Shiv’s Story

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My name is Shiv, I am 30 years old, divorced, 5′ 10″, slim and living in Delhi, my story is unusual and involves my girlfriend, a 28 year old woman, I will call her Simran and my best friend’s parents. My best friend is a 25 year old girl Priya, who got married last year and is now in the U.S.A, about a 10 days ago Simran and me met Priya’s parent’s at a wedding. Simran was wearing a black sari with a backless blouse; she is 5’5″, has a very good figure and was looking very sexy.

Priya’s parents are a very good looking couple, her father is in the late 40s, 6′ and with an athletic body, her mother is in her mid 40s, dark, about the same height as Simran and with a figure which is beyond good, she wears her saris very low so that her naval is visible and that is a real turn on for me. Through the years she always used to insist that I call her by her name Neelam, which used to be embarrassing for me as I used to call her Mrs. Sharma.

Well at this wedding Priya’s dad Sharad just would not leave us and kept on showering compliments on Simran, she was flattered and felt good that a good looking middle aged man was paying her so much attention, Sharad insisted that we come for drinks the next day to their place and we agreed. When Simran and me went to bed that night she was wild and behaved as if she had not been fucked in years, before sleeping she confessed that while I was fucking her she had been fantasizing that she was in bed with Priya’s father.

Next day we went over to their house at about 8 in the evening, both Simran and me were wearing jeans, she was wearing a sleeveless top and I had a shirt on, Sharad was sitting in jeans and t shirt and Neelam was wearing a white cotton shirt with a black skirt which had a slit in the back which nearly went up to her ass, when she went to make us drinks I could not get my eyes off her thighs which were looking very firm and smooth and did not have any trace czech gangbang porno of fat on them. I got up and went to help her with the drinks.

Neelam and Sharad had whisky with soda, I had a beer while Simran had vodka with tonic, before we knew it was already 10.30 and all of us had had many drinks and were reasonably high, the conversation initially was very general, the Indian political scene, General Musharraf taking over power in Pakistan etc. In the last hour or so Sharad just kept on talking to Simran and I felt as if he was trying to flirt more than have a conversation and I was surprised at how Simran was playing along.

When Neelam and me went to refill our glasses she commented very naughtily that both of them were so engrossed in each other that our being there did not matter, after that Neelam and me shared a cigarette and I felt that when she would take or give me the cigarette she would touch my fingers longer than necessary and would stare deep into my eyes, I quickly told myself that since I was high my imagination was running like a wild horse.

After that Sharad and Neelam started dancing to some slow music that was playing, they asked us to join in also but I gave some excuse and we watched them dance to ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie, soon Sharad’s hands were all over Neelam, he held her waist, stroked her neck and squeezed her ass, she looked at me embarrassed and I just smiled, this went on for some time, by this time I could make out that Neelam was also getting turned on and She kissed Sharad very passionately and he put his hand in her shirt and started feeling her breasts, her face lit up with lust and after that she pushed him away pointing towards Simran and me.

Sharad came over to us and asked Simran to dance with him, she did not even look at me and took his hand and went with him to the center of the room to dance, meanwhile Neelam fixed czech harem porno herself a drink and came and sat very close to me on the sofa, I did not attempt to move away and quite liked her arm touching mine and my thigh very close to hers, we watched as Simran and Sharad danced and before long they were holding each other very tightly and her head was on his shoulder and I could make out that he was rubbing his hard penis against her stomach. I looked towards Neelam and she was staring in my direction, when I saw her expression I knew, come what may I would be fucking this woman that night. Without saying a word I took her to dance.

The dance was a formality, we immediately held each other very tight, I could feel her tits against my chest and started moving my very erect cock against her stomach, with my hands I started feeling and squeezing her ass, before long we started kissing, her tongue was deep in my mouth and it was a lovely feeling. I looked across the room and saw Sharad staring at us, I thought he would come and hit me but it looked as if he was waiting for us to start, he started kissing Simran and started licking her armpits, she was so turned on that she took of her top and jeans in a flash and in a bra and panty knelt in front of Sharad and opened his jeans, pushed him on the sofa and started sucking his cock.

Neelam took me to their bedroom and asked me to undress, she took off all her clothes and lay down on the bed, I followed her, she saw my cock and told me she was disappointed with my size as Sharad was bigger than me but said since I was much younger than him she hoped I would be more energetic, after that she started licking every part of my body, right from my toes to neck and settled at sucking my cock, I was playing with her nipples and we were both moaning loudly. With one hand she started playing with my balls, after some time she put a finger into czech sharking porno my asshole and started moving it in and out, this is the 1st time some one had done this to me and this really excited me.

When I thought that I would be coming soon I stopped her and started sucking her tits, after some time I started licking her navel and after that her pussy, she was groaning and moaning really loudly and asked me lick her asshole, I had never done that before but I was so turned on at that time if she had asked me to suck a man’s cock I would have done it.

Her asshole was like a wrinkled rosebud and when I was licking it she was screaming with delight, to tell you the truth I quite enjoyed sticking my tongue as deep as possible, after that she got on top of me and started fucking me like a steam engine, this went on for some time and we changed positions and I started fucking her doggie style when I was about to come I put my middle finger into her asshole and started finger fucking her there, this brought about loud screaming from her lips and we both came together, I shot my load into her cunt holding on to her big rounded hips, at that point I could hear Simran screaming asking Sharad to fuck her harder and faster.

When we recovered we went to the drawing room and saw Simran lying under Sharad, they had finished fucking and looked exhausted, when Sharad moved away I could see his cum on Simran’s stomach, all of us sat down and had another drink. On returning from the loo after taking a piss and I saw both Simran and Neelam sucking Sharad’s cock from both sides, at times their tongues would meet over his cock and they would kiss each other passionately, this really turned me on and I made Simran go on her knees and entered her from behind, she continued to suck his cock, Neelam could not be out of this so she came over to me and started kissing me passionately after that she started fingering Simran’s asshole.

The night passed with us having wild passionate, uninhibited sex. Now Sharad and Neelam have promised to invite us to an orgy in which the 4 of us and a 35 year old couple from the German Embassy will be there. Simran and me cannot wait till this happens, if you wanna know about it E-mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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