Snowed In

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The Great Storm of 1993 was the winter that changed my life. For three days snow covered our house. My parents were having a second honeymoon in Hawaii, since my twin sister Alexis and I were 18 they left us home alone. Which would have been great if we hadn’t ended up snowed in with the power off.

“Your move Alexander.”

“Oh sorry sis, I was just thinking about how much fun mom and dad are having in in nice warm Hawaii.”

Alexis replied. “They really dodged a bullet going now instead of in the summer like they originally planned.”


The two of us were playing Risk for the third time that day. I so bored that was barely paying attention at that point. Alexis rolled the dice between her fingers and sighed. “Want to call it quits?”

I nodded and after we put the game away, my sister and I cuddled together on our black leather couch and soon found ourselves wrapped around in the same comfortable blanket. Alexis and I had always been very close. We both had auburn colored hair and hazel colored eyes. Her hair went down the back of her neck, while mine was shoulder length. I mean it was the 90s the last decade where a man could have long hair. When we were kids we had often switched clothes and trade places. We were able to trick our friends and family damn good. Although that ended a bit before we started puberty. We had the same tastes in food and movies, but not in TV.

That day Alexis was wearing a red sweater and blue, jeans while I wore a Stars Wars shirt and cargo pants. Alexis put her arm around my shoulders and said. “Honestly being snowed in sucks, but I’m glad it’s with you.”

“Same here.”

I brushed a loose strand of hair from Alexis’s face and kissed her forehead. I caught a look in her eyes that showed she wanted more and kissed her wonderful lips. Alexis kissed me with equal fury. The two of us had been home schooled till high school, so we had started practice kissing when were 12 so we would know what we were doing when we started dating.

At that time we were currently single. So we sneaked kisses whenever mom and dad were out. We had never gone further, but at the moment my member was starting to harden and I had to clench my hands into fists to stop myself from squeezing my sister’s ample bosom. Our kiss continue until we had to break for air.

Alexis and I cuddled on the couch some more. Then Alexis got up and stretched czech couples porno her arms. “I’m going to take a nice hot shower.”

“The shower’s not working for some reason, but I think the bath still works.”

Alexis grinned. “A bath sounds nice, remember when we use to bathe together?”

I stood up and ran my hands through my hair as I replied. “I remember we had a lot of fun. Hey how about we…”

Alexis put her hands on her hips. “How about we what?”

Trying to sound as least perverted as possible I replied. “We should take a bath together to save water.”

My sister gave me quick wink and a playful pat on the shoulder. “Race you there.”

Before I knew it the two of us were rushing upstairs like savage hounds were chasing after us. We made it to the bathroom and shared quick kiss before undressing. Now the bathtub was pink and oval shaped, it plenty of space for one person. But it would a little cramped for two people; in fact it would be almost like being in the womb.

In the blink of an eye we strip down to our underwear. The two of us took a good look at the bathroom mirror checking ourselves and each other out; I’m on the swim team at school so I don’t have any hair on me except for my head and groin. I have a good amount of muscle on me and not an inch of worthless fat.

I couldn’t believe how stunningly beautiful Alexis was. She ran track at school, so her legs were fairly large, but that complemented the rest of her body. While I wore lame white boxers, Alexis wore a leathery red bra and panties. Her figure was flawless, although I did notice that her right breast seemed larger than her left.

Alexis noticed the tent in my boxers and gave a small grin. She unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor. I stared awestricken at my sister’s glorious chest. Her right breast was fairy big while her left breast was the perfect size for my hand. Her nipples were a shiny shade of pink and I could tell that they were hard.

Alexis stroked the edge of her panties; she glanced at the now painful tent in my boxers and said. “You first.”

I nodded and sat at the rim of the bathtub and partially tore my boxers off and tossed them aside, freeing my raging hard on. My twin sister’s eyes were glued to my dick. Which I must admit is a pretty nice size when at full mast. I fought the urge to cover myself czech estrogenolit porno and put my hands on my knees. “Your turn.”

Alexis turned around, bent down, and pulled her panties down. She mooned me with her gorgeous round pale ass and then spun around. I noticed that our pubic hair was the same color and that Alexis trimmed it enough so I had a perfect view of her slit. I sat there stunned thinking about how much we had changed since we had last saw each other naked.

I smiled. “Your beautiful sis.”

Alexis kissed my forehead while tapping her fingers against my chest. “So are you bro.”

The touch of Alexis’s fingers made me realize how cold it was. So I quickly filled the tub up and got in. The water was warm and soothing; I can’t remember a time when I was so relaxed. Alexis got in after me and sat in my lap. Her smooth back was against my chest and I found my cock pressing against her rump.

I tried to reline it, but Alexis scooted backwards and started grinding her bum against my dick. “Alexis…” I grunted.

“It’s okay Alexander, mom and dad are gone and I think we have a right to enjoy ourselves, especially after your breakup with that bitch Shelly.”

“We weren’t dating for all that long…”

Suddenly my dick was trapped between my twin sister’s ass cheeks. I grabbed her breasts and gave them a good squeeze as I ran my thumbs over her nipples. Alexis moaned while I thrust my penis along her butt with everything I had. I could feel tingling in my balls; I was going to cum soon. But it wouldn’t be fair for me to cum alone.

I kept my left hand on my sister’s breast, while my right hand trailed down her abdomen all the way down to her vagina. I fingered her outer lips, while searching for that spot that I knew would make her go crazy. I found her erect clitoris and give her a few light touches which set her off. Alexis weathered in ecstasy; she moaned in joy and squeezed her butt cheeks around my dick. I hung on to Alexis’s breasts as I came; my white sticky seamen shot out of my dick and covered my sister’s ass as pure bliss coursed through me. When our respect climaxes ended, Alexis spun around and we kissed harder than ever before.

Her breasts pressed against my chest and my softening cock brushed against her pussy. Our tongues invaded each other’s and as they battled I became hard czech experiment porno again. Alexis started grinding her pussy against my cock. I cupped her rear, after groping it for a while I found the tip of my dick in Alexis’s womanhood. Our kiss ended and we looked each other in the eyes.

Alexis and I were both virgins, we had been waiting for the special person to give ourselves to. I don’t think we ever thought it would be each other. Yet it kind of made sense that after all we had shared together, we would share our first time as well. Still I asked. “Are you should about this Al?”

Alexis smiled. “We come too far to turn back now Alex. Besides we need to become one, I can’t bare you not being inside me any longer!”

I gently stroked her and said. “Alright, just promise me we’ll stop if it gets too painful for you.”

Alexis nodded and descended on my dick. Her hymen tore and the sight of her virgin blood made my heart ache. Alexis didn’t move for a while, while I rubbed her back and gave her plenty of comforting kisses. When she was ready Alexis started thrusting down, while I licked around her left nipple, before sucking on it as best I could.

While Alexis thrusted up and down like a jack hammer, I squeezed her butt as I felt her tightened around me. She was close and I wasn’t far behind. I stopped licking at her nipple and said. “Sis, I’m about to cum. I need to pull out!”

Alexis whispered in my ear. “Cum in me, please brother cum in me! Cum…”

Alexis shirked as she reached her climax, her vagina walls clenched around my member setting off my own orgasm. I shot every drop of sperm from my balls into her welcoming womb. We lost ourselves to a sea of pleasure as we came together, when it ended Alexis and I shared a loving kiss and cried tears at becoming one. I wiped the tears from her eyes and Alexis smiled and said. “I love you big brother.”

“Actually Alexis you were born eight minutes first, so you’re the elder one here. But I love you to.”

Alexis and I cleaned up in the bath and then got dressed. We make love again the next day and continued doing so until our parents got back. Afterwards we decided to end our sexual relationship no matter how much it pained us, because we knew if mom and dad found out it would destroy our family. We ended up going to different colleges and became like normal siblings. Although whenever my sister needed a shoulder to cry on I was there in a heartbeat. She died of cancer a few years ago, without her I feel like half a person. Although whenever I visit my parents, I make sure to take always take a bath there. Whenever I do that the day Alexis and I made love is crystal clear in my mind. During those few moments of clarity, I feel complete again.

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