Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 06

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Over the next two weeks, Shelly and Maddy became the hit of the frat party circuit. They attended every party, flirted (and more) with numerous guys throughout the night, and finally selected a lucky guy to take back to their apartment to fuck. Shelly was getting the hang of this, and she was getting a reputation, just as she and Maddy had schemed.

After a particularly raucous night, Shelly kicked her ‘date’ out of her bed.

“Hey, stud, wake up. Time for you to go.”

“Huh… yeah, I guess. Wait, I’ve got huge morning wood baby,” he said as he tried to kiss her.

“Not today. Not gonna happen.”

“Really? Well you don’t have to be such a bitch about it.”

Shelly softened her approach. No sense damaging your reputation, she thought to herself. She leaned in and gave him a curt kiss on the lips.

“I’m sorry Bobby.”


“Oh, yeah, sorry. Had a little too much to drink last night.”

“Oh, fuck yeah, you did.”

“Anyway, Charlie, this is a red day for me.”

Charlie gave her a questioning look.

“My period starts today. I’m already have the cramps. I should start flowing anytime now. Trust me, you don’t want to be around when I’m PMS’ing”

That was enough for Charlie.

“Oh, yeah… sorry,” he got up and gathered his clothing. “I totally understand. Bathroom?”

“Out the door to your left.”

As Charlie exited the room, Maddy, hearing the exchange, pushed her guy out of bed as well. He pulled on his trousers and then a shirt. As he was pulling down the shirt, Maddy reached out and ran her nails, one last time over his rock-hard abs. His skin twitched, and so did his cock. He started taking the shirt back off but Maddy stopped him in his tracks.

She looked up at him with a frowny face. “It’s my red day too lover,” she said.

He pulled down the shirt and slipped into his deck shoes, bent down, and kissed her, and winked at Shelly as he passed her bed and headed out. As the door closed behind him the two girls looked at each other and giggled.

“Are they gone?”

Shelly went to the door and listened. She heard the toilet flush then some muffled conversation between the two guys and then she heard the apartment door close behind them.

“Yup. Hey, I thought it was my turn to have the bedroom.”

“To be honest, we started out on the sofa. I’m not sure how we ended up here,” Maddy said as she looked down and saw a spent condom in front of her on the floor. “The bastard didn’t even take his fucking rubber with him,” she said as she grabbed a tissue, picked it up, and tossed it aside.

Shelly looked on in disgust.

Shelly sat on her bed and Maddy joined her. “I hope all these guys we’re fucking don’t talk to each other. Eventually, they’re going to figure out that we start our periods every Sunday morning,” Maddy giggled. Shelly joined in.

“Maybe we shoulda just fucked them. I kinda like morning sex,” Maddy continued.

“Ooooff, not with these guys. Not during the daylight,” Shelly retorted.

“Well, it might be nice to start my day with a cock in my pussy.”

“Right here, in front of me?”

“Why not, it could be fun seeing each other get fucked.”

“Maybe, but not in the sunlight,” Shelly pleaded.

“Okay, next time we ‘party fuck’ we both come back to the bedroom and fuck them in front of each other. Maybe we might even swap,” Maddy said.

“We’ll see,” Shelly offered.

“So, how was he?”

“He was okay. He had a nice dick and he was a good fuck, but when he went down on me I thought he was going to suck my clit right out of me. There was no tease, no kissing, no licking, he didn’t finger me. I had to stop him and just start fucking.”

“Yea, I’ve had that before. These guys have no idea how to lick pussy,” Maddy decided. “they need to offer a college class in licking pussy. Cunnilingus 101.”

Both girls laughed.

“We could teach it!” Shelly laughed.

“Yes we could,” Maddy added. “Have you ever gone down on another girl?”

“No, have you?”

“No. If I did, it’d be you… my best friend.”

Shelly and Maddy hugged, each girl thinking to herself what it would be like to taste the other.

After several seconds, Shelly’s phone dinged. The hug ended somewhat awkwardly as Shelly reached for her phone.

“It’s daddy,” Shelly said

Shelly had not been home in weeks. She had texted daddy frequently over that time and talked to him as well.

“I’m going to take a nice long hot bath,” Maddy said. Then she got up, grabbed the tissue wrapped spent condom from the floor and headed toward the door. “Have fun! Don’t tease him too much. Oh, wait, tease him a lot,” Maddy smiled as she left.

Daddy had tried to convince her to come home but she had resisted. She wanted him to miss her, long for her, want her so much that he would do anything to fuck her.

‘r u up kitten’

‘yes daddy’

‘are you ok? Didn’t hear from you yesterday’

‘I’m ok daddy. Went to a party last night,’ Shelly thought about what she would say next, ‘we had fun’

‘call brazzers porno me’

Shelly decided to wait a couple of minutes before calling daddy. Finally, she pressed his speed dial number and the phone lit up with ‘Daddy’ and Mike’s picture as it tried to connect.


“Hi daddy.”

“Hi princess. Are you okay Shelly? I haven’t seen you in weeks and you seem to be partying a lot.”

“It’s okay daddy. I always go with Maddy and we look out for each other.”

Mike’s felt a pang in the pit of his stomach at the mention of Maddy’s name.

“I’m worried about you princess. Your mom says Maddy is sleeping around a lot.”

“It’s okay daddy, we’re just having some fun. The guys are nice,” Shelly lied.

The pang in Mike’s gut worsened.

“Are you keeping up with your grades sweetie.”

“Of course, daddy, we both are. We study together and help each other.”

“I miss you sweetie.”

“I miss you too daddy.”

“I just dropped you mom off at the airport. She’s gone for the next few days. I was thinking I’d drive up and take you to lunch.”

“Oh, daddy, that would be great. Can Maddy come to lunch too.”

“Sure, baby girl. That would be fine,” Mike reluctantly agreed. “I should be there around noon. I’ll get us a reservation at that little Italian place downtown.”

“That sounds wonderful daddy. I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me too sweetie.”

In her best little-girl voice, Shelly said, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too princess.”

“Bye daddy,” Shelly ended the call.

Shelly went to the bathroom where Maddy was stretched out beneath a sea of bubbles, her hand under the water between her legs. Maddy stopped short and looked up at the intruder.

“What up bitch?”

“Daddy’s coming.”

“Okay… I GUESS I could spend the afternoon studying on the quad.”

“Not right away,” Shelly said in a scheming tone. “He’s going to take us to lunch first.”

“You little tease,” Maddy beamed. “You make me so proud.”

“Why thank you, your grace” Shelly gave a dignified reply as if she were the queen’s children’s governess.

“He’ll be here in about ninety minutes. I need to bathe too.”

Maddy reached down, pulled the drain plug, and stood up, bubbles caressing her lithe form. “Well, get undressed,” Maddy said as pulled the curtain and turned on the shower.

Shelly stripped off her nightie and stood there.

Maddy stripped back the curtain just enough to stick out her head. “What are you waiting for? Get in here.”

Shelly complied and was soon being pummeled by warm water.

Maddy picked up a loofah and loaded it with shower gel and began soaping up her friend’s back. She started at the nape of the neck and ran the loofah over her back and along spine to the ledge of her butt. Shelly was initially tense but softened as the loofah worked its magic. She lost herself in the warm feeling as Maddy caressed her ass with the sponge.

Maddy whispered to Shelly.

“I was laying here in the bath thinking about what we were talking about earlier… you know… going down on each other,” Maddy let the loofah trail a line along Shelly’s crack, across her button and gently along her pussy. Shelly shivered, to Maddy’s delight, and didn’t say a word.

Maddy brought the loofah back up the trail from Shelly’s pussy, to the valley of her ass, along her spine, then she reached around and used the loofah to caress Shelly’s breasts. As the loofah scratched her hardening nipples, Shelly let out a small gasp.

Shelly unconsciously reached back and drew Maddy to her as water cascaded over her head and down her breasts.

Maddy brought the loofah down Shelly’s front, over her navel, to her mons and drew her in tightly. Shelly turned her head to the side and found Maddy’s lips.

As they kissed, Maddy dropped the loofah and began stroking Shelly’s pussy with her fingers. Shelly moaned into Maddy’s mouth as her juices began to flow and her clit began to pulsate.

Shelly turned to face Maddy and their kisses continued.

Maddy, broke from Shelly’s lips and kissed her way to Shelly’s breast, taking her nipple between her lips. As she suckled Shelly’s breast, her finger found its way inside her. Shelly gasped.

Maddy released Shelly’s nipple and briefly latched onto the other before she began kissing her way toward her navel.

Maddy kneeled in front of Shelly as she took her diamonds into her mouth and tugged at Shelly’s piercing, her finger, now joined by a second, invading Shelly’s core.

Shelly brought her leg up, placing her foot on the ledge of the tub, granting Maddy unfettered access to her womanhood. She shuddered as Maddy’s tongue lashed out at her labia then rounded her clit, only to return for more.

Shelly’s hips undulated in rhythm with Maddy’s assault.

Maddy reached up with her free hand and grabbed at Shelly’s tit as her pace quickened. Her fingers angled anteriorly and found her spot of ecstasy as her lips gently surrounded her clit, the tip of her tongue flickering castingcouch-x porno furiously over her bud.

Shelly cried out as she was consumed in passion. Her hands pressed Maddy’s head to her cunt as her muscles grabbed Maddy’s fingers as if they were a cock. Her hips thrust wildly, once, twice, and then they just quivered with delight.

Maddy released Shelly’s bean and dived in hungrily, enjoying the flood of cum Shelly released upon her.

Another spasm took Shelly and another warm bolus of her elixir flowed over Maddy’s tongue.

As Shelly’s release subsided she began breathing again. Maddy lapped up the last few drops of dew from her loins then stood before her latest lover. Maddy joined Shelly beneath the waterfall in a long, wet kiss and both girls enjoyed the taste of Shelly’s release on Maddy’s lips.

“Oh, my God. That was so intense,” Maddy said.

All an out-of-breath Shelly could do was nod as she embraced Maddy’s form.

The two held each other under the water for, what seemed like, days. The water began to cool as somewhere, deep within the basement of their apartment a water heater hemorrhaged the last of its warm water.

The girls turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain. An awkward silence ensued.

“Are you okay?” Maddy finally asked.

“I’m more than okay. Fuck. What just happened? That was the best orgasm I’ve had in weeks. You’re sure you’ve never done that before?”

“Never, I swear.”

Shelly leaned in and kissed Maddy.

“I can’t wait to try that on you.”

“Yeah, but not now. Mike will be here in an hour,” Maddy conceded.


When daddy arrived, the girls were ready.

Shelly was dressed in a denim mini skirt. Her muslin top hung off her shoulders like fourth of July bunting exposing her neck, the crease of her collar bone, the purple straps of her bra, and swooping down in front to reveal just a hint of cleavage. The lower end of the top was ragged and left her diamond adorned navel exposed. She wore big hoop earrings and her hair draped to one side, the end curl caressing her breast. Her feet supported sandals with laces that came up over her toned calves.

Maddy was dressed in daisy dukes with a halter that bared her ample cleavage.

As Mike came through the door, both girls embraced him for a big hug.


“Hey sweetie! Hi Maddy.”

“Hi Mr. Anderson.”

“Mike Maddy. I think you can call me Mike now.”

“Thanks Mike.”

“I’m so happy to see you daddy,” Shelly embraced Mike again, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Me too princess. Are you two hungry?” Mike asked as they walked out the door.


At lunch, Mike sat across from Shelly, with Maddy to his right side. Several times he experienced a foot playing with his leg, thinking that it was Shelly, but indeed both girls took their turn teasing daddy.

“So, you two have been attending a fair number of parties I hear.”

“We’re just having some fun daddy.”

“Yeah, nothing wrong with having a little naughty fun Mike,” Maddy said as she smiled and winked.

Mike’s cock twitched at Maddy’s response. His thoughts immediately went to Maddy fucking her father.

“Well as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.”

“Dadddyyyy? Everything’s fine.”

“Yeah Mike. Don’t worry. I won’t let these college guys corrupt your daughter… much,” Maddy grinned.


After lunch, Mike drove the girls back to campus. When they got close to their dorm, Maddy asked Mike to stop the car.

“Can you let me out here Mike? I need to head over to the library for a while,” Maddy said as she looked at Shelly and winked.

“Sure. I guess I’ll see you later.”

As she got out of the car, Maddy gave Mike a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for lunch Mike. It was fun. Have a safe drive home.”

“My pleasure Maddy.”

As they pulled up to the dorm, Shelly asked “Can you stay for a little while daddy?”

“I’d love to princess,” Mike responded as he turned off the car.

They headed up to Shelly’s apartment. Once inside Shelly came to her father, threw her arms around him and kissed him.


Before Mike could protest further, Shelly kissed him again.

Mike’s resistance quickly faded. He grabbed her and kissed her back. The kiss was slow, passionate, their tongues dancing in the recesses of Shelly’s mouth. Shelly ran her fingers through Mike’s hair as his hand found her breast.

Shelly moaned in his ear.

“God, I’ve missed you Mike whispered in her ear.”

Of course, you did, Shelly thought to herself as a sly grin invaded her smile. “I’ve missed you too daddy.”

As Mike continued to kiss her neck and fondle her breast, Shelly guided him to the sofa. Shelly pushed him back until he fell into his seat then she straddled him and kissed him again.

“Sweetie, what about Maddy?”

“She can stay at the library for hours sometimes. Don’t worry daddy.”

Mike returned her kiss and let his hands trail up from her hips, clips4sale porno over her waist and abdomen, wedging under her blouse and over her lace covered tits.

Shelly reached up and removed her top. Her nipples peaked out from a purple, lace, half-cup bra. Mike latched on and worked her nipple with his tongue.

“Oh daddy,” Shelly whispered in his ear and then she started kissing his neck. She started undulating her hips, grinding her ass into Mike’s hardening cock. This only made Mike more ravenous and he squeezed her tit hard as he suckled his baby girl.

Shelly pulled her tit from daddy’s mouth, stood and unzipped her skirt and letting it fall to the floor, exposing the small patch of purple lace covering her pussy. She held Mike’s gaze to her own as she kneeled in front of him. She ran her hands up Mike’s thighs, over his hardness and found his belt and zipper. She opened him and pulled his trousers, freeing his throbbing member.

Shelly grabbed daddy’s cock and brought it to her lips. She stroked the shaft while applying soft, wet, seductive kisses to his crown, causing him to shudder. She enveloped the head with her lips and let her tongue swirl lazily along the underside of his mushroom. As she worked more of his shaft into her mouth a slurping sound pervaded the apartment as she set up a study rhythm. Shelly watched as daddy’s head rested back along the top of the sofa, his eyes closed, his hand lying gently along the side of her head, acknowledging his admiration of her oral skills.

After several minutes, Shelly released Mike’s cock and crawled up, straddling his lap, and kissed him, sharing his musty taste. As daddy kissed her, Shelly began thrusting herself back and forth along daddy’s cock, riding him like a rail, her labia splayed and moistening his rod with her juices.

Shelly reached back and grabbed his rod and hoisted herself over it, pulled her thong to the side and placed daddy’s baby maker inside her.

As she began to slowly raise and lower herself on his shaft, Shelly leaned forward and kissed Mikes ear.

“Fuck me daddy,” she said as she repeatedly impaled herself on Mike’s cock.

Mike gripped her hips as worked her cunt up and down his meat as Shelly leaned into him and moaned. He held her waist tightly as he pounded his baby’s pussy. His balls slapped her ass and Shelly screamed.

“Oh, God, daddy, daddy, Oh, God, FUCK ME!!!”

Mike plied her neck with wet kisses then settled into the base and assaulted her. He sucked and nibbled at her flesh and marked her as his lover. She surrendered herself to him, completely.

Shelly whimpered as she came. Her hips bucked as she began a series of rapid pelvic thrusts. Mike felt her grab his cock and spend herself covering it with her juices.

Mike didn’t know if Shelly was safe, nor did he care. With one last thrust he grabbed her and held her still as his balls contracted sending his seed crawling up his shaft. Hot cum erupted into her, painting her cervix, filling her cum hungry cunt with one rope, then the next until white, hot semen, ran out of her and over Mikes balls.

When Shelly felt the first strike of daddy’s release, she came again. Her pussy convulsed with every new spatter of daddy’s seed. All she could do was bury her head in daddy’s shoulder and pant.

As they sat there in each other’s arms recovering, Mike softened but remained in his little girl. White jiz continued to leak from her vagina and coat his nuts.

Shelly was weakened and lost in euphoria as daddy stood and scooped her into his arms. As his cock fell from her, a dollop of his cum fell, spattering on the floor. He carried her to her room and, recognizing her bed spread, laid her in her bed and covered his little girl up.

Mike kissed her on the forehead.

“Thank you, daddy.”

“I love you kitten.”

“I love you too daddy.”

Mike closed the bedroom door and retrieved his clothing. He went to the bathroom, washed up, and dressed. Then he returned the living room and picked up Shelly’s clothing as well, straightening it and placing it neatly on the sofa. He pulled a tissue from the box on the end table, got on his knees, and cleaned the spatter of seed from the floor. As he was standing, her heard a key in the door. He quickly folded the tissue and placed it in his pocket as Maddy entered.

“Oh, hi Mike.”

“Hi Maddy. Shelly’s taking a nap. I was just headed out.”

“Wow, the excitement from lunch must have really tuckered her out,” Maddy said almost sarcastically.

“Ah yeah. Ok, I’m just going to go. It was nice to see you again Maddy.”

“It was nice to see you too Mike,” Maddy came to him, hugged him, and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. “I hope you’ll come again. I mean, your welcome anytime. I’d love to see you, oh, and Shelly too.”

Mike headed out the door and down the hall toward the elevator. Did she just come on to me? Mike asked himself.

Maddy closed the door and giggled. The place smelled like a two-bit whorehouse. She was glad that Shelly got to reconnect with daddy and she was a little jealous that Mike didn’t take more of an interest in her. I going to have to work on that, she told herself.

Maddy settled in to watch some TV. About an hour later, a sleepy-eyed Shelly emerged from the bedroom. Shelly sat on the sofa next to Maddy and placed her head on her shoulder.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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