Soldier Homecoming – Long Version

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In 2009, I was a single 20-year-old soldier stationed at Fort Bragg. I would say that I am an average guy that was lucky enough to serve in one of the best and most prestigious military units in the military. When I returned from my second combat deployment I went home on leave after a few days of celebrating with my friends. I went home and I visited my parents rather than hang out around the military post and get into trouble like a lot of the guys in my unit. It was great to see my parents, be home and wake-up in my bed. My dad travels for work and he is gone almost all of the time but he had changed his plans so he was home the first few days I was on leave.

While I was home, my father and I went fishing during the day and we hung out at home with mom in the evenings. It was nice to be at home, be with family and have nightly home-cooked dinners. I spent my free time catching up on movies, thinking about girls and working out.

About me. I grew up as an only child in a middle-class home in Central Kentucky in a religious home. I dated off and on in high school but nothing serious and there was no hanky-panky with the girls I dated. Unfortunately, I had never made it past first base. I joined the Army to save money for college but, since I enjoyed Army life, I had already decided to extend my enlistment. As far as my social life, dating was non-existent and my social life sucked. I hadn’t dated anyone seriously since high school and I quickly realized that there wasn’t a lot of safe dating around the military base.

On my third morning home on leave, my dad left for a trip so I slept in. After a restful night’s sleep, I was in bed and taking care of a morning erection when the door opened and my mom walked in my room. She was talking to me and not looking up as she quickly walked into the room carrying laundry and talking about her plan for us for the day. She had walked halfway across the room before she looked up from the laundry basket and saw me in all of my glory. There I was, my hard dick in one hand and the edge of the sheet in the other. As she approached the center of the room I was trying to cover my hard dick with one hand and pull up the sheet with the other. The sheet was twisted around my ankles and my underwear. I wasn’t quick enough.

My mom looked up at me and gasped. Her eyes got wide and her face turned red. She paused and looked down at my nude body. Her eyes focused on my stiff dick. She gasped and dropped the clothes basket that she was carrying to the floor. The clean clothes from the basket scattered around the floor. Her eyes went back and forth from looking into my eyes to looking at my dick. My erect manhood was impossible to cover with my hand and my actions were all but too obvious. I tried to pull the sheet up again but it was useless. The sheet was hopelessly tangled in my underwear that was down around my ankles.

Time passed in slow motion. My mother stood in the center of the room looking at my crotch. I was trying unsuccessfully to conceal my stiff cock with my hand. She stood there for a good fifteen seconds before she took a deep breath and took a few steps back. She was trying to apologize for walking in but her words were garbled. She looked horrified. Her eyes never left my swollen dick.

She stumbled and fell back on her ass as she tried to back out of the room. Ironically, her green cotton dress flew up around her waist as she fell backward. Her legs flew apart and up as she fell. She ended up spread-eagle on the floor with her legs flailed open. My eyes immediately zeroed-in on her crotch. She was wearing silky and almost transparent pink panties that did little to hide what was underneath. My eyes intently focused on the faint pink shadows nestled in the dark bush of her abundantly hairy crotch. A strange lustful desire I had always had to see my mother’s pussy came rushing back into my head. I had never seen a pussy other than in magazines and in porn so it was the closest I had ever come and yet I couldn’t see it clearly.

My eyes blinked. I strained to focus. If nothing else, I confirmed beyond any doubt that my mom had an untamed thick dark bush that, from what I could see through her thin pink satin panties, hadn’t been trimmed in tears. As I intently focused, I noticed that her pussy must have had thick pink lips although she had a lot of thick dark pubic hair that was even visible around the edges of her panties. I loved that eer pussy was fully shrouded in a thick carpet of dark pubes.

We made eye contact. She followed my gaze down to her crotch. She looked up into my eyes. He deep green eyes were big and round. I blinked and tried to speak. Her eyes got even larger and her faced turned red. She looked at me in a strange and yet sexual way before she looked back down at her exposed panty covered crotch. She gasped but she didn’t move. She slowly looked up at me before following my eyes to her crotch again. I saw that she was shaking. Neither one of us moved for at least 30 seconds.

She took a deep breath and slowly pulled czech taxi porno her knees together and stood. Our eyes met and she tried to speak. Her eyes returned to mt crotch and she quickly shook her head. She turned and left my room.

“Sorry. I should have knocked.”

I was humiliated but, if nothing else, my erection was gone. I took a cold shower and I finally got the nerve to answer her call for breakfast. It was very quiet as the two of us sat alone in the kitchen eating breakfast. Mom broke the silence and we made small talk but it was awkward. She finally looked up at me. I glanced up and I saw that she was blushing. She cleared her throat.

“I understand. It’s natural. You know. It’s natural to do what you were doing. I know that all young men do it. Girls too but I think men do it more often. Well, that is what I understand. I understand. It just surprised me to see you like that. I wasn’t prepared to see your.” She paused and looked down away from my eyes. “Maybe you should lock your door.”

I was red with embarrassment. I felt humiliated. Thankfully, mom had a way of easing tension. By the time we left to visit my grandmother later that day, we were almost back to normal.

A few nights later I was in bed and she knocked at the door. She asked if I was decent and, after I covered up, I told her I was fine. I could see she was blushing as she walked in but I was under a sheet and fully covered. After she came into the room, she sat on the edge of my bed and started asking me about my plans for the remainder of my leave and my stay at home.

She acknowledged that she was worried about me being a soldier in the Army but I assured her that I was fine and with the best men the Army had. She told me that she thought I needed to find a girlfriend and settle down. I chuckled. I explained the dating situation at Fort Bragg or, more importantly, the total lack of girls to date. We eventually laughed for the first time since she had walked in on me masturbating a few days prior.

“I can see why you are frustrated. Maybe I can help you.”

I looked up at her. I must have had a strange look on myface.

“I meant, I could help you finfd a girlfriend.”

I saw that she was shaking. She kissed my forehead and left the room.

After she left my room I thought about the dark shadow of her pubes and the pink shadows I had seen through her thin pink panties a few days earlier. It wasn’t the first time my head had been filled with the desire to see her pussy and not the first time I had dreamt of sex with her. I knew it was only a glimpse but just the thought of her pussy and her large round tits got my dick rock hard. I launched stream after stream of cum all over my bed and the wall as I thought about her. It had to have been the most intense orgasm I had in years. My bed was soaked and the cum splatter on the wall was large and unmistakable.

That next night we watched a movie after a long day of cleaning out the basement. I noticed as we worked in the basement that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin cotton dress and I couldn’t stop looking at her large tits and the large deep-red aureolas that were visible through the thin material. I noticed how her big firm titties shifted around under her shirt as she moved and her hard nipples pointed through the material. I saw the outline of her thick ling nipples poking out and it was all I could do not to want to reach over and hold them in my hands. My dick was hard all day as I thought about her tits and recalled the view of her panty-covered crotch.

I struggled to control my dick but it remained in a constant state of arousal. I saw her looking at my crotch a few times and she blushed. I was certain she saw my dick making a bulge in my shorts. My cock actively pulsed from lurid thoughts and from looking at her tits. I kept thinking about her curvy hips and ass as she walked around in front of me. I decided to go take a cold shower and head to bed early.

I was just getting comfortable after jumping into bed naked and I was about to take ‘growing matters’ into my own hands when my mom knocked on the door and walked in without pausing for me to respond. She walked towards my bed, turned on my lamp, and asked about my day and how I was feeling. She seemed a little distracted and something seemed strange. At first, I couldn’t figure out what was different but I was thankful that I had the sheet covering my body. I rolled to my side to conceal my hard dick.

As she made small talk and my eyes adjusted to the light, I noticed that she had put on lipstick and some blush. Strange, it was like she was going out. I was puzzled because I knew my mom seldom wore make-up. Then, as I became more aware of my surroundings, I noticed that she was only wearing a sheer nightgown. Funny, she was not wearing a robe over her nightgown like she always did. My prude mother never walked around the house without being fully covered. My brain was buzzing, she always wore a robe over defloration porno her gowns around me.

Honestly, I have no idea what she was saying after I realized she was only weaing a nightgown. I looked at her breasts and thought about how she hadn’t worn a bra earlier that day. What had changed?

As she continued talking, she sat down on the edge of my bed and placed her hand on my leg. Now that she was closer, I had a clear view of her curves that the sheer gown couldn’t conceal. I felt my dick twitch and I tried not to look at her breasts that were very prominent and very visible under her sheer ivory nightgown. I was mesmerized. I could see her large pink aureola and her long thick nipples through her gown sheer gown. I could even see the small dark bumps on her aureola around her nipples. I tried not to stare at her tits but I struggled to look up and into her eyes. It wasn’t long before I noticed that her thick nipples were more erect and over an inch long. My dick throbbed. I saw her look down and she followed my eyes to her breasts. She blush as she looked over at me knowing that I was looking at her tits. Her voice cracked as she resumed talking.

I felt my dick twitch and I was quickly sporting a full erection. I was as hard as a rock. She cleared her throat and took a deep breath. She looked down at my dick making a tent in the sheet and then back into my eyes. She slid her hand under the sheet and gently placed it on my bare hip. She stopped talking. She looked into my eyes before glancing down at the lump in the sheet. I saw that her eyes opened wide and her lips fell open when she must have realized that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. My cock jumped under the sheet as her hand caressed my bare hip and upper thigh.

She slowly caressed my hip as she tried to resume a normal conversation but she struggled. I saw her blush as she looked at my crotch. My erection had made a tent in the sheet and there was already a wet spot caused by my leaking cum. She continued caressing my thigh. Slowly, her fingers started running through my thick pubes. Her fingers were getting closer and closer to my rigid man-pole.

My mother looked over at the open door and then down at her chest before focusing her eyes on the lump under the sheet between my legs again.

Her hand was trembling and I jumped as she touched my rigid pole. At first, she ran her finger around the base and then over my balls. She looked up into my eyes as she ran her fingers along the length of my shaft and the thick ridge at the base of of my bloated cock head. She took a deep breath and slowly grasped my cock in her hand. Her fingers wrapped around my cokck and she seemed to shake.

“Oh, my” was all she said as she looked up into my eyes. I had never seen her look at me the way she did.

My mother closed her eyes and started slowly stroking my cock under the sheet. My pecum was enough to lubricat my shaft. She stopped stroking me and explored the curves and shape of my shaft and head. She took my hairy balls into her hand and gently squeezed them. I was liberally leaking cum when she resumed her slow and methodical pumping motion. I felt my body tingle and shake as her hand stroked my manhood. I was uncontrollably shaking.

She gently squeezed the ridge around the base of my cock head between her thumb and index finger. “Oh my. You are thick.”

I heard her exhale and then inhale long and slow. “Oh my. You are so thick and hard.”

She looked up into my eyes and slowly closed her eyes after we made eye contact.

I am not sure what I was thinking or what I should have thought as her soft hand resumed stroking my hard dick. I couldn’t believe my mother was stroking my dick. All I knew was that her hand felt like magic as it slid up and down my man-pole. No one had ever touched my cock but me. Until that night, only my hand had pleasured my cock as I imagined countless desires for sexual release. In my wildest dreams, I would have never thought my mother would ever stroke my cock.

My mother’s eyes met mine. Her voice was raspy and much lower than normal. “I saw that you were looking at my chest. Well, my breasts earlier today and you looked uncomfortable down here.”

“Sorry, mom. I didn’t mean to stare at you.”

She smiled but he smile looked awkward. She watched her hand move up and down under the sheet. She looked up and into my eyes. “I understand.” She paused and closed her eyes. “Maybe you looked at me like you did because I wasn’t wearing a bra.”

She looked down and she followed my gaze to her tits. I saw her shiver. She looked down at her hand sliding up and down on my rigid pole under the sheet again before looking back up at my face.

“I never dreamed I would ever really do this. Does it feel good?”

I tried to speak but only a groan escaped my lips.

Her voice cracked. “I take that as a yes. Good. Considering what I am doing, I hoped it would. Now I know why there was such a large lump in your shorts.”

I doktor ofisi porno gasped and looked up at her. “I guess I wasn’t able to hide it.”

She smiled. “Big thing to hide when it is like this.”

“Mom, you might want to stop.”

My mother s made a strange face and her hand sped-up.

I felt my balls tingle.

She looked into my eyes. “Why? Doesn’t this feel good? Am I doing something wrong?”

“No, it feels really good.”

“Then why should I stop. You don’t like it. Is this too strange?”

My voice cracked. “Yes I really like it but I am close.”

My mother smiled and continued stroking me. “Ok.”

I groaned. “Mom, really. I am going to cum.”

“It’s ok. Go ahead. That is why I am doing this.”

“With you here? Now?”

“Sure. Silly, why else would I do this?”

I tried to hold back but the pressure in my balls built up to a point I could no longer hold back.


I gasped as the first of 5 or 6 thick streams of cum rocketed through my cock as it pulsed. Cum splattered into the sheet before falling back down onto my cock and covering my mother’s hand. The strange sound of my cum hitting the sheet echoed around the room. My mother kept stroking and squeezing my cock as it erupted.

My mother’s voice sounded excited and high pitched. She was breathing as fast as I was. “Oh my. Oh my goodness. Yes. Good. Oh, my.”

I felt like she was milking my cock after my orgasm subsided. Her hand gently squeezed my shaft and cum drooled out of my pee hole..

The room was silent except for the sound of our deep breathing and my strong heartbeat.

She broke the silence. “Was that ok? Did I do it right?”

My mother was visibly emotional as she looked down at the wet sheet and gently squeezed my softening slimy cum-covered cock. My body twitched and my cock pulsed with after-shocks.

I closed my eyes. I wasn’t sure what to think.

“There, is that better?”

“Sorry, mom.”

She cut me off as she pulled her hand away from my cock and out from under the sheet. “Don’t apologize. That is why I did it. Our secret. No one should know about this. Right? Promise? Our secret. My special way of thanking you for helping me out in the basement today. I would have had to do it all alone. I am so glad you are home.”

She looked down at her hand. I saw that my mom’s hand and wrist were covered in my thick cum. She looked down at her hand covered in my cum and blushed. Her voice cracked as she spoke.

“Do you always? Well, do you always cum that much?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. “I don’t know.”

She slowly stood and looked down at me. “I think I know the answer.” She smiled and leaned forward and kissed my forehead and then my cheek close to my lips. She pulled her head up and gave a strange but sexy look before che closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Oh my gosh.”

After she had washed her hands in my bathroom she came back into my room.

“You know that you are very special to me and I love you more than anyone. I have never done that before. You understand. Never. I hope I did it right. Maybe you can sleep now?”

My voice was shaky. “Thank you, mom.”

She turned out the light. “My pleasure honey. Sleep well.”

I was dumbfounded. My mother had just stroked my cock and I had orgasmed all over her hand. My sheets were soaked with my cum.

I felt strange as I showered and dressed the next morning. I replayed the night over and over in my head. I looked down at my cock and watched it grow as I thought about what she had done. I wondered how she would feel about me after having touched my cock like she had and feeling my orgasm. I refrained from relieving myself in the shower but I struggled to keep my cock from remaning hard.

I was apprehensive as walked into the kitchen with a partial erection filling my shorts. I could see the outline of the head of my dick and shaft through my shorts. I felt my dick twitch as my mother turned and gave me a big smile.

“Good morning honey. How did you sleep?”

I saw her look down at my crotch as she stepped towards me. I felt her breasts push against my chest and I was very aware of my firm cock pushing against her torso as she hugged me. She kissed my cheek and then playfully kissed my lips. I think she intentionally pushed her lower body into me so that my cock was up against her.

“You didn’t answer, how did you sleep?.”

I felt my cock twitch and start to harden.

I blushed and she smiled as she pulled me tight against her. “I hope you slept well. I sure did. Are you ready for another day of work in the basement with your mother? Your father will be so proud of us for getting all of the old junk to the donation center.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips before taking a deep breath and backing away from me. As she backed up I looked at her and I noticed what my mother was wearing. I assme that I was so focused on my dick that I hadn’t noticed her outfit. Mother wasn’t wearing a bra and she was wearing a thin white tee shirt I could see-through. Her large tits hung down and her thick nipples were firm. She saw me look at her tits and she smiled. Her tee shirt was untucked and was loose around her waist. I noticed she was wearing a pair of my high school gym shorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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