Shift of Paradigm Pt. 01

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Definition: A paradigm shift is a change from one way of thinking to another. It’s a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It does not just happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. (Thomas S. Kuhn.)


Chapter 1

I remember, when I was a young girl, being on a tour of a cave. The tour guide did the same thing that every cave guide does when they get the tour down deep inside of the cave. He gathered us all together and turned off the lights. Absolute dark. The absence of any light what so ever. You could not see your hand, though it was right in front of your eyes. Everyone who has ever had that experience knows exactly what I am talking about.

This darkness was darker than that. It had a texture to it. I thought I could feel it. It was as if I was swimming in darkness. I tried consciously opening and closing my eyes, but just as in that dark cave, there was no difference. Right at the edge of my perception, I could hear a sound. It was so soft and so low in tone that I questioned if I was hearing it at all. It was rhythmic, but not singing, more like chanting. I had purposely closed my eyes in order to concentrate on the sound.

Not that it should have made any difference in the complete absence of light, but that is what I always did when I was attempting to focus on a thought or sound. Shortly, I perceived that there must be a light shining on me, as I could see redness through my closed eyelids. I opened them.

I was standing in the middle of a long corridor. Everything was brilliant white. It was so bright that it made it somewhat hard to see anything. It also seemed that everything was not in focus. Like one of those romantic movies where all the sex scenes are shot through gauze. It was hard to make out details.

After a short time, my eyes seemed to adjust a little better to the brilliance of the light. I could see that along both sides of the hallway, columns projected from the walls. Not the free standing type of column that was actually intended to hold something up. No, these were really just a rectangular structures that were intended to give some privacy to the door that was located between any two of them. They formed a little alcove.

You couldn’t see the door unless you were practically standing in front of it. If people were standing close to the door, you would never see them until you were right there. As you looked down the hall, they would be hidden by the columns.

I thought my vision was clearing a little more, but everything remained in soft focus. I looked to my right and saw two women standing close together. They were wearing beautiful white dresses that looked like something from an earlier age. They were of a simple, coarse weave, with skirts that reached the floor. They were holding each other close, gently caressing each other’s face.

Then one leaned in closer to the other and gently kissed the other. It was soft and sensual, but it soon grew more passionate. Lips pressed more firmly, tongues lightly exchanged, now more intensely, until those kisses became hard and demanding.

The “blouse” part of the dresses they were wearing were split from neck to waist. It didn’t fail to cover, but they could not be securely closed. It lacked any means to do so. The effect was that very quickly hand to breast contact could be established. Or the folds could be drawn back to bare a delicious nipple for licking or sucking.

The “skirt” of the dress was of similar construction. It was split from floor to waist. It also afforded easy, unlimited access to hand or mouth. If not for the band at the waist of the dress, it would not hold together at all. In considering how they were dressed, I came to see that I was dressed in exactly the same kind of garment.

There was something odd about the two of them. They looked like an older and younger version of each other. Not an exact image, but there was a strong resemblance to their features. I suddenly realized what I was looking at. They were mother and daughter! It looked as if they were preparing to have sex with each other and…and…I knew them!

This was Pauline Duncan and her daughter Cindy. They went to my church. Cindy had been a classmate of my own daughter, Linda. Pauline was close to my age. What were they doing? Pauline’s hand slipped inside of Cindy’s dress and was squeezing her breast. The forefinger and thumb were rolling her daughter’s nipple, stretching and teasing it. Cindy moaned. Her hand reached through the opening in the skirt and cupped her mother’s sex. She was slowly pressing in and then withdrawing a finger from that pussy.

Pauline placed her other hand on the knob of the door and started turning to open it. The door was painted red and there was a large sign attached to it. It looked like one of those industrial safety signs and it read, “WARNING! DO NOT ENTER!” Pauline had no regard for its message as she pushed the door open. I have no idea how I knew, but I realized that the door was constructed in such a way as that czech couples porno once it was opened, it could never be closed again.

As the door swung wide I could see into the room. There was a large inviting bed with the covers turned down. There were other people in the room. Pauline’s husband sat in an armchair at the foot of the bed. His arms and legs were tied to the chair. His mouth was gagged. On the bed was an older gentleman, who at first looked like he was very short, but standing. Then I realized that he was on his knees. His body stood erect as did an impressive cock jutting out from between his thighs. He was slowly stroking it. Although I had never met him, I knew that this was Pauline’s father.

“That’s right Pauline. Bring her through the door. Bring her to our bed.”

“Cindy, did your mother ever tell you the truth about who is your real daddy? Certainly not this worthless slug I married her off to. No, Cindy, I am the one who impregnated her. I am your father.”

“Pauline! Bring your sister/daughter to our bed and fuck her. Get her ready for me. I’m going to use her to make another just like her.”

I backed away in horror and slammed into the opposite wall. I was startled to see that I was right next to another pair of women who were also in the throes of Sapphic lust. Oh my God! I knew them also. It was Donna from the PTA. Her daughter Leigh had graduated and was now a freshmen at college.

Donna was glassy eyed, hands at her side, passive. Leigh had pushed aside the fold of cloth covering Donna’s breast. She was vigorously licking and sucking her mother’s nipple. Leigh’s hand was reaching to open the door. The same warning sign was on their door as was on Pauline and Cindy’s.

“Let’s go in Mom. You’re going to love it.”

I didn’t wait to see what was on the other side of that door. I didn’t want to know. I moved, running down the hall. I couldn’t take this. My brain was overloaded with the shocking revelations about things I never could have never imagined.

My vision had cleared all together and I could now see with sharp focus. As I passed doorways, I could see that some of them were opened. Others were still closed with couples kissing and groping and sucking in the alcove. All of the doors carried the same warning.

With some of the couples, one or the other was kneeling with tongue buried in the other’s cunt. There were only women in the alcoves. In the rooms, every kind of sex, lesbian or otherwise, was taking place.

A fair number of the women I saw were not clothed in the dresses. Some wore more masculine clothing. Sometimes it was the daughter, sometimes the mother, occasionally both. I assumed that these were dominant/submissive couplings.

I could not help myself from looking. Part of me did not want to, but obviously another part wanted to very much. If you had asked me, I would have denied any attraction at all to what I was seeing. But I realized that could not be true because, after all, here I was looking. Not looking really, gawking was more like it.

I slowed down and began to really notice the people. I was amazed at how many of them I knew. Some of them were friends of mine, people I thought I knew well. Obviously I did not know them as well as I thought, if they were keeping secrets like this.

Others I knew not so much as friends, but as acquaintances. People I had met, and I could speak with on occasion, but we didn’t hang out. There were other couples that I had never spoken to, but I knew who they were. Only a few, I had no idea about at all.

I looked in more of the rooms. In one, I saw Lorie Williams and her daughter Rachel. Lorie’s son was also there. All three were completely nude. Lorie walked over to him and began stroking his cock with her hand.

“It’s all right son. Rachel is going to join us from now on. You can make us both pregnant.”

I was being exposed to people’s darkest secrets. I was seeing behind the curtain of their lives. This place was where they had hidden away what the world could never see. It was like looking down the hallway and never being able to see what was hidden in the alcoves, much less what was behind the doors.

It could be seen if you were right there standing in front of it and were looking for it. But you had to want to see it. You had to stop and really look. It was all too easy to simply keep running down the hall, eyes straight ahead, refusing to know. Plug your ears and stop the noise.

Why was I seeing it? Why was I hearing it? How was it possible? Who had brought me to these things?

I understood that the forbidden door was lesbian incest between mother and daughter. If that door was opened, it would never close again. It was the portal to whatever was inside the room. Each one was different. Each contained what was meant for those lovers only.

I saw rooms with what could be only described as the bizarre. Other rooms contained just mother and daughter gently loving each other. Whatever was in czech estrogenolit porno the rooms, no matter how shocking, it was only accessed by the willful choice of those who entered.

It was not that lesbian incest was taking place only on the other side of the door. Some of the couples in the alcoves were doing everything but slamming dildos into each other. Come to think of it, I may have seen that also. Passing through the door was acceptance. You came to an agreement with yourself, that this is what you wanted.

The shock was wearing off. I was starting to get turned on by all of the sex going on everywhere. And worst of all, it was becoming normal. I stopped at the open door of another room and looked inside. I had moved from a place of fear and revulsion to curiosity. I wanted to see, to understand what was happening with these women.

This particular room was one of those with only a mother and daughter. Again, these were people I knew. Adrian Berkley and her youngest of three daughters, Ashley. I knew they were going to have lesbian incestuous sex and the anticipation of it was turning me on. I was getting wet. I wanted to watch them fuck.

I moved right to the threshold so that I could hear their soft whispers and nothing would block my view. The mother was caressing her daughter’s face. She reached around back of the younger’s head and grabbed a fistful of hair. My mind was screaming, “Oh, yes, fuck her! Fuck you daughter!”

“You’re eighteen now, and I’ll have what I want from you. You are going to obey me and pleasure me in every way.”

The older woman was dominating her daughter. The submissive girl stood obediently at her mother’s side, opening herself to her mother’s hand reaching through the slit skirt and stroking her sex. I could see fingers circling her clit and then being pressed deep into her pussy. The daughter moaned in pleasure at her mother’s ministrations.

“Yes, Mama. Fuck Me. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Whore me out like you did my sisters.”

The girl opened her blouse in offering of her breasts for her mother’s pleasure.

“Oh, yea baby. You are going to fuck so many cunts. Top female executives want top performance from their whores and with what they are going to pay for your services, you better learn to do it right. Now get on your knees and suck me off.”

The girl dropped to her knees and began to enthusiastically slurp from that wet quim. Mom was groaning towards an orgasm.

“Yes, yes, just like that. Make me cum you slut. When you are finished, I’d going to fuck your ass with my strap-on. You going to be a full service whore.”

I wanted to scream out, “Fuck that bitch! Fuck you daughter till she begs for more!”

The thoughts I was having felt like they were coming into my head from some outside source, yet they were my own. I was enjoying tasting them, rolling them around on my tongue, so to speak. I realized that my brain was creating analogies to licking the creamiest ice cream. Maybe, like licking a warm, juicy pussy. My daughter’s pussy. I started to accept the idea of mother/daughter incest. Everyone I knew was doing it. Why wasn’t I? Why wasn’t I having sex with my own daughter?

I was now walking down the hall at a leisurely pace. I was like a tourist enjoying all of the new sights and sounds. I continued to savor thoughts of my daughter. Her beautiful eyes. The graceful curves of her neck, the full breasts, flat stomach, she was a hard body girl.

Suddenly, I realized what I had been thinking, what I was wanting. The shock of what was rattling around in my brain made my head snap back like I had been hit with a baseball bat. I had to stop thinking these thoughts. I didn’t want sex with my daughter. I didn’t want those glorious nipples to suck deep into my mouth. I didn’t want to hear her cry out her orgasm on my tongue. I did not want to fuck her. I was not a lesbian.

Lost in my struggle with the thoughts that were playing in my mind, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings until I was shocked to see my best friend Mary Beth Simmons. She was with her daughter Rebecca. They were in the alcove kissing, groping, fondling, breasts bared, dresses half off. Mary Beth’s thigh was shoved between Rebecca’s legs and her daughter was slowly grinding herself on it. She was sliding up and down in a slow hump, leaving a slick trail of her arousal on her mother’s skin.

I could also see that there was someone else behind them. I couldn’t see who it was because the two gyrating bodies blocked my view. I wondered if that person was hiding behind the mother/daughter meld.

They were in the alcove, but the door to their room was open. I didn’t understand it. Always, couples were either in the alcove with the door shut, or on the other side of the threshold with the door open. This was different.

Mary Beth never stopped with her daughter as she turned her head and stared at me intensely. I felt like her eyes were boring into my very being. I heard czech first video porno no sound, but Mary Beth was clearly speaking to me in a husky, emotion filled voice. It was thick with desire.

She was asking me if I wanted this. Did I want to be with my daughter Linda like she was with Rebecca? The thought made my pussy flood. She saw the answer in my face. My reaction to the unspoken question was all she needed.

She broke away from her daughter and came to me, never slowing down until she put her hands on the back of my head and kissed me in a way I can only describe as lewd. I was overwhelmed by the ferocity of this sex act. It was way more than just a kiss. It was a taking of my soul. She gave me an orgasm with her tongue in my mouth.

My juice was running down my legs. No man have ever done that to me. My knees went weak. I saw colors. I could feel no sensations but her lips and the two fingers she was piston pumping in my cunt. Fuck me. Fuck Me. FUCK ME!

When my vision returned I looked around Mary Beth’s head to look at Rebecca and whoever else was there. It was my daughter Linda! Rebecca and Linda were going at it in the corner beside the open door. My daughter’s best friend was on her knees with her head buried deep in Linda’s pussy. She was fucking her to Albuquerque.

Mary Beth slipped around behind me. She pulled the top of my dress down to my waist. Her arms wrapped around me, now openly squeezing my exposed breasts and tugging at my hard nipples. I thought I was going to cum again.

Linda was leering at me. Her rising arousal shone through with a sexual intensity I would have never believed I would see in my daughter’s eyes. It was pure lust. She was an animal as Rebecca’s mouth was driving her up the mountain.

I heard a sensuous whispering in my ear as Mary Beth asked, “Do you like seeing her this way? Do you wish it was you?”

I could not reply. My voice would not work. It didn’t matter. She already knew the answer anyway.

“Which one is it that you wish to be? The one on your knees sucking your daughter’s pussy? Or do you wish it was her on her knees sucking yours?”

I could only make incoherent noises. When I thought I could speak, I turned my face to the side to talk to Mary Beth.

“Have you fucked my daughter?”

“Yes. Many times. And so will you.”

Rebecca and Linda broke for air. Together they walked through the door into the room. Mary Beth put her hand at the small of my back and gently, but firmly guided me to the threshold. Linda reached her hand through the doorway. I gave her mine.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” she said.

I stepped into the room. Linda kissed me on the lips. She was red hot from the pussy eating she had gotten from her friend.

“I want you” she purred.

Mary Beth intervened.

“Why don’t you fuck my daughter, while you watch me fuck yours? It might help you to get used to taking young cunt before you have your daughter. When we are done, we’ll switch.”

I groaned. I wanted Linda now. At that moment Rebecca, who had been kneeling before me, parted my skirt and plunged her tongue into my sopping wet slash. She drove in aggressively, relentless in chasing me to orgasm. I looked at Linda and watched as she helped Mary Beth slip her legs into the harness of a large black strap-on dildo. Mary Beth was focused on my daughter’s tight teenage body, now lying on the bed. She lifted Linda’s legs into the air and spread them wide giving her total access.

Linda looked into Mary Beth’s eyes. “Pound me!”

After we all had gotten through what I thought was fully half of some lesbian Karma Sutra, we finally switched. I was going to fuck my daughter! We weren’t making love. This was pure animal lust. I wanted this pussy more than I had ever wanted anyone in my life. I could not think straight.

As my daughter laid on her back I swung my legs over her face. I was going for the full 69. I spread my pussy and lowered my lips to her mouth. Her tongue plunged into me. It whirled and oscillated. It penetrated in and back out again. Her lips closed over my clit and drove me right up to blue Heaven.

I lowered my mouth to her wetness and used every technique I had ever remotely heard about to drive her wild. I loved her more than anyone in the world and I wanted to make her head explode. We were both rocketing into outer space together. I relished that I was engaging in lesbian incest with my daughter. And that I wanted more.

I had willingly walked through the door of acceptance, admitting to myself that this was what I wanted. It was the deepest desire of my soul. Not only did I want my daughter, but I lusted after every beautiful woman I had ever seen.

I luxuriated in lesbian lust. I bathed in it; basked in the warmth of feminine bodies, breasts, lips, hair, pussy. I saw scenes of pornographic lesbians flash through my mind. I let the desire fill my body. I floated a sea of sensuality.

We disintegrated in orgasm together.

My world went dark.


Shift of Paradigm – Reality

Chapter 2

I bolted straight up in my bed. I was fully, 100% awake in that instant. What the hell kind of dream was that? Oh, my God! I dreamed I fucked my daughter! What kind of twisted, sick mind would dream that up?

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