So How Was Your Vacation? Ch. 2

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Surprisingly, I got a good nights sleep. It wasn’t that late, the booze made it easy to go under, and I slept the whole night through. I must say, the hardon I woke up with took an inordinately long time to go down so I could empty my bladder. I kept seeing Janet bump at me in the dining room, felt her tongue in my ear, and remembered her smell. And, In all candor, Tricia laying there with her pussy and tits jiggling also flitted through my mind.

So I was sitting in the dining room, sipping coffee, wondering whether to eat, when I saw Janet come hurrying in, looking around intently. When she saw me, she headed for me with fast, long steps, making the little cover up drift away, showing this white bikini underneath that made me suck in a breath. I rose to greet her, and she came around so she could press her hips against me. We kissed each other on the cheeks, but held it. She smelled great.

Then she plumped down on the chair beside mine, staring at me. “Brad, I am really sorry about last night. Maybe we should have just let Milo finish. Patricia is driving me nuts. She’s got that body to die for, teases every male she gets within a hundred yards, and freaks out at the crucial time. Christ, when I was her age…. Well. Anyway, she needs to lose her goddamn cherry, that’s what. Excuse my language, dear.” She covered my hand as she said that last, and we both started to giggle. “Remember the look on that kid’s face when you were about to belt him with the lamp? I mean, I jog every day, and he just tossed me over like I was nothing. You must think we’re nuts.”

I was vibrating with her closeness. It’s that thing. Call it love, lust, friendship, whatever. She made me laugh, she made me hard, she seemed to enjoy being with me. She was holding my eyes now, and we were both smiling, relaxed with each other, it seemed to me. I choked out, “I hope you won’t let this get in our way, Janet. I certainly won’t. The only thing I regret is not getting you to my room last night.” I leaned closer to her. “I feel something special, Janet. I do. I mean, I feel lust too. I saw that white bikini. Wow. But that’s not all, okay?”

The look on her face got softer, and I saw just a hint of doe-eyed surrender. She’s a tough, smart broad, but when I saw that look, I knew she felt it too. She leaned over and we kissed, it was a little uncomfortable. I started wiggling around so I could get at her better, but she pulled away. “Come on, darling. Get me a cup of coffee, then take me to your room. I’ll go quietly. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you have your way with me. As a matter of fact, I’ll insist.”

Fifteen minutes later, she was throwing my sliding doors wide open, letting the humid warmth of the day blow lightly through the room. “Did I tell you last night I like your cologne, Brad? I like a man who smells good. That’s not why I open the windows. We’re in paradise, after all. I like the idea of making love to you in the open, with natural air around us. Do you mind?” The nice thing about a confident, güvenilir bahis mature woman is that naturalness the best of them exude. I’ve always been a little uptight my first time with someone, but she made it relaxed, easy.

She took two steps out onto the small porch, looked around, and came back in, muttering “Shit. They can see us.” She stopped right in the doorway, and let the brightly colored long shirt cover up slide from her shoulders, one leg turned in, her eyes holding mine. She spun slowly around, then with a quick movement, unhooked the top of her suit, and let it fall.

I’ve seen my share of tits. I really have. But these were incredible. They were full, large, but not ballooned like some silicone stuffed are. They sat high on her chest, with amazingly small nipples. She slowly raised her arms over her head, a little smile on her face, showing off for me. The boobs lifted sensually as she did it, ending up looking like perfect teardrops. I started toward her. My tee shirt got lost along the way. When we embraced, the feeling of those dense but soft pillows was almost too much to take.

I whispered, “You know they’re spectacular, don’t you Janet? I knew they were big, but…..Wow. Look, we can take our time, can’t we? You don’t have to be anywhere, do you?”

I felt her breath in my ear as she answered “Well, I’ll probably get hungry by dinnertime.” Then we embraced into the most red hot, erotic, tongue filled, hip writhing kiss I’ve ever experienced. I honestly can’t say how long it lasted, but when we broke, we both were gasping. The warmth was making me perspire a bit, and there was this fit to our bodies, a comfort, a pressure in all the right places that had me tingling wildly. As we tried to get our breath back, she licked out at my face. “Mmmm, salty. You have ten hours to stop that. Uhh, wait Brad. Wait. I want to show you something.”

She plopped down on the bed, and shimmied out of the thong bottom of her suit. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a triangle that perched on top of her long slit that was puffy and gorgeous as her legs squeezed together briefly. Once the suit was off, she spread her legs rather matter-of-factly, and pulled her pussy lips apart. What she showed me was a long clitoral hood, and with an index finger she pulled it upwards, revealing a clit that was better than an inch long. “My fucking ex made fun of it, Brad. He thought it was abnormal, though the doctor disagrees. I hope it doesn’t turn you off, darling. I did some steroids a while back, when I was lifting a lot, and it grew.” The look on my face must have made it clear that I found it sexy as hell.

“Look, dear, you have to be gentle with the damn thing. I mean, it’s more sensitive than most. If you suck it and lick, I’ll just pop out of my skull. What works is just tease around, until you’re ready, then put a little pressure on, and I’m there. I don’t mind getting off several times, you know, but I thought you should know it makes me… nutty. A little different.”

I türkçe bahis pushed my suit down, letting her see how hard I was. My cock is normal length, but thicker than most. Her eyes widened when she saw it, and she licked her lips. “Christ, Brad, we’re a couple of deviants. Mmm, this is gonna be fun.” I plopped down beside her, and we started kissing and fondling, not as intensely as before, and she started caressing my tool, humming as our mouths worked together. Her hair was fanned out on the pillow, her tits hardly sagged, really unbelievable for a gal in her mid-thirties, and she slid her leg over mine and up to my hip. Pulling my dong between her thighs, she began to writhe.

I could only touch the top breast, with its stiff, taut nipple. It felt so pliable, warm, and a little damp from sweat. There was a smell starting to surround us, some of my cologne, her perfume, a musky hint of her pussy, and the earthy tropical odor of Fiji. We both lost ourselves, I think, at least I sure did, in the feeling of being locked together in an erotic bubble, rolling around slightly on the sheets that were still rumpled from the night before. I tried to get down to her other tit, but she kept herself pressed so firmly to me I couldn’t. So I started for her cunt.

Carefully avoiding her clit, I slipped a finger inside her, and twitched up where her g spot should be. She jumped, squealed, and groaned “Oh, darling that’s sensitive tooooo, ohhhhhh.” I felt her contracting on my finger, and almost a flood of lubrication. Her hips arched up, I felt the scratch of her small pubic patch on my abdomen, and her mouth became a twisting, powerful sucking machine as she gasped with her completion. She threw her head down on the pillow and it started twisting back and forth. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she started biting her lower lip, as her hips kept pulsating, moving my finger inside her without me doing anything. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

She took a couple of minutes to calm down, and I eventually took my finger out. Then she looked up at me and smiled, that kind of cocky, happy way she has. “Now that was unusual, Brad. I don’t remember ever being quite that sensitive. It’s probably you darling. See what I mean? I don’t need much preparation. I know you’d probably eat me down there, but if you did, I probably couldn’t stop cumming. Geez, this is nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this hot. You know what I want? Fuck me, Brad. Keep going, no matter what I do. I have no idea what’ll happen, I might just orgasm continuously.” She giggled. “Am I embarrassing you? Hope not. I’m having a great time.”

As I eased over between her legs, she wrapped them around my hips. I reached down and aimed the head of my tool into her wet flesh. I knew from experience I had to be a little careful at first, because I’m so thick. When I pushed gently in, her eyes widened, and in a shaky voice she muttered “Ah Brad wow, wow. That, that feels… so… SO… FUCKING GOOD.”

Her legs pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri me into her, getting me diving to full penetration, as she grunted. “God darling. Oh god.” Then we started undulating against each other. I wasn’t really thinking that clearly, but what little reason I still retained kept wondering what would happen to her. She actually lasted a couple of minutes before she began to squeal and cum again. “Ugh, yes, yes, oh damn, Brad. Ahhhhhhh.” But from then on, it was as though she never stopped. Her pussy was squeezing me, in hard, uneven, varying spasms the whole time. I like to keep myself under control, taking a long time, but it seemed pointless as she went hog wild under me, twisting and grunting, sweat rolling off her face, eyes closed, alternately grinning and almost crying.

I’ve had some good fucks in my life. Really. But never one like this. I was bucking wildly, trying to stay on top of her, gaping at her grimacing, turned on expression. You can’t keep control with a woman doing that. At least I can’t. I popped after about ten minutes, feeling as though I gave her a torrent of spunk. She wasn’t so far gone that she didn’t feel it, opened her eyes, and groaned “Oh good, darling. I need a break.”

It was so sweet, so hard, so lovely a cum. First an explosion, then the sense of mastery and triumph as she rolled with me. The lingering thrills of her cunt’s twinges, even as I softened, and she began to slow down. When I slumped onto her, trying to keep some of my weight on my elbows, the bed still bouncing slightly, she let out a long sigh. We rolled to our sides, and my cock popped out. She squeaked “Oomph, get me a towel, would you Brad dear.” When I got back from the bathroom and handed it to her, she was cupping her hand under her twat, damning up the fluid leaking out.

She grinned at me, as she soaked it up with the towel. “That’s mostly me, darling. Though you certainly were juicy, I can tell”. Once she had the worst of it, she hurried into the bathroom, I heard water running, and when she came out, she stopped at her beach bag, and sprayed some perfume on. Then, in this thoroughly nonchalant way, she leaned down and sucked my prick into her mouth. I felt her tongue licking at it, and naturally, started to harden.

When she felt that, she pulled away with a chuckle, and flopped down beside me, kissed me on the cheek, hugged to me, and said “Well, Brad, that’s my deal. I mean, I’m a hot tamale once I get going. It’s funny, I can go months, even a year once, then the minute a man turns me on, like you have almost from the get go, there I go again.” She propped herself up on her elbow, looked down at me, and asked “Does it turn you off, lover?”

I stared at her for a few moments, wondering what to say. I let my heart do it. “Janet, will you marry me?”

Her eyes softened, she leaned down and pressed her lips to mine, and answered “Sure baby. But let’s take a little while to get to know each other, okay?” She chuckled again. “Not too much time, though.” I mean, that’s the way she is. Not much shakes her.

I logged on, emailed my as yet rough draft to the office, told them I’d be off line for the rest of the day, and dived back on the bed.

To Be Continued…

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