Slave for Autumn

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By the time Zeke turned eighteen he was already addicted to porn and older women. There was just something about the way an older woman owned her sexuality that made Zeke realize that they were better than girls his own age. He was a virgin, so it wasn’t like he really knew from firsthand experience. He was just certain about it, somehow. He knew what he was attracted to. He stroked his cock daily to images and videos of older women with full hips and breasts. He liked the wisdom in their eyes and the way they moved with confidence. He found their beauty to be the sexiest in the world, except whenever he mentioned this to any of his friends, they chastised him.

“You definitely have issues, Zeke,” his friend, Raleigh commented whenever Zeke made a comment about an older woman being hot. “You’re a virgin! Why don’t you start with someone your own age, buddy?”

“I don’t want a girl my age. I want an older woman.”

“Is there a particular woman you have in mind?” Raleigh asked with amusement. He somehow thought he was better than Zeke because he lost his virginity when they were sixteen and he hadn’t stopped fucking since then. Women loved tall, black men like Raleigh and they passed over scrawny white boys like Zeke without giving him a second thought. Raleigh had probably fucked a hundred women by that point. Zeke felt some jealousy about this. He wished that he was the kind of guy women found attractive but he knew that he was just the nerdy guy who never knew what to say to women. He hadn’t been able to close one deal when it came to sex.

“No, I don’t really have any particular woman in mind,” Zeke lied. He knew exactly who he wanted to fuck. In fact, it had become a bit of an obsession. His mind flashed back to the last time that he had seen Autumn naked. He had been spying on her as she showered. She liked to spend the last part of her shower fucking herself and Zeke loved to watch her writhe and moan as she laid back in the bathtub portion of the shower with her pussy aimed upward toward the running faucet.

The first time Zeke had seen Autumn let the faucet spray her pussy he had been shocked. Zeke had never seen a woman masturbate in this way and he was curious. His cock was rock hard and he stroked it as he watched her, becoming more and more addicted to her big, MILF tits and her curvy hips. He loved the way her body had matured and he longed to sink his cock into her older holes for his first time. There was only one problem. Autumn was his stepmother, married to his father. Zeke didn’t want to fuck her behind his father’s back, but his strong desire to feel her pussy on his cock seemed to erase all of his morals, leaving only his firm desire for her.

“Maybe you’re gay!” Raleigh laughed at Zeke. “I think by now you should at least have a target.”

“A target?” Zeke asked, playing stupid.

“Yeah, you know, a pussy you want to hit right in the bullseye.”

“There are women I want to fuck!” Zeke argued. “I’m not gay.”

“If you say so!”

Zeke didn’t feel the need to prove himself further. He went on with his thoughts about Autumn. He had found out that she was much sluttier than he had originally thought. He had been afraid to approach her because he didn’t want to encourage her to cheat. It turned out that Autumn was cheating on his father all the time and the more he spied on her, the more of a slut Zeke realized that she was.

Zeke knew she waited for both his father and him to leave for work and school. Zeke was taking three classes at the community college and he always made a production of leaving and saying goodbye to Autumn so that she would feel safe doing what she was going to do. Instead of driving to class, he drove his car down the street and parked it. He walked back toward his own house, keying in through the garage and silently slipping into the house where he could watch the best show of his life.

It seemed like Autumn had a different guy every time Zeke stayed to watch her. Sometimes she would fuck herself with a dildo first while she waited for her guy to arrive. Zeke enjoyed the way she fucked herself when she thought no one was watching. She used long, slow strokes, her long, dark hair falling in a pool behind her as she dipped her head back and let out a long, sultry moan of pleasure. Her hand expertly plunged the dildo into her pussy and then pulled it back out at a rapid pace; in and out, in and out. Zeke stroked his cock as he crouched in the adjacent bathroom behind the shower. He had a direct line of vision to the bed as long as the door was open. He listened to the sounds she made when she came, moans followed by rapid screams. She was so sexy.

So far, he’d seen her fuck almost twenty different men. He kept track of each one by writing an entry in his journal. He probably had a better idea of how many men Autumn had fucked than she did. He didn’t mind that she was a slut. There was something sexy about the insatiable sex drive that Autumn student sex parties porno possessed. Zeke was certain his father had no idea what a slut Autumn was and he was also certain that Autumn thought that she was getting away with it. Zeke had no plans to tell his father or anyone else about what was happening. He enjoyed watching his stepmom far too much to do anything that would jeopardize his ability to continue watching her fuck other guys and herself. Zeke came so hard just watching her.

“Zeke! Buddy! You okay?”

Zeke looked up and saw that he was still in the kitchen with Raleigh. They had been talking about sex when he zoned out on thoughts of his stepmom.

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m good.”

“You sure? You look tired.”

“I am tired but don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It’s almost time for me to go to class,” Zeke looked at the clock and reached for his backpack, which was sitting on a nearby chair.

“I’ll walk out with you,” Raleigh offered.

“Autumn! I’m leaving for school!” Zeke screamed loudly down the hall to Autumn’s office where she worked from home. He wanted to make sure that she knew he was gone so she would fuck herself or maybe fuck one of the guys she invited over.

“Okay, have fun!” she called.

“I’ll catch you later, man,” Raleigh turned to Zeke and they did a handshake they had made up when they were freshmen in high school. They’d been doing it ever since.

“Later.” Zeke waited for Raleigh to get in his car and leave. He got in his own car and drove it down the street. He left his backpack in the passenger seat. He’d missed a lot of school and in the back of his mind he was a bit worried that it was going to catch up with him, but he couldn’t resist going back to check on Autumn. She was such a horny creature and he knew that she wouldn’t disappoint. She was always doing something sexual when she thought both he and his dad were gone.

Zeke was shocked to see Raleigh’s car back in the driveway. He must have forgotten something and Zeke was actually a bit nervous, wondering if Raleigh showing back up would change Autumn’s plans. He thought of the curves of her body, her ample ass and her generous thighs. He liked the way she was shaped, not too skinny. He liked that she had full breasts and a sexy tummy. She was the epitome of beauty and he couldn’t wait to see her naked again. He keyed in through the garage and made his way slowly and silently to the back of the house.

He could already hear Autumn screaming and he liked the way she sounded. He could tell that she was being fucked by someone and his stomach dropped to his feet when he realized who it must be. It couldn’t be Raleigh. He wouldn’t do that, would he? Zeke moved more quickly, his heart pounding rapidly as his mind twisted around the fact that his best friend was probably fucking his stepmom. He hoped he was wrong but he knew in his heart that he wasn’t.

He went through the den to the bathroom that was also connected to the master bedroom. He hid behind the hamper and shower, trying his best to get a good angle where he could see what was going on. He craned his neck and instantly knew that it was Raleigh. His tattoo of a shark on his left shoulder blade was visible as he hammered Autumn hard and fast. Feelings of jealousy shot through Zeke. He almost cried out when he realized that he wasn’t supposed to be there. He shoved his left hand into his mouth to muffle any sound that might escape as he processed what was happening. A small tear dropped from his right eye and slid down his cheek where it gathered into a heavy drop hanging from his chin before falling to the floor.

His anger began to build as the pain wormed its way through his heart, eating holes in it like worms in a rotting apple. His eyes narrowed to slits as the slapping sounds of Raleigh’s balls hitting Autumn’s ass rang out through the empty house.

“Take my dick, you slut! You like this, don’t you? You like getting fucked by your son’s best friend, you twisted MILF!”

“Call me a MILF again!” Autumn screamed.

“You fucking MILF!” Raleigh gripped her hair and pulled it hard. Zeke had never seen Raleigh in action and honestly, he was impressed. He forgot all about his anger as he realized that his best friend was actually the best fuck he’d seen with Autumn. She was screaming, gasping for air as she came on Raleigh’s cock.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed as Raleigh let go of her hair and let her fall face-first onto the bed. He shoved her head down into the comforter and then slapped the shit out of her ass cheeks as he continued to hammer her pussy with deep, rapid thrusts. His dark skin contrasted nicely with Autumn’s snow-white skin. Her dark hair was a tangled mess from the fuck and that was what did it for Zeke. He discreetly pulled his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it as he watched his best friend destroy the one woman he wanted to lose his virginity to.

“How submissive cuckolds porno about some anal, you slutty MILF?” Raleigh asked, but he wasn’t really asking. Before Autumn could say a thing, his cock was pushing into her tight, little asshole. This was a new thing! Autumn hadn’t allowed any of the other guys to fuck her in the ass, not that any of those pussies had asked. Raleigh was a real man and Zeke was actually kind of proud of him in a weird way. He knew he should probably be madder, but his horniness seemed to override any of the negative feelings that he should be feeling.

Autumn howled as Raleigh forced his big, black cock into her tight, little asshole. She continued to scream as Raleigh had his way with her asshole, fucking her harder than he had fucked her pussy. Zeke was so hard for her now. He just wanted to fuck! It wasn’t fair that Raleigh had fucked a hundred women including Autumn and Zeke hadn’t even gotten his dick wet yet. Why did he have to be such a wimp that girls weren’t into fucking? Why couldn’t one girl just be interested enough to give her pussy to him?

Raleigh was using his stepmother now, pulling his cock from her ass and then going right back to her pussy. He alternated fucking her ass and pussy, pumping a few strokes in one hole before moving back to the other. Autumn was letting it happen, allowing Raleigh to completely manhandle her and control her.

“You’re just a fuck toy to me. That’s it. You may be my friend’s mom, but you’re my fuck toy. Do you hear me?”

“Yes! I’m your fuck toy!” Autumn agreed just before she came. Raleigh was in her pussy, pounding her hard. He reached up and slapped the back of her head and that’s when she lost complete control of herself. She was cumming too hard to control the words coming out of her mouth. She screamed a string of obscenities as she tried her best to absorb the pounding she was taking. Raleigh’s cock was big, black, and relentless. Autumn looked like she might pass out.

Zeke couldn’t believe how much bigger Raleigh’s cock was than his. He must have had ten inches and it was really thick. Zeke’s cock was just a tiny nub compared to Raleigh’s and now Zeke was feeling some jealousy and a bit of shame. He had a realization that Autumn wasn’t going to want to fuck his tiny dick after she had fucked a cock like Raleigh’s. Zeke hung his head, looking down at his cock as he jacked himself off. The sounds of his stepmother getting railed by his best friend filled his senses and he knew that he was going to cum. He just didn’t know that it was going to be the best orgasm of his young life.

“I’m going to cum!” Raleigh screamed. “I’m dumping it right in your bare pussy, you fucking MILF!”

“Cum in my pussy! Cum in my pussy!” Autumn begged for it.

Zeke tried so hard not to scream, but the orgasm engulfed all of his senses until he let out a loud series of moans that corresponded with each shot of cum that he emptied all over himself and the bathroom floor. He instantly knew that he had made a mistake that couldn’t be undone. He raised his head to see that Autumn and Raleigh had stopped fucking. Autumn was grabbing her robe and Raleigh had a look on his face that Zeke couldn’t quite read. He hung his head.

“Zeke, I’m so sorry,” Raleigh rushed into the bathroom to apologize.

“Don’t -” Zeke held up a hand.

“Zeke! Get in here right now. I want to have a talk with you.”

“No, I’m not going in there.”

“Get your ass in here or I’m telling your father that you were in here watching me masturbate almost every day this month. I’ll tell him you haven’t been going to school. Is that what you want?” Autumn threatened.

“You knew I was in here watching you?” Zeke was actually embarrassed.

“I think it’s time for me to go,” Raleigh tried his best to make his way out of the situation.

“Oh no! You’re a part of this. Both of you, sit on the bed. Now.” The boys moved to the bed and sat awkwardly. “Take your clothes all the way off. Both of you!”

“Autumn! I’m not taking my clothes off,” Zeke tried to defy her.

“I said take them off or I call your dad right now.”

“Go ahead! I’ll just tell him what a whore you are.”

“He already knows, dumbshit. We have a special kind of relationship called a cuckold. Do you know what that is?”

“No,” Zeke said honestly.

“He likes it when I fuck other men and tell him all about it. Your father has a small dick, just like you.” Autumn actually laughed and pointed at Zeke’s cock. Zeke let her words register.

“Hey! That’s not nice!” he screamed.

“Raleigh, take out your dick and show him what a real dick looks like.” Raleigh shrugged and pulled his semi-hard cock from his pants.

“Let’s see your dick next to his,” Autumn ordered Zeke.

“Fine.” Zeke pulled his cock out and knew that it looked tiny compared to Raleigh’s. He was embarrassed at its size but also taboo heat porno at how hard he was. Why was Autumn ordering him around making his cock so hard?

“His cock is even bigger than yours when it’s not hard!” Autumn laughed. “But don’t worry, Zeke. I have a special job for you. Why don’t you get on your knees right here and lick Raleigh’s cum from my pussy?

“No! That’s gross as fuck!” Zeke screamed.

“If it’s so gross then why is your dick so hard? Come on, now.” She grabbed him by the dick as Raleigh looked on. She pushed Zeke down to her pussy and she commanded him to lick.

Zeke hesitated but she didn’t let him think about it too hard. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her pussy until his whole face was in the mess that Raleigh had made in her pussy. He had never known what cum tasted like, or pussy either. The mixture of their tastes was lost on him since he had nothing to compare it to. He did as Autumn asked, finally getting his wish to do something sexual with his stepmother.

“Lick it all up. Clean it up so I can take some more of Raliegh’s dick. Only big dicks get to fuck me and sorry Zeke, you’re just like your father, a cuck.”

“Damn!” Raleigh exclaimed.

“That’s good. Now sit right there and wait,” Autumn pointed to a spot on the bed and Zeke moved to it. “You can jack off, but don’t you cum. I know you’re still a virgin. How would you like to blow your first load in my pussy, Zeke?”

“I would love that!” His eyes grew large as Raleigh mounted her. He winked at Zeke as he slipped into his stepmom, this time with her on her back and Raleigh on top. His cock was so big that it stretched her pussy to its limits. Zeke stroked his cock, careful to obey Autumn’s wishes.

“Fuck me harder, Raliegh!” she barked out orders, making Raleigh turn her this way and that. Raleigh let her take control of the situation, not that she would have allowed it to be any other way. She reached over and grabbed Zeke’s balls.

“Don’t you fucking cum, Zeke. You want to fuck my pussy, don’t you?”


“Good, then you have to wait for Raleigh to cum first. You only get my holes if they’re full of someone else’s cum, Zeke. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mom. I understand.” He had never called her Mom before but it felt right and she didn’t correct him. She came hard instead, her pussy clamping down on Raleigh’s cock until he couldn’t take it anymore. He came hard, nutting up inside of Autumn with full force. It took everything inside of Zeke to not cum but the promise of fucking in Autumn’s pussy kept him going and he was able to hold it back.

“Thank you, Raleigh. You can watch while Zeke loses his virginity if you like. Come on over Zeke. Let’s try missionary for the first time. You get on top,” she explained as if Zeke didn’t know what missionary position was. He climbed between his stepmom’s legs and he pressed his cock against the wetness of her pussy. The cum was leaking from her but it didn’t disturb Zeke. He couldn’t wait to feel her juicy, cum-filled hole. He couldn’t wait to lose his virginity.

“Fuck me already with that tiny dick, Zeke!” she goaded him.

“Take my dick, Mom!” he screamed at her as he pushed his dick inside of her. It was squishy and juicy inside of her pussy. It wasn’t exactly tight but it hugged his dick enough to make him worry about cumming instantly. He paused, trying to give his cock a moment.

“Come on, Zeke. Give mommy some dick!” she hissed at him, her eyes narrowed. He could see the evil in her eyes and he realized that this was what he had found so attractive in her. She was a bully and she was enjoying ordering him around. He was enjoying it too. He lifted his head and met Raleigh’s eyes.

“Cum in her, man! Cum in your slutty mom!” Raleigh encouraged his best friend.

“I’m going to cum in you, Mom! I’m going to-” Zeke let go. It felt like the world was spinning as he came inside of his first pussy. Each squirt was a testament to their perversion. His cum mingled with what was left of Raleigh’s and when he was finished he looked down at his stepmom in disgust. She was a filthy whore.

He pulled his cock from her and he was about to leave the room when she spoke again.

“Zeke, where do you think you’re going? I need you to clean my pussy! You make a mess, you clean it up!”

“I have to go to school,” he challenged her.

“I’ll just call your dad then, and tell him what you did.”

“I’ll clean your pussy, then.” He retreated back to the space between her thighs and his tongue filled her cunt. He lapped up the cum with disgust at first. By the time he was almost finished, he was greedily licking every last drop.

“I think it’s time for me to go,” Raleigh began to gather his clothes.

“I thought you were a real man,” Autumn said with disappointment. “He’s cleaning my pussy so it’s ready for you. Are you already out of cum?”

“I guess I can stay awhile…”

“Of course, you can. We have three more hours before Zeke’s father comes home. Let’s put a load in my ass this time. Zeke will love that won’t you Zeke?”

Zeke would have answered but he was still busy eating what was left of the cum out Autumn’s pussy. He knew that later, his journal was going to get one hell of an entry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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