Sister Sexbot Ch. 02

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Year: 2050

I slowly woke up to the sensation of warm wetness on my cock. A tongue licked up and down my already rock hard dick. Fingers gently massaged my balls and I let out a long breath as I ran my fingers through my sister’s hair.

“Fuck, that feels so good.” I opened my eyes and saw my sister’s face bobbing up and down on my hard dick. Alexis’s pretty lips closed on it tight and she sucked me up and down, with her hand following close behind. “Yes, Alexis, just like that!”

Alexis moved her head and hand faster. Cool air touched it when she took it out of her mouth to lick the sides. She took each of my balls and sucked them into her mouth and I let out a loud moan. Her tongue flicked my dick hole and she gave me a naughty smile. It felt even warmer when she took my back into her mouth. Her soft fingers massaged my balls that were still wet from her spit. Precum dribbled from my cock, and her mouth moved slightly as she swallowed it. “Oh, sis, I’m about to cum.”

Alexis sucked harder and faster. Moans came from my involuntarily as I let myself burst. She kept sucking down every last drop. I lied there panting from exhaustion as my sister cleaned my dick with her mouth. Her tits swayed as her topless body crawled up and she showed me the white pool of cum on her tongue before swallowing it. “Good morning, David.”

I ran my hand through my sister’s hair. After taking a moment to look, I realized that she wasn’t just topless, but she was completely naked. Just as she was when we slept. Now, normally I don’t actually sleep naked, but we were already naked from fucking before we drifted off. Neither of us bothered to put on clothes, and my sister fell asleep right in my arms as we spooned. The cramped space of the dorm sized bed was quickly forgotten with my dick nuzzled in my sister’s warm ass.

Well, she wasn’t exactly my sister. It was a robot with very realistic, but still synthetic, flesh and bodily fluids crafted from a scan of my sister’s DNA. She looked and even behaved exactly as my sister would behave, with the only exception being that she happily fucks me. That, and in the back of her synthetic mind, she knows she will have to return to the company. She’s only a rental; I’m not made of money.

“Good morning, Alexis.” I embraced her naked body and squeezed her firm ass. A naughty grin curved her lips and she gave me a soft peck on the cheek. She crawled on all fours on top of me and paused for a second to let her tits hover in front of my face. I leaned forward to suck on them and she kept crawling until her pussy was right in front of me.

“Your turn, big brother.”

I inhaled her feminine scent and I was already hard again. Since this was based on Alexis’s DNA, this was what the real thing smelled like too. This was my sister’s pussy, and I knew what it smelled like. My arousal intensified and I took her sweet pussy onto my tongue. She tasted exactly how a girl should taste. Exactly how my sister tastes.

Smooth thighs clenched around my face as I lapped her sex. I nibbled at the thigh tissue around her lower lips and got closer to taste her again. Soft moans sounded above me. When I looked up, I couldn’t see her face, but only her large, perky tits. Nipples had already gotten fully erect.

My tongue found Alexis’s clit and she moaned louder. Soft fingers gripped my head and pushed me further into her crotch. Her moans got louder and I licked and sucked harder. She bucked her hips slightly and her hole body quivered.

“Oh yes, David!” Alexis rode her orgasm on my face. Muscles twitched and flexed around my head. Breasts bounced when she let herself collapse to my side. “Oh, my big brother knows how to eat some pussy!”

“Damn right,” I said, wiping my mouth.

“Let’s shower and get some food.” Alexis’s tits went up and down as she panted to get her breath back.

“Food?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Alexis said. “All this sex is making me hungry.”

Maybe czech streets porno I missed a part of the manual. The robots shouldn’t suggest something that would harm them, but maybe her roleplay went too far. As much I really didn’t want to use this feature, I had to be absolutely certain. “Order 3257: Break roleplay.”

Alexis suddenly stopped panting and her eyes looked straight at me. Except her eyes were a cold, mechanical stare. All trace of happiness or any emotion left her face. “Roleplay broken.”

“Can you eat food?”

“Affirmative, I can consume biological materials.” Her voice was monotone. This feature made it too obvious that this was a machine wearing Alexis’s flesh. It creeped me out. “Without this feature, the body fluids that you have put in me would not be able to be broken down. Food is not a requirement, but personality programming will make me crave it. This feature can be disabled if you choose, but may break immersion. It is on by default.”

“Would feeding you be a waste?”

“Negative. My personality programming will derive pleasure from food consumed. My internal processes will break down any inputted biological material for auxiliary power.”

I nodded, and was more than ready to get my sister back. “Order 3258: Resume roleplay.”

Alexis blinked and looked up at me. Her eyes already seemed to have a soul behind them again. “Well, we going to get something to eat or not?”

“Sure.” I grinned. “But you said something about a shower?”

Alexis grabbed my hard dick and led me to my bathroom. She entered the shower and turned the water on. She shivered as goosebumps formed all over her body.

“It’s a little cold when you first get in,” I said.

“I know.” Alexis winked and tweaked her nipples that had gotten rock hard in the cold water. “Guys love it when I do this.”

“I can see why.” I stepped in after giving it time to warm up. Cold penises are nowhere near as sexy as cold nipples. We soaped each other up. Alexis’s wet flesh felt great underneath my hands. Nipples stayed hard as I soaped up her tits. She made noises as I rubbed her pussy and ass crack. She returned the favor when she soaped up my cock, which quickly turned into a handjob with soap as lube.

“Oh, Sis,” I groaned. “Please turn around!”

Alexis kissed me on the lips before turning around. Her back arched so that her pussy was facing me. The spray of the water washed the soap off my cock and I guided myself into her warmth. We both groaned as I slid inside her orifice. She was still wet from when I ate her out, so I slid in easily. There was no need to warm her up.

Water splashed off our bodies as I slammed into her pussy. Moans echoed off the tile walls of the shower. Alexis could barely hold onto the ceramic as her wet hands slipped from my force. “Oh yes, brother!”

Alexis’s wet hair clumped together on her back, and I grabbed it to pull back. Her head went back with it and she screamed out in pleasure. Her lips barely made my name in her excitement, and we orgasmed together in the shower. I held her close as I filled her pussy and our panting slowed together. My cock shined with Alexis’s fluid when I pulled out. Our combined fluids dripped down her leg and made a white spiral before being sucked down the drain.

I was a little nervous taking my sister to the campus cafeteria. A few of my friends knew her, one even dated her, but none of them showed up. Alexis also knew better than to show public displays of affection. “As far as anybody knows,” Alexis said, “I am just your sister in town visiting.”

“Right,” I said.

After we ate our breakfast at the cafeteria without any real event, Alexis asked to go on a walk around campus. “I’m coming here next year, so I’d like a look at the place.”

That seemed reasonable enough, so we walked together around campus. There was the historical statue of the university founder from over a hundred czech taxi porno years ago near the admin building. She saw a fountain and asked for a coin. As luck would have it, I did in fact have a penny, and she tossed it in. For a second, I pondered if wishing well magic worked for robots. We looked at some other buildings. Animals floated in formaldehyde in the biology building, along with a few skulls and several skeletons. We were one of the few schools to have a skeleton of the species discovered on Mars four years ago. We spent several long minutes in front of that skeleton and its unique physiology. It looked nothing like alien depictions of the past. Of course, now many science fiction movies try to imagine what this thing looked like when it had flesh.

Sculptures and paintings decorated the art building. Of course, there was the thing that about college art that any high school senior would notice first. “So, they really do allow nudes in college?”

I nodded.

“Know any of these girls?” Alexis smirked.

I nodded again, letting my eyes go to a redhead. We hung out on a regular basis, and I remember the shock I had at seeing her nude picture while roaming the halls one day. Her tits were bigger than I thought, and the artistic photograph showed her bush that confirmed that she was indeed a natural redhead. Naturally, I undress her in my mind anytime we hang out.

Nobody was in the drama theater, but she was amazed at the size of it. “It’s so much bigger than the one at my high school.”

“Plays are better in university too,” I said. Then I shrugged. “Unfortunately, you also have to pay for them now.”

“Bummer,” Alexis said. “But at least you’re not forced to watch them.”

Stock Market states scrolled across a screen in the business building. It was all stuff I had seen everyday walking around campus, but for Alexis, who had never been on a college campus before, it was all the first time. Seeing it through her eyes made it all new again.

“Alexis?” asked a male voice. We both turned around and my heart leapt into my throat.

“Josh?” Alexis and I asked in unison. He was my sister’s ex. This wasn’t good.

“You didn’t say you were coming over,” Josh said. His eyes went up and down Alexis’s body.

“I’m just in town visiting David.”

“Could’ve told me you were coming over,” Josh said. “I thought we were cool now.”

“Oh, sorry.” Alexis ran up to him and they embraced before kissing. Jealousy shot through me seeing her in his arms, but I dared not to say anything.

“You two got back together?” I asked.

“She didn’t tell you?” Josh broke the embrace, but kept his arm around my sister. “Yeah, we got back together on her birthday.”

“Like, really together?” I asked. “Because I saw her when she got back, and she was pretty well wasted.”

“Bro, I wasn’t that drunk.” Alexis playfully punched my arm. “Well, not at first anyway.”

Josh chuckled. “Yeah, she was gone pretty damn fast, but we did have time to make up right before she got wasted.”

“In fact, he was the one that helped me get home.”

“Yep, I helped her to her car and typed in the address to send her home,” Josh said. “I thought about coming with you, but well, there was still a keg to finish off.”

If my heart was beating fast before, now it was racing. This was bad. If he figures out that the Alexis in his arms isn’t real, he’ll figure out she was ordered by me. Not only would I be the weirdo who made a sexbot of his sister, but I’d be the weirdo who made a sexbot of my friend’s girlfriend. Then the real Alexis would find out. What a disaster!

Alexis patted Josh on his muscular chest. “Hey sweetie, I’ll catch back up with you.”

Josh frowned. “But why?”

Alexis smiled. “We text or call everyday. I don’t hang out with my brother often enough, but I promise I’ll see you later.”

“Like tonight?”

Alexis nodded with a wink. digitalplayground porno “Like tonight.”

“Great, I’ll text you,” Josh said.

My heart jumped, but Alexis had it covered. “My phone isn’t working right now, I’ll just come over to your place when I’m ready.”

“Order 3257: Break roleplay.” We were back in my dorm after travelling around town and around campus almost all day.

“Roleplay broken.”

“How did you know the details of Josh’s relationship with you?”

“Social media. In addition to the personality test you submitted, information was also extracted from the social media accounts associated with the person whom I am posing as.”

“So, you’re constantly connected to the internet?”

“Negative. A sample of information was extracted just before my flesh was grafted onto my bones.”

I swore to myself. “Order 3258: Resume roleplay.”

Alexis blinked and looked up at me. “It’s almost time for my date with Josh.”

“What are we gonna do?!”

“I can cancel if you want me to, David.” Alexis looked at me with sincere love. “I am with you now.”

“Right,” I said. That was the programming talking, since she had to be loyal. Still, it was nice to hear that from her. “But if you blow this off, he might get suspicious.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want him to get suspicious.”

“Me neither!” I looked Alexis’s body up and down, stripping her in my mind. If she went to Josh, then it would be difficult to get a moment alone with her again. “But I want you.”

“Oh David.” Alexis got closer to me and gave me a kiss. “I want you too.”

Alexis planted another kiss further down my neck, and then on my collarbone. Her hand drifted to my cock and she squeezed it through my pants. Finger unzipped the fly and freed my hard dick. She placed a soft kiss on the head of my penis. “Maybe we can just stay in tonight?”

“I’m ok with that.”

Alexis licked the hole at the tip of my cock. Her lips slid down slowly as she took as much of my cock as she could into her mouth and sucked hard. I gasped in pleasure at her aggressive blowjob.

“Yes!” I didn’t last long, and I finished in Alexis’s mouth. She grinned and showed me the pool of my own semen before swallowing.

After that was settled, we watched a movie together inside my dorm. We wore far less clothing that we normally would for family movie night, I add. After that, we played a couple card games. This escalated to strip poker where we lost the rest of our clothes, and then did short sexual favors instead of stripping. I sucked on her titties one round. She licked my balls the next round. I rubbed her wet clit the round after that.

It was getting late, I was rock hard, and Alexis was completely wet. So, we went to bed just like last night. She lied in the bed facing away from me, and I cuddled close behind her. My cock rubbed her ass, and my fingers played with her nipple. Our bodies did their own thing, and instead of my cock touching her ass cheeks, it was deep inside her warm, wet pussy.

Alexis let out a low moan and rocked her hips over my dick. Her walls squeezed me as her ass pressed into my pelvis. I let one of my hands drift and rub her clit while the other continued to tweak her nipple. The bed rocked from our subtle movement. We weren’t fucking like in the shower. This was making sweet love to my little sister.

Tension built up inside me, and I felt Alexis’s walls start to pulse, so I let go. Wave after wave of pleasure filled my sister with my seed. Her whole body tensed up and she let out a slow moan. Walls pulsated around my cock as her pussy milked me for every drop.

“Good night, sis.”

“Good night, bro.”

The next morning I didn’t wake up to a blowjob, since I woke up before Alexis. The thought of waking her in the same kind way she woke me up yesterday occurred to me, and I started to lean back so I could turn her on her back. Her breast moved in the slight movement. Before I could get between her legs though, my phone beeped.

Who could be messaging me this early? I ignored it and let my mouth get closer to Alexis’s pussy. The phone beeped again. I glanced over to see who the message was from, and I froze. Alexis. The real one. Shit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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