Sister’s Dream Ch. 02

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Dear Readers,

After long time I wrote this 2nd part of my favorite story, which you people also like very much! I suggest that you read 1st Part of this story first and then read this 2nd Part to get continuity and to enjoy it fully. Thanks!


Last Para from Part 1…

“Oh brother! You are so sweet! I’m glad that I made you happy. Today you have given me so much joy and some how I’m making it up with that. Take your time and satisfy your curiosity. You can watch my nakedness freely now.”

Saying my sister got relaxed. She kept her one hand above her head and spread her legs little bit making room between her thighs. She was closing her eyes and her face became red, may be due to excitement or embarrassment. Her nipple became more erect now. Areola around nipple became hard. Her breast was moving up and down as she was breathing heavily.

Her flat stomach was beautiful with deep navel. As I looked between her open legs, I became very hard! She had black hair just above her pussy. From where I was, I could see her pussy slit with her clit protruding out little bit. Her thighs were full. Her long slender legs were sexy.

My sister was looking Goddess, Laying naked there! I don’t know how long I was watching her up and down and drinking her nakedness with my eyes.



“So Brother, when will you finish your observation?” My sister asked since there was no any movement from me long time.

“I don’t know…” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean I’m not getting enough of your nakedness, sister… I wish I can watch you like this forever…”

“Hmmm… If you watch me like this forever… will you afford the rent of this hotel room forever?” She said mischievously.

“Oh Sister… Don’t take my line practically. See the meaning behind that…”

“My dear Brother… I had enough of your meaning. I’m getting cold because of A.C.’s cool air…”

“Oh sorry, sister… I didn’t realize that. I’ll better switch off that A.C.!”

After I jumped from bed, went to switch board and switched off the air condition of the room. After I came to bed again and lay down left side of my naked sister. After leaning to my right side holding my head on my hand, I started watching my Sister’s face. She realized that I’m sleeping her left side. She slowely opened her eyes and looked at me. I smile back at her mischievously! She quickly shut her eyes with shame. I leaned forward and murmured slowly in her ear,

“Oh sister, can I kiss your lips?”

“What??” She almost shouted!

“Please, sister… only once…”

“Hey… you said you want see me naked. You never said anything about kissing?”

“Yap… but now I feel like kissing you, sister! Please allow me…”

“Are you mad, brother? Sometimes you feel like seeing me naked, sometimes you feel like kissing me… what’s this??”

“But that’s what I feel, sister… I can’t help it!”

“Why? Why you feel like kissing me??”

“Because… seeing you naked make me… make me hot! I’m getting excited!!”

“Excited?? Seeing your own sister??”

“Yes… And why not, sister? You’re so beautiful and sexy! Even though I’m your brother, I’m a Man… Seeing beauty like this I’m excited. Even you’re also excited!”

“Who me?? Why do you think that I’m also excited?”

“Oh come on, sister… I know that… I can make out that…”

“Make out from what? What you know? How can you say that??”

“I have seen your that Panty… ‘That’ place it was wet…”

“Panty?… wet?… where? What are you talking about, brother??”

“Oh come on, sister… I know that when woman get excited, she gets dripping down there…”

“You filthy boy… who told you that??”

“I read in the book…”

“Which book?”

“Sex education related book…”

“You dirty boy… you reading dirty books like that? That’s what you studied in the college?”

“Hey, sister… I didn’t read this type of books in the college. Just recently I read it. I’m getting older now… so reading this type of book I’m getting some knowledge.”

“What else you learned from that book?”

“I learned that when woman get excited, their vagina get wet and started dripping white fluid.”

“That’s not true, brother… this white fluid all the time coming out from our pus… vagina… that doesn’t mean we get excited…”

“Ok, agreed! But just some time before you’ve taken bath and make yourself dry. When I saw first time your panties ‘that’ part it was not wet. But when I removed your panty it was wet at that spot. That means when I was removing your cloths and making you naked you got excited with that… am I right?”

“What logic, brother… I must salute you…” my Sister said laughingly.

“But tell me frankly, sister… don’t you got excited?”

“Well… I got little bit… after all I’m also woman so will get little excited…”

“Exactly! The way you got little excited same way I also got excited… and that’s why I feel like kissing you… So please sister… czech couples porno Let me kiss you once… quickly… only once…”

“What’s this, brother? You’re demanding more and more…”

“Oh sister… it’s only one kiss… you’re not going to loose anything against that… by this time I could have finish it.”

“All right… you can kiss me once… but quick kiss hmmm…” finally my sister got agreed!

“Oh thanks sister! Really thanks you very much!!”

“First kiss me… then say thanks…” She said mischievously.

After that she closed her eyes and lay their quietly. I got very excited now. I dreamed about having various types of sexual relations with my sister thousand times. But now I’m going to do one thing with her practically in reality. I leaned forward. My lips were just inches away from her luscious lips. She realized my breathing air next to her lips. I’m not sure but she must have moved her lips upwards to receive my lips.

Leaning forwards I touched my lips to her full lips! As if like electric current passed through my body I shivered! Automatically I started pressing my lips to her lips and started kissing her passionately…

For few moments my sister was quiet. But as I started pressing more on her lips she started responding. Few more moment I just kept kissing her lips and then parted my lips. I took out me tongue and touched her lips. I guess it was unexpected to her as I realized she got bit shivered with that. I kept pressing my lips on her and started licking her lips with my tongue slowly. Initially she kept quiet and didn’t do anything. But as I started getting bolder she started parting her lips. At last my sister parted her lips and with her tongue touched my lips

Yes! Finally I broke my sister’s resistance! Because of the excitement she forced to open her mouth and touched my lip with her tongue. I also touched again her lips with my tongue and she didn’t close her lips. Taking it as signal I inserted my tongue in her lips. For a second I saw resistance from her. But next moment I saw her relaxing. She even touched her tongue to my tongue. And then I started playing with my tongue to her tongue.

I kept pressure of my lips to her. We brother-sister were kissing like that first time. We’re kissing like we born for this kissing session. My sister was responding to my kissing in deferent daze. We were kissing like lovers at that moment. I don’t want to stop it but some how I have to end this to keep my word. If I don’t keep my word and don’t stop then she’ll not allow me to do anything further. So reluctantly I moved my lips from her luscious lips.

My sister was still in deferent daze as she was still keeping her eyes closed. I was watching her lovely face. After two minutes she opened her eyes. When she realized that I was watching her face she got flushed.

“Now at least I should say thanks to you, sister… Please accept it!” I said to her for that she just smiled and nodded her head.

“So… how you felt that, sister?” I asked curiously.

“Should I tell you truth or lie?” she said mischievously.

“Whatever you feel is right…”

“OK… then I’ll tell you truth! Initially I was feeling ashamed… But after sometimes I got carried away. You really kissed me very nicely! My dear Brother… I’m your sister but even I got melted with your kiss… if you wouldn’t have moved your lips, I don’t know what would have happened after that…”

“Oh really? Then let me kiss you again like that, sister… then we’ll come to know what would have happened after that…” I said to her winking.

“Don’t be so naughty, Brother… and tell me one thing… you said you’ll take quick kiss… then why have you taken so long? I mean kissed me so long…”

“Hey come on sister… I also got carried away… once I started kissing you I lost myself in your luscious lips. And you also were responding me nicely…”

“Off course I would respond… why did you slide your tongue in my mouth? Where you learned all this technique? You must have learned if from that dirty book I guess…”

“Oh come on, sister… that was not dirty books… It was book of sex Education…”

“Hmmm… Sex education… And what you learned from that book? What knowledge you got from that book?”

“Many things… How to excite the woman… What you have to do to make woman more excited… how they get satisfied… etc.”

“Hmmm… I see… that means you know all of this…?”

“Off course… should I tell you?”

“No no… I don’t want to increase my knowledge…” she said laughingly.

“Increase??… you’re saying as if you have some knowledge already…”

“What? What did you say, brother?? Do you think you’re ‘Vatsayan’ or what? for your information… I’m married woman Mister! now only you’re getting matured and you talking as if like you’re very experienced guy…”

“Hey sister… I agreed you’re married woman… But that doesn’t mean you know everything about sex…”

“Is it? You think so??… Then tell me now… what sex knowledge czech estrogenolit porno you have, which I don’t know… I’ll shed my dignity and listen to you shamefully…”

“Ok… If that’s what you insist then I’ll sure teach you one or two things about sex, which you don’t know…”

I said and looked at my sister proudly. She was just smiling mischievously. Sure she wasn’t feeling shy or ashamed asking me that…

“Ok… now you have to answer me honestly… Tell me… do you know how woman get satisfy thoroughly in the sex?” I asked her.

“No, I don’t know!” She replied quickly.

“I said answer honestly… not jokingly…”

“Yes… I’m answering honestly… not joking!” she said shyly.

“Oh come on, sister… you don’t know how woman get satisfy??” I asked disbelief.

“I told you honestly… now if you want to believe then believe it. Or leave it and close this subject!”

“Ok… I accept that! even if you know or don’t know I’ll tell you now… and one more thing… I may use some dirty words, which you would feel inappropriate. But I have to… without those words I cannot explain you…”

“Ok ok… I don’t mind… you start telling me…”

“Good… now… do you know woman’s vagina has one small part called ‘Clitoris’? Just above the Vagina… like knob…”

“Is these words are dirty? Who’ll say these are inappropriate words??” saying that my sister started laughing loudly.

“Don’t laugh, sister… I’m telling you seriously…”

“Ok ok… go ahead…”

“so this clitoris gets rubbed while having sex… woman get excited more and more… she get pleasure out of it… and finally reach to the highest excitement level and get climax after that… that’s how she get satisfaction with sex!’

“You’re lying… It’s not the truth! That’s not the fact… woman doesn’t get any pleasure with sex act… she get only pain… trouble…”

“See… that means you don’t know this… otherwise you wouldn’t have said this…”

“May be… I don’t know that…”

“Sister, really you don’t know this? You never had pleasure like this??” I asked surprisingly.

“No! Never… I don’t believe what you said…” she said frankly.

“Oh Sister… How can I convince you? Ok… If you don’t believe then I’ll show you that practically!” I said and got up. Then started going towards her legs.

“WHAT??” Sister shouted surprisingly, “Brother, What are you doing?? You’re getting out of hand… come here… Stop! why are you sitting in my legs? Leave me… Don’t hold my legs… What you doing?? Why are you spreading my legs?? sheee!! Why you putting your mouth there?? aahhh… please Brother… Stop that! what’s this disgusting thing you’re doing? I’m your Sister for God sake! Leave me… Leave from my legs… Please…”

I ignored completely what my Sister was saying and went straight to her legs. I spread her legs and leaning down directly put my mouth on her pussy lips!! Wow… I was kissing my Sisters pussy!! The very same pussy I dreamed many nights. I was holding her legs spread and kissing her pussy. She tried to free her legs from my grip but I was strong. She tried to take away my mouth from her pussy but he was weak. So I kept kissing her pussy and she was like helpless there…

I first licked her pussy slit from top to bottom and above. Then on top of her pussy lips protruding out was her clit, which I started licking with my tongue. She was begging me to stop, she was trying to take way my mouth by holding my hairs but I was not moving my mouth from her sweet pussy. When she realized that she cannot take my mouth off from her pussy she sat quietly like helpless. After that I started licking her clit and pussy more eagerly and with more interest.

For some time my Sister just sat quietly not responding anything. But as I was licking her pussy with more intensely finally she started responding to my licking. And why not? After all when women’s clitoris gets rubbed or licked sure she would get excited. I knew that with practical experience. I tried that on my college girlfriend many times and given them sexual pleasure by sucking, licking there pussy and clit. Whatever my sister said I can realize that she’s not experienced this pleasure from her husband. My Jiju might have not licked my sister pussy. Off course! One cannot expect this type of sexual act from conservative guy like him. I was sure he might have not even asked my sister to lick his lund (dick). Well! I was about to find out that in few minutes…

I hold my sister’s erected clit in my lips and started licking it with my tongue. While doing that I was pressing my lips to her pussy lips so that her clit would get good pressure and massage. Now excited with this licking my sister started moaning lightly. She was whispering in between like “Oh brother, don’t do this to me… Leave me… why are you doing this… It’s not good brother… to lick sister like this… leave me…” But she was not attempting to stop me or take way my mouth from her pussy. I knew that she would czech first video porno not oppose me doing anything because she was now sexually got excited. Her inner most sexual urge got released and she cannot control it.

Slowly my sister started moving her waist with excitement. She started moaning and humming bit loudly. I looked up to her face while sucking her clit. Her eyes were shut and she was moving her head here and there uncomfortably. May be she was trying to control her sexual urge but was unable to hold it. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me down. I can see pure sexual desire in my sister’s eyes! Her eyes were half closed as if like she’s drunken. One moment she looked at me and she cried out loudly. Holding my hairs firmly she pressed my mouth on her pussy and started humping raising her waist desperately, as if like she was fucking with me pushing from down.

My sister was doing that with full force and because of that I was not able to keep my mouth on her pussy firmly. I was barely able to keep my mouth on her pussy and was able to lick her clit properly. Her force was so strong that I could feel her bone above pussy was poking me making me uncomfortable. My mouth was on her clit so my chin was pressing and brushing to her pussy clit. Her pussy was licking with her pussy juice and my chin was getting wet with her juice.

She started moaning more loudly. Her humping got increased with more force and push. Some strange sound and words started coming out from her mouth. “ohhhh… yahhh… uhhhh… aaaiii…. bro…th…or…” saying that she shouted lastly. She kept pressing my mouth on her pussy for few moments not moving or doing anything. After that she started calm down slowly reducing her movement. Finally she let go my hair and lay back tiredly.

My sister came forcefully and had nice orgasm! It was from me, her brother! I was feeling as if like I have done something great! I was still licking her pussy lightly and observing her condition. She was getting calm and was recovering from her fantastic sexual experience. She was feeling tired and her body was sweaty with this wonderful sexual encounter. After when her orgasm subsided she tried to push away my mouth from her pussy. Lastly I ran my tongue on her pussy slit for last time and raised my head. Her pussy was dripping her juice and some of it was there on my tongue. I was feeling very content by drinking my sister’s pussy juice. Lovingly I licked my lips and sour her pussy juice from it.

I got up and lay back again beside my sister. I was looking at her face and then was looking her naked body up and down. From top angle I can she her naked body looks deferent. Her face was first as if like she’s tired but then slowly its got changed and it became very fresh. I watching her face very closely and was seeing the changes.

After few more minutes my sister opened her eyes. We looked each other. She smiled sheepishly and I also laughed mischievously.

“How you felt, sister?” I asked her.

“Very nice!” she said shyly.

“You ever got pleasure like this??” I asked.

“Never! It was very deferent! very Nice!…” she admitted frankly.

“Jiju never gave you this type of pleasure? He never done this to you the way I did??”

“Naa… He never did! You may not know this…”

“And you, sister? You ever know about this?”

“Well… I only heard some times that people take oral satisfaction.”

“If you heard then you never feel like telling Jiju to do it?”

Some times I used to feel… But I knew he would like it. So I never asked him.”

“Means you were wishing he would do something like that but your wish was not fulfilling, right?”

“Kind of…” my sister admitted.

“That means your wish became true now… One of your dreams has fulfilled now!” I said laughingly.

“Yes, it did! And I’m satisfied fully! Where you learned all this? You’re like ‘Chupa Rustam’ hmm…”

“Well… from where else I can learn? From that sex education book only! I was only having ‘reading’ knowledge but now I got ‘practical’ knowledge also…” I said laughingly.

“What else you learned from that book, brother? Sister asked jokingly.

“Well… I learned many things… If you willing to give me practical experience then I’ll happily tell you everything…” I said to my sister winking my one eye.

“No! Absolutely not, brother… I’ll not do anything. We already crossed boundary of our relation. Now we cannot go any further. I’ll not allow you to do anything.”

“Tell me, sister… the pleasure I gave you, the pleasure you got from me… Have you ever got it from Jiju??” I asked here.

“No, never… but still…”

“This is what, sister… This is what lacking in your married life.”

“What do you mean??” she asked with big question mark on her face.

“Means Jiju is very conservative so he may not know how to give full satisfaction or to get satisfaction in sexual life. He doesn’t know how to enjoy sexual life. That’s the reason after one kid he lost his interest in you. He might be thinking after giving you one son his duty as a husband got finish. But it’s not like that. Marriage Life is not just earning money, giving shelter, food, cloths, jewelry etc. he should keep you sexually also satisfied. That’s also his duty. He’s not performing that duty that’s why you’re always unhappy, sister!”

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