Sleepwalking Son

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Lea was a wanted woman. At work, with her friends or with family. Lea was popular for very many reasons. She was a hard working woman, really knew how to have a good time and she was a wonderful cook as well as a remarkable hostess. She was charming, always smiling even when life was tough and she usually attracted people from the moment they met. The fact that both her parents were born in Venezuela, which made her pretty exotic here in her almost racially uniform town, only added to her appeal.

She was also very popular with men, of course. That Venezuelan face, skin tone, eyes and body type would have made her popular just by itself. Lea was a beautiful, warm and even now at almost forty, she still exuded an air of sensuality whether she wanted to or not. In fact, when she was young, she even posed for a few nude modelling websites.

That meant that Lea, while very beautiful in a classical way, was also blessed with a remarkable body. First off, she was naturally curvy. Very much so. During her early teens she’d had to buy bras every damned season because her cup size would go up so damned fast. Soon after that, she’d had to find jeans that would accommodate her hips and rounded thighs that were not designed for fat women. Lea wasn’t fat. In fact, her waistline was only 22 inches. It’s just that her breasts and hips seem to have forgotten that she was tiny! Lea was in fact pretty short, standing at a hair under five feet tall, and that small stature made her curves look even more pronounced.

Most of the time, Lea took all of this in stride and managed to handle all that attention, sexual or otherwise, with ease. She wasn’t even aware that this easy only added to her appeal! She had grown used to men vying for her attention, especially now that it was common knowledge that she was single. She wasn’t ready for a new man in her life, but it was reassuring to know that once she was ready, she could have her pick!

But sometimes Lea wished she could simply blend in the crowd. Sometimes, alone at night while eating ice cream on the couch, she considered what it would take for that to happen. First, she’d have to become a lazy ungrateful bitch. Second, she’d probably have to shave her head clean, given that her long blue-black hair was one of her most stunning assets. Third, probably a double mastectomy to get rid of those two large breasts that even a turtleneck couldn’t disguise. And fourth she’d also have to stop from ever bending down because one couldn’t really get rid of one’s ass!

Back when she was at college, her ass had caused an accident! Really! She had been wearing yoga pants with a tank top, something she didn’t dare do these days. Not because it wouldn’t look good, but because she was now fully aware of the consequences. After getting out of the library, she had dropped a book and innocently bent down to pick it up. Two guys, who happened to pass by on their bikes at that exact moment, both crashed because they had been distracted. One of them had even needed stitches!

In any case, the only place she could be truly relaxed and at ease was at home. Which was, all thing considered, very well. She now lived alone with her son ever since his father left them more than a year ago. When Lea learned that he had been having regular affairs for the previous three years, the hot blood in her vein had exploded and she had kicked him out of their house. She now received a nice check every month in the mail, and made of point of spending it on frivolous things.

Like lingerie. Lea liked lingerie a lot. And given her unique figure, she usually needed to buy high end bras. Now she could. Her lingerie drawer was now filled with works of art from Empreinte, Chantelle, Simone Perele, Anya Lust, Prima Donna, Aubade and Lise Charmel. She even had a set of made to measure, ridiculously expensive Christina Aielli! She still couldn’t believe you could spend close to a thousand dollar on a set on lingerie. But damn! The first man she’ll show this to was going to melt!

The only thing she was happy about that separation was that her son Gabriel had been almost a man when it happened. If it had happened back when he was twelve, it could have been disastrous. But he was 18 now and seemed alright with it. Maybe still bitter, maybe still angry, but his world hadn’t crumbled to dust. He had begun to take on responsibilities as the man of the house, which was good.

Sitting in her couch very late a Tuesday night, Lea knew that everything wasn’t all fine with Gabriel. His frustration and anger with his father was perfectly understandable, but she feared that it had had an effect on his own romantic life. Four months after the separation, Gabriel broke things off with his own girlfriend and had been single since. “Then again,” Lea thought, “so have I. Is he stil single because I am?” She didn’t know. Maybe she should accept one of the regular invitations she received?

Just vivid porno after she turned the TV off, she heard Gabriel walking upstairs. Then climbing down the stairs. When he turned the corner Lea stood up, puzzled by this late night appearance. Gabriel usually slept like a damned log! She walked up to him and asked him what was wrong, but got no answer. His eyes were opened, but he was staring past her. She looked behind her, saw nothing, and frowned. Was he sleepwalking?

Lea smiled, remembering that Gabriel had done a lot of that between the ages of ten and thirteen. It had vanished as suddenly as it had appeared, but her doctor had told her that it was very normal. “Just don’t wake him up unless he’s getting into serious danger!” he had said, looking very serious. “It could mess him up.” Lea had missed the irony and had returned home convinced that this myth was real. And so for those three or four years, she had never woken him up.

She was smiling now, standing in front of him and looking up at him. He mumbled something incomprehensible, then opened his arm to take her into a hug. A big, long and hard hug. Lea squeezed him right back, more than happy to share that hug. It had been a long while since their last one, with Gabriel now too old for them. Her head pressed against his chest, Lea grinned as her son held her tight.

About two very long and sweet minutes later, she felt him relaxing his hold and she knew it was over. But to her surprise, before he pulled away, Gabriel reached down and grabbed one of her buttocks with his large hand and gave it a good squeeze. Lea clamped her mouth shut so that she wouldn’t laugh out loud and was laughing quietly as she looked at him going back up the stairs to his room.

The facts that her shirt didn’t reach her ass, nor that her small panties had barely covered her full, rounded buttocks didn’t really matter to her. After all, Gabriel had never attempted anything like that before and he was clearly sleeping. Lea went to bed herself a few minutes later and she fell asleep smiling as she though about the hug.

After briefly thinking about it the following morning when he ambled into the kitchen, half awake, Lea forgot about that sleepwalking incident. She went about her day and for the first time in a long while, she looked at her male coworkers differently. “Maybe it was time to open up again?” she wondered. The few emails she received from her male friends were also read with a slightly different attitude. Lea had a good idea of who, among all the guys she knew, was interested by her. What she didn’t always know was who wanted more than just a night of fun with her.

Not that she was opposed to such a night, of course. Lea was very open-minded about sex and even though she didn’t like to think about it now, she and her ex-husband had done some pretty wild stuff early in their relationship. They had done a few threesomes with another girl and even one with another guy, had gone to swingers clubs, adult hotels in Mexico where they’d had sex on the beach with people watching them… Oh Lea wasn’t shy or prude in anyway. Come to think of it, maybe a few nights of carnal pleasure would do her good!

Then again, she wasn’t twenty anymore and knew that the stakes were different now. She would have to be careful who she chose to do this with. Enjoying this new outlook, Lea spent every free moment of her day thinking about who she would let into her life. Or at least her bed.

Back home, she was in a great mood and Gabriel noticed. She was evasive when he asked her why. While they had a very open relationship, this was not really his concern. Gabriel didn’t push. Maybe he was aware that she had stayed out of his own love life? Lea prided herself with the fact that she hadn’t ever asked probing mom-questions about his love or sex life. He was pretty open about it, which was good, but she didn’t push him.

Later that night she was sitting on the couch with her laptop in her usual nighttime clothes: a stretchy top and a pair of panties. Nothing else. Lea looked at the “romantic” emails she had received over the last few months. She tried to decide which one she would reply to. Well, she had already replied to all of them, politely saying that she wasn’t interested, but now, just maybe, she would reply something else. Not tonight, but soon. Lea was smiling and rubbing her hands together when she heard Gabriel moving about again.

She sighed and smiled, but decided to remain on the couch this time. A minute later she saw him come to the living room, the same dazed look in his eyes. “Hello Gabriel.” she whispered. A indeterminate sound was his only reply. When he sat next to her on the couch, she placed her laptop on the console table. Just in time too, because Gabriel didn’t want to sit. Instead, he lay down o the couch, his head on her lap.

Again, much like yesterday, Lea smiled and enjoyed the intimate moment. She placed her hand on his woodman casting porno head and caressed his face and hair. When Gabriel placed his own hand on her thigh and caressed it, she thought nothing of it. Not because she was innocent, but because she understood that it was a more primal facet of his personality that was in control now.

Nevertheless, his head was resting, essentially, on her panties. Between his cheek and her pussy was only a very thin piece of fabric. Lea wondered if she should start to wear pyjamas now. Or at least a long shirt. The tank top was very comfortable, but it made for somewhat of a strange situation right now. Still, she didn’t really mind. When Gabriel had been younger, they had slept together in the same bed while his father was away (she now knew where, the bastard!). And that intimacy had never led to anything untoward.

And so Lea spent the next fifteen minutes caressing her son’s head and shoulder and arm while he did the same on her two thighs. By the time he got up, she was feeling really well. The faint stirrings of desire that she had felt when his hand had crept higher didn’t bother her much. He was a young man in the prime of his sexual life, and knew it had nothing to do with her as his mother, but only with her as a sexy woman. The proof? He had never done or said anything remotely sexual to her. Ever. Not even accidental brushes of her ass like some of Lea’s friends’ sons did with them. He was just an 18 year old male with his head resting on her pair of soft womanly thighs. Was he even aware that his ear was pressed against her bush? Lea didn’t know.

For the next week, nothing happened during the late evenings. No more sleepwalking. Lea was, she had to admit, a little disappointed. While it was certainly strange, she had really liked those two intimate moments with her son. She was sure that if she hugged him like he had the first time, wearing nothing but a small shirt and panties, Gabriel would cringe! And if she invited him to lay his head on her naked thighs, with his ear on her panties, he would run away screaming! She felt a bit strange about the sensuous element to those contacts, but not all that much. Lea thought that most Americans were overly sensitive about so many things related to sex…

Late one night on her couch after that week without sleepwalking, Lea strained her ears, hoping to hear him. Nothing. In the darkness she sighed and thought back on that second incident and remembered how good his hand had felt on her thighs. Gods she wished she had a man in her life right now! Almost accidentally, her fingers slipped on those same thighs and went up to her panties. Lea smiled and thought “Maybe I could relieve some of that tension before going to bed?”

Sliding her fingers over her panties, she pressed harder on her lips before letting her fingertips push directly against her clit. “Oh yes…” she thought as she then stretched, her arms above her head and her legs straight. After settling back down she placed one hand back against her pussy and the other began caressing her thigh. Lea closed her eyes and grinned, knowing that it wouldn’t take her long. In her mind’s eye she saw a man’s powerful hand replacing hers and Leas moaned softly. She could feel that her pussy was already completely flooded.

It was now time to slip those fingers under her panties, and then… oh yeah, just like that, inside her pussy. In her fantasy, she could see that strong man’ hand moving ever higher on her thigh before reaching her pussy. Then Gabriel’s fingers finally— “What?” Lea laughed on the couch. “Not Gabriel! How did this faceless man turn into Gabriel?”

Lea resumed her masturbation without thinking about her son. When her entire body arched in delight a few minutes later, her mouth wide open in a silent scream, she was stunned to see, in her imagination, her son’s face between her round thighs, eating her pussy like a pro! After the spasms of pleasure passed minutes later, Lea stood up, shook her head and went up to her room. “I was not thinking about him!” she thought to herself, then sighed. “Ok, maybe a little bit!” she added, a smile on her lips. “Naughty mommy!”

Five days later, just before she was about to go to bed around midnight, Lea was beginning to accept that it was not going to happen again. Gabriel’s super intimate sleepwalking episode was over. She couldn’t deny that she was disappointed. She missed being able to hug him, to lay her head against him while watching a movie, to hold his hand when they walked together or even to sleep together… Gabriel wasn’t interested in any of that anymore. Even two weeks ago, between the two sleepwalking episodes, he hadn’t been any more intimate with her during the day.

Lea sighed, resigned to accept it without even being able to talk to him about it. And then she heard him get up. She froze, smiling, hoping to hear him… and yes, he was up! This time she was waiting türkçe alt yazı porno for him at the base of the stairs… and yes he was sleepwalking! He grabbed her in a big hug, a tender hug that lasted a long time. Prepared this time, Lea hugged him back fiercely and enjoyed every second of that hug.

She smiled into his pecs when she felt his two hands firmly and clearly grabbing her ass. For a long while! A couple of minutes later Lea was beginning to feel both embarrassed and, if not aroused, at least a lot hotter. She could feel his big hands grabbing, squeezing, spreading, kneading, massaging and exploring her ass like a lover in need. Given the fact that she was only wearing her short shirt and small panties, Gabriel’s hands were mostly on her skin! In fact, soon enough her panties had turned into a thong as his ministrations had pulled the fabric up and between her cheeks.

On the spur of the moment, she giggled and grabbed his own ass and was pleasantly surprised at the firmness of her son’s buttocks! Lea knew her son was in good shape, but damn! This was a fine ass! She was still smiling, idly enjoying the unusual moment, when Gabriel suddenly released her ass, grabbed her hips and turned her around. Before she could properly react her son’s hands, which had been on her hips, had slipped under her shirt and had moved directly onto her breasts.

They both moaned at the same time. Lea felt her shirt, pulled up with his arms, slip completely over her breasts to bunch up under her arms. When Lea felt her son’s large, powerful hands squeeze her naked breasts, expertly trapping her engorged nipples between two fingers in the process, she felt torn. So much more pleasure than a simple ass massage, yet so much more over the line.

Then again, Gabriel was most likely dreaming of some pretty girl from school, maybe one from the cheerleading team he had often talked about. Lea was convinced that in his mind he wasn’t thinking about his mother. Yet his very real hands were on her very real breasts. So as much as she enjoyed the attention and even if she would deny enjoying it to anyone who asked, she tried to pull away. Even if you consider that most Americans were rather prudish, Lea knew that mothers and sons were not supposed to do that.

Taking a deep breath, trying to ignore her inadmissible disappointment, she whispered “Isn’t it time to go to bed, Gabriel?” He mumbled something incomprehensible but didn’t stop. Both her hands were on his by now, but as he squeezed harder, Lea’s mouth fell open and one of her hands reach back to grab his head. She pulled him closer to her neck and shivered when she felt his stubby beard on her delicate skin. “Shit! This has to stop!” she thought.

She tried to pull herself away from him once again, but was met with his unyielding strength. She wanted to talk louder and wake him up, but she was still afraid of doing some irreparable damage. Waking a sleepwalker was dangerous! She tried clearing her throat a few times, moving against him or even whispering him to go to bed again a few more times. Nothing worked.

And then she felt his erection on her lower back. She gasped with the surprise and pleasure, and was glad to be so much shorter than him. If his cock had been pressed directly between her cheeks… Ok, this had to stop! She decided to talk a bit louder, but also with a tone of voice that she used when he was a child. Surprisingly, it worked! As soon as she finished talking, his body relaxed and his intensity diminished. Ten seconds later she managed to disentangle form him, pulled her top down over her breasts and grabbed his hand.

He followed her meekly up to his room and she put him to bed. In the hallway, after closing the door to his room behind her, Lea leaned against the wall and sighed. She was still shaking from the experience, mostly with pleasure, and her heart was beating fast. She could still feel his hands on her breasts and knew full well that her nipples were as hard as rocks, poking tents in her shirt. “Am I a bad mother?” she wondered. As she went to her room, jumped in her bed and removed her panties, she added “Maybe I am!” She was grinning when she felt the first tremors of pleasure rocking her body as her fingers worked their magic.

About twenty four hours later Lea had just turned off the TV and was experiencing mixed feelings. On one hand she dreaded to hear the sounds of her son sleepwalking again. She knew her resolve wasn’t all that it could be after being single for so long. Also, regardless of her opinions on prude Americans, there were some lines you should cross with your son. Lea was pretty sure that letting him maul your naked breasts was one of them.

On the other hand, she still shivered with delectation when she remembered his hands on those big breasts of hers! And how intense her climax had been mere minutes after putting him to bed. She had imagined him waking up and taking her roughly, giving her more pleasure in bed than his father ever had. Lea shook her head and sighed. Had she been a profoundly religious woman, she probably would have been disgusted with herself. Had she been a deeply religious woman, Lea might have had the willpower to prevent what was about to happen…

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