Shower Time

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Jack had a little trouble standing up after the pounding he had just taken from Marcus plus his own orgasm. He could feel cum running down his leg as he walked to the bathroom where Marcus was already waiting with the water running. The shower was a huge walk-in style with large glass doors and there was more than enough room for two people to comfortably shower together. Marcus stepped in first and gestured to Jack to come on it. The warm water felt nice as Jack stepped into the stream, he grabbed some soap and proceeded to take his makeup off. He had just rinsed the soap from his face when he could feel Marcus’s hands on his back starting to push him to bend over. Without much coaxing Jack bent over as much as he could and put his hand’s, palm down on the walls. Marcus’s hands were now rubbing and exploring every inch of Jack’s ass, he would run one hand from cheek to cheek and then slide his fingers right down the crack just running over the hole still leaking cum. Jack would shiver every time Marcus would do this and a few slight moans escaped his lips. Marcus made a couple more passes before he stopped with two finger just pressing up against Jack’s ass hole. It was only a second later and Marcus started to push his fingers into Jack’s ass.

Jack let out a very loud moan as Marcus’s fingers slipped straight in and filled him up, he almost lost his balance and fell over. Marcus moved up and to the side of Jack so he could not only play with his ass but reach his cock as well. Marcus wrapped his hand around Jack’s illegal bahis cock and started slowly pumping as he was also working the ass. It was only the fact the Marcus was beside him that Jack didn’t faceplant onto the shower floor right then and there, His head was cloudy and all he could feel was the pleasure. His quite moan now was getting louder and louder and had an echo in the shower as Marcus edged him closer to cumming again.

Marcus found the perfect rhythm between fingering Jack’s ass and stroking his cock, Jack was moaning very loudly now and that seemed to make Marcus work even harder to please him. He would take slow long strokes and then move to a much quicker pace and same with his fingers. Sometimes he would just pull his fingers back out and just massage the tight little hole. What made it even hotter for Jack was the fact the Marcus was now using his own cum as lube to finger fuck him.

Only a few more strokes and Jack was over the edge and bucking as he pumped his load into Marcus’s hand. Marcus gave a few more strokes and finished getting all the cum out and slowly removed his fingers from Jack’s ass. Jack had a wicked head rush from being bent over for so long and as his head cleared and he turned around he could tell by the hard-on and the look in Marcus’s eyes he was ready to go again. There was ample room in the shower to pretty much do whatever was needed. Jack spun around, bent over a bit, and proceeded to rub his ass all over Marcus’s cock before spinning back around and grabbing it illegal bahis siteleri with his hands. Although his makeup was now off Jack still had on his coral colored fake nails and the site of his hand on Marcus’s cock looked hot. Jack leaned in close and slowly stroked and watched as Marcus arched his back in pleasure. Jack, with his free hand, was rubbing Marcus’s chest and moving around to feel of his ass.

Jack released the cock and slowly looked up into Marcus’s eyes as he started to kneel down in the shower. Making sure to hold eye contact as long as possible he started licking the tip of the cock trying to pay attention to any spot that made Marcus shiver in a good way. After a minute of just licking the tip, Jack wrapped his lips on the head and just enjoyed the feeling for a second. He could tell now that Marcus was getting super excited again and there was a hint of pre-cum so he knew he was doing a good job as a little cock sucker. Making sure to take care of everything Jack started to put as much of Marcus’s cock in his mouth as he could fit without choking, and surprisingly it was more than he thought, He could almost make it to the base. As he was not needing his hands now Jack was able to start playing with Marcus’s nuts as well and was lightly playing with them. Marcus let out a somewhat loud moan that echoed in the shower and let Jack know he was doing a good job.

Marcus moved his hands down to rest them on the top of Jack’s head, not enough to push down but just enough to help Jack know canlı bahis siteleri a little more when he hit a good spot. Jack now had a good action going on, take the whole cock in how mouth 3 or 4 times before coming back up to play with the tip. Jack was enjoying the situation knowing he had a cock in his mouth plus he still had a stream of cum leaking out from his ass from Marcus. Jack was able to reach down and feel the cum leaking out. He popped his lips off Marcu’s cock with a loud noise and looked up into his eyes before giving a short furious handjob before diving back down onto the cock.

Jack could tell from how much Marcus was thrusting out his pelvis that A) he was doing a good job, and B) Marcus was very, very close to cumming. Jack really wanted Marcus to cum in his mouth, he wanted to make sure his partner was very, VERY satisfied. Jack pulled off Marcus’s cock and started stroking, he looked up and asked: “Would you like to cum in my mouth?”. Marcus didn’t say a word, only nodded and guided Jack’s waiting mouth back to his cock head. Jack again started licking the tip before sliding as much of the cock as he could into his mouth. The hands on the back of his head were a little more forceful now pushing down and telling Jack he was almost there.

Marcus thrust out his hips one last time and pulled Jack’s head in a little more as his cock exploded. Jack did his best to keep up with the giant flow that Marcus was putting out and surprisingly took the majority of it. When it was all done Marcus looked down as Jack looked up, a few streams of cum was running down Jack’s chin. Marcus reached down and with his fingers guided the cum back up to Jack’s lips which he licked up quickly.

I think we are going to have so much fun together said, Marcus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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