Siblings and Lovers Ch. 07

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Dana was on her back, while Kyle had two of his fingers inside her. He kept driving them back and forth into her sopping wet vagina. It called out to him as he ran his tongue over her clit repeatedly. She screamed out in ecstasy as torrents of pleasure cascaded over her being.

She felt fulfilled like never before. The taboo aspect of incest was further compounded by the fact that Kyle was cheating on Stella and the result was an explosive carnal passion that swept them. She clasped her thighs around his head in a tight grip as he inserted his tongue deep inside her and kept grinding away at her clit with the flat palm of his hand.

Suddenly, there was emptiness, the tongue and hand were gone. She opened her eyes and looked up to see Kyle lining up his hardon with her slick pussy lips. Dana gazed into his eyes expectantly as he sank it in in one motion. It felt heavenly as he slowly, deliberately inched his hard tool all the way out of her labia and then forcefully thrust it inside.

She lost herself in the ecstasy of the repeated motion as Kyle slammed his hips into her pelvis over and over again sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Every nerve ending was alive and multiplying her sanguine feeling as the motion repeated itself with a pendulous rhythm.

All at once, Dana felt the start of an orgasm. She was getting closer and closer, hurtling towards an immense climax. She shut her eyes, losing herself completely in the pure carnal bliss of the fornication.

Higher and higher she rose, closer to the precipice of reason and guilt as the pent up love she had for her brother swept over her and forced a tremendous climax out of her. Colours flashed before her eyes as the force behind the climax shook her entire being.

Torrents of cum gushed out from her and soaked all over his pubic hair as she shook in the throes of her intense orgasm. Her toes curled and her legs wrapped themselves tightly around his body as he let loose and buried himself inside her with one final thrust and deposited his seed deep inside her.

She arched her back to maximize the penetration of his member and then fell back on her bed, gasping and panting with pleasure. The collective sexual energy in the room slowly tapered off as Dana raised her head to look at her brother.

Kyle sat at the foot of the bed, his head half turned away and drooping. She saw the trail of a solitary tear along the cheek facing her.

Immediately, she got up and brushed it off, wrapping her arms around his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“I am such a horrible person for cheating on Stella.”

The words struck her hard. He was feeling guilt welling up inside him. Dana tried her best to comfort him by whispering in his ear how much she loved him, to no avail. He would not stop sobbing.

Finally, he got up to go to work. She sighed as she saw his retreating form leave the apartment. There were several things which she wanted to tell him, but couldn’t in his present state of mind, most importantly that she had missed her last period.

Stella was impatiently waiting for Kyle in the firm. This was a very stressful time for her. Her company was about to have an IPO. There had been considerable interest in all the major business journals around the world and the expected valuation was over half a billion. Along with the IPO came all the risks, the stresses and the work. This was the time she needed the loving support of Kyle the most and he was not there.

Over the past several weeks, he had been disappearing more and more. He kept saying something about having “things to do” and she believed him unquestioningly. She could not even imagine that he would cheat on her. He was way too good a person for that. But yes, it did leave her alone and vulnerable when she needed him to be there for her the most.

“Voice mail again! Fuck!” she cursed under her breath.

Finally, she saw the figure of Kyle slink in through the front entrance. Unable to restrain herself any longer, she ran down several to the elevator exit and waited till he stepped out. It took all her self control not to kiss him right then, but she dragged him arm first into her office and locked the door behind her.

“It’s been too long,” she gasped as she forced her lips onto his and thrust her tongue inside. Her hand reached into his trousers and slowly massaged the object of her affection through his underwear. It did not harden.

Detaching herself from his mouth, she looked at him incredulously.

“Not in the mood?”

It was the guilt of his double life which led to his inability to function. He shook his head and shamefully looked down.

“I ankara escort am sorry. I just have a lot on my mind.”

She rushed to him and grasped his shoulder’s tightly.

“Fuck sorry. I want you. I need you. I need you more than ever. Do you have any idea how much stress I am under because of this damn IPO? I have to spend hours talking over the phone to asshole bankers and other Wall Streeters and I can’t understand most of what they say. Dana was kind enough to explain some of it to me the other but not even her contacts can help me figure it out.”

The mention of his sister’s name caused a fresh wave of guilt to pass over his face. He was hurting more than either of the two women knew.

“I am sorry. I will make it up to you, I promise.”

Kyle went into his office and got started on the pile of work on his desk. Stella stared longingly at him through the glass door, but saw him cover his face with some design plans and get busy. A few tears dripped off her chin down to the floor.

What she could not see was Kyle copiously sobbing behind the stack of paperwork.

Dana was determined to let him know this time. He came in through the doors looking like the wreck of a man. The emotional turmoil was taking a heavy toll on his face.

She immediately sensed he was feeling upset and gently comforted him. She wanted to be there for him just as he was there for her so long. Her arm wrapped itself around his shoulder, but he could not look at her face.

She held his face with both hands and gently turned it towards him, but he forced it away. She tried again but to no avail. Her brother was hurting like never before. His soul was seared with the scalding steel of his betrayal of Stella and yet he could not bring himself to leave Dana alone again.

“You can talk to me, you know. You always could talk to me about anything.”

Kyle finally looked into those loving eyes that had watched out for him his entire life. All he saw in them was a compassionate love and a willingness to take all his sorrows. Considering it for a moment he decided to break down.

“I am so confused. I do not know what I am doing or what I should do. I love Stella, believe me I honestly do and it breaks my heart to be away from her when she obviously needs me so much, but…”

Dana looked at him through sad eyes, digesting everything he said. Her heart went out to her brother as he went on.

“But… I can’t leave you like this. You need me as well. You are so lonely. I don’t know what to do. Please tell me, what should I do?”

She wished she had an answer for him but she didn’t. He was too emotional to hear her news right now. She just held on to him protectively while he continued to cry to her. She softly ran her fingers through his hair and pet his face.

Kyle Walsh was unable to hold back any longer.

“Shh.. don’t cry. Please don’t cry. You know I am there for you whenever you need me, right? I will always be there.”

They went out for dinner at Bellucci’s and dug into their customary delicious Italian food. Food- always something that helped Kyle cope with grief and Dana knew this better than anyone.

She felt guilty at wanting Kyle for herself, but that had changed now. Now, she wanted Kyle for her baby as well. The baby should have Kyle as a father. Unknown to Kyle, she had already made fake IDs showing them as husband and wife as part of her plan for them to relocate somewhere else and live out the rest of their lives loving each other.

It was too late, Kyle was conflicted now. He was unsure of everything, including his relationships.

“Not now. Not when I am about to have his child.” she thought.

They returned to the apartment and he felt somewhat lighter after the meal. She pushed him onto the bed and just lay on top of him. There was nothing sexual in her contact yet, as she just held on to his neck.

Kyle softly kissed her flowing hair and gently pecked her forehead. It all felt so tranquil, so right to Dana as her brother lovingly embraced her. He was her “safe place”, her world and something she was not willing to lose at any cost.

The kissing picked up some intensity as Kyle pecked down along her cheek and reached her neck. He planted a few soft kisses there as she let out an involuntary moan. The arousal was already rising higher as she lost herself in the relentless kissing. Finally, her lips found his and her tongue probed the interior of his mouth.

After several minutes of intense kissing, she detached herself, her eyes ablaze with lust. She had to have him, right then.

In a rush, she yanked off his belt and unzipped his trousers to pull out his erection. It stood proudly erect in front of her as she delicately let her tongue run over the circumference of the head while slowly escort ankara jacking him off with her hand.

He closed his eyes and thrust upwards into her mouth as she gratefully swallowed more of him, until he reached the back of her throat. The feeling was intensely powerful as he went into a carnal fugue, his erection probing at her delicate soft palate.

In some distant corner of his consciousness, he heard a phone ringing. Absent-mindedly, he reached out to the edge of the bed to turn it off. Taking a glimpse at the screen he decided better of it.

It said “Stella Calling.”

Without interrupting Dana’s sucking motion, talked into the phone.

“Hi, Stella.”

“K-kyle..” she whimpered weakly.

Kyle immediately brought his entire attention to this conversation sensing that something was awry.

“What’s going on?”

“I.. I.. I can’t take it any more. The pressure, the stress. I just can’t. My knife is just inches above my arm and this time I am going for the wrist.”

Kyle immediately sat up in shock. Dana sensed his sudden movement and removed her mouth from his organ.

He spoke slowly.

“Stella, listen to me. Listen to me. Don’t do this. Don’t hurt yourself any more. Please.”

“Then come over to my place right now and love me,” she screamed angrily over the phone. The call went dead.

Kyle looked over at the forlorn figure of his sister, she reluctantly nodded, giving her assent to his departure. He mumbled some thanks and rushed out of the apartment.

Dana composed herself and walked up to her mirror. He had left her horny and wanting, but that was not the worst part. She realized that she needed Kyle as a father and all her plans had been chalked out perfectly, but Stella stood in the way.

For the first time, she looked at Stella as an obstacle. An obstacle to the unbounded happiness she could share with Kyle. Only if…

Dana had been contemplating her course of action for a while. She knew one thing- she was willing to go to any length to get her brother back.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, a nameless rage radiating from her face. The frustration and anger that she felt was simmering just under her skin, about to explode. Her face was flushed and her hands were clenched into tight fists.


She blinked. The mirror in front of her was fractured. The glass was neatly split as the cracks moved outwards in all directions from the hollow breaking point in the centre. She looked down to see the knuckles on her right fist were covered in blood.

Looking back at the mirror, she saw multiple reflections of herself staring back. In that moment, she had an epiphany. Without Kyle in her life, she was just like her mirror.


She silently made a resolution that she would do what it took to reclaim her brother. And she knew what it would take.

She would need to remove Stella from the equation.

Looking down at her body, she knew that she was doing it for her child as well. That made it right.

It had to.

Stella was still sitting on her bed as Kyle rushed into her place with his key. He cautiously approached her from behind cautiously. She was wistfully staring at her mural of him, the knife still hovering just above her wrist.

He gently walked up to her and carefully slid the knife out of her fingers. She just kept staring at the wall as he sat down beside her.

“Do you love me, Kyle?”

Her voice was almost sepulchral as she spoke. She did not turn to face him. Kyle looked at the empty expressionless look on her face.

“More than anything.”

She finally turned her gaze to meet his.

“Then why don’t you show it? I love you so much.”

He softly kissed her on the cheek. She returned her gaze to the mural.

“What happened? Why are you so distant now? I need someone in my life now. I need you to help me deal with the pressure. I need you to love me.”

Her eyes bored holes into him as he tried to think of something to say. Her lips quivered, on the brink of breaking as the seconds passed by to her unanswered question. A chaotic mess of thoughts rushed through his head, no answers came.

The agonizingly silent seconds ticked by. The eerie silence of the room was matched by the dim glow of the mural, casting a shadow across half of her face. Her gaze was unwavering as she looked on, expecting an answer.

After what felt like an aeon, Kyle spoke up.

“I love you and I will be there for you. I am so sorry, I have not done it so far, but I am here to change that.”

He eyed her apprehensively waiting for a reaction. The words were sinking in. Her lips continued to quiver for a while before it happened.

It was like a spark within her which became an incandescent glow. ankara escort bayan Her features lit up as she threw her arms around his neck and drew him into a torrid kiss. The kiss lasted for a long time as Stella forced her tongue into every conceivable part of his mouth.

Kyle consciously forced his conflicted emotions out of his mind. He needed to be strong for her. He owed her that.

The kissing never abated as she slid off her clothes and they lay in a heap on the floor. Kyle stood and admired the naked splendour of her body. Gently reaching out one hand, he cupped her breast and lovingly fondled it.

Her moans encouraged him to pinch her nipple slightly, then draw himself up to her and gently suckle it into her mouth. She held his head in place as he continued his nibbling while she reached down and undid his trousers. Soon, they lay beside her dress.

Drawing his face up to hers, she kissed him again, with an even greater intensity. Her fingers raced down his buttons and threw his shirt away. She drank in his completely nude form and caressed his chest with her fingers.

He breathed deeply as she got on her knees and gently took his erection in her mouth. Her sucking motion was even as she wrapped her tongue around it and drenched it with her saliva. She proceeded to take it entirely in her mouth. He watched in awe as all of it disappeared between her luscious lips.

Stella pushed him on the bed and climbed up over him. Delicately bringing her wet labia just above his member, she gently sank down into him.

It felt beautiful as she started a gentle rocking motion. Kyle held her hair and gently reached forward to kiss her. Their lips met with a loving tenderness as her dainty fingers rubbed his cheek. She peppered his face with tiny kisses as the intensity of their motion gradually increased.

From the depths of his bowel, he felt a familiar stirring. His orgasm was approaching. She sensed this and began rocking her hips harder against him. He thrust back to meet her motions and subsequently heightened her pleasure.

Stella’s face was contorted in a mask of ecstasy as she arched her back upwards and ground her vagina furiously against the invading member.

She screamed over and over again in blissful ecstasy and Kyle also had a stupendous climax. Rolling over, they just held each other’s sweaty bodies and regained their breath.

“I want you to stay with me for the whole week. I need you here with me, every single waking moment until the IPO is done. After that, you can go back to your apartment,” she said, in an almost possessive tone.

He nodded.

Somewhere deep inside, he pictured the distraught face of Dana, all alone. He pushed that visual aside as Stella mounted him again.

The NYU chemistry lab does a lot of cutting edge research, mostly under the guidance of Dr Thomas Shaw. He was almost sure to get a Nobel Prize in a few years. The dirty secret however was that no one asked where he secured the funds for his research for. If anyone tried to find out, they would not like the answers. The whole place operated under “Don’t ask.”

He was busy distilling the last of his new chemical in a flask, when his sharp ears heard a knock. He had been waiting for this. He opened the door as a lovely dark haired woman walked in. Her demeanour was business-like.

“Ms Dana Walsh, I presume?”


“This is what you need,” he said, taking out a sealed vial of clear fluid from the case. His tone was curt and to the point.

She observed the contents of the vial for some time.

“Tell me about it.”

“A few years ago, the CIA had approached me to create a new poison. Something that can be concealed easily and can’t be detected in an autopsy. I made this. It simulates a heart attack like event about half an hour after ingestion. It cannot be traced back in any way.”

“Can it be detected in the food or drink it is kept in?”

“No. The molecules have a special property to mask themselves with the surrounding molecules. It is what the CIA asked for- the perfect poison.”

“Should I even ask why they wanted this?”

“Beats me. All I know is that they paid me more than this entire lab costs for it.”

“Thank you for this,” she said, slipping the vial into her purse.

Dr Shaw looked at her expectantly.

“You have something for me I presume.”

She slipped him a piece of paper. He studied the name on it.

“MacManus Pharmaceuticals?”

“Yes. My contact at the FDA told me that they just got permission to market their new sexual stimulation drug. If reports are to be believed, it makes Viagra look tame. The official launch is in a month. Invest whatever money you have in it today and it will be five times as much in five weeks.”

He folded up the paper in his pocket and went back to his work. Another questionable donation, but it was nothing new for him. Neither was keeping his mouth shut.

Dana walked out, a sense of purpose in her stride.

The plan had been set into motion.

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