get up when a firm hand stops me from moving. It stills the thigh that rests in hers and she turns just slightly, “Daddy, you promised.”

“But baby this is..”

My words are cut short as she places my palm fully on her breast and says, “I don’t want to know about any right or wrong. It’s my birthday and I want this now.”

My palm has its own mind as it immediately gropes her breast. She sighs at the contact. As if she always wanted to feel such touch she nudges my cock with her butts. I lean in deeply, merging my dick fully against her butts. The softer globes parted a little and I settle my man there.

I hug her closer, my lips kiss her neck, her ears, her shoulders. She smiles, “that tickles”.

I kiss along her neckline and ask in her ears, “Have you kissed a boy, princess?”

“Yes, one boy. He was my boyfriend. But not anymore.”

I bite her ear a little, “did you like it?”

She sighed in my arms, “No, he was so rough.”

“You should be kissed properly, princess. All day long.”

Then she turns her mouth and I capture them in mine. She moans in my mouth, clutching the t-shirt I am wearing. She wants more I can tell. I tease her nipple a little with my index and thumb. She melts then and there. She thrusts her hip a little more into my cock and I hug her even tighter. My right thigh covers most of her leg and grinds against it.

I let go of the breast I have been teasing and lift her t-shirt. I know she isn’t wearing any bra. The pebbled nipple poking through the shirt is evidence enough. I trace my finger in her belly button, anal breakers porno circling around the depression I get upwards. I reach underneath the soft roundness and cup them delicately.

Anna arches back. She needs more. Her body needs more. Her breathing increases up to fever pitch. I lie down flat on bed and take hold of her and lift directly on my lithe body. Her back merges against my chest and my dick is now tearing through the shorts.

I place both of my hands on her boobs and massage them thoroughly.

“Daddy.. ohh..” my baby girl moans.

I lift her waist a little and pull off the pajama she is wearing in one swift motion. She is now fully naked, from tip of her head to her toe.

“Have you ever slept with any boy, baby girl?” I ask her as I my hands can’t stop groping her boobs.

“No daddy, I haven’t.”

“Anyone fingered you?”

“Yes, Meghan did.”

“Oh, that little imp!” I kiss the alluring neck again, “did you like Meghan fingering you?”

“Yes daddy, it felt so good. But I bled a little.”

“Don’t worry about it. The next time it won’t bleed anymore.”

“Can you” Anna shifts her head to look at me, “finger me, daddy? I like it so much.”

“I can do a lot more than that if you want me to, baby girl.” I say in her ears as I put her down on bed.

Oh! Anna is so intoxicating. I can’t get her enough.

I put my mouth on her hardened nipple. She gasps out loud. My left hand massages the other boob as my right hand travels down south.

My baby girl is so clean freak. Her pussy is bald. She must shave every day. She feels so nice to touch. I trace her nether lips and part a little and insert one of my fingers inside.

“Aahh..” her fingernails dig inside my back, “you finger is thicker than Meghan, daddy.”

“Baby, do you like it?”

“Yes daddy, I like it more than Meghan’s.”

I switch from one boob to another and move my finger along her pussy; slowly pushing in and very slowly moving out. Soon we develop a rhythm and Anna joins me in tandem. I feel my cock has grown to its maximum size and it is getting difficult to ignore that.

In a rush I hungrily put my mouth on her pussy as my hand digs inside a lot deeper. I can almost touch her cervix and she rolls back. I must have hit her g-spot. She creams a lot making the movement even smoother. I keep on licking her engrossed clit, pulling and sucking it vigorously with my mouth. My baby Anna rolls and twists with pleasure.

I put another finger into her and she coils backwards, “no daddy.”

“it’s gonna be alright baby, just wait a while” I mumble from her pussy.

I take her pussy lips and almost bite them down as frantically I moved my fingers in her wet pussy. Her cream has cheesy smell that covers the whole room. I am getting drunk in her but I need more. I start massaging her butts and almost reach her anus when I feel her pussy muscles curl. In a white splatter she cums all over my face.

I lick down as much as I can and then get up. I see her gasping in air. Her cute tongue pokes though perfect teeth set. I don’t think much. I drop the shorts down and gag my thick shaft in her mouth.

She is surprised at first but her hazy mind soon finds a rhythm to match my thrusts in her mouth. She deep throats me, coughs. Precum rolls down her chin as she laughs cheekily. I hold her hairs and push her mouth against my bobbing dick with angst. Her finger nails dig on my thigh; she leaves claw mark there, arousing me even more.

I take her hand and place them on my balls. She cups them and rolls against the skin.

“Aahhh..” a grunt comes out of my mouth. I push more into her. Her warmth encourages the movement. She deep gags me again and I feel my toes curl.

I shoot and shoot and shoot and fill her mouth with white thick cum. She swallows it with great enthusiasm, smiling crazily. Then I fall on bed, my cock still in her hand.

Anna falls on top of me. I can feel my breathing is coming slower from its erratic pace. Anna lays her head on my beating heart and sighs. I am happy that I can make my girl happy. She means the world to me.

She plays with my larger fingers, comparing them with her smaller one; a game that she loves to play since childhood. I smile, “don’t you want to get up, baby?”

She turns her head to me and smiles. Yawning sweetly she says, “No.. I want to sleep some more.”

I kiss on top of her head. For this moment all I feel is parental love. My cock limply lies there.

“Get some sleep, baby girl. I will be back soon.”

Almost two hours later when I return, the house is filled with freshly made waffles. The rigorous run has helped clear my head and I am preparing myself for the upcoming conversation I am supposed to have with my baby girl. But as soon as I see her in kitchen I lose all track of rational thinking.

She’s moving back and forth in kitchen wearing just a kitchen apron. I repeat, just the apron. Coldplay’s scientist plays on the radio and she’s swinging her hips in the rhythm. Her back is towards me and she’s totally unaware of my presence. I hungrily take her in. Her deliciously soft butt cheeks stands proudly in a perky manner. She has mind bending curves that make my mouth water with want again. My fingers ache to dig in the flesh. I put down the keys I have been holding and get closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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