Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 02

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With the twins off playing in the high school, Class L softball championship and Dad on business travel for another couple days, Mom and I enjoyed each other over and over again. My fake sleepwalking ploy had gone awry when Mom became suspicious and laid a trap that I fell into. I figured I was in very deep trouble when Mom tripped me up but she kept right on sucking my cock. She confessed that she had always had a fantasy about she and I together and here was her opportunity. I was in heaven, enjoying sex with the woman who had always been my sexual fantasy and masturbation goddess. We had sex in every conceivable form and I learned that Dad was not inclined to provide a couple sexual duties that Mom was missing and I figured I could be a routine sex partner for Mom to satisfy those needs when the opportunity arose. With everyone else in the house on travel, the opportunity was now and we took full advantage.

The twins would be home tomorrow afternoon and Dad would be home the day after that. Mom and I had spent last night together in sex and sleep and then showered together this morning. We made no plans for today. Things would happen as they happened.

I sat naked at the kitchen bar, slowly jerking off as I watched Mom work around in the kitchen. She was naked too and she knew what I was doing. She wasn’t concerned in the slightest that I would cum and she’d lose an opportunity. It wouldn’t take any effort on her part to get my cock right back up again. Just seeing her incredible naked body kept me in full bloom.

We ate breakfast side-by-side at the bar. Mom ate her cereal with her right hand and took over on my cock with her left. She had set up her cell phone on video and propped it in an open cupboard so it was at eye level and videoed us eating breakfast. She was really videoing whether or not a person standing in the kitchen would be able to tell if she was jerking me off. While she ate, she tried out different techniques trying to avoid movement of her upper arm, which would be clearly visible to the camera and any person standing in the kitchen. At the time I didn’t know what her thinking was and she didn’t share it with me. She was jerking me off and that was all I cared about.

I was getting closer to blowing my load and Mom grinned over at me as her eyes went wide like she had just thought of something. She said, “I have to find out if the camera would see me on my knees.” She dropped her spoon into the empty cereal bowl and slid off her stool to her knees. She pushed herself up against the bar and guided my cock to her lips. My spoon went clattering across the bar to the kitchen floor. My hands gripped the edge of the countertop. I groaned hard as she bobbed around on my glans and then just inhaled my cock. She hit her gag point and pulled back and placed her hand around the shaft like a marker and she gave me an incredible blowjob. I launched my load with her lips locked on my glans and she swallowed several times before I finished.

Mom pulled off my cock and grabbed her stool to pull herself back up. She looked at me with lust in her green eyes and opened her lips to show me her pearly, white prize. She pushed the cum out onto her lips and then sucked it back in. ‘Fuck, she is sexy,’ I thought. She stuck out her tongue that she had formed into a bowl to show me again and some of it rolled off her tongue and down to her chin. She pulled her tongue back and started giggling. Then she started coughing and she was forced to swallow her prize. Once her mouth and throat was clear, she started laughing again.

Mom cleared the bar and put our bowls and spoons in the dishwasher. She collected her cell phone and leaned back against the sink and played her video. I could clearly see that Mom’s pussy was sopping wet and some of her juices were drooling down her inner thighs. Her nipples were incredibly hard and my cock was on the rise again.

She intently watched the video. She didn’t appear to realize that she was off-handedly commenting on what she was seeing, “Nope. To obvious. That won’t work… Nope, but better… Nope, worse.” Then her eyes brightened with a grin and she said, “Yes. That works.” She pulled her eyes from the screen and said, “Perfect.” Then she went back to her video. Several seconds later she said, “Fuck. Yes. Now if you could just appear nonchalant while I suck your cock under the bar, no one would know.” She grinned at me. I grinned back suddenly realizing what all this was for.

We spent the day together in the backyard. We started out with bathing suits but they were quickly discarded. I fucked Mom’s ass in the hot tub with her kneeling on one of the seats with her tits laying on the top edge. I had a good grip on her hips and she was fingering her pussy the whole time. She had a vaginal orgasm and I kept right on pounding my cock hard in her ass as water sloshed hard against the walls of the hot tub and splashed high in the air. She stuffed a towel in her mouth to stifle her screams. türbanlı porno I quickly learned what screams were in pain or passion.

Mom had a second vaginal orgasm and I was getting close even though I was concentrating on anything but what I was doing. Again, she knew I was about to blow before I did and she looked back over her shoulder at me and pulled her towel from her teeth and groaned out, “Oh God. Yes Baby. Give it to me, hard. I want your cum in my ass.”

I began pistoning my cock as hard and as deep as I could as I could feel pressure building. Mom had to grip the edge of the hot tub with both hands after shoving the towel back in her mouth to muffle her screams. We had no close neighbors so she wasn’t giving us away.

As cum boiled up my shaft, I gritted my teeth as my body went rigid. Cum exploded into Mom’s bowels and Mom’s screams jumped up another octave. My heart felt like it was in my throat and pounding a million-miles-an-hour. My groan, through gritted teeth, continued unabated until I finished and Mom’s screams through the towel did the same.

Neither of us could get our breath. I folded down on Mom’s back and pushed my hands under her tits. She lifted her torso to accommodate me. Folded together like that, I kissed her ear and neck and she pulled her head to the side to give me more access. She groaned from that contact and said, “Sweetie, that drives me nuts.” I kissed her there again and she rolled her face against my forehead and groaned again. I now knew where her go-button was.

When I pulled my semi-hard dick out of her ass, she dropped her hips under the water and turned toward me. She said, “Don’t sit down.” She dipped the towel that she’d pushed into her mouth into the hot water and rang it out. Then she looked me in the eye as she washed my dick off with the towel. When she was finished and removed the towel, my cock was in full bloom again. Mom grinned at me and I returned one to her. I shrugged my shoulders indicating that I had no control over what that appendage was doing. She giggled and bent forward and kissed my glans and then pushed her lips down over it and flicked her tongue around the ridge several times and then spent more time on the underside bundle of nerves at the base of my glans. I knew about the particular sensitivity at that spot but I had never experienced the incredible sensation of a tongue working on it like that.

Mom pulled back and grinned up at me. She said, “Feel Good?” I grinned and nodded. She said, “Your father likes that too.” I’d have preferred it if Mom didn’t keep commenting on what Dad liked or disliked. He was ‘out-of-sight and out-of-mind’. But it was information that may or may not be useful in the future.

I helped Mom out of the hot tub. We were both overheated from the water and the sex. Mom seemed a little woozy and her face was flushed bright red. I got behind her and guided her hips toward the walk-in stairs of the pool. We needed to cool down some. I watched her ass sway as she walked. It was intoxicating.

In the pool, Mom swam up to me and threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself against me. She wrapped her legs around the small of my back, pulled herself tight and kissed me. She had that look again. She dropped one arm from my neck and her hand went between us to my dick. It was flaccid when she gripped it but it didn’t stay that way for long. She grinned at me as she felt my dick respond to her hand-shake hand job. I kissed her and then said, “Jesus Mom. I hope I can keep up with you.”

Mom continued jacking on my cock as she kissed me and said, “Sweetie, you’re doing fine. Better than fine. I absolutely love your cock.” I smiled and groaned and she giggled and released my cock so I wouldn’t cum in the pool.

We both crawled up on floats that had blown against the side of the pool at the deep-end. She was on her back and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. Her nipples were erect and I couldn’t tell if she was still aroused or they were reacting to the cold water. I was on my back too and my cock was at full staff, moving everywhere like a sail-less mast in high seas. Mom had closed her eyes and she was lightly ‘poofing’, which I had learned was her version of snoring. It was difficult, but I kept my hands off my cock and behind my head.

A cool breeze came up and I was chilled. I slid off the float and slowly walked to the stairs. I sat on the edge with my feet dangling in the water and watched Mom’s naked body on her float. She must have been in a dream as she muttered, “Suck my clit, Baby.” Her hand went to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and then her fingers walked down to her sex. She gave a long groan. I could only imagine what she was dreaming and I was pretty sure I was part of it. Then she muttered, “Come down here and suck Mommy’s nipple.” Her other hand moved to her right breast and tweaked her nipple and then rolled her index finger around and around it.

I was getting türk porno very aroused as I planned on satisfying what ever was going on in her dream. Mom pushed her hips upward in a sexual offering and blew my mind when she muttered, “Yes. Julie. Oh my God. That’s wonderful. June, baby. Suck mommy’s titties.

I expected that my cock would collapse but it got harder as I imagined Mom’s dream. She was having sex with my twin sisters and I wished I was there with them. I grabbed my cock and started jerking myself off, but then a plan formed in my mind and I let it go.

I stepped down into the water again and waded to Mom’s float. She was lifting and dropping her hips as her index finger slowly teased her clitoris. I didn’t want to wake her from her dream but I wanted to, in real-life, take the places of Julie and June in her dream. I pulled Mom’s float in to shallower water so I could bend over her and tongue fuck her pussy like I imagined Julie was doing in her dream. I pushed her float up against the side of the pool so it wouldn’t drift away and I very lightly fondled Mom’s tits and nipples to see if she would suddenly come awake. She didn’t. She just moaned and said, “Oh yes. June baby. That’s nice.”

I bent over and kissed her pussy before pushing my tongue slowly into her pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips. She muttered, “Oh my God, Julie. Yes. That’s perfect.” I pushed my tongue inside as far as I could and then pulled out and slowly flicked my tongue from her anus to her clitoris and back again. She moaned and pushed her hips upward again. Her skin on the vinyl float made a loud screeching noise whenever she moved. I was sure that would wake her up. If she did wake up, she would find me tongue fucking her and that would be fine. I was positive that she would never admit that in her dream, it was Julie eating her out or June on her tits and that would be fine too.

She didn’t wake up at all. I drove her to an orgasm in the dream and sucked her nipples until she recovered, all still in her dream. At least I assumed it was all in her dream. She settled down and started ‘poofing’ again. I smiled to myself as I dunked my head underwater to wash her juices from my face. I let her float drift away and I returned to my perch on the edge of the pool by the stairs.

Mom slept another half-hour and came awake with a start. She looked all around like she didn’t know where she was. She spotted me sitting on the edge of the pool and she settled back down. She gave me a half-hearted smile and then pushed her right hand down to her sex. She grinned as she pulled her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked each one inside. She repeated the action twice more and then paddled the float over to me. In an accusatory tone, she said, “Did you give me an orgasm. I had one in a dream. I’m soaking wet and it’s not water. Was that you?”

I lied and said, “No Mom. You must have had an orgasm in your dream. That happens to me occasionally. You know; wet-dreams.” Mom smiled and dipped her fingers back inside her pussy and guided her wet fingers to her lips. I was amazed that Mom hadn’t woken during her orgasm, but I figured it had something to do with her sleepwalking affliction which she apparently still didn’t know she had.

I helped her out of the float and she quickly washed her pussy in the pool before walking up the stairs. She took my hand and led me to the lounge chairs and lined them up side-by-side. The sun was hot and the goose-bumps on her entire body quickly dissipated. I watched her as she turned her head toward me and stared down at my flaccid cock. She looked back up at my face and gave that sultry look of hers. That look of pure lust got me going again. I could almost read her mind. As my cock rolled off my left thigh to my hip and then crawled up on my stomach, Mom’s gaze moved to my eyes. She grinned and licked her lips and returned her attention to my cock as it lifted an inch off my stomach. She licked her lips again and then sucked her lower lip between her teeth and bit down gently. My cock was now bouncing up two or three inches and then slapping back down on my stomach only to rise again.

Mom was starting to breath heavily again. I could tell my pulsing cock was getting her aroused again. She was insatiable and my job was to remedy that condition. I flexed my cock hard and it jumped and bobbed above my stomach. Mom’s eyes flashed back up to mine. I grinned at her and she said, “You’re evil. You know that, right? Teasing your mother like that. Shame on you.” She grinned and pulled herself out of her chair and knelt on the grass beside my chair with her face inches from my bouncing cock.

She didn’t touch it with her hands. She bent closer and flicked her tongue over my glans without touching it with her lips. It bounced away from her but quickly returned and she sucked the knob onto her lips. She looked up at me and smiled again and said, “Definitely. You are definitely evil.” I grinned down at her türkçe alt yazı porno but didn’t say a word and when she forced her lips down my shaft, my hips involuntarily lurched upward as my torso launched back into the chair.

I mumbled, “Jesus Mom. Are you sure you’re not the evil one?” With pure lust in her eyes, she nodded with my cock deep in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she maintained her position three-quarters of the way down. She swiveled herself around so she could watch my facial contortions. I was glad she hadn’t thought to video record them because I was sure they were very amusing.

Mom kept her tongue going on my shaft while she fondled my balls in both hands. I became aware that she could get me off by just doing the tongue thing. She hadn’t moved her mouth since she started but her tongue was amazing.

It wasn’t very long before I could feel that pressure building in my balls again. They were beginning to hurt a little as they struggled to keep up with Mom’s near constant demand for my cum. Mom grinned around my cock and resumed her tongue action. I groaned hard and lifted my hips preparing to blow my load in Mom’s mouth when she pulled back and then off my cock just as the first powerful salvo launched. Mom took the first few shots in the face before aiming my cock down to finish the rest of them on her tits. It was an incredibly erotic sight.

She was covered. Until then, I hadn’t realized how much cum I actually expended when I came. It was a lot. Mom ran her fingers through the cum on her cheeks, along her nose and across her forehead into her hair. She used her index finger to scoop cum from her right eye. She was grinning broadly as she scooped up cum and pushed it into her mouth. She didn’t even get half of it. I just watched as she looked down at her tits and hoisted them up to her lips and sucked cum off her nipples. She giggled and said, “What a mess. You bad boy.” She grinned and so did I.

Mom returned to her lounge chair and laid back in it. She made no further attempt to clean cum off her face and chest. She let it dry right where it was. I got up and went to the pool house and got a towel and laid it on the bottom of her chair. She looked at the towel but ignored it and closed her eyes, luxuriating in the warm sun.

I guess we both must have dozed off for a while because when I opened my eyes my face was in shadows from the trees around the house. I touched Mom on her arm and she came awake. Again, she seemed to not know where she was and she looked around. She picked up the towel and got out of her chair heading for the hot tub. She dipped the towel into the hot water and used the towel to scrub the crusty cum from her face and chest. I came over and took the towel from her and finished the task. She stretched up and pressed her body against mine and kissed me. She headed through the three-season room into the house and I followed far enough back so I could lust after her perfect ass as it swayed left and right. She knew what I was doing and she accentuated her ass’ motion with model-styled cross-over steps through the family room, hall and up the stairs. On the stairs, she looked back at me and said, “Come-on bad boy.” I smiled and reached out to goose her ass and she squealed and scurried forward to get away from my hand.

We went directly to her bedroom and got in her bed. We didn’t leave until the next morning, except to relieve our bladders. We didn’t stop for dinner or anything. The more Mom got, the more she wanted. There was no limit for her. I discovered that I had a limit and my balls told me that my limit was coming up soon.

After leaving the pool area and chasing her up the stairs and into bed, I felt confident enough to initiate slow, passionate love to Mom. She had been doing all the work so far. She was on her back with her knees over my shoulders as I ate out her pussy. Her face went from looking down to watch me to looking up at the ceiling as she screeched in delight. She had taken my head in her hands and guided me where she wanted me. I was thankful because I was just winging it. She didn’t object to anything I did but she had her preferences and I paid close attention to them.

I used my tongue, lips and fingers in no particular order and Mom had several orgasms before she said, “Enough. Give me your cock.” I came up on my knees and moved into a position to push my cock into Mom’s pussy. She kept her ankles over my shoulders and my positioning lifted her hips off the bed and her pussy right to my cock. I pushed my velvet knob to her labia and used my hands to run my cock through her sex to spread her outer lips. Mom’s facial expression changed from a smile to a cringe as my cock brushed over her clitoris. Air exploded from her lungs as she mumbled, “Oh my God, Baby. Fuck me now.”

I pushed my knob inside and stopped. Mom groaned from the initial penetration. She used her legs to pull her sex up my shaft to try to get more cock inside. She was wild-eyed and frantic and I teased her by resisting her efforts. She whimpered, “Please Dex.” I leaned forward and kissed her and she grabbed my lower lip with her teeth. I knew she wouldn’t release me until I gave her what she wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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