Sheep Among Wolves

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Things were going so well for Anne today.

Spirits were at their usual Friday afternoon high, and the project she was assigned to lead was looking to end on another week of smooth sailing. It was a simple enough task involving re-organising and connecting the company databases, but the way things were headed, going beyond the original scope and kicking things up a notch. The servers would never work better.

It was all thanks to her team. Lady luck must have been smiling on Anne, as she received the gift of four dedicated, reasonably friendly women for team members. While she couldn’t speak for all men, it seemed as though many of them didn’t appreciate being directly answerable to a woman; especially one younger than them. Maybe it was just a couple of bad apples that spoiled the bunch, but these ladies in particular were far more hassle and resentment free.

There was Penny, the oldest of the team and someone Anne already saw as something of a ‘first mate’, helping smooth other any problems her lack of experience with all of this might cause. While she would likely never say such things, she also happened to be the one Anne found the most beautiful, sporting bright green eyes that could either be soft or stern, long, flowing blonde hair and a British accent that sounded as though she was putting in serious effort to avoid sounding too much like a stuffy aristocrat. Anne even heard through the grapevine she’d moved away from England some time ago, though she never learned why.

Probably a ‘land of opportunity’ thing.

On the other end in quite a lot of ways was the exotic Asian girl Sri. much as Anne didn’t care for the stereotype, she really was the team’s Indian tech support. A computer wizard that could manage any program or problem in a way that even Anne herself couldn’t match. Sri also seemed adept at explaining processes with only a slight hint of an accent. Besides the common features of black hair (cut surprisingly short), light brown eyes and skin to match, the word best used to describe her was ‘diminutive’. The only one on the team Anne could reasonably say was physically smaller than her. Sri also seemed to have difficulty putting words together when outside of her wheelhouse of technology. There was also the small matter of frequent toilet breaks, which Anne was still figuring out how to bring up. She didn’t want to seem punitive or prying. Not towards someone who cracked codes with such ease.

If it was skulls that needed cracking, Kat was the one Anne looked to. That probably wasn’t her full name, but Anne got the impression outright asking would get her nothing more than an absolute-zero glare. Judging from her accent, Kat hailed from one of the Eastern European provinces. It wasn’t as though she had any trouble articulating her words any more than the others, yet Anne tried to avoid that as much as possible. Much easier to set her loose on anyone on the other departments that were causing trouble for the project. Kat possessed deep brown hair tail back into a ponytail, hazel eyes and a steely face that suggested a set of ripped muscles under her full suit that Anne only might have gotten a glimpse of.

The one that held the whole team together was without a doubt May. Anne knew her the longest of anyone, back from the group application process when she sported deep red hair before she switched to her current silver-grey. She did something similar with her eyes, trying new contacts every couple of weeks. It started as a simple vision problem, then May decided to roll with it and try some new colours. On this particular day it was a bright amber. Besides that, she was probably the most physically similar, helped by their shared American ethnicity. May was perhaps an inch taller, and far more willing to stand out.

It would be nice to imagine that they shared some kind of special rapport, but in truth May was pretty much a textbook people person. Any lack of technical skill was more than compensated for by how well she got on with everyone without trying. All the others just forgot about their defences or their difficulties whenever May wanted to talk. Sometimes it seemed that she clicked with the others even better than with Anne herself, even though they knew each other a bit longer. Perhaps she wasn’t completely okay with getting a lower position after all. No matter. As a liason, May proved above and beyond time and again. It would prove easy to clear the air over time.

Which is why Anne really wished she’d pushed her curiosity down on this fateful afternoon.

It started as such a simple thing. About fifteen minutes before work ended, May said she needed to step out for a bit. That wasn’t unusual. Their team was split into two rooms on the eighth floor of their building: one for Anne and May, and another for the remaining three. There were a myriad of facilities they needed to share with the other departments. Only this time, there was a slight panicked haste to her step. Moreover, güvenilir bahis May didn’t say where she was going, or why.

May always explained her movements during work hours. It should have been a simple thing to just brush off. She could be late to something. Perhaps she decided to slip off a little early.

No, May wasn’t the kind of person to do that unless it was an emergency. Against her better judgement, Annie left her draft on next week’s schedule to at least check it out. If there was a problem, they could talk it out together.


Alright, simple. Objective number one: try and figure out what’s going on with May. Two: try not to look suspicious doing so. Milling about this close to the weekend was a common stalling strategy. A copy of the progress report to ‘ask’ about would make good enough cover. With her plan ready and no time to waste, Anne walked out into the hallways.

“Uh, May?” she called out. No response; not that she expected one. As luck would have it, their rooms were at the end of the hall. Only one way to go. She made a right turn to walk down the straight hall. All of the outer walls were glass panes, so there was a good amount of afternoon sun beaming in. She checked off the other rooms, one by one. With a quick glance, it was easy to tell if there was someone else in the room, or nobody at all. No. No. No.

There were some more likely places. Maybe start there? Copier room was empty. Toilets? Vacant. This was a stupid idea to begin with. May was probably well on her way to another floor by now, if not already there. Might as well pack it u-

What was that? There were some noises coming from nearby. By the sounds of things, it was from the one door you couldn’t peer through. The supply closet. It sounded like there was some shuffling going on, and grunting? The door was closed. That didn’t usually happen if it was just a janitor. A janitor likely wouldn’t be having that much trouble. The doors weren’t locked during working hours, and it was the one room on the floor that couldn’t be locked with a simple latch from the inside. Anne could easily open the door and look inside.

Did she really want to, though? Something felt off about this entire situation. Either that, or she was looking too much into someone who really was just looking through the supplies inside. Oh well, if it really was nothing there would be a touch of embarrassment and the whole thing would be forgotten the next day. Anne grabbed the handle and turned it.

The door wouldn’t open, no matter how much force she applied. There was another noise from the other side. Were they stuck? There was no call for help. If she tried anything more drastic, it would attract attention from the room’s occupant for sure, if not others. Better do this right. Anne took a step back, angling her legs. With aim she read about but never tried, she launched her heel and kicked with all her strength.

With a brief moment of resistance, the door flew open, and a broomstick and a few other items were knocked over from the force. Standing there, as Anne suspected from the depths of her mind was May. It wasn’t just may that was standing, either. Her trousers were wide open and dropped a little. There was little point in trying to brush off what was visible as some kind of parlour trick.

A penis. Very real, and at full mast. Burning its way into Anne’s brain far too fast and completely for her to simply avert her eyes. When her eyes met with May, she proved to have no more words to offer than Anne did. The only sound was heavy breathing, in this already heated store room. In the end, it was Anne who broke the silence.

“Evil!” She squeaked, before bolting off.

No time to wait; she bolted down the stairs, taking strides of three or even four each time. By the time she reached the ground, the adrenaline was coursing through her body. Once she was out the door, she just kept running. Running. Running. Her apartment was close enough that she could walk it most days. Running like there was no tomorrow- well, that was quite a bit faster. It also meant she fumbled about three more times getting her keys.

It was when she sat down on her cheap, royal blue couches to catch her breath that the reality of what Anne saw started to sink in. Something she wasn’t supposed to, that was for certain. Any attempt to deny the reality fizzled, leaving the truth that May wasn’t quite the woman Anne thought all too real. What was she, anyway?

More important: what would she do now Anne knew? Leave the team? Even her job. No. No no no. This could still be smoothed over. May’s mobile number was worth a try.

Come on. Come on, come on. Each cycle of the ringing tone taunted her, leaving her nerves to fray further. Nope, voicemail. Every time she tried. Nothing much she could do.

“Uh, May? Look, can we talk? Please? I shouldn’t have barged in like that. I know this seems bad, but- we can talk this out. I promise.” türkçe bahis Message recorded.

That was about the best she could do right now. Besides an email, for all the good that would do. All that was left was to try and distract herself from this big, sordid mess. Maybe some more running would do her some good. Shower first.

Every time Anne did this: turning on the water to heat up and disrobing, she felt a certain itch. She couldn’t help looking at her body in the full-length mirror. The bright-red hair she’d rolled into a bun at the back of her head (Penny’s recommendation). Hips that were apparently ‘child bearing’. Her full set of fiery pubic hair. Her legs, which contrasted by being cleanly shaven. Last and probably most was her chest:’C and a half’ apparently, not that she’d ever had any reason to be proud of them.

On the subject of larger than average, May’s size was the largest real one Anne could ever remember seeing, either depicted or in person. How many inches could it reach? Eight? Nine? The thought of putting her hands on such a thing, or even-

No. Bad. Bad Anne. She slapped her own hand away from her crotch. Such impurities were unbecoming. May was- she was- a friend. That was all. Maybe she could still be.

Looked like it was going to be a cold shower.


Ungh, her phone? What was going on? Anne didn’t set her alarm on weekends. No, her alarm built up the volume. Someone was calling.

May! All grogginess vanished. Anne yanked the phone off the table and the charging cable. Calm. Stay calm. She could smooth this all over. She slid to answer. Sat up, took a deep breath. Then, she placed her phone up.

“Morning. So- you got my call?”

“Yeah. All seven of them.” May sounded as though she was avoiding striking any kind of tone. “You wanna meet up or something? I don’t think we can deal with all of this over the phone.”

“What? Oh, yeah. Sure thing. As long as you can make the time.”

That was that. In two hours, Anne would get what might be her only chance to fix all of this. The only thing she could do was prepare herself. Try not to think too hard about- May. Her thing.

In a token of goodwill, May was the one to choose the place they met. The place was a small, independent café a couple of blocks away. They were due to meet about an hour after the call ended, but Anne decided on arriving fifteen minutes early. She needed some hot food in her, and her hands were shaking too much to make it herself. Something normally out of the question. Something with bacon. Maybe some cheese. Panini it was. Latte to help wash it down.

When May showed up, it didn’t take long for her to find Anne’s spot outside; one with just enough awning cover that the morning sun wouldn’t blind them. Even more surprising was the shirt/short combo she wore that more or less matched Anne’s. May sported a bright blue/yellow combo and a pair of shades. Anne waved her over, and May picked up, though she didn’t smile or speak. She simply pulled the metal, cushioned chair opposite and sat.

For the longest time, there were no words. Just the sound of distant traffic and the summer breeze. The distance was already forming.

“So-” May started, but her mouth hung open, failing to form a complete sentence. Looked like it was up to Anne.

“May. Please don’t file a harassment claim. I had no idea it was you in there, or what you were-” Anne’s words dried up before the image of what she saw could resurface.

“Well, that wasn’t what I expected.” May set her sunglasses down on the table. “So I’m not evil?”

“Um- no! Of course not!” Anne gave a pleading look. “Look, I- I misspoke, alright? What I meant was- well- uh- something else.”

“Something else. Okay,” May said, shaking her head. “Well, I never planned on filing any complaints or anything. I’d prefer not to draw any attention to any of- what happened.”

“Oh, thank God.” Anne gave a long, deep sigh. “So, why were you in there, anyway?”

May gave a supressed laugh. “Well, I guess I overestimated how well the room was soundproofed. Not to mention my ability to jam a door shut.” Maybe this whole thing would have turned out better if Anne didn’t know how to kick a door in. “What I was doing in there- that’s a bit more complicated.”

“If you don’t want to talk about it-“

“No, no. I might as well now,” May said. Did Anne really want to know the whole thing? Yes, and no. “Yes, I’m endowed down there. Most of the time it’s easy to manage. Keep under wraps. Sometimes, though- it gets hot. I see something- think of something exciting and I- perk up. Then it gets uncomfortable, not to mention more conspicuous. I have to calm myself down, or at least realign things- get it back under control. Do you understand now?”

“I think so.” Anne nodded. Wishing just a bit she didn’t stop there. “Thank you for telling me. No one else needs to know about this. Not the company, the bosses- even our güvenilir bahis siteleri team won’t hear anything from me.”

May shook her head. “Oh, I’m afraid it’s a bit too late for that. The rest of our little group already knows.” Maybe it was better Anne didn’t know how that came to be. “Apart from that, your silence would be most appreciated. God, I sound just like Penny,”

Anne breathed a sigh of relief. This was the end of it. Did it have to be, though? There were only about a hundred questions floating through her head.

“So, uh-” Anne started to stammer. “How- how did you get it?”

“Get it?” May glared at her. “I was born with it, Annie.”

“Oh. Yeah.” After a few seconds, Anne looked back up. “Really? I thought- it just- it’s not natural.”

“Yes it is.” There was less anger in May’s voice than expected, but just as much impatience. “It’s a rarity, that’s all. I have a full- potent set of male genitalia. We exist. I wasn’t created in some lab, or even an operating table. This is how I came out of the womb.”

“Right, right. Sorry.” Anne looked away, only to be gently guided back by May’s hand.

“It’s fine. This is going a lot better than I imagined after yesterday. You’re still a good woman, and a decent team leader.” There was that May sense of humour. “You know, I haven’t even ordered anything yet. Be right back.”

The time May was in the café was ample to finish off what was left of Anne’s food. The drink could last at least a little longer. She could finally breathe east. May was such a good friend. A friend who just happened to have a surprise asset. A large surprise asset. There was little point in denying it: she wanted more. To know more, that was all. Really.

It was a couple of more minutes basking in the sun before May returned, large cup and saucer in hand. She settled it down, then herself.

“Sorry about the wait,” May said, taking her first sip. “Still hot.”

“It’s no problem.” Anne took a deep breath. “Do you mind, if- I asked some more questions?”

“Oh. You’re still curious?” May set her hands down, waiting.

“-Maybe. So, uh-” Anne moved in closer. “Are they all that big?”

“No. Some are even bigger.” May mirrored Anne’s lean inwards. “In fact, some can even grow as big as a mountain.” There was a brief silence. Then, Anne jumped as May broke out into cacophonic laughter.

Anne pouted. “You could have just said you didn’t know.”

“Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s not like I’m part of some huge futa cabal or anything.” Futa? Was that what they called themselves? Well, it was what May called it. That was all that mattered. “I’d say I’m pretty happy with what I got, outside of work of course. Why, you want to give it a try?”

“What? No!” The shade of red Anne’s face went said otherwise. “I mean, I can’t.”

“Oh, you’re already spoken for? That’s fine.” May went for her drink.

Come to think of it, they didn’t know a whole lot about each other outside of work. This was hardly the best starting point, yet here they were.

“No, I don’t have anyone.” There was more shame in that statement than Anne cared for. “It’s just- I’m not doing anything like that until marriage.”

May spluttered her drink. “Wait, seriously? You’re doing the whole pledge thing?”

“Yes!” Anne snapped. “It’s not a joke, you know.”

“Fine, fine. That’s more- traditional than I expected.” May was done cleaning up her mess, so she looked straight into Anne’s eyes. “It’s just- do you really think it’s a good idea to wait until after the wedding to find out if you can make that kind of thing work?”

“What’s that supposed to matter? I don’t want a relationship that could sour over something little like that.” Anne felt herself tensed up all of a sudden.

“Annie.” May took a deep breath. “I mean this in the nicest way possible. What would you know about sex? Or relationships, for that matter?”

There was no good answer to that. All of Anne’s ‘knowledge’ amounted to things she’d be told by the people important in her life. Her actual love life consisted of a brief thing with a guy in high school that was halted on the order of her parents. He seemed so nice, yet apparently he was only interested in one thing; that was the end of that.

Okay. Anne was ready. “I know that I have to be careful. I’m not going to let some fly by night trick me, okay?”

“Is that what you think I did? Tricked you?” May tightened her grip on the cup.

“What? No! That’s not what I-” Anne groaned. What to say- “You had your reasons to do what you did. What I’m trying to say is- you need trust. A lot of it. Without that, sex is just- dirty. Evil.”

“There’s that word again,” May muttered. It was only then Anne realised what she meant. “Okay, so you get married. Then what? You settle down? Give up your job; become a housewife? Like you’re supposed to?”

Anne shook her head. “That- that’s not up to me.”

“Then who, Annie?” May place a hand on Anne’s. “Listen to me. If you spend your entire life living by someone else’s rules, bending over backwards to do what they want, then you’ll never be truly happy. Chances are, neither will they. Whoever they are.”

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