Shepherd’s Pie Ch. 07: Girl’s Night Out

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The yellow cab pulled up to our house after eleven. Hair matted, face wet, dress dripping with cum, reluctantly Mia stepped out, heels clicking to the ground, after shallow praise, earnest looks, and subtle hints of rejection led her to stroll over, slide in up front and pump out the cab driver’s load, ending our date with jizz on her fingers, most his, some mine.

The next morning, smelling honeysuckle lotion, I woke up fearing my plan had backfired. With one arm around Mia’s shoulder, feeling her soft hair and skin, we lay together, spooning each other in my bed.

She should have found me disgusting. She should have run off and begged her father to leave me and Mom alone. Yet, she’d asked to sleep over. She’d even accepted the offer to share my bed. On one condition, for some reason saying she wouldn’t get naked. She said she was cold. But that was a lie. She obviously didn’t quite trust me. Or maybe she might have been on to my fetish, but purposely didn’t let on.

Either way, I openly welcomed her decision to sleep in her pantyhose, as Mia climbed in under the covers, rolled to her side, with her soft buttocks, warm beneath nylon, pressed up against me all night.

Nestled between my arms, by morning I smelled the musk, as her warm body roused from sleep, pantyhose sealing her pussy in its own juices, brining all night.

Hot, humid, covered with this greasy film, overnight, moist air steamed through the hose, leaving the gauzy nylon slippery with sweat.

Sandwiched between her supple cheeks, hard-on stiff as a brick, slowly writhing, she pushed back, brushing my sensitive glans. Scratchy, yet silky, all at once, numerous times, the grainy fabric swept up and down, dueling sensations so thrilling it made my head swim.

Turning her head, her eyes blinked open, greeting me with a smile, then sprang up, grabbed a near pillow and clocked me upside the head.

Laughing, I smiled back, reading her annoyance.

“Let me guess, you’re still angry about last night.”

Arms folded, eyes slit together, Mia scowled at me in her white strapless bra.

“No, of course not,” her eyes rolled. “All girls love jerking off smelly cab drivers.”

“Oh, really,” I said jokingly. “Where do I sign up?”

Mia smirked. “You’re such an asshole.”

“Mmm, so I’ve been told. But look at the bright side, at least it only took a few seconds.”

This time I saw it coming, flinching as the pillow struck again.

“Yeah, laugh it up,” she said. “You’re lucky I didn’t smother you in your sleep.” Pointing left, she raised her finger toward the dresser. “And what about my dress?” she whined. “It’s completely ruined. How the fuck did you cum like that anyway? You realize you’re not normal, right?”

“Normal,” I said, frowning back. “How would you know?”

“Because,” she shrugged. “If every guy came that much, I would have heard it from someone by now.”

“Hmm, yeah, that’s probably true. And I am sorry for ruining your dress. Sometimes I do get carried away. But I’m also grateful that you chose not to smother me in my sleep,” I said, bringing a smile.

Flipping her hair, her lashes fluttered, softening her tone.

“Well, there’s still time,” she said, rubbing her arm. “But before I kill you, there is something I’m still curious to find out…”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“How hard it is to fit you inside my pussy?”

“Oh,” I said, ten degrees warmer. “Um, okay, we can do that. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Mia nodded. “It’s my first year of college. I don’t care what my Dad thinks. I’m not spending the next four years as a virgin.”

Frowning, I sat up and clutched my head, voice raised in distress.

“Hold on, are you serious?”

Mia smirked. “Do I need to wear a sign? I told you I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“Well, yeah, I get that. But I figured at some point you hooked up with someone.”

“You’ve never met my d…”

“I know,” I said, cutting her off. “What does your dad to you anyway? Lock you up in some tower with a chastity belt?”

“Worse,” she said. “If he ever found out I had sex before marriage he’d totally cut me off.”

“Wow,” I swallowed. “He’d really do that?”

“In a heartbeat,” Mia nodded. “My father’s the type of guy who believes he can buy anything, including love. He met my mother at a fashion show in Milan. She started as a runway model. To this day, I wonder if she only stayed with him so long ‘cuz he spoiled her so much. He probably does too.”

“I get that. When my parents divorced, my dad went and picked up a trophy wife too. But that doesn’t explain why your father would treat you the same way he treated your mom.”

“That’s all he knows,” Mia shrugged. “To him, I’m just a prize…and losing my virginity would only decrease the value of my stock.”

“I see,” I nodded, curious to hear her motives. “So, why now?” I asked, “why me?”

“Two reasons,” she said, tilting her head. “For one, out of all my options, you’re easily cumlouder porno the safest and most convenient. As long as my father’s still dating your mother, he’ll probably convince himself that I only see you like an older brother, which gives us the freedom to hang out as much as we want, without arousing any suspicion.”

“Okay,” I said, nodding along. “And what’s the other reason?”

“Well,” she said, dropping her voice. “Like I said before, it’s my first year of college. I came here to learn. So I also need someone with experience.”

“Hmm,” I said, scratching my head. “You do realize what you’re asking, right? It’s not as simple as piano lessons. You can’t just learn to be a slut.”

Mia nodded. “I realize it won’t be easy. And I won’t lie. I’m extremely nervous about it. But that’s why I’ve waited this long to find the right teacher. The question is have I found him or not?”

Checking the clock, I estimated Mom would return in less than two hours then turning back I promptly decided to waste no more precious time.

“Take off your bra.”

I waited expectantly, shoulders leaned against the headboard, watching in silence, as Mia’s arms slowly unfolded, reaching behind her back.

Turning her head, Mia looked off, slowly undoing the clasp. Shoulders hunched, her bra fell off, softly landing in her lap.

Head down, nipples swollen, her waifish body trembled shoulders to waist. Perhaps she felt a chill. Or perhaps she really felt naked; as I did, stripped down by Kendra.

Recalling that moment, I relived the vision of Kendra’s surprising smile, remembering the way it lifted my panic and filled me with such tremendous confidence, to see her eyes grow wide with amazement, speechless in sight of my cock.

Paying it forward, I smiled back at Mia, eyeing her palm-sized tits. Newly sprouted, high on her chest, her teenage breasts sat up like cupcakes, with hard, pointy, blush-colored nipples instead of candles.

To help her relax, I looked up and kindly whispered. “Beautiful. Now, close your eyes.”

With some reluctance, Mia obeyed, eyes finally closing after a long, deep breath.

“Put your hands on your breasts.”

Trembling, Mia did as told, hands set atop her chest.

“Touch yourself.”

Her eyes flew open, pupils shaking with fear.

“You heard me,” my voice dropped. “Keep your eyes closed.”

Saying no more, I patiently waited, taking things step by step.

Before I’d even consider having sex, after learning Mia was a virgin, I needed to know how truly innocent she was. If something as basic as masturbation was that uncomfortable, then knowing so allowed me to understand just how much work we had to do.

Hands up, fingers spread, Mia’s hands rested lightly against her breasts. Flattening her palms, she placed them both softly over her pert nipples, circling slowly in opposite directions, eyes closed, breathing more heavily through her mouth.

“Do you like your breasts?”

Chest heaving, she seemed to enjoy the pleasure of her own touch, as she whispered back, slightly breathless, shaking her head.

“No, not really…wish they were bigger.”

“Not unusual,” I said, keeping things positive. “Tell me something you do like about them.”

“Hmm,” Mia answered, moaning as she kneaded them softly. “They’re firm.”


“They’re perky.”


“And they’re actually really, umm…”


Mia nodded, prompting me to delve further.

“And what are you feeling right now? Describe it to me.”

“Gosh, I don’t know.” Fanning her fingers, she then flicked them over her nipples, both swelling, red as plump raspberries. “I feel warm inside, tingling all over,” she said, fondling herself.

“No,” I rebutted. “I didn’t ask how you feel. I want to know what you feel.”

“Oh,” she inhaled. “Well, my nipples are really swollen. Not used to them feeling this tough…sort of hurts…in a good way.”

“Do you play with them often?”

She shook her head.

“Let me guess…your Dad doesn’t like you to touch yourself either.”

“Hell, no,” Mia frowned. “He caught me once. My ass was red for days.”

The image made me jealous. “He spanked you?”

“Yes,” she sighed wearily. “My father spanked me for masturbating…not exactly a turn-on.”

I begged to differ.

“I don’t get it,” I said. “It’s not like you’re out sleeping around. So what’s the problem?”

Her answer came with obvious sarcasm. “In his logic, if you want to call it that,” Mia explained. “Sex is about love, not pleasure. And people who do things only for pleasure can be easily manipulated.”

“Hmm,” I sniffed. “That’s one way to see it. But some could say masturbation is actually one of the truest expressions of love…as in loving yourself…celebrating the way God made you.”

“Oh,” Mia let out a grin. “So by sitting here pinching my nipples in front of you, I’m actually making czech amateurs porno love to myself?”

“Well, yeah…in a manner of speaking, that’s exactly what you’re doing. And if you believe all creation was made totally different, then until you actually learn your own body, you’ll never be able to show someone else what makes you so special and unique.”

“Ah,” she nodded. “So you’re telling me I’m going to have to do this before we can have sex?”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m not saying you have to. I’m saying you need to. I’m saying it’ll help.”

Showing keen intuition, she then startled me with her next question.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you? You’re worried about hurting me. You’re trying to keep me calm.”

“Um, yeah, maybe a little,” I had to admit. “Just do me a favor. Lie back and keep your eyes shut. Clear all your thoughts. Imagine being alone.”

Over the covers, scooting down, Mia laid all the way back, as I rolled over onto my stomach, feet hanging off the edge, poised in between her open legs, directing what happened next.

“Should I keep my hands up here?” she asked, cupping her breasts.

“Just one,” I said, thinking she’d take the hint.

“And the other,” she said, playing coy, or faking it very well.

“Between your legs,” I answered. Mia quickly complied.

Eyes level with her pantyhose gusset, I then followed the motion as her right hand slowly reached down over her stomach.

Knees up, legs wide open, her French-tipped nails slowly slid down toward her navel, only to stop at the band of nylon cutting into her pale, supple, white flesh.

My whole life I’d rarely seen a more sensuous article of clothing, as Mia lay there in pantyhose, sheer to her size zero waist, with no control top, hot neon pink, tight as a bubble gum wrapper.

Just as I noticed the tips of her fingers sliding beneath the hose, I stopped her hand, slowing things down, giving decisive new orders.

“Don’t do that. Keep it outside. Rub the nylon against your clit.”

With one hand mauling her tiny left breast, the other between her legs, she flattened her fingers over the hose then labored breaths followed as her hand began rubbing in circles against her clit.

“That’s it. Nice and slow,” I told her. “Do it just like that. Don’t just rub the nylon. Use it. Use it until you cum. Rub your clit through your pantyhose and don’t you dare fucking stop!”

“Haahhh haahhh haahhh,” her ragged breaths came faster and harder. Still, I kept talking.

“God, you look so hot. And you’re not even really touching your pussy. That’s what great about pantyhose. You can still be a good girl and be bad at the same time. Or maybe you wanna be bad?”

Mia worked her fingers to a blur. “Huhh huhhh ohh ohh gawd yess make me bad…make me dirty…make me your dirty slut!”

“Soon enough,” I promised. “We have to get you completely ready. We want it to slide in easy. Now don’t stop rubbing your pussy. Keep going. Tell me how good it feels.”

“Hmphh huhh,” her hips bucked, struggling to form sentences. “Mmm gawwdd f-f-feels g-g-good so nnguhh g-g-good.”

“Yeah, you like it,” I smiled. “Are you sure about that? Isn’t it just a bit frustrating? Wouldn’t you love to just rip them open, really get at that clit? Or maybe you love teasing yourself, the way you loving teasing me?”

Mia nodded, gritting her teeth, pinching her left nipple. Over her pussy, her energy focused, zeroed in hard on her clit. Over the gusset, her manicured fingers vibrated side to side, like speedy fingers using dull sandpaper, scratching her horny itch.

Though Mia wasn’t in Mom’s league, the act of succumbing to the illicit pleasure of masturbating in pantyhose showed me she’d reached a new level, wildly abandoning Daddy’s sweet angel and wantonly submitting to the lustful power of nylon, drawn up over her open wide legs, like shimmering tubes of glowing pink neon.

Hearing her moans, I waited on purpose, eyes focused down on her crotch.

Though only a blotch, a wet spot appeared, enough to show she was close. Starting to tremble, her hand lost its rhythm, moments from starting to cum. Right then, I reached down and pulled back her wrist, hand rudely snatched away. Climax denied, Mia looked down, hissing and gnashing her teeth.

The glare of her half-slit, murderous eyes spoke much louder than words. Angrily, like a mouse trap, her legs snapped together, clamped tight around my head.

Head scissored, I struggled in vain, locked ankles behind my back. Neck straining, her thigh muscles proved stronger than they looked, as she forced me to breathe through the gauzy fabric over her steaming wet twat.

Squeezing hard, she arched her back then used the leverage to roll me over, shoulders pinned to the bed.

Moist gusset mashing my face, Mia fumed with hostility.

“You think that’s funny!” she said, pressing with all her weight. “Try laughing now, you piece of shit! Maybe czech casting porno I’ll sit here and smother you till you pass out!”

Lips muzzled by nylon over my mouth, I couldn’t answer as Mia vengefully humped my face.

As I struggled for air, I found it ironic how fragile pink tights could easily become a weapon, as worn by Mia, squatted down, pantyhose snuffing me out.

Riding my face, Mia continued, nylon chafing my skin, grating against my morning stubble, scratching and burning like hell.

“That’s right,” Mia snarled, squeezing her thighs. “You’re my bitch now! How does it feel?”

Small as she was, I could have easily pushed her off. Yet, instead I lost myself gazing at her tits, nips hard, pointed straight out. Above this, her reddish blonde cascading hair set off her eyes emerald green.

Trapped underneath her smooth, sturdy legs, the salty odor of unwashed sex tingled inside my nose, steaming through the thin layer of Mia’s pantyhose gusset, as I lay there inhaling a musk formed by hours of perspiration, lips clinging to a salty film, moist from the flow of her juices, along with her loud, pungent, feminine odor, where a virginal sweetness, fresh with its own distinct flowery scent, fragrantly still came through.

From the moment I saw Mia come out half naked, laced in her sheer white dress, I’d purposely laid on the compliments heavy, openly praising her legs, with no attempt to hide my extreme adoration, wanting to send her a clear message that walking out in white heels, pink pantyhose, and legs sculpted like a ballerina would entice me to pop her cherry even if she really was my sister.

Still, in spite of this, with our relationship in its early stages, I never explicitly used the word “fetish,” hoping she’d learn on her own.

Above my head, gracefully Mia spun forward, facing my proud erection, where her vocal reaction suggested that finally the light bulb might have come on.

With only a second to catch my breath, upon her rotation, she hunched down, soft tush squashing my face. Smiling beneath her, I sniffed her anus, hearing her sudden gasp.

“Good God, look at your cock!” she said. “It’s even bigger than it was last night. You really are a freak, aren’t you?” She leaned back, wiggling her butt. “You like this, huh? You like when I rub my ass all over your face!”

Taken by seeing how well she could shake it, I enjoyed seeing her plump cheeks jiggle, but only till Mia brought down her weight, where dressed like a bunny her playful shimmy turned suddenly aggressive, as she hopped up and down, giggling as she brutally smacked her butt against my face.

“I should say ‘this is what you get,'” she said, bouncing fast over and over. “But it’s pretty obvious you enjoy it,” she added, threatening payback. Maybe I’ll sit here and watch you jerk off. Or then again, maybe I’ll suck your cock, not that you deserve it, not when you’re probably still thinking about Bethany.” The thought hadn’t crossed my mind. “Gosh, it’s really a tough decision. I really enjoyed giving you my first blowjob last night. When you started to cum, I know it probably seemed like I was grossed out. But honestly, it was only because you caught me off guard. And you know what else…while you weren’t looking…I tasted the driver’s cum too. But honestly, it was pretty sour, no way as good as yours. So, I’ll make you a deal. If I let you fuck me, promise you’ll cum in my mouth.”

In the second it took me to process what I’d just heard, Mia lunged forward, reached down and firmly grabbed my cock, then surprisingly shoved half of it deep in her hot little mouth.

With wet, noisy, popsicle slurps, Mia voraciously demonstrated her new sizzling appetite for cock.

Gripping the shaft, with warm, slippery fingers, her hand slid up, stopped then squeezed beneath the head. Wisely, Mia extended the narrow passage formed by her mouth, jerking and sucking at once.

Legs spread, crotch in my face, pushing as far as she could, Mia eagerly choked down my cock, gurgling and slobbering with all the zest of a true, natural-born slut, fist tightening on the upstroke, then back down, doubling the pressure, hand and mouth working as one.

Wildly maintaining her rampant pace, left hand juggling my balls, humming away, spitting all over, I listened as Mia blubbered like an infant, sucking her favorite rattle.

“Hmmfff shhhlick hmmpphh hmmpphh hmmnnguuhh uhh gawd I luvvdishcock hmmgawdd isshoofuckin big hmmphh shleek heessh hesshh hmmphh hnnguhh isshoo so hawwd immamouth mmm fffuccckk can’t shtoppp can’t stoppp shucking disss sshuugge ffucckiingg ccoocckkk!!”

Feverishly, Mia worked herself into a lather, cock drunk, foaming at the mouth, gagging and spitting, hell bent on making me pop.

Moments from shooting, knowing we couldn’t take all day, I tensed up and stifled my release. Still, Mia kept sloshing my dick in and out, sucking with tireless vigor, potentially ruining the sex before it even happened; calling me to action.

Desperate, with two hands, I reached up and clawed my nails through the thin fabric over her precious cunt. With a loud pop, the nylon ruptured, nails punctured through. Reinforced nylon, tightly-stitched, put up a decent fight, till I flexed my forearms for one hard jerk, threads pulled and snapped apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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