Sister Act

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I was really excited as I walked up the path to my sister’s house. It was her birthday and I knew that we were going to have a great party that evening to celebrate her turning 23. I had come round earlier to give her the birthday present that I had found in my favourite jewellery store, a gorgeous pair of earrings and matching necklace. I was hoping that she would like them so much she would want to wear them out in the evening.

I knocked on the front door and waited for someone to answer; checking briefly that her gift was safely wrapped up in my bag. A moment later the door opened but Sarah wasn’t there; it was her boyfriend Graham who greeted me. Sarah’s always been able to find gorgeous boyfriends and Graham was no exception, a little over 6 feet tall with dark wavy hair that I ached to run my fingers through.

“Hi Graham,” I stuttered, “I brought Sarah’s birthday present around for her.”

Graham smiled, “Hi Julia. Sarah’s not here right now; she went round to visit your Gran. I think she’s not feeling so great and might have to miss the party so Sarah wanted to make sure she got to see her. She should be back soon; do you want to wait for her?”

I frowned, “OK I guess, but I can only wait for a little while, I have some things to do before I can get ready for tonight.”

I followed Graham into the living room and we both sat down, making small talk to fill in the time.

“Hey, I have an idea,” exclaimed Graham, “why don’t you come and see the present that I got for Sarah?”

I jumped up, “that’s a great idea, where is it?”

Beckoning me to follow, Graham led me up the stairs and past their bedroom door, to the smaller second bedroom. They barely used this room so I guessed it was a good place to hide the present so Sarah wouldn’t accidentally find it. He opened the door and quickly ushered me inside. The room felt different to the last time I had seen it and I gasped as he flicked on the dimmed lights to reveal a dramatic change to the first time I had seen the room. Instead of the single bed and small table that used to be there, I now saw a thin cupboard next to a strange looking chair with some peculiar metal attachments and what looked like a workbench sat in front of it.

I heard the door slam and turned to ask, “What’s all th…” when Graham inexplicably grabbed me roughly and pushed me forcefully back into the strange chair.

Shocked at this uncharacteristic behaviour, I reacted slowly to his physical assault and before I could even make a sound he snapped a metal clasp around my right wrist, pinning my hand high up on one of the metal attachments. The metal sound brought my senses back and I began screaming at him, clawing away with my free hand and kicking out at him, frantically trying to escape my bizarre prison. Stepping behind the chair he grabbed my free hand and I was helpless as he bound it in the same manner to a clasp on the opposite side of the chair. Still screaming and writhing I was beginning to feel terrified as his hand slid down my right leg, pulling it up and bending the knee back to clamp my ankle above my waist, my knee almost touching my elbow. Kicking out with my left leg, I couldn’t get any leverage ankara escort to knock his hands away, and with no other free limbs he quickly bound my other leg in the mirror image. I was now bound to the chair, still screaming incoherently at him, with my legs spread wide apart and my skirt only just loosely covering my panties. My long blonde hair had come loose from its ponytail and was now spread wildly over my face after my thrashing around.

Graham stood back, leaning on the workbench and breathing heavily he looked at me with a peculiar smile.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I raged, “Sarah will crucify you for this!”

“I don’t think so,” panted Graham, “You see this is all part of her birthday present.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, you sick freak.” I screamed at him, making him wince from the noise I was making.

“We can’t have that, not all this noise.” he murmured. Graham walked over to the cupboard and opened it pulling out a couple of items. I craned to try and see what else was inside, but the door obstructed anything that I might have been able to see.

He walked back behind the chair, not showing me what he was carrying, ignoring my barrage of screams and abuse. Grabbing my hair, I felt him pull my head backwards and using his free hand he worked a leather harness of my head and I felt a strange, almost rubbery thing being forced between my lips. Now I was really starting to panic and my neck muscles were straining as I tried to bite, spit, anything to stop what was happening. Graham then attached a small tube with a pump to the front of the mask and started quickly inflating the small rubber ball in my mouth. I felt it expanding, filling my mouth and forcing my teeth apart until it was almost touching the back of my throat. With my mouth forced so wide apart and gagged so deeply, I couldn’t bite and could barely make a sound past the rubber muzzle. Only my panicked eyes could now show my terror, imaging all the terrible things that Graham could be about to do to me.

Finally finished, Graham relaxed and put the pump away, admiring his handiwork as I was now trussed up immovably and gagged to complete silence. Leaning into the cupboard he picked up a large pair of scissors and walked slowly towards me, snipping them together suggestively.

“Sarah and I installed this room a few weeks ago; she’s a naughty type you know. Or maybe you didn’t know that?!” he winked at me and snipped the scissors together again.

“Sarah has some naughty fantasies, including playing with other girls and you are going to help me give her the ultimate birthday present.”

His words terrified me and my struggles redoubled, but the restraints kept me almost still, completely bound to his horrific chair. I tried desperately to scream, anything to try and get me out of this diabolical nightmare but I was helpless to do anything as he gently slid the scissors under my blouse and started to slowly cut through it.

“You’ll need to keep still, or I can’t be sure I won’t cut you,” he warned. My struggles were futile and tears poured down my face as he slowly cut away my shirt, then my skirt, tugging them out from under me and flinging escort ankara them onto the floor. Graham pulled off my shoes, and then slowly rolled down my stockings, all the time staring at my body, splayed out in front of him just in my bra and panties.

“My God, you have the sexiest body, I’m not sure I can wait until Sarah gets back for this”, his breathing was heavy again, but this time his words were loaded with lust.

I shook my head violently, silently begging him to stop, but he ignored me and I felt the scissors slip inside my bra. With two quick cuts I felt my breasts fall free, and a moan of embarrassment escaped my gag as I realised my nipples were rock hard for Graham to see.

Oh my God, how could I be getting turned on by this, my sisters boyfriend had assaulted me and was about to rape me and I could feel wetness between my legs. This can’t be happening, but I felt my nipples hardening further as he cut my panties away, leaving me completely naked and spread-eagled in front of him.

I could see Graham struggling to control himself, staring at my completely shaved pussy and I wrenched my restraints trying to avoid his gaze as he leant down towards me.

“Oh, Sarah is in for a treat,” Graham chuckled to himself and suddenly walked out of the room. I sighed with relief at his departure, but moments later I found myself wondering what he could have done to me, or more importantly what he still had planned.

Still feeling humiliatingly exposed, I heard the front door slam. Thank heavens, Sarah was back. There’s no way Graham could maintain this sick imprisonment with Sarah in the house.

A few moments later, Graham came back into the room and ignoring me completely went straight to the cupboard and pulled out another few things. What was happening, he didn’t seem at all bothered by Sarah’s presence? Still desperately trying to scream I saw the door open again.

Framed by the door I saw a girl, it took me a moment to recognise my own sister.

“Happy Birthday honey,” crowed Graham.

Sarah was almost naked, dressed only in black heels and with a studded black collar around her neck. Her full breasts were connected by a chain, clamped tightly around each of her nipples, clearly tugging on them each time she moved. Her hands were tightly bound behind her by her elbows, forcing her breasts out and exacerbating the effects of the chain. But my horror was completed when I saw the blindfold tightly wound around her head, completely covering her eyes. She couldn’t see me!

“This is especially for you, honey. A sexy birthday treat I want you to enjoy.”

“Thank you sir,” she whispered as he pushed her down to her knees in front of me.

I was almost hysterical now, straining frantically at my restraints and sobbing mutely into my gag. This can’t be happening, not my little sister, not like this.

Graham pushed her head between my legs until I felt her lips meet mine and a jolt went through my body. Sarah moaned gently as her tongue started to gently explore my exposed pussy, slowly at first, but then faster as she started to taste me on her tongue.

Tears of shame were pouring down my face but I felt ankara escort bayan my pussy starting to throb as her tongue massaged my clit and gently probed away at my rapidly dampening hole. I felt completely humiliated, but I couldn’t stop myself, my pussy getting wetter and wetter as she started to suck on my sensitive clitoris.

Before I could stop myself, I felt my hips thrust towards her mouth as she lapped away and I started to panic as I felt the familiar stirrings deep inside me. As if she could sense my impending orgasm, my sister pressed her mouth harder against me, sucking my clit and pushing her tongue inside me, lapping up my juices as they started to pour out.

Sobbing hard, my breath started to come in shallow bursts as my orgasm built inside me, desperately trying to control myself. I couldn’t let my sister do this. But tied up as I was, I was helpless against her relentless tongue and within moments my eyes flared open as my throbbing pussy started to climax. As if waiting for this moment, Graham reached around from behind Sarah and grasped both of my nipples, wrenching them hard and watching my pussy spasm again and again against my sisters mouth, my cum being lapped up greedily and smeared all over her face.

After an eternity my exhausted body stopped vibrating and I lay slumped against my restraints, makeup staining my face where my tears had streamed down my face.

But Graham wasn’t done with humiliation, or the birthday present for Sarah. He pulled her upright and I watched in misery as she licked my cum from around her lips whilst he bent her over the workbench and quickly lashed her legs wide apart to the base of the bench.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this, my little sister willingly tied down and submitting to the will of this malevolent man. Her pussy was clearly dripping wet and he stared into my eyes as he ran his finger along it and then slowly sucked her pussy juices off his own fingers. My resistance was broken and I could only watch as he slowly drove his rock hard cock deep inside her pussy to accompanying moans from Sarah. It was clear that she was already massively excited from licking another girl’s pussy and it seemed like only moments before her breath started to come in gasps as her pussy started to clench around his violently thrusting cock.

Clearly aware that Sarah had reached the point of no return, Graham reached forwards and tore the blindfold from her head with my naked body directly in her eye line. Sarah’s eyes were heavy and unfocused as her orgasm started to build inside and I was forced to watch as they widened in recognition, just as the orgasm started to wrack its way through her body. Her mouth screamed in a silent denial, but unable to stop herself, her body shuddered on his pulsating cock, the heavy chain on her nipples tugging hard as her breasts bobbed back and forth until she came a second time as Graham pulled out his cock and squirted his cum all over her back, a couple of droplets reaching me and landing on my legs.

Her eyes wet with tears at what she had done, Sarah shook her head and started to weep, still lashed to the workbench.

With both of us sobbing and securely tied down, Graham reached over and pressed a small button, ejecting a CD from a small camera I hadn’t noticed before.

Waving the CD at us, he said, “I’m keeping this girls, to make sure you’ll be compliant next time I want to have some fun!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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