Silk , Purple Lace

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I am 5’7. 134 lbs. Long auburn hair, green eyes. I am very athletic. My body is well proportioned (or so I have been told). And I proudly display my 36c breasts.

My guy, he’s tall (6’2”) and he has dark hair. His hair is long, but not too long. He has beautiful eyes, greenish-blue. And he is built very solid and strong.

He is standing in silk boxers. I am wearing my purple lace underwear.

He is kissing me very deeply; I can feel his tongue in my throat. He is quite strong and he is holding me tightly to him. We are both getting very hot.

Finally, he unhooks my bra, I step back and let it fall to the floor. He stands back and admires my body. Then he pulls me to him again. His hands are rough and warm. He is running them up and down my back as he starts to kiss my neck. He nibbles at my ear, then my neck. He moves down and runs his teeth across my shoulders (this really turns me on) I get frantic and pull his mouth back to mine. This time it is MY tongue in HIS throat.

After a minute, I loosen up on him and step back to take off my panties. He watches me intently. I can almost hear what he is thinking. And I want it so badly!

He walks over to me and puts his arms around my waist. He looks into my eyes and grins mischievously. Then he picks me up. As an automatic response, I wrap my legs around his waist. I can feel him. He is very hard. His silk boxers feel so good against me. I almost lose it. Then he purrs into my ear;

“You just wait. I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you’ll never walk straight again.”

That’s all I can take. The silk. His hands. His voice. I can’t help it! I cling to him for all I am worth as I come in waves.

He stands there, holding me, until I am finished. Then he walks over to the bed and lays me down güvenilir bahis on his satin sheets. I am so exhausted! I could go to sleep, but his words still echo in my mind.

He lies down beside me, grinning. He whispers;

“Awww, so soon? You couldn’t even wait for me?”

He pretends to be sad but he is still smiling. I whisper back to him;

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. It was all your fault.”

I am trying to pretend to be angry, but I am too worn out.

He chuckles and replies;

“I’ll give you a little rest… Then we’ll see.”

This almost scares me. If he could get me off with just words and a few touches, what could he do?

After we lay there together for a few minutes more, he rubs his rough thumbs across my nipples and gently blows on them. The little touch and the cool little breeze are effective. My nipples raise and harden quickly. He smiles slyly and gives a small grunt of approval. I quickly realize that he plans to tease me all night long. I think I will die from too much pleasure. I then realize that he has another erection.

He lies beside me watching me contently as I begin to get some energy back. I think I am going to need it. I turn my face toward him and he kisses me gently. Then he starts nibbling on my ear and neck. His hands are running over my body as I begin to writhe in ecstasy. I am just about done for when he stops everything. I give little whimpers of protest. This is so cruel! I look to him pleadingly, almost on the verge of tears, when he lowers his face to mine, and purrs;

“Now, now. You’ll just have to wait for me this time. Don’t look at me like that… You’ll understand very soon.”

At this point, I am almost ready to bring myself off. I am so turned on that it drives me insane.

Soon türkçe bahis enough I understand his reasons. He rolls to his back and slides his boxers off. His cock is at least 8 inches. At this point he lets lust take over. He pushes my legs apart and buries himself in me promptly. I gasp. He is so hot, -and big! He gasps. I am so tight. He slumps over me, and tries to catch his breath. From this particular angle, he is even more handsome. Maybe it is just how vulnerable and weak I seem to make him.

Quickly, he gets himself under control and stays seated in me, nibbling on me and growling. I think he is so torturous! Here I am, packed with him. Dying to get off. Dying for him to fuck me. And all he does is tease me! I am to the point where I can’t stand it anymore.

I pull him tightly to me, wrap my legs around him, kiss him, and beg him to fuck me. He tells me that he will take his own sweet time. He pulls out and pushes in a few times. I am so hot that I can’t breath. I am gasping for air! I am soooo close! Then he stops moving. He stops everything. He holds himself over me and looks down at me, grinning. I have my eyes closed tightly, praying that if I concentrate hard enough, maybe I can make myself come. It’s not working! Oh, god! I want it so bad! I am aching for it!

He gently blows on my face. I force myself to open my eyes. I can see him grinning sardonically at me. ‘He is so selfish’ I think to myself. ‘How can he do this to me?’ I am so frustrated that I start to cry. The hot tears are a relief. I feel better. Then I feel a big wave of self-pity.

I try to push him off of me, but I am too weak and he is so much bigger than I am. I tell him to get out of me. I am so angry with him.

He holds himself over me and looks at me, güvenilir bahis siteleri puzzled.

“You love having to beg and being denied.” he says, “What’s so different now?”

“You–selfish–bastard,” I manage to sob through my tears, “You fucking well know that I hate torture! I don’t want you anymore… get out of me…”

This we both know is a lie. I want him. And the fear of him actually getting out of me makes me cry anew. Compassion finally comes through on his part and he kisses my tears away. Once I manage to control my sobs, and I can bring myself to kiss him back, he starts.

I am well lubricated from my previous torture, and I can feel him growing even larger inside me. He slides easily in and out, slowly and persuasive at first, then becoming quicker and more demanding. He never goes too fast because that turns us both off. He finds his rhythm and paces himself. I don’t feel anything warming up at first, just the continual nag. Then, he hits my spot! It doesn’t bring me off immediately because of my waiting, but he keeps true to his time and rubs it constantly, I am about to come, when he bites my ear. Not now! I feel hopeless, I’ve lost it! I almost begin to cry again. He is too far-gone to notice my problem. I can feel him in me. He is huge! OH GOD! My G-SPOT! He hits it with a heave that tells me he is about to come.

At the same time! Oh god! I clench myself to him; he drives himself as deep as he can. We both cry out together. I can feel his fluid filling me. Oh god! I can’t get stopped. Here he goes torturing me again! He continues to pound my g-spot. I continue to buck under him.

Many orgasms later, he kisses my throat, my neck, behind my ear. I am too tired to respond. He is still on me and in me.

“Think you can walk?” he asks me. All I can do is curl the corner of my mouth in a half smile. He, obviously pleased with himself, observes me. Under him, still in his control. He knows that I won’t get tired of him for a while. He still has plans for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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