Sick Day

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This is my first attempt at a story. So any advice/comments would be appreciated! Enjoy!

It was about 2am, and I couldn’t sleep. I was awaken by some noises coming from outside the bedroom. Concerned I got up and proceeded to check things out. I ventured all around the house to find nothing. On my way back to bed, I decided just to check up on my daughter Sara, to make sure she wasn’t awake. She needed her rest. This was her last week of high school and she was getting ready for graduation, she just turned 18 and finally decided on a college to go to. Her mother would be so proud.

I bare cracked her down open when I realized where the noise was coming from. As I peeked in to check on things I saw some rustling in the sheets. My anger rose and I thought she had a boy in her bed in the middle of the night. Just as I was about to rush right in I realized she was alone, and it was just her in bed, masturbating. She hadn’t noticed me at the door, as I unconsciously stared at her sensuous body. What was I doing? I quickly looked away and took a step back when I realized I had a raging hard on. Without any hesitation, I gently caressed my stiffened cock through my boxers.

Sara was beautiful, and seeing her like this made her just as sexy as ever. As she was starting to climax, she threw the covers off the bed, still unaware I was standing and staring at the door. She vigorously rubbed her clit in a small circular motion, and I pulled out my cock and began to stroke along with her. Her porcelain skin began to glisten more with beads of sweat that was running off her body. I thought I was going to blow a load right then and there. I held back as long as I could. She finally moaned in a deep orgasm and just as she was finishing up I fell a bit forward and banged the door. She scurried and grabbed the covers and pretended she was asleep and I pretended I just got there. Had she seen me? Did she know that I was there watching her, lusting for her, for my daughter? I quickly left and went back to bed, rubbed one out and feel asleep.

The next morning I got up as usual and was at the table reading my paper, and drinking my cup of coffee when Sara rushed in.

“I’m late, shit, I’m late!”

“Sara! Your mouth!” I said sternly.

“Sorry dad, no time for breakfast, I woke up late and I have to get going to school.”

She ran out and slammed the door. Did she realized I was watching her last night and is now embarrassed? I finished up my paper and coffee and went upstairs to grab my things to go monsters of cock porno to work. I don’t know what came over me but I went into Sara’s room and laid in her bed, smelling the sheets that she came on. The smell of her body was all over them and I instantly became hard. I figured I had a few extra minutes to spare so I undressed and laid in her bed. I closed my eyes and thought about last night. Sara’s soft body laying in the exact spot I was laying, getting her juices all over the sheets. At this point I didn’t care about the fact that she was my daughter. All I know is that I wanted her, bad. But there was no way I was going to ever get to. I continued to lay in her bed and began to slowly stroke my cock. Imagining her slowing sucking my cock and getting it extra wet and my pre cum began to run. Thinking about Sara delicately licking the head of my dick with her soft tongue. I was harder than ever! I needed to cum! I began stroking my cock faster and faster and not at all paying attention to the time. I didn’t care if was going to be late for work, hell, maybe I’ll just call out and lay here all day. That sounded like a great idea. I grabbed the cell and quickly called out with the excuse of a 24 hour stomach flu. I then went right back to where I had left off. I was just about to cum and this was going to be the best sick day ever when Sara’s door flew wide open.

“Uh… Dad?!”

I just froze, there with my cock in my hand laying her bed.

“What are you doing here sweetie? Aren’t you suppose to be in school?”

“I realized that I wasn’t late, and it’s a half day because of exams. I don’t have to go in until noon.”

“Oh.” I said… still frozen, still holding my throbbing cock in my hand, still waiting to cum. I slowly moved and tried to put my clothes back on as if I thought she hadn’t or wouldn’t see me if I just moved slow enough. She just stared at me, with eyes wide open, jaw dropped, and breathless.

“Its not what you think Sara?”

“Oh? So you’re not on MY bed wankin it?”

“Okay… so its EXACTLY what you think. I’m so sorry. Let me get out of here and get going to work before I’m too late.”

I gathered my clothes and got up and started to walk out of the room with my head hung low. Just then, Sara grabbed my arm. I looked up and she smiled sweetly.

“Daddy..” she cooed. “You don’t have to be ashamed. I’m 18, I’m not a kid anymore. Although I have never done it, I know about sex, I know about masturbation, and I naught america porno know you have been feeling lonely since mom passed last year.”

She turned to me and gave me a long strong hug. I realized I was still stark naked and holding my clothes in one hand. As she let go I noticed how hard her nipples were through her sheer top. My cock immediately rose to attention. Embarrassed, I threw my clothes over my manhood and started again to walk out the door.

“You liked what you saw last night didn’t you? Sara said with a devilish grin. “I know you did. I saw you stand at the door while I pleasured myself. I saw you grab your cock and stroke along.”

I froze, again. She knew I was there. I didn’t know what to say. I’ve been caught, twice. She then came around to the front of me and knocked my clothes from out of my hand.

“I knew it! You got a hard on just by hugging me! You want me don’t you!? You want to fuck me huh? Fuck your own daughter?!”

I still haven’t said a word. I just stood there naked with my head low staring at my still raging hard on. I didn’t know what to say, what she was going to say or do next. I just wished that last night never happened.

Next thing I knew, I felt moisture on my cock. I looked down and saw Sara with her mouth wrapped tightly around my dick. What the hell was going on? I must be hallucinating. Didn’t she just say that I was sick, and now she is down on her knees bobbing down on my cock?

“Sweetie we shouldn’t be doing this. This isn’t right.”

“You want to fuck me right?! I’ve wanted your dick for so long. I figured now is as good of time as any.”

I didn’t answer her. I just let her pleasure me with her mouth. Her nipples were still rock hard and I just about came when she rolled her tongue around the head of my cock. She took her tongue and licked the head of my dick and pulled away as a string of pre cum hung from the tip of my dick to her perfect lips.

“I want you to fuck me daddy. I want you to be my first. Please fuck me.”

I slowly guided her to her bed and laid her down gently, then proceeded to take off her clothes. The smell of her sweet pussy was getting stronger as I pulled her pants off. God I wanted it so bad. I then took off the rest of her clothes leaving only her red lacy panties.

“Aren’t you gonna take those off too dad?”

“In just a minute sweetie.”

I crawled up her body and began to suck on her nipples.

“Mmmmm.” She sighed.

I slowly nubiles porn kissed all the way down until I got between her legs. I then slowly pulled off her panties and the overwhelming scent of her pussy just about made me cum right then and there. I kissed her pussy lips and she lifted her hips to my face. I began slowly fucking her with my tongue. With ever moan more and more of her juices landed in my mouth.

“I want your cock now daddy, please” she said ever so sweetly.

I had already gone this far, I might as well finish up the job. I sat up and guided the tip of my dick over the lips of her pussy. I knew she wanted it. She was so wet. It had already looked like she came. I teased her with my cock some more until she was just begging me to give it to her.

“Are you sure you want this sweetie?”

“Never been more sure about anything in my life daddy. I want you to be my first, no one will love me like you daddy.”

“You’re right sweetie, no one ever will.”

I then slowly guided my dick in her tight virgin pussy and more of her juices helped lube my dick. About half way in I paused to let her get used to the feeling.

“Slam it in Daddy, give it all you got!”

I then forced my dick in her tight cunt so hard she yelled in agony and then in pleasure. I kept thrusting in and out of her pussy. It was the best piece of ass I have ever had. Her pussy was so tight on my dick.

“Oh daddy, mmm… that feels so good. I love your hard cock in my pussy. Shit Daddy.. Mmm”

She soon figured out to match my rhythm and soon we were going at a fast pace. I could tell she was going to cum and so was I. I didn’t want to cum quite yet so I grit my teeth and held back as much as I could.

“Harder, fuck me harder, make me your fuck slave. Make me your dirty whore. That is what I am! Your daughter is a fucking whore!” she yelled with all her might.

I then pulled out quickly and turned her over and took her from behind. Having her ass slap against my pelvis and my balls slapping her clit. I slapped her ass with one big swoop.

“You ARE a dirty whore, and you are MY whore. You like my cock in your cunt don’t you bitch?”

“Why yes daddy! Fuck me more…fuck me harder!”

I grabbed her hair and forcefully fucked the living shit out of her. She kept screaming in pain and pleasure and soon she was about to cum. I could feel the walls of her pussy beginning to pulsate.

“Oh my god daddy. I’m gonna cum.. Shit shit shit shit..”

Her pussy clenched my dick so tight, I planted my seed right in my sweet daughter.

“Did you cum in me daddy?”

“Yes sweetheart, sorry”

“Well hopefully I will have a little brother or sister to mother.” she said with a smile.

We both laid there… hot, sweaty, and naked. This by far WAS the best sick day ever.

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