Sister-In-Law Affection Ch. 05

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This story is continued from a previous chapter, reading it is suggested to improve the plot.

“So are you two going to tell me what’s going on here, or are you going to keep me in the dark?”, I asked as the three of us picked our way along the path back to our overwater bungalow.

“It’s complicated, Top. We need to sit down and talk, there is a lot to tell you.” replied my girlfriend Kay.

“We weren’t expecting you to come clean so suddenly”, Ashley chimed in. “You took us by surprise.”

“Took you by surprise?” I started in but then trailed off. I decided to leave it alone for the moment, we’d be back in our private room soon enough. I could already see it.

The bungalow was easily one of the better accommodations in the resort. I’d spared no expense on this intentionally exorbitant trip to Tahiti. The room was excessive, the resort was excessive, even the destination was excessive. If you wanted to flaunt wealth to make a point, you’d pretty much pick ‘overwater bungalow in Tahiti’. Which is exactly what I was trying to do here, since the girls needed some convincing that I had indeed gotten rich overnight.

We made our way down our private pier to get out to the room, which was built over the lagoon about 150 feet from shore. I walked along, occupying myself by glimpsing through each gap in the planks at the crystal clear waters below. The light was quickly fading but the white sand along the bottom was still visible. I’d never seen anything like this place before and it was rather fantastic.

Even inside the room, the floor was the same. Gaps between the floor boards made it intentionally porous, letting in the sight, smell and sounds of the lagoon just a few feet below us. It was like being in the water, just without the getting wet part. The furnishings were luxurious, yet simple.

The room was designed with one bed in mind, but the resort had brought out a small cot for Ashley to sleep on. I wondered now if that would be necessary given recent revelations. Sizing up the real bed I hoped it wouldn’t, but I still wasn’t entirely certain what was happening.

I’d confessed to my girlfriend Kay that I’d been cheating on her with Ashley, who was also our roommate and her sister. I fully expected to be sleeping on the beach by myself while she went ballistic. Instead I got giggles and a blowjob. Apparently this winning streak I was on was infallible and I was quite enjoying the ride, but there was still sorting out to do and it was time to get to it.

“Out with it!” I demanded. Winning streaks make you audacious.

“Come sit down with us, Top” Kay beckoned from the sofa where she and her sister had plunked. I complied, although I would had preferred standing. Ashley gave the spot between them a pat and I put myself in it. I turned toward Kay and waited for her to continue. “I love you, Top. We both do. But there’s some stuff we need to sort out”

No shit I said to myself. “You knew about Ashley and I? I mean, she told you when I was in New York? You don’t hate us?”

“I don’t hate you, I love you for it. Both of you. Ashley already knows that but I’m sure this is a shock to you.”


“The truth is, we planned this. A while ago. You were just too honorable to play into it, so it took us a while but here we are.”

“I think you skipped some stuff. You planned this? A while ago? Planned what?” I rambled.

“We planned for you to fall in love with Ashley, surreptitiously.”

“Big word….” I couldn’t help myself despite the gravity of the conversation. “Um, so you wanted to share me with your sister?”

“It’s only fair” Ashley echoed.

“Fair?” I was getting more confused, not less.

“Top, wait, we’re not done explaining. You need to hear the whole story.” Kay resettled herself on the sofa, preparing to spill. I waited.

“Go ahead, Kay” Ashley encouraged.

“We have kept some secrets from you.” She was stalling, working up to something bigger. I motioned with my hand to get to it but kept my mouth shut so as to not break her nerve. I definitely needed to hear what she was about to say. I’d been played like a fiddle and was intensely aware of it at the moment.

“OK, um, when I told you we weren’t that close growing up as teenagers, that wasn’t true. And it wasn’t a mistake that I moved back home after college and just happened to live near Ashley. The only accidental thing that happened was meeting you and falling in love, but it was fortunate. This isn’t coming out right. I love you. Let me finish before you say anything”

I could see she was flustered. I took her hand and lent her some encouragement. Ashley also got up and walked around me and wedged herself onto the sofa behind Kay. She wrapped her arms around her sister and rested her head against her back, her eyes closed. We all had to scoot over a bit to make room in our new configuration.

“So I fell in love with you, and so did Ash. Then you offered ensest porno for me, then both of us, to move in with you after your roommates moved out. So we did, and we’ve been plotting ever since.”

“For me to fall in love with both of you? Uh, you must have known I felt strongly for Ashley. Why didn’t you just tell me when that became obvious?”

“Because we needed it to be your doing. We needed you to initiate that relationship. We didn’t know it would take you years to make a move on Ashley”

At that, Ashley giggled a bit but didn’t look up. “Stupid honorable man” she muttered into Kay’s back. She released the hug and sought out my hand with hers, giving me a caring touch to let me know she was only teasing. Her gesture broke the tension a bit and I could see it have a calming effect on Kay. She squeezed Ashley’s arm in affection.

“We’re still not certain you ever did, or if she made the move on you. But it happened, and here we are.” Kay was gently stroking my cheek, looking into my eyes with pure love. It was reassuring. I exhaled.

“But why did you need me to take the initiative? Why not just come out with all this two years ago? So much easier….”

“We had to keep up appearances. I mean, I’m sure some people kind of thought we were three-waying it, even though we weren’t. Look at how we acted. I probably would have thought the same if I wasn’t privy. Imagine how much more apparent it would have been if the three of us were together for real. This way, we’ve established our reputation. The reality of being apart helped establish our alibi.”

I was getting the feeling that the girls were well practiced at deception. I still wasn’t getting the whole story yet. It was something deeply personal, but not sinister. They had nothing against me, but something to hide. I couldn’t figure it just yet, I needed more from them.

“Yeah, I guess. Still, it seems convoluted. You should have known you could trust me”

“Well…..” Kay took a long pause. Ashley looked up and over her sister’s shoulder at me. This was it.

“Ashley doesn’t prefer men. She’d rather be with women.”

“What? Ash, I’ve seen you with 11 men the past two years you’ve been living with us. I should know; I counted precisely. Do you realize how jealous I was of each and every one of them?”

“She knows, it was part of our plan. You saw what you needed to see.”

“So you were just using them as part of the deception and you’ve really had secret girlfriends all this time? I’ve never seen you with a single woman.”

Ashley answered me this time and leveled her eyes at me. “Yes, you have”, she stated and with that she wrapped her arms back around her sister Kay.


There it was.

The sensation was very much like a concussion, at least that’s the way I’d put it. I’d played rugby since college and had a few along the way. You take a hit to the head and the world flashes white for a millisecond, during which you forget absolutely everything you know. You senses come back almost immediately, and your brain starts remembering stuff, but you spend the next minute trying to reassemble all the pieces of your existence that just got blown apart. Who you are, what you were doing, why you’re sitting on your ass with blood streaming down your face.

Here I was just sitting there on my ass, the blood was absent, but I was still trying to put it all back together. Lesbian sisters. Right under my nose and I didn’t have a clue. It was all becoming clear to me now. The girls sat silently, watching the gears turn and giving me a chance to catch up to what they’d kept secret their entire lives.

I should have discovered their secret a long time ago. I guess I’d seen the evidence all along, but your brain dismisses the extremely unlikely as impossible. Given this new information, past events took on new significance and I was replaying them rapid fire. Comments here and there that seemed out of place but made sense now.

Like just last week, when I’d try to get Ashley to suck me off in our kitchen around the corner from Kay and Laura: her response was ‘We can’t, Laura’s here!’ Not “My sister’s here”, it was just Laura she took exception to.

Or how about the whole share your boyfriend with your sister thing: was it Kay sharing me with Ashley, or was Ashley sharing Kay with me? They’d obviously been together longer than Kay and I. I was the third wheel.

“You there, Top?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m OK. Just catching up.” I explained. I broke free of the introspection and scrutiny, I needed to recover here and let them know this was OK by me. “This must have been difficult for you two. I want you both to know that I love you and I want this to work for all of us.” It seemed a decent re-opening of the conversation.

Now it was my turn to caress Kay’s face with my hand. I leaned in and kissed her. There was mutual and genuine affection between us.

Ashley had leaned back fake agent porno a bit and was watching us reaffirm our relationship. I didn’t want to exclude her so I reached out around Kay and pulled her in. We made a Kay sandwich as we peered into each others eyes. I put my hand up to the back of her head and pulled her lips to mine. We crossed Kay’s shoulder, her sister pressed between us as we shared our most passionate kiss yet.

The moment was precious to me, but I was also getting turned on in the embrace with the two girls. They were still in bathing suits, Ashley in a bikini. There was plenty of sensual flesh for me to run my hands over and I wasn’t discriminating between their two lithe, sexy bodies.

Kay was subtly humming, maybe moaning; enjoying both the release of pent up tension with our newfound romantic situation and the stimulation of being rubbed by her two lovers. Ashley and I broke our kiss and she started nibbling on Kay’s neck, who obliged her. Now I was back to kissing Kay; her mewing into my mouth as I fondled her sister.

It was really the first time I’d gotten my hands on Ashley with this much access. I was stiff again despite having my sandals blown off me by Kay just 20 minutes ago on the beach. I pawed at Ashley around, under and over her sister any way I could. I ran my hands over her chest like I’d never done before. Her tits weren’t anything remarkable to speak of, but they were hers and I was ecstatic to be touching them. I cupped her breasts as I tongued her sister; then I slipped my fingers under the skimpy fabric of the bikini and made contact with her nipples. Ashley was smooching Kay’s ear. The stimulation was driving Kay to kiss me back with a fervor she’d seldom brought to our one on one encounters.

The sun had fully set and the room was pretty dark by now. We could still see each other, but the lighting was very subdued. I got up off the couch and went to turn on a lamp by the bed. The girls followed me and climbed up onto the bed before I did.

“Top,” Ashley said, “don’t you think Kay deserves to be rewarded for being so nice to you on the beach?”
“You want to watch me pleasure her this time?” I responded to her half question, half suggestion.

“Not exactly, I thought I’d do it and she can stare at you this time. You’ve twice been naughty watching me while she pleasured you, I think turn around is fair play.”

Ashley was making her way to the bottom of the beds and positioning her lover in the center. Kay slipped her arms under the straps and her one piece bathing suit got peeled off over her ankles.

Ashley wasted no time and plunged her gorgeous face between Kay’s spread legs. I was watching in amazement. I was rock hard again as the sister put their secrets on display, dispelling any lingering doubts I had that this was some sort of trick.

Kay was always remarkably easy to get to climax. Although she honestly didn’t have much libido, once she was into it orgasm was always achievable. Petting, licking, fucking; it didn’t matter. Spend a little time and attention and she’d cum for sure. She didn’t fake it either, if she didn’t want it she had no problem telling me so and forgoing her own pleasure for mine.

She was already approaching orgasm and Ash had only been licking her gently. Now she slid her hand up under Kay’s ass and forced her hips up. She mashed her lips down onto Kay’s cunny and flicked her tongue over her clit a few times. I knew exactly what was going on because that’s how I’d done it to her a hundred times before. This wasn’t going to last long. Once you directly licked her cum button, it was orgasm time.

I couldn’t in good conscience let that happen too quickly. This was far way hot to be over in three minutes. I went to the foot of the bed, behind Ashley, who was kneeling with her head in Kay’s crotch. I’m not certain that she saw me move but she didn’t acknowledge my position if she knew I was there. Her bikini clad ass was perfectly displayed for my ogling; her perfect back covered with nothing but a string. I plucked the knot and let her top fall to the bed.

I wasn’t sure if she was aware that it was me yet, or if she thought it may have been Kay, so I decided to ‘reveal’ myself by rubbing my hands along the length of her back. Starting at the top of her bikini bottom, I firmly pressed into her taught muscles and ran my hands up to her shoulders. I’d done this before, during my back rubs I’d often given her.

The familiar touch brought her out from licking her sister’s snatch. She peered back at me with a grin, her face sloppily wet with Kay’s juices. She blew me kiss with those marvelously slicked lips. She knew how to entice me. She certainly didn’t mind getting cum all over her face in the process, apparently not differentiating if it was from a boy or girl.

The reprieve had my intended effects on Kay, delaying culmination of their incestuous, girl on girl session, even if it was bound to be for just fake cop porno a minute or two. She rolled over on her side, reaching for something on the night stand.

“Wait, pigtails, right?” she inquired of me. It was a stylistic question only and she began tying her sister’s hair up into pigtails with the ribbons she’d grabbed. No sooner had she tied off the first than I had grabbed it and twisted Ashley’s head to the side to allow Kay to tie the second with a much improved angle.

“Oooowww”, she shrieked, but she held still to allow the second to be completed.

Now I had a pigtail firmly in each hand, my grip on her hair taut. She was still scrunched over, supporting herself on her bent arms while I wrangled her head back and forth to assert control.

“Top, be gentle with her.” Kay admonished.

Ashley just growled a bit in pleasure. She’d always enjoyed a good hair pulling. Before it had been under the pretext of a head rub, but the sexual undertones had always there between us. Now it was just raw sex play and we both were into it.

I jerked her down and plowed Kay’s furrow with her sister’s face. Back and forth I forced her lips, nose, chin and forehead to grind over the clitoris below. I could feel Ashley resisting somewhat but I did not relent. I could tell she was getting gulps of air so I wasn’t really worried for her comfort.

Kay didn’t last 15 seconds and was writhing in pleasure as her sister pushed her to orgasm.

“Ooooooooooo” she moaned as her body twitched. I’d never seen her cum so intensely. I was intrigued if she generally preferred her sister over me or if it was just the result of circumstances.

Enough musing. I still had a hold of Ashley and a raging hard on to quell. Still kneeling at the bottom of the bed, I ripped her upright by her hair bringing her body parallel to mine. I ground my dick against her ass through the cloth of our bathing suits. I’d plucked her top off and now she was exposed, although I still didn’t get an optimal view from my vantage. Still, the thought excited me.

I craned my neck to kiss her as I ratcheted her neck to meet me halfway. Her face was smeared with her sister’s cum. I relished my girlfriend’s scent and taste as I made out with Ash.

“You two look so hot kissing” I heard Kay blurt out as she recovered from her ordeal at my hands and sibling’s face. She wriggled her way closer to us, evidently so she could caress Ashley’s hips and legs. She worked her hands up to her sister’s small but perky boobs, massaging the nipples lightly.

I pushed Ashley back down on top of Kay, enticing them to continue smooching. Kay paused for a moment, but then decided to go with it – probably for my benefit.

I was getting ready to pound the daylights out of Ashley for the first time. She was once again bent over her sister, but this time fully on top of her and face to face. I dropped my bathing suit to the floor and ground my steel into the bikini bottom presented before it.

“Ohh” she yelped as I grabbed her hips and forced her against my shaft. “No, no” she warned and slumped to the bed to get away.

Not sure of what I’d done wrong, I let her escape the press for the moment, but kept her pinned there on top of Kay.

“Top, you can’t have sex with Ashley. She doesn’t do that. She’s a virgin to men”

That turned out to be true, but at that moment I had a hard time believing it. I’d seen her with men before, it was natural to assume she’d been banged by all of them. I hadn’t bothered to find out yet that she’d only been involved with them to make me jealous and foster our forbidden relationship. I guess it worked on me, it made me want her more than anything or anyone else. Come to find out, that’s why none of them ever stayed. She’d never fucked them once, stringing them along with hand jobs till they got frustrated and dumped her.

So I was totally geared up to bang the sense out of Ashley while her sister looked on, but I’d been insensitive. This three way was going to be tricky business. It was extremely difficult for them, I’m sure. We’d have to take it slow and discover what we all wanted through a process of experimentation. I’m sure we’d end up in a mutually agreeable arrangement soon enough. We had 9 more days in paradise to explore each other’s needs and desires.

Or I could just do whatever the fuck I pleased. That sounded much better to me. I climbed up on the bed and straddled the girl’s legs. Ashley was nestled inside Kay’s naked crotch. Pinned beneath me, I grabbed her bikini bottom and pulled it down around her legs. I couldn’t clear the thin piece wedged up between her inner thighs, but I had enough out of the way to proceed.

“Oh, what are you doing, Top?”, Ashley pleaded nervously. She panned her eyes back to look at me prepping for insertion. I gave myself a few strokes, spreading the oozing pre-cum along the upper half of my dick.

“Just relax Ash” my girlfriend reassured her sister. She took a hold of Ashley’s face and made her look back down at her. “Let him take you. It’ll be OK”

She continued to pet her older sister on the head, calming her and getting her ready as I waited for the nod. “It’s OK. I want him to have you too.”

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