Society Says… Ch. 04

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(Once again thanks for the positive feedback. However, I hate to give away spoilers but…those who are asking about Mom sorry, it doesn’t happen; it’s not like that. This is not a fictional story; everything you have read about “Amy” and me really happened. Sorry to disappoint you.)

While Amy was busy taking (another) shower, I threw her sheets and pillowcases in the washer and wiped down her headboard. I wonder to this day if our Mom wondered where her laundry detergent and fabric softener went. I didn’t bother with a shower; I just wiped down my nether regions with soap, warm water, and a washcloth (which I threw in the washer with the other stuff). If anyone asked, I could always use the excuse that I was working out downstairs and was just too lazy to take a shower.

At around 2:45 Amy and I put the sheets (and washcloth) in the dryer. Our parents wouldn’t get home for at least 3 more hours. This left plenty of time for some heart-to-heart conversation about what had gone on between us the last 24 hours.

“Amy, let’s not wait til tonight to talk about what’s happened. Mom and Dad won’t be home til 6; that leaves us plenty of time to talk. I mean, I’m dying to know why; I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“Okay, let’s go downstairs and sit on the couch.”

“Let’s go.”

We sat on the couch together, then she lay down and put her head in my lap. Her hair was still damp from the shower. She had on her bathrobe; I had on boxers and a wife-beater.

“Andy, what do you want to know.”

“Why? What happened in the last 24 hours? I mean, we’re brother and sister, right? We’re not supposed to be fucking each other. We are brother and sister, right?”

“Of course we are, dumbass! I barely remember it, but I remember the day they brought you home from the hospital. It’s one of my earliest memories.”

“Well, if we’re really brother and sister, then why have we been doing what we’ve been doing?”

“Well, you’re attracted to me, right? You sure seem to get hard with me pretty easily.”

“Yeah! You’re sexy as fuck! I mean, you’re better in bed than anyone I’ve ever been with! But it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re related to me.”

“True. But you don’t plan on marrying me, right? You don’t want me to have your children, do you? I figure as long as we keep this undercover and don’t let ANYONE know; that includes telling your little high-school buddies, Andy; then what’s the harm in a little sex? I mean, I know you as well as anyone and you know me as well as anyone. So the trust factor isn’t an issue.”

“But don’t you think it’s wrong? I mean, if it was so normal, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?”

“I think it’s a lot more common than you might think. One of my sorority sisters, Jamie, has been sleeping with her brother since she was 16 and he was 17. I’m the only person she’s told; she’d kill me if she found out I told you. Anyway, she’s now 22 and he’s 23, and they’re as normal and well-adjusted as anyone I know. In fact, her brother is engaged.”

“Engaged? But he’s still having sex with somebody besides his fiance!”

“Yeah, but she said something to me that makes perfect sense when you think about it. She said that there will never be a threat of him leaving his fiance for his sister, so as long as he loves her, he’ll never cheat on her with another woman.”

“Does his fiance know he sleeps with his sister?”

“Oh, yeah. He told her a couple of months after they started dating. She kind of freaked out at first, but he got Jamie to come over and talk to her. She just explained to her the situation and that she shouldn’t feel threatened by her, since he wasn’t going to leave her or anything. Oh, and before you can say anything, no they don’t have threesomes, so get your mind out of the gutter.”

“Darn. I was hoping.”

“Typical male.”

“But you still haven’t answered my question from earlier. When did you decide that you were sexually attracted to me? Why am I just now finding this out?”

“Oh, babe, I’ve thought you were hot for the longest. I mean, think about it. You’re a Virgo. I’m a Capricorn. We’re the perfect sexual match for our signs; I think you’ve figured that out too. You play sports; I play sports. We both like the same music. We never really argued or fought that much when we were kids. You know, you’re really a good-looking guy. Not supermodel hot, mind you, but those guys are way too vain for me anyway.”

“Well, thanks, I think. Yeah, you’re pretty hot, too, you know. You’re a smart-ass like me, and you’ve czech sharking porno got a good head on your shoulders, unlike a lot of girls your age. You’re right about how similar we are, though. A lot of times siblings go out of their way to be different from each other. We never did that, did we.”

“So do you have a problem with what we’re doing? If you do, we can stop and pretend like it never happened.”

“No, I don’t have a problem with it; I’m just terrified that someone will find out, especially Mom and Dad. And what if you happen to get pregnant?”

“Look, I’m not getting pregnant. The pill is 99.9% effective; if I do, then, well, I guess we’ll have to deal with that situation; but it’s not gonna happen, alright? And how would anyone find out? No one’s here watching us. Besides, the only person I might tell is Jamie, because she’s in the same boat.”

“But what’ll I tell Jenny?”

“I don’t think you’d wanna tell her; I don’t think a high-school girl could handle it. But think about it from your side; you’d be getting ass from 2 hot-ass girls, but people would only know about one.”

“But Amy, it’s so wrong.”

She looked up at me, “But it’s so right.” She then sat up and scooted over to me; we started kissing and with that my erection started up again (pun intended). I put her hand on my hard-on.

“See what you do to me, Amy?”

“I see; your dick loves me as much as I love him. But you know we can’t do anything. Mom and Dad’ll be home soon. We can’t chance it. I do have an idea how we can spend the night together, though.”

“What do you have planned, me lovely?”

“It’s a secret. You’ll find out at dinner, the same time they will.”

“I hate you.”

“I LOVE you!”

“You don’t love me, you just love my doggiestyle.”

“We haven’t tried that yet.”

For the second time that day I almost came in my pants at her suggestive talking.

Right on cue our parents came home about 6 P.M.; since they carpooled, they always arrived home together. They usually alternated cooking; Mom Monday, Dad Tuesday, etc. Tonight (Friday) was Dad’s turn; Spaghetti and meatballs (yum!).

About halfway through dinner, Amy told us her plan. “Hey, guys, um, Beth is having a party tonight, kind of a going back-to-school thing. Would it be alright if I brought Andy along? I know he’s not 21, but you always told us that we were going to drink anyway and just make sure to call you if we needed a ride home. You did that for me a couple of times, remember? Dad drove me home and Mom drove my car home. We’re probably going to stay the night at Beth’s parents’ house anyway, so that wouldn’t be an issue.”

“Where are Beth’s parents?” asked Mom.

“Hilton Head.”

“Do they know about this party?”

“Probably not.”

“I don’t know, Amy.”

“Dad, please? You know how much Mom worries. We’re not gonna drive home. We’ll crash at her house. Please?”

Dad answered, “Amy, you know Andy is only 18. What if something happened to him?”

(Meanwhile, I’m slurping spaghetti in silence)

“Like what? I told you we’re not driving.”

“What if he drank too much? What if he got sick?”

“Dad, I’m his big sister. You know I won’t let that happen.”

“Alright, but be careful. If you need anything, call us, okay?”

“Okay, Dad.” What a Daddy’s girl.

Mom said to me, “Andy, now you be careful. We’re doing this as a favor to you and your sister, okay? We trust you. Don’t dissapoint us.”

“I won’t, Mom.”

After dinner, I told our parents that Amy and I would be doing dishes as gratitude for letting us go out; Amy actually agreed with me this time. They went to the living room to watch T.V., and Amy and I retreated to the kitchen to do the dishes. I still didn’t know the full extent of her plan.

“Amy,” I said with 2 hands full of suds, “are we really going to a party at Beth’s house?”

“No, silly, her parents are home.”

“So they’re not in Hilton Head?”

“Of course not. I just told them that so they wouldn’t get suspicious of us spending the night together.”

“Yeah, how are we going to spend the night together?”

“By getting a hotel room.”


“Yes, really. You know I have to go back to Athens on Sunday, and school starts back up for you, too, so I figured this is our only chance to be alone together until then. You know very well we can’t have sex here, especially now that it’s the weekend and they’ll be home all day.”

“But I’ll czech streets porno have to pay you back the money…”

“Don’t worry about the money. I was supposed to be down in Panama City, remember? I have a couple hundred dollars that I’m not using. Besides, I’m getting more ass than if I was down there, anyway. All those frat boys get old after awhile.”

“Where did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking about down in Buckhead. The Swissotel down there is really nice; we had our prom there.”

“Isn’t that place expensive?”

“Only $75 a night. I got a deal over the phone.”

“You mean you already set it up? What if Mom and Dad had said no?”

“I would’ve just eaten the $75. Maybe go down there anyway with a couple of girlfriends and go bar-hopping. I don’t really know. Besides, I knew they’d say yes anyway.”

“So when are we leaving?”

“As soon as we’re done here. Just bring your toothbrush. We’ll just wear the same clothes tomorrow as we wore tonight, so it looks like we crashed at Beth’s house.”

“I’m gonna take a quickie shower, though. No more than 5 minutes.”

“Hurry up. I’ll finish here.”

About 8:30, we left. We said goodbye to our parents; as we were leaving Mom said, “Please be careful.” We both repiled, “We will, Mom. Bye.”

For those who don’t know, Buckhead is Atlanta’s answer to Beverly Hills; lots of $$$$, along with the city’s best restaurants, stores, and hotels. The Swissotel is smack dab in the center of it all. It’s about 15 miles from our parents’ house. We got there around 9 P.M. After the valet parked the car, Amy went inside by herself to check in; it would look suspicious for me to go with her, since I looked all of 16. After she checked in, she came back out and I then followed her in and towards the elevators. Our room; 8th floor, room 818.

This time, we were a little slower and more deliberate at first than we were earlier that afternoon. We did make out quite extensively in the elevator on the way up, but we waited unitl we got to our room to get really into it. We did take the time to turn on a few lights; being that this was a very upscale hotel, the lights had dimmers on them; very nice. Needless to say, we set the mood.

I thought I’d go the romantic route this time, so I unbuttoned her shirt for her. As I pulled it open, I noticed.

“Braless again, I see.”

“You know it.”

I pulled her shirt off, then unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her zipper. I lowered them over her hips and down her legs; when I reached her ankles, she lifted her feet so I could pull them off all the way. Then I did the usual (for us) and threw them casually on the floor. I was on my knees, and she was standing in front of me, naked except for her baby blue thong.

I thought I’d go the teasing route this time as well, so I ran my fingers underneath the waistband of her thong, slowly. It tickled her a little bit, because I could see the goosebumps forming. I leaned over and kissed her belly, just below her navel, flicking my tongue out ever so slowly.

“Oh, God, Andy, that feels so fucking good.”

I didn’t say a word; I just kissed her lower and lower until I reached the top of her thong. Then I grabbed both sides and pulled it down slowly, all the way down; she did the same thing with her ankles as she did with her pants (I tossed them aside, as well). I started kissing around her hip bones, then I ever so gently kissed and licked my way over to her pussy.

“Andy, please fuck me now! I’m going crazy here!”

“Not yet. I wanna see how many I times I can make you come. Lay down.”

So she did. I spread her legs a bit and went to work, doing my cherrio trick, pressing down on her clit, the whole nine yards. It took maybe 5 minutes before she came.

“Oh my God that was good. Stand up on the bed.”

I stood up. She sat up, got on her knees, and pulled my pants down (in 1997 guys wore baggy jeans; the were easy to pull off). My dick, always hard in her presence, stood up and saluted her. She wasted no time in going to work on me (don’t standing-up blowjobs feel good?). I loved the fact then when she was sucking me, she looked at up at me and winked. I loved the popping sound whenever she pulled her mouth back. I loved when she licked the tip. I loved when she jerked me while sucking. I loved it all.

She gave me head for a few more minutes, then pulled back. “Do me from behind. We haven’t done that yet.”

She got on her hands and knees facing the side of czech super models porno the bed. I kneeled behind her and guided my dick into her. I’m not lying when I say this girl gets wetter than anyone I have ever seen; it makes it easier to get it in. I grabbed her hips and slowly started thrusting into her.

“Hey, Amy, look. There’s a mirror over the dresser. We can see everything.”

“No shit. Why do you think I faced this way?”

“Oh my God, you fucking rule.”

“Thank you. Now shut up and fuck me.”

I picked up the pace on my thrusts, going deeper every time. Every time I thrust, my pelvic area would audibly slap her ass. Everytime my body slapped her ass, her ass cheeks would ripple up towards her hips. You know me, being a visual ass man; it’s my favorite thing in the world to see that. We both looked into the mirror; I think she liked watching her ass, too.

Faster; “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.” She actually started moving her body back into mine every time I thrust; I’m really fucking the shit out of her, I thought to myself. I was now the only one watching the mirror; her face was now down on the bed.

Her ass cheeks kept rippling. I kept thrusting; no, I was past thrusting. I was pounding.

“Oh God! OH MY GOD! ANDY!”

I felt her shake and quiver in my hands; she stopped moving her body back into mine; I didn’t stop, though.

“That’s two!”

She could barely catch her breath. “Oh my God, that was the best one yet! You’re amazing!”

“Would you get on top? I love when you ride me.”

“Forwards or backwards?”

“Forwards. I wanna look at you.”

I pulled out of her and lay on my back. She straddled me and sat on my dick; she didn’t even need her hand to guide me in. She sat up and put her hands on my stomach. She started moving up and down, up and down, lifting her hips off me every time she went up.

It was now her turn to fuck the shit out of me; every time she came down her ass made the same slapping sound against my legs as it did when I was fucking her from behind. Once again I felt her pussy contract and quiver. She closed her eyes and whimpered; I think she was just too spent to say anything…

“Number three!”

“Yeah,” she sighed, “Andy, please come for me now.”

“Almost.” Ten seconds later, “Oh, Amy, I’m gonna come!”

With that, she hopped off me, kneeled in between my legs, and started jerking me off. About 10 strokes and I came about 2 feet in the air, most of it landing on my chest this time, although some got on her arm and hand.

“Damn, baby, that is so fucking hot.”

All I could say was “OOOGH!”

She kept stroking me until I could come no more. After the last drops oozed out, she gently rubbed the tip of her thumb along the head, rubbing around the little bit on there.

“I fucking love watching you come. It’s so hot to see a guy shoot his load.”

“I love it when you jerk me off.”

“From now on, whenever you’re gonna come, I want to jack you off, okay?”

“No problem!”

“Shower time?”


We showered together, washing each others’ backs (and backsides). No sex, though; Amy disliked shower sex as much as I do. We did kiss quite a bit, though.

It was a little after 11 P.M. when we both crawled into bed (naked, by the way). We had planned on raiding the mini-bar and watching movies, but we were both too worn out and basically passed out soon after, laying on our left sides with my arm around her. We slept in until around 9 A.M.

Amazingly, I once again woke up with a huge morning hard-on; maybe because Amy had her hand on it and was slowly stroking it.

“Damn, boy, does this thing ever sleep?”

“Not as long as you’re around.”

“Wanna fuck?”

“What do you think?”

We did it pretty slowly this time, missionary-style, although we did look into each other’s eyes and kiss quite a bit. I didn’t thrust; we just kind of moved with each other’s rhythm; whenever I was in all the way, she would move her hips and body up against mine, pressing my dick against her g-spot. She had another quiet sighing orgasm, dug her fingernails into my back and pulled my body tighter onto hers.

“Come for me baby. I want to jack you off all over my tits.”

I was more than happy to oblige. About 30 seconds later I pulled out and she did what she had done our first time; stroked me off all over her chest and belly. I could be wrong, but she might have had a small orgasm from the cum hitting her chest. I don’t know for sure; I’ve never asked.

We didn’t bother with a shower this time; we just used soap, warm water, and a washcloth. Check out time was at 11 A.M. It was now 10 A.M. We spent the next hour laying in bed wrapped in each other’s arms, watching Saturday morning cartoons.

We still had a day and a half together; how would we spend them?

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