Sian and Her Twin Sister Ch. 02

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Authors note: This chapter was later than I would have liked, sorry.

To fully enjoy the story I will always recommend starting at chapter 1.

As always the characters that have the sexy times are all 18+

I am still trying to set up the story so this chapter might not have as many sexy times as you would like, we will get there though!

Also I didn’t get any comments for chapter 1 ­čÖü

I would really appreciate comments, please give me your suggestions and critique, it would help a lot.

Hope you enjoy!


Stunned silence would be the term someone sane would use. But as far as Sian was concerned the world had turned upside down and nothing made sense anymore!

Sian and her twin sister spent as much time as possible together when growing up. They are best friends and nothing ever came between them. They even shared a bedroom as well! Sian always loved her sister as a sister should but only recently was feeling some very confused attraction towards her twin. It was wrong but she couldn’t help it. The attraction of finding your own twin sister beautiful and sexy even, for Sian was too naughty and taboo to ignore despite being confusing. She liked it, Sian couldn’t lie to herself.

Having just been caught lustily staring at her twin sister’s panty clad pussy had threaten to ruin it all. The very last thing Sian had expected was Lilly to kiss her! Sure Sian had made out with the occasional guy during school but nothing more than that. Kissing her first girl and the same girl being her twin sister left Sian even more confused. The fact that it was without a doubt the best kiss she had ever had made it more so.

Lilly was worried she had gone too far too fast. Standing a foot away, looking down at her twin sister propped up on her pillows while lying on her bed. Lilly could see the mental war of emotions Sian was having reflected on her face. Fearful she could make things worse if they were already bad; Lilly just waited with what she hoped was an encouraging smile.

It seemed like forever for Lilly but in reality was only a minute or two when Sian’s mouth opened and closed trying to find her voice. Sian didn’t know what to think. Ultimately she decided she needed time to think and told her sister so.

“Oh, okay, yeah sure, I understand.” Lilly was relieved, to some degree, that Sian hadn’t been too frightened away and out right rejected her. A lot of unsaid words and feelings were conveyed in that one kiss and Lilly had no doubt Sian had felt them all. “If, if you need to talk to me, don’t hesitate.” Lilly continues to almost stammer out.

Nothing else was said for the rest of the night. For once Sian changed clothes in the bathroom; usually they would have no qualms about changing clothes in front of each other however she needed time to think. The main reason for using the privacy of the bathroom to change for bed was because she didn’t think watching Lilly change out of her clothes would help her to think clearly.

Sleep took a long time to claim them both in the tense silence of their bedroom.


The next day’s morning was the definition of summer. Lilly could already feel the warmth of the day even though the time was around ten o’clock in the morning. Stretching herself awake and rubbing the sleep away from her eyes, Lilly looks towards her twin’s bed. It was empty.

Sensing that her twin sister just needed time to think, Lilly started off on her morning routine as normal. Despite the calming effect of carrying out her morning routine of a shower, getting dressed and getting ready for the day before breakfast; Lilly couldn’t stop feeling nervous about talking to Sian today. Before going to bed the night before she hadn’t gotten any clues to what Sian had made of everything. Just the unknowing made her even more on edge.

Staying up as late as Lilly had and the fact that it was the summer holidays meant it was almost midday when Lilly entered the kitchen to make herself breakfast. Apparently no one was around because the house was quiet. Both her parents were at work and Sian had apparently gone out. After looking outside Lilly couldn’t see Sian’s car in its usual parking spot next to the side walk outside the front of their house. The parking spot was empty. Lilly desperately hoped Sian hadn’t gotten angry with her.

Outside the front of their house there wasn’t enough room on the large driveway for their Dad’s car, their older sister’s and both the twin’s cars. Their Mother didn’t have a car due to being unable to drive thanks to some damaged nerves in her right knee; she was always dropped off to work by their Dad and picked up by anyone available. Only three of their cars could fit on the driveway and not get in each other’s way if someone wanted to pull out. Sian had volunteered long ago that she would park next to the side walk.

After finishing her cereal, which Lilly ate in the living room, she noticed through the kitchen window that Sian’s car was outside their house in its usual spot again. family stroke porno After placing her breakfast bowl in the dishwasher Lilly took a closer look out the kitchen window. Sure enough, she was right when she thought she could see Sian just sitting in her car. It looked like she was bent over with her head in her hands against the steering wheel. Sian must be crying.

Lilly immediately grabbed her house key off the key rack on the wall opposite the front door and went out to Sian’s car. Sian’s window was open and because of her crying she didn’t hear Lilly approach. Lilly didn’t want to give Sian the chance to close her window or worse drive off so she opened the door. Sian was startled at first by the sudden intrusion but when she saw who it was she visibly calmed down and just looked at Lilly for a second before jumping at her twin sister.

Wrapping her arms around her twin’s neck, Sian pulls her twin into a close hug. Sian wasn’t crying anymore, she was happy to see her sister. She had needed time to think but now she just wanted to be with the one person who would understand what she is going through; or at least the closest to understanding.

Lilly didn’t dare make a wrong move so she instead just stood there with her arms dead still at her sides.

“Please, hold me.” Sian said in a whisper.

Lilly dutifully wrapped her arms around her sister’s midsection. “Are you alright?”

“I am now. Can we go inside?” Sian replied tentatively. She was awfully aware that they were technically in public even though they were just outside their house.

“Sure, let’s go.” And with that Lilly took Sian’s right hand in hers and lead the way inside. Once they were both inside, Lilly almost didn’t dare let go so just carried on leading Sian to the living room.

They rarely spent much time in the living room. Coming into the living room, through the archway that led to the kitchen, meant that the TV was against the centre of the wall on the right. The TV was ringed by two matching sofas and a matching arm chair. Behind the sofa directly in front of the TV was the door to their parent’s bedroom and across from the archway in the wall opposite was the back door to the garden.

Still leading Sian by the hand Lilly made for the centre sofa. Turning towards Sian as Lilly sat down, she sat with her right leg curled almost underneath her with her left foot still on the ground. This meant she was sitting directly in front of her twin when she pulled Sian down to sit like her on the couch so they could face each other. Nothing was said for a minute.

“Kiss me.” Sian finally said. Lilly’s eyebrows shot up in an instant.

“Wha-” But before Lilly could ask anything Sian had already leaned forward and enveloped Lilly’s lips with hers. It was only a split second before Lilly was pressing her lips back and whimpering at the emotional rush that was almost overcoming her. Her sister liked her the same way at least a little. Their lust and passion quickly took over and Lilly was surprised again by her sister as Sian’s tongue sought entry into her mouth. After letting her, they both moaned as their tongues twirled and massaged each other’s as they wrapped each other in their arms. Were their last kiss was a loving one this was lust. Lilly was lost in the moment and her hands were getting bolder. They were already underneath Sian’s tee around her waist. One of Lilly hands travelled upwards causing Sian’s tee to rise exposing her toned navel, while her left hand travelled down and was teasing the waistband of Sian’s tight jeans. Her left hand had managed to get her pinkie finger in and simultaneously underneath Sian’s Panties.

Suddenly Sian broke all contact causing Lilly’s hands to leave her. Lilly once again was fearful that she had frightened Sian off. Her fears were instantly quelled however when she saw Sian’s face. She was smiling apologetically but her face said volumes that she wasn’t frightened off. She just had a kind of mischievous glint to her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I um, I mean can we go slowly?” Sian was struggling to explain herself. “I don’t mean to be a tease or anything it’s just I, what I mean to say is, um, a lot of this is new to me.”

Lilly almost laughed at Sian’s nervousness, truth be told she was just as nervous. She took a moment to think; she wanted this all to be right. To Lilly Sian was worth all the effort and above all didn’t want to rush Sian into anything.

“We can take it as slow as you need.”

That said Sian immediately pushed forward again locking her lips with her twin sister’s. Sian had gone so fast that she pushed Lilly onto her back on the sofa. Sian was on top and kneeling in between Lilly’s legs before she knew it. Lilly wearing a short skirt which was now pushed and crumpled up around her waist leaving her legs exposed right up to her young girl cotton panties. Still on top of Lilly Sian broke their kiss again and smiled down at her twin sister. Sian’s blonde hair is long and surrounded them in their female taxi porno own world.

“Thank you, for now this is as far as I can go, be patient with me, please.” Sian almost begged. Once again but more tenderly Sian leaned in and kissed her twin one more time; her lips lingering, just touching Lilly’s lips for a moment before she leant back sitting on her knees. Absentmindedly Sian’s hands had run down Lilly’s legs from her knees to rest on her shins just above her ankles. Lilly’s legs are silky smooth Sian registered subconsciously.

Only now Sian noticed that Lilly was wearing a skirt and couldn’t resist looking her all over. Up her long tanned legs, Sian’s eye stopping at Lilly’s cute panties long enough to memorize the sight forever and finally carrying on up her slim form to her eyes. Lilly was just watching Sian look her over and smiled encouragingly thoroughly enjoying it! The thought that she was turning on her twin sister made her pussy throb and ache. She was wet from the kissing already but, if it was possible, was even more so now. Lilly being so wet was giving Sian an almost see through look to Lilly’s pussy. Her panties were an off-white and tight enough to easily show off the line of her slit. Now being wet made it impossible for Sian to look away when her eyes inevitably found them again. Lilly’s aroused smell was in the air and was addicting to Sian as she breathed heavily. Finally, painfully, Sian got up leaving that amazing sight behind.

“You’re really hot.” Sian simply said when she’d got up, too nervous to even dare to look at Lilly again.

Lilly hadn’t moved but her smiled grew as she heard the compliment. “Aww thanks, you are too you know.”

Still not daring to look at Lilly for fear of losing all control, although she had to ask herself just why she was resisting? Sian replied, “I’m going to make lunch, want some?” Her voice was still very shaky.

“Sure I am famished.” Lilly was now lacing every word she said with sexual emphasis. “I feel so wet for you right now; I need something cold I think.” There was only fake innocence on her face as she stood up next to Sian.

Damn it! Sian thought to herself. She could easily lose herself to her lust but she needed to exert some control to make sure to herself this wasn’t just some kind of fling for her, obviously Lilly had some very deep feelings for her and she didn’t want to lead her on if it was just a brief fling. But why must Lilly be so damn cute and sexy and beautiful and… and just so irresistible!? Especially when she was trying to be all flirty!

“Urghh! You understand why I am not going all the way just yet don’t you?” Sian desperately asked her twin as she stamped her foot like an angry child.

“Of course I do.” Lilly giggled away but continued in a more serious tone. “That doesn’t mean I can’t try and seduce you. I know that this will last. I love you, no; I am in love with you and always have been. I have no doubt we are perfect for each other, doesn’t matter that we are sisters. That just makes it even hotter anyway!” Lilly kept going after a sly smile crept on to her face. She reached out with her hands and held onto both of Sian’s as she continued. “You are already falling for me and I won’t let you go. I will always be there for you. Don’t worry about it; I will be patient for you. You’re worth it.”

Sian was practically on the verge of tears after all that Lilly had said. Once again Sian hugged her twin sister and whispered thank you into her ear. Despite it being an emotional moment the whispers sent shivers running through Lilly’s body. Once again Sian registered this subconsciously. After breaking their hug this time Sian led the way, holding Lilly’s hand, into the kitchen.


After lunch they had gone back up into their room and for the first time cuddled up together on Sian’s bed while watching some TV. However the TV soon got boring and they just lay facing each other on Sian’s bed. Their hands were playing with each other’s between them and because the bed is a single it meant there are barely a few inches between them. They had barely spoken a few words as they lay there just enjoying the others closeness when Lilly had an epiphany.

“I know! We should have a first date!”

“What?” Sian gave a brief laugh at this sudden suggestion. But when she saw Lilly frown at her reaction she quickly stopped.

“Think about it. We both want this to be real so we make it real. When you start having a relationship with someone you start dating them first!” Lilly declared loudly. To Lilly the idea sounded great. They would truly know their feelings for the other after a date or two just like any couple.

Sian gave it a moment’s thought and for her the idea of going out to a public place on a date with her sister terrified her! “We can’t. We’re sisters!”

No, Lilly had already decided. No one would recognise them as sisters anyway.

“No” Lilly’s words echoed her thoughts; “No one will know we are sisters. Especially female agent porno not in a restaurant or somewhere we have never been together.”

“Yeah but…” Sian had to admit Lilly had a point.

“Do you not want to date me then?” Lilly’s hurt expression was quickly there to see and painful for Sian to look at.

“No I do, really I do. What about our family? What will we tell them?”

“Stop making excuses.” Lilly’s face lightened up again. “We can tell them anything or nothing, it doesn’t matter. I want us to do this if we are to be together. I will leave it up to you but I know this would be best.” And with that Lilly began to roll over to get up off the bed.

Sian stopped her however, pulling Lilly flopping back down next to her. As Lilly’s back hit the mattress her shoulder length brown hair exploded around and over her face. Sian couldn’t help giggle at the sight as Lilly had to spit her hair out of her mouth.

“Okay, we will go on a date.” Sian consented once Lilly had regained her composure.

“Good.” Lilly grinned. Now Lilly wanted to devour her face and took the offensive, launching herself up and sideways on top of her twin. She forgot that the bed wasn’t made for two people however and they both tumbled of the side into the gap between their beds. “Oomph!” Lilly grunted as she landed on her side next to Sian’s midsection.

Sian didn’t land nearly as luckily and her head hit their end table on the way down. “OW! Ow, ow, ow.” she repeated as she curled up on floor cradling her head in her arms. “I hit my head!” She said muffled by her arms.

“Oh no Baby!” Lilly immediately reacted, showering Sian with motherly attention. “Here let me look.” She said softly as she pulled Sian up gently into a sitting position; Lilly kneeling in front of her.

Gently prising Sian’s arms away from her head she sees a small cut in Sian’s scalp. The small amount of blood was already dying Sian’s blonde hair. It was luckily only a small cut in the centre of the back of her head. For Sian it was the bruising she could already feel that hurt.

“You’ve got a small cut but it has already stopped bleeding, we need to wash your hair out though.” Lilly stated soothingly.

Getting up off her knees she pulled Sian up with her steadily. “Are you dizzy or anything?”

“No” Sian replied, her voice sounding groggy even to her.

“Come on then.” Lilly said as she started to lead Sian by the hand towards the door.

“Ok.” Sian replied, her voice barely audible.

The upstairs of their house is just as large as the bottom floor. The stairs are in the corner with the wall of the twin’s bedroom in front of you as you come up. Turning right faced towards the central landing. Ahead on the right overlooking the front of the house and the drive way is the bathroom; the only other bathroom is an on suite their parents have downstairs. Further down on the right a door lead into their older sister’s bedroom. To the left facing towards the central landing is a corner which leads around to the Twin’s bedroom door. From their bedroom door the hallway lead around their Walk-in wardrobe’s wall on the left to a window which overlooked their back garden. Their younger sister’s bedroom is the furthest room from the stairs in the opposite corner and her door is directly in front of their older sister’s bedroom door.

They crossed the landing, Lilly putting her right arm around Sian’s waist with her left hand holding Sian’s left. Sian could have walked by herself but Lilly was in control and in full fussing mode. Lilly didn’t even let go as they had to sidle into the bathroom side by side. Their bathroom is large but contained only a counter with the sink, a toilet, shower cubicle and bathtub.

Once in the bathroom Lilly led Sian over to the bathtub and guided her down to sit on the edge. Lilly took a final look at the back of Sian’s head and took a step back in front of her so she could look Sian in the eyes.

“Okay, we need to take your clothes off.” Lilly stated like it was the most ordinary thing in the world to do with your sister.

“What? We’re just going to wash my hair out!” Sian said accusingly.

Lilly couldn’t stop her sly, mischievous smile from forming. “Yes but we don’t want to get your clothes all bloody. Now come here.”

Sian knew she was right so just sighed as Lilly once again pulled her to her feet. Before she could start taking her clothes off however; Lilly had leaned forward, her head next to Sian’s as she pinned Sian’s arms to her sides. What Lilly whispered sent shivers rippling through her, her skin responded in goose bumps all over and the butterflies her sister created in her took on a whole new intensity…

“Don’t move unless I tell you to, I want to undress you.” Lilly had whispered into her ear.

First off was Sian’s t-shirt. Lilly pulled Sian’s arms up above her head and told her to keep them there and she did. Sian already liked the idea of this little game. The very thought of her twin sister undressing her caused her knees to feel weak. She suddenly started to feel hot in her clothes and silently willed Lilly to tear off everything she had on. My sister has no idea, she thought to herself, no idea how turned on I am. Sian almost giggled in anticipation when she corrected herself, she has no idea yet but she will.

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