SMW – Sister Takes Over

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Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18. Any relation to real people or places are complete coincidence. This work is a total fiction which I hope you all realise since it contains femdom, incest, and lots of magic. It is also set in a universe create by Salamando Flame.


Chapter 1

David woke with a start. It took him a moment to remember what was going on before he looked down and saw a huge amount of cuts and blood all over his inflamed legs. “Shit” he muttered, it was hard enough to get to sleep with the pain so he knew he would have another bad night. He had been scratching his legs before he fell asleep so all the wounds were self-inflicted. He tried not to but the itch could sometimes drive someone crazy and the rash was all over his body too not just his legs.

“Well I won’t be getting much sleep anyway” he sighed as he took his cock in his hand and started to think about someone he shouldn’t …

Jenny couldn’t sleep either. She had gone to bed early hoping to get some rest but there was this weird noise in the back of her mind that she couldn’t block out. It was a kind of buzzing but at the same time it didn’t sound like anything she had heard before. The noise was really unique. She had been hearing it for a while but it was especially bad tonight. She sat up and tried to concentrate on where the noise was coming from. No matter how hard she tried though she couldn’t pinpoint the location. She sighed with exhaustion and just lay in bed for a while dozing. She started to think about her brother David. He had a lot of skin problems and it really broke her heart how bad he was. She would happily endure a few sleepless nights if she could help him. She closed her eyes as she started tear up a bit. He had always been there for her when she was growing up even when some of the older kids teased him for playing with a little girl. He had been sick for a long time but he had really gotten worse in just the last few years. It had been especially tough though as their parents had both died in a car crash. Jenny was going through university but David had to drop out to get a job so he could support them. He used to laugh about it and joke “you were always the smart one anyway” but she knew he had preferred college. She closed her eyes and wished she could help him somehow.

Suddenly an image jumped into her mind of her in her old school uniform riding on top of her brother with his cock inside her. He was begging her to stop but she was riding him anyway while teasing his nipples with her hands. Jenny gasped with shock she had never thought of her brother sexually before but now she could feel herself wet and breathing heavily. The strange buzzing started to get louder and now she could feel something new. There was a direction associated with the noise and she knew it was coming from her brothers room. She got up and while half dressed she went out into the hall and opened the door to her brothers room. She flicked the light on and right there she could see her brother there with his cock in his hand desperately trying to masturbate with no success. He looked up at her and his cheeks went bright red with embarrassment.

“David, I think I just got my sex magic” said Jenny.

Chapter 2

“Sis, what are you doing?” David almost shouted when he saw her.

“I could ask you the same question but then I suppose I know that already” Jenny laughed.

“Could you please give me some privacy?”

“I can see you clear as day from my room especially when you are thinking about me, besides look at your legs.”

David looked down, his legs had cleared of the cuts that had been oozing blood moments ago and although the legs were still red they looked better than ever before.

David started to cry.

“Oh god are you ok” jenny stopped worried she might have gotten carried away with her excitement at helping her brother and using her powers.

“Its fine, it’s just that – that I have been in so much – pain.” Her brother was sobbing and Jenny put her arm around him and pulled him close so that his head rested on her shoulder.

“It’s ok now everything is going to be better we could never afford healthcare before but now I can heal you myself and I can start to take care of you for a change. I promise everything is going get better now.”

She held him for a while until he was finished crying and then David said thanks and that he was going to try and sleep.

“And sis could you remove that orgasm block from me please?” he said as she went to leave.

“I’m sorry but I am not sure if I can. I kinda put it on you without thinking about it so I need to figure out how to undo it. Besides I am not sure if you want to masturbate since I can’t really block out what your thinking about.”

David’s eyes widened “so you saw me thinking about -”

“Eh yeah I did” Jenny said. “I think I still have my old school uniform around somewhere I can check if it still fits me.”

“Oh no, brazzers porno please don’t do that I’m sorry. I don’t really want to-“

“Actually I think I will do that, I only healed the cuts on your legs and if I want to cure you

I am going to need a lot of energy so I think it’s for the best that I try and do everything I can to keep you hard from now on.”

“Sis maybe we should talk about this in the morning before we do anything drastic, besides I would like to sleep now.” David tried to distract her before she got anymore ideas.

“Okay but tomorrow we are going to talk I don’t want you to put up with this disease any longer than you have too.”

“Goodnight, sis.”

“Goodnight David and by the way if you want to think of me that way feel free. I am kinda flattered actually. I know some girls mind but I don’t okay.”


“Fine fine, I will talk with you tomorrow.”

As Jenny shut the door David lay down and thought about what had happened. He wanted to get better but it was so embarrassing that his sister had seen him thinking THAT about her. He had a bad feeling that this was going to be a painful recovery.

Chapter 3

David almost fell down the stairs the next day. Even though his body was better than ever he had spent the entire night with a raging erection. It was all he could do not to touch it. Despite how difficult that had been he definitely didn’t want to end up thinking about his sister again. As a result he had gotten virtually no sleep and just had to lay in bed for the entire night. He had got up early hoping that food would take his mind off sex for at least a short while but he was not prepared for what he saw at the bottom of the stairs.

“SUPRISE!, look what I was able to find in the attic.”

She had done it. Jenny was standing in her school uniform which was just a little too small for her now that she had out grown it. However this simply had the effect of making her uniform a bit too tight in all the right places. She had a white blouse on with a tie and a red school jumper. She also was wearing white Cotton socks with Mary Jane flat shoes and a grey pleated skirt. Her skirt was shorter than he remembered and he could feel his cock go from morning wood to hard as a steel rod.

Then she did a twirl in front of him.

“What do you think? Do I still look just as pretty?”

David was speechless so Jenny decided to walk up to him and give him a kiss on the check while leaning in to me. The smell of her perfume flooded his nostrils only making him even harder.

“I made some waffles if you want some for breakfast. I know they are your favourite.”

“Why are y-you up so early”? I stuttered out finally trying to fight the shock of what was happening.

“I couldn’t really sleep myself either, I just feel so full of energy right now so I decided to come up with a plan. I’ve decided that I want to help you get better as fast as possible so to do that I want to keep you aroused as much as I can all the time and that means playing out your fantasies. So I need you to embrace what turns you on and start thinking about it so I can see what you want me to do.”

“Please sis I know that you are just trying to help me but this is all happening really fast and I just need time to process this.”

“I think maybe you might be finding this difficult because you might be feeling less manly since I am the one with the power now.” Jenny continued on enthusiastically “I was reading last night on the internet that a lot of men find the adjustment really hard when a women in their life gets sex magic. They still see themselves as the protector and provider, the poor things.”

“But now I am the protector and provider. I can get a good job as a nurse healing people and more importantly I can heal you too. I just need you to open up to me about what you like and why you like it. Maybe we could start with the fantasy that you had last night about me. In it you were asking me to stop, why would you fantasise about something like that?”

David had been listening to all this stock still. He wanted to shout or say something but he was too frightened to do that. He had spent all this time thinking and fantasising and now his dreams were coming true but he wanted to be anywhere but here. His face was bright red with embarrassment but it was that last line that stung him so much. He never knew why he had these desires either and the only thing he could do was be honest.

“I don’t know sis.”

“Hmmm, well then I have an idea. I am going to have a shower and you can have your breakfast. Then I am going to ride your cock while you beg me to stop and I will see if anything comes to me.”

Then she got up gave David another kiss (a peck on the lips this time) and went upstairs for her shower. She smiled as she could feel her brothers eyes glued to her ass as she disappeared from sight.

Chapter 4

Waffles really clip4sale porno were David’s favourite food, especially for breakfast. Before their parents had died they used to have big breakfasts together on weekend mornings with waffles, bacon and scrambled egg. It was one of his fondest memories of when they were still kids. He really had to grow up when their parents died. Simple things like how to pay an electricity bill or cook a basic meal he had to learn on his own. He had had some of his most frightening moments during that time when he thought he wouldn’t be able to manage and that he would let his sister down. But that was nothing compared to now.

Now he was truly terrified.

David had no appetite. His sister was going to come downstairs and ride him in about 5 more minutes and he couldn’t eat. He also couldn’t stop thinking about how she looked in that uniform or what it might feel like to actually be inside her.

“No” he said to himself softly. He knew with his cock hard like this that his sister could see his thoughts and he didn’t want her to do this. He tried to come up with something that he could say to get her to listen to him. He should start with the fact that he was her older brother he thought. Their parents had always left him in charge when they went out together so maybe she might still listen to him. He also thought that she was moving way too fast with her powers and that she needed time to learn about them. He just needed her to figure out how to remove the orgasm block on him and then maybe when he wasn’t so frustrated he could figure out a long term plan to deal with the situation. He would need to stop thinking about his sister THAT way for a start and maybe try to stop masturbating for a while. Maybe if his sister was going to be fine on her own now he could move out maybe find a girlfriend even.

It was at that moment he stopped. He realized he couldn’t hear the shower anymore. His sister would be down in a few minutes. He tried to go over what he wanted to say again and prepare himself.

Jenny came down the stairs feeling fresh and reinvigorated. Her magic was giving her so much power that she didn’t feel tired at all even after not getting much sleep last night. So she had spent all night reading about sex magic instead. She had found out how to remove her brothers orgasm block already. She hadn’t mentioned it to him cause she sensed that he would be more excited this way. She had put her school uniform back on when she came down the stairs and she saw him open his mouth to say something but then he just stood there staring at her. It was so comical that she burst into giggles. It made her feel really good to know how sexy David thought she was. Jenny knew that some other girls would be disgusted by this situation but she wasn’t really bothered at all. She had always not cared that much for societies rules and just because David was her brother was definitely not going to stop her from having some fun. All in the name of helping her him of course.

“Why don’t you sit down on the couch so I can get on top of you”. Jenny revelled in how blunt and honest she was able to be about all this. No tip toeing around the subject. She was actually looking forward to this herself a lot.

“Wait sis, I don’t want you to do this if we could just talk about it for a sec.” David said finding his voice finally. “I – I am y-your older b-brother and-“

David stopped he could feel a phantom hand very soft and feminine but at the same time with a strong grip wrap its way around his penis and start to pull him towards the couch. Jenny walked just in front of him and he had no choice but to follow. When he came level with the couch she gave him a playful shove on the chest and he fell back. Then Jenny sat down on him in a cowgirl position ready to take his penis into her.

Now for one of the more difficult tricks she had read about online. She closed her eyes to concentrate and then-

Her brother clothes disappeared.

They weren’t gone just sitting on the table behind the couch, they were even folded perfectly. Jenny broke into a big grin. “I don’t mean to boast but I think I am a natural at this.”

“Sis I c-can’t take this I am s-so hard it really hurts. I really need to c-cum.”

“Well then it’s a good thing I have an nice and tight orgasm block on you. We don’t want this to be over too quickly” Jenny joked. Using her powers was having an intoxicating effect on her. It felt so good to be in control.

Now that her brother’s clothes were off she could see how bad her brothers skin was red and inflamed in large areas. It made her feel a tinge of sadness for him but it also strengthened her resolve to find a way to heal him.

Then she lifted herself up pulled her panties down and guided her brother’s hard cock into her pussy.

It felt AMAZING there was this incredible feeling of fullness and she was able to almost by instinct move in such a way so her brothers colette porno cock was applying pressure to all her pleasure points at the same time. She put her hands on David’s nipples and started massaging them to complete his fantasy. She could feel the lust radiating off her brother and it was the best thing she had ever felt. Better than any Jacuzzi or massage or yoga she really felt better than she had in a long time. It didn’t take long however before she brought herself to orgasm by rocking back and forth. “aaaagggghh” she moaned loudly right in her brothers ear as she came.

At first Jenny just lay resting on her brother shocked by the intensity of the orgasm she just had but then she realised that her brother was saying something.

“Please sis stop – please stop” he whispered.

Jenny felt a tinge of guilt when she heard her brother begging but she reminded herself that this was what he wanted, after all she had seen it in his head.

It was time to get down to business though, she wanted her brother healthy. Jenny looked at her brothers body she could see his body was red with his rash in loads of places his stomach all over his legs and on his back it was really bad. Jenny shut her eyes and tried thinking really hard about his skin and just wishing him to be better. She was still new at this so she didn’t really know what she was doing but that was what worked last night so she just tried that.

She closed her eyes and started thinking as hard as she could “Just get better, just get better” actually feeling quite silly.

After a few minutes though she started to feel her own hips rocking back and forth again as if of their own accord. She tried to focus on her brother but that feeling of fullness started to creep back into her thoughts and this time it started to feel even more intense. It actually was like her brothers cock was getting bigger inside her!

She open her eyes and looked at her brother. He had changed right before her eyes, he hadn’t exactly been overweight beforehand but now he was like a male model. He had an impressive six pack and his whole body was toned. Even his face looked nicer and best of all his skin was perfect without as much as a pimple or blemish in sight. Jenny was shocked by the extent of her power and the ease with which it seemed to come to her.

Jenny was so in her own world that she didn’t even realise her brother was shouting now. Her brothers voice finally broke through the haze of pleasure Jenny was experiencing.

He was screaming at the top of his lungs “PLEASE JENNY PLEASE! I NEED TO CUM ITS TOURTURE! AAGGGGHHHHH.”

The level of intensity of the experience was freaking her out and when she heard her brother screaming like that over blue balls she got scared. It was time to remove that orgasm block right now.

However what Jenny had not considered was that she still had her brothers now enlarged cock in her pussy. When the block on his orgasm was removed he erupted like a geyser and his hot cum flooded into his sister with almost enough force to lift her off him. After all the magical teasing he had experience this was no ordinary orgasm and the amount of cum he produced was of a different order of magnitude. Jenny screamed with shock and pleasure as she struggled not to fall off her brother and onto the floor. She griped him tightly and clung on as his cum continued to pump into her. Even after the flow slowed down she stayed on him and only when he started to go soft in her did they both realize that it was finally over.

“Well that was one hell of a first time, thanks big bro.”

David tried to say something then just fainted instead.

Chapter 5

Jenny talking on the phone while her brother was recovering. He had been out for hours so she decided to magically float him up to his bedroom and tuck him in. She was starting to feel very protective of her brother on top of everything he was her first patient after all and she could see in his head that he hadn’t been with any girls before, even girls without sex magic. She had really taken him from 0 to 100 so she decided to call the hospital. They had never been able to afford treatment at the private hospital with any of the sex magic nurses but they had been there for checkups so the nurses knew the extent of his condition.

“Are you sure he is going to be alright now. I could bring him in to the hospital if you just want to double check.”

“From the sound of it he should be fine just a bit of a shock to the system really but he will get over it. I am more interested in how quickly you seem to have picked up your powers. You said that you have had them for one day now.”

“Its actually been less than 24 hours. I first used magic last night when I accidently blocked my brother.”

“And you say that he is completely healed now.”

“Yep, his rash is totally gone.”

“And you changed his body too making his cock bigger, giving him a better facial structure, a six pack etc.”

“Yep yep, it’s so exciting getting these powers and then being good with them too.”

“Would you like to come in tomorrow for testing we have a program for talented young women who show a great aptitude for healing. It sounds like you might be an archmage class or even a megami.”

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