Sisterly Bonds Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine

Sam walked out of the shower, a towel around her waist and a towel in her hair to dry it. Leaving the room to get to her own, she walked down the hall. However, before she could get all the way to her room, she was gently grabbed from behind with two arms wrapping around her.

“Mmm, you smell nice.” Cal inhaled the aroma of her sister’s body. “Like beautiful strawberries on a summer’s day. I like that smell on you.”

“Well, I did use your shampoo.” Sam said.

“I got it because you love strawberries.” Cal said. “I thought it would help my chances getting my sexy sister to date me.”

“Well, it’s helping me smell nicer for you at the very least.” Sam blushed a bit.

“Mmm.” Cal said. “Can I see underneath?”

“Not now, pervert.” Sam teasingly pulled up her towel, just knowing how Cal’d react. “I don’t think you’re due for a showing yet.”

“How about now?” Cal smirked, pulling down Sam’s towel and revealing her body in all its glory.

“You pervert!” Sam tackled her and the two began rolling around on the ground. Eventually, Sam ended up on top, pinning Cal to the ground.

Cal looked up at her, Sam looking back and both burst into laughter and hugged each other.

“God, it’s like we’re still kids.” Cal said. “Except now, I’m trying to win your heart and it’s beckoning to me.”

“You’re a hopeless romantic.” Sam chuckled. “Stick to the drawings.”

“I think I will.” Cal said. Sam sighed in slight happiness. It felt good that Cal was beginning to act more like a human being with her feelings and try to show them in ways other than bondage. In the five days that had passed since their mother’d left on business, it had gone surprisingly well. While Cal still did tie Sam up, they’d done several sisterly activities. Cal had seemingly lost all of her perverted nature… mostly.

Sam did like this side of her. It was safer, someone she’d actually want to spend time with. Yet, gizli çekim porno an odd feeling occurred to her. Even in their bondage, Sam’s feelings had changed. Before, she’d felt nervous, terrified even, but after Cal’d opened up, she felt… not really safe persay, but more comfortable, less fearful or not fearful at all.

“Say” Cal interrupted her thoughts. “We should go out to eat.”

“Alright.” Sam shrugged. “I’d like that.”

“Okay.” Cal said, almost a little too excited. She picked Sam up, carrying her to her room, where she’d laid out an outfit consisting of a pair of short shorts and a tight shirt.

“Uh, how about something less revealing?” Sam asked. “And, could you please put me down?”

“Sorry.” Cal said, doing so.

“You’ve really stepped up the ‘love crazed’ mode.” Sam said.

“Well, you’re warming up to me.” Cal said, kissing her lips.

“I see.” Sam said. “Well, I will say, even if I don’t fall for you, I do love your kisses. They feel good.”

“Well, I’ll keep giving them.” Cal said. “As much as you want.”

“Well, I’ll give you credit.” Sam said. “You’re at least going about this the right way.”

“Aww, thanks, sis.” Cal said, chuckling. “Now, get dressed so we can eat.”

At the restaurant

“So, what’s it like for you to be tied up?” Cal asked.

“Bold question to ask in public.” Sam raised an eyebrow. “What makes you ask?”

“Dunno.” Cal shrugged. “I’ve been the one doing it to you with you only doing it to me like twice. I just want you to be comfortable and happy.”

“Oh god, you’re so sappy.” Sam couldn’t help the tug of a smile. “Well, before it was kinda terrifying, but since a few days ago, you’ve actually made it more… safe I guess. I dunno, it’s not scary anymore.”

“Okay.” Cal said, suddenly seeming nervous. “So, uh, can I sleep in your bed tonight? Or, do you want to sleep in mine or… something?”

“Afraid of the glory hole secrets dark?” Sam smirked, knowing the real answer.

“No.” Cal said. “I, uh, want to, uh, cuddle.”

“Alright.” Sam shrugged. “But, no naked cuddling… we’re not at that level yet.”

“Okay.” Cal nodded. Sam noted how surprisingly well she was taking this, even going so far as to ask permission to do certain things.

“Can I, uh, also shower with you?” Cal asked.

“Uh, that’s a bit of a step up.” Sam said, blushing at being asked such a question. “We’ll come back to that… maybe. Let’s stick with cuddling.”

“Alright.” Cal said. “But, I call big spoon.”

“Uh, I guess.” Sam shrugged. “I guess we can try.”

“Alright.” Cal grinned. “I’m definitely game.”

That night

“This is actually pretty nice.” Sam was curled up in Cal’s embrace, the older of them smirking.

“I know.” Cal held her close, inhaling the scent of strawberries once again. “It’s so nice to be doing this. I’ve fantasized about it for years, but I never thought I’d actually get to hold you like this.”

“Well, I don’t mind this.” Sam said. “I could get used to this. Even if we don’t get together romantically, I won’t say no if you want to cuddle every once in a while.”

“Okay.” Cal said, the two soon falling asleep…

The next morning

“How DARE you corrupt my pure daughter?! I come home early to see you two and this is what I come home too!?” the mother of the two sisters yelled at them, startling them awake. She grabbed Cal by her collar, dragging her out. “I’ll teach you to seduce your sister, you freak!”

“M-mom!?” Sam asked, looking down the hall to see their mother drag Cal down the hall, the older sister looking absolutely terrified as the door was slammed and Sam could hear what sounded like punches being thrown.

Soon after, their mother emerged.

“I have solved that problem.” She said. grup sex “Samantha, dear, I’m going to get something to eat. I will be back in a few hours. Your sister will never bother you again.”

Sam waited for her to leave, walking over to Cal’s room, several worrying thoughts entering her head. Inside the room, she saw a familiar scene: Cal sobbing on her bed, though this time, she looked more roughed up.

“Cal?” Sam asked, sitting on the bed.

“Go away.” Cal sobbed. “She’s right, I am a freak.”

“No, you’re not.” Sam said, putting a hand on her shoulder, actually feeling tears come to her own eyes.

“I’m a freak for even thinking you would love me like that.” Cal sobbed, looking up at Sam. “I can tell, you don’t love me like I love you. It’s useless for me to try.”

“Cal, listen.” Sam said, sighing as she held her sister in a hug, running her fingers through her hair. “No, I don’t love you that way, but we’re still sisters and I love you like a sister. That will never change, no matter what.”

“R-really?” Cal sobbed.

“Really.” Sam said, steeling herself to say the words she knew would define the rest of her days. “And, no matter what, I will be by your side forever. I promise.”

“Y-you do?” Cal asked, hope coming into her eyes.

“I do.” Sam nodded, determined. “I want you to be happy and to see you smile. I have seen your genuine smile and I don’t want that to fade. I love you, Cal. You’re my sister.”

“B-but, mom said—” Cal started.

“We can move out.” Sam said. “Carol has this apartment me and her were going to use when I went to college. Maybe she’ll let you use it too.”

“I-I’d like that.” Cal sniffled, holding Sam and simply resting in her arms. “You should go to college while we’re there.”

“What?” Sam asked.

“You want to be a writer, don’t you?” Cal asked.

“Oh my god.” Sam said, shocked. “I can’t believe you remembered that. I said that years ago.”

“I never forgot.” Cal said. “Maybe someday you could write books and I could illustrate them?”

“Well, let’s move out then and start a career together.” Sam said, smiling at her sister.

“Alright!” Cal hugged Sam tighter.

Their story still isn’t over.

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