Son Secretly Takes His Mother

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I still couldn’t believe what had happened yesterday. I had witnessed my mother, Sharon, seduced and fucked by several of my college friends out by the pool before, but everything changed yesterday. Mom’s friend, Carol, was out sunbathing with Mom when my friends arrived and ended up fucking both of them.

Then Carol caught me masturbating in the kitchen as I watched and took me out to join in. I was next to my mother as Carol sucked my cock when my mother reached for me, pulling my cock into her mouth. She gave me the best blowjob of my life. When everything was over, neither Mom nor I had any regrets. Mom actually said she wasn’t aware it was my cock she was sucking, I think otherwise.

I couldn’t get the memory of that blowjob out of my mind. Every time Mom and I would would get close, I’d get horny reliving the moment in my thoughts. I could swear Mom was constantly teasing me now, brushing against me whenever we were close.

Mom swore it would never happen again, I still couldn’t get her off my mind I’m a typical 18 year old, always masturbating, always thinking about sex. Almost every time I had my cock out, visions of my Mother were in my fantasies. She had a perfect body and didn’t look any older than I was, she was only 34.

One thing that changed since that day was that now Mom would walk around the house topless, I guess she figured I’d already seen her tits anyway. She had fantastic, full, large tits, wearing a 36D bra when she actually wore one. Mom would sunbath every day she could out by our pool, now topless.

I had an almost constant erection, it was nearly impossible to join her in the pool as I always had an erection and a terrific desire to fuck her. Mom would smile, giggle and stare, surely just to tease me even more.

Carol would still join Mom sunbathing by the pool, now she was always topless as well with her huge fake tits never covered. Mom and Carol made it known that my buddies weren’t to come over when they were there. They both agreed that the other day’s events shouldn’t be repeated, it was a one time thing and they didn’t want word to get around.

I was now the only one lucky enough to enjoy their gorgeous, almost naked bodies sprawled out for my viewing enjoyment. Carol constantly flirted with me as Mom did but hadn’t made any kind of sexual advance toward me since that day either. I’m sure Mom told her to keep her hands off me and not to encourage my advances.

It had been almost a week since that wonderful afternoon by the pool. The only time my buddies were over was when my mother wasn’t around. They constantly asked about her, especially Jim who got to fuck my Mom. He has a huge cock and Mom loved enjoying him almost as much as he enjoyed ravishing her. It was so hot watching them together, especially that first time when they had no idea I was watching. She sucked him dry that day as I jerked off watching out the kitchen window.

It was about noon on a sunny, hot day as I looked out the kitchen window. Mom and Carol were out by the pool again, sunbathing topless side by side. They looked like a couple of sexy college girls instead of my mother and her best friend. I couldn’t help myself as I started getting hard just watching them in their loungers.

I was going to join them but couldn’t, I had a tent growing in my suit that couldn’t be hidden. I dropped my suit, having to jerk off right then as I studied them, staring at their gorgeous, naked tits.

Carol stood up, I thought she was going to take a dip in the pool to cool off. Instead, she was walking toward the house, shit! I quickly pulled up my suit, impossible to stuff my cock completely in enough to be hidden from her as she entered the house.

“Just in to get a couple of drinks,” Carol said as I turned away from her so she couldn’t see my excitement.

“Sure, I’ll be out to join you in a bit,” I said not facing her.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” asked Carol.

“Nothing, just thinking about something.”

“Am I so ugly you can’t look at me or are you too embarrassed? I can put my top back on if you’re offended,” Carol said.

“No, just the opposite, I love your breasts.”

“Then turn around and look at me when we talk please. I thought you and I were past the bashful stage,” Carol said.

I slowly turned, facing her as her eyes went to my straining erection beneath my suit. My eyes went right to her tits, I couldn’t help it.

“Something exciting you Hum?” Carol asked flirtatiously. “You know, your mother told me you were off limits.”

“Sorry, I can’t help it. You’re just so damn sexy, I was just going to jerk off looking at you before I joined you out by the pool,” I confessed.

“That’s too bad, sorry I have that effect on you,” she said as she approached me. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Absolutely,” I answered not knowing what she was up to.

Carol’s fingers found the waistband of my suit, pulling it down. My suit fell to the floor, exposing my raging erection. I stepped out of it, moving mofos porno toward the window to keep an eye on my mother. Carol followed closely, dropping to her knees facing me as I watched my mother through the window. She was comfortably sunbathing, her eyes closed, hopefully napping.

Carol grabbed my cock with both hands, guiding it toward her parted lips. She wasted no time plunging onto my throbbing cock, devouring most of me immediately. As she partially withdrew I could see the coating of saliva already slick on my cock. Her hands were twisting and sliding up and down as her big beautiful eyes looked into mine, the head of my cock in her mouth.

I sighed, my cock twitched in excitement as her mouth consumed the length of my cock, my pubic hair now tickling her nose. Her tongue was masterfully working the underside of my cock and she rose and fell feverishly.

My cock isn’t huge, being about 8 inches long but I was amazed she could push my entire length into her throat. She had a way of contracting her throat to almost milk me as she held me deep. She didn’t even gag as her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

I felt a rush of excitement building deep within my being, my eruption building. My cock was swelling, twitching as I was losing self control, unable to hold back. Carol sensed this as she started pounding my cock with her mouth, her lips tightly wrapped around it’s shaft as she picked up the pace.

I grabbed Carol’s head, pulling her hair as she quickly rose and fell on my shaft, her hands working me into bliss. My asshole tightened as she grazed it with her finger, inserting it slightly as I shot my first load into her mouth. The force of my first ejaculation choked her, only for a second as she eagerly swallowed preparing for the onslaught of semen splashing from my shaft.

I held her head tight as I rocked into her mouth, now fucking her throat with as much force as I could, slamming my cock as I spurted into it. Carol was gargling on my sticky cum as I pounded her mouth, semen now oozing from the corners of her mouth, my cock coated with her shiny saliva and my gooey cum.

I continued unloading my sperm into her mouth until my last spasm trickled from my cock, Carol sucking hard to devour every drop. My cock was still twitching as she inhaled me, drawing my semen from me.

As she emptied me, she released my cock, still standing at attention. She stood, giving me a hug, her naked tits pressing against my chest as my erection rested on her stomach between us.

“Mums the word, this is just between you and I,” Carol whispered in my ear as she kissed my cheek.

“Thank you.”

Carol grabbed a couple of beers for the refrigerator and left the kitchen, leaving me standing still, a big smile planted firmly on my face. I tucked everything in and joined them by the pool, trying not to be too obvious as to what had just happened.

“Hi Carol,” I said trying to act as if I’d just seen her for the first time today.

“Hi Hun, how have you been?” asked Carol.

“Perfect, never better,” I said with a huge smile.

Mom just looked at each of us, maybe thinking we were keeping something from her. Carol was so cool about everything, never letting on to what had happened.

It was early in the day, late morning, Mom and Carol were already drinking. This was very uncharacteristic for them, I rarely saw Mom drink.

“Is everything OK Mom? You never drink this early,” I said.

“Everything is fine Hun. This is the anniversary of your Father’s death, I’m just kind of down today.”

“I’m so sorry Mom, I forgot,” I said.

“It’s OK baby, time heals all wounds but it’s been ten years now and it’s still difficult,” Mom said.

I stayed with Mom and Carol all afternoon, running into the house every half hour or so to retrieve more beer for them. By about five o’clock they were both fairly tanked, I’m not sure Carol could even walk. Mom was doing a little better but still requesting more beer. I kept bringing it, Carol had slowed but Mom was still pounding them down. I had never seen her drink as much before.

It had been about seven hours since the great blowjob Carol gave me and I was already feeling stirrings again staring at these two gorgeous women, topless and drunk. Carol had slowed down a bit and even sobered up a little.

Mom had slowed her alcohol consumption just a bit but was pretty well bombed by about seven o’clock. It was still very warm, about 90 degrees out so we stayed out by the pool. I kept bring beer and snacks as the three of us enjoyed each others’ company. I was more like a friend to Mom and Carol than a son, we weren’t that far apart in age and all enjoyed the pool.

Time passed, it was about nine o’clock . I lit a few tiki torches around the pool as we sat around talking, Mom and Carol now drinking heavy again. I guess they were catching their second wind.

“Hey, why don’t we all skinny dip?” Carol said as she removed her only piece of clothing, her naughty america porno bikini bottom.

“I’m in,” said Mom as she removed hers as well.

I felt a little self conscious as I paused, then removed my suit too. The only problem was that I had a growing erection again and both women were looking at me.

“It’s OK son, don’t be embarrassed, it’s natural,” Mom said.

We all got into the pool, at least I could hide my growing erection under the water as we splashed and played for a bit. Mom and Carol could hardly stay upright, they were so drunk.

Carol and Mom got out of the pool, toweled off and took their familiar places in their loungers. I was still standing in the pool.

“Could you go get us a couple more drinks Hun?” Mom asked.

I got out of the pool, trying to hide my cock with my hand as I scurried toward the kitchen. I brought a six pack back out to save myself another certain trip back to the house to get more.

I came back out, my cock now a little more relaxed and handed out the drinks. They quickly drank them, Mom had five, Carol only had one. As I glanced over to Mom I could tell she was now asleep, or passed out.

“Carol, is Mom OK?” I asked.

“She’s fine Josh, she just had way too much to drink today. She passed out, just leave her alone and let her sleep it off.”

“Are you OK?” I asked Carol.

“I’m better than OK,” she said as she stared at my cock. “I’d like for you to fuck me with that thing some day.”

I looked over at Mom, my cock was springing to attention. Carol was on me in a flash, stroking my cock. She wasted no time devouring it with her lips, plunging onto it hungrily. She was fucking horny and attacking my cock. I was rock hard, swollen to a raging erection. I couldn’t help but to look at Mom to make certain she was asleep, she was. Carol took her mouth off my cock for just a second as she stroked and twisted my moist shaft.

“Don’t worry about your mother, she’s out for the night. Fuck me,” Carol said.

Carol flattened her lounger, getting on her back with her arms outstretched for me. I practically jumped on her. I had never actually had the chance to fuck her, only getting blowjobs and watching one of my friends fuck her from behind as she sucked me.

I could feel her moisture as I placed the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy, she lifted her legs, inviting me to plunge in. I pushed right in, burying my entire shaft in her as she gasped, wrapping her legs around me.

“Fuck me hard and fast!” she commanded.

I slammed her pussy with my cock, my balls slapping her ass. Carol was pressed firmly against me, her huge fake tits pressing between us. I slammed her again and again as she shuddered in orgasm, squirting a steady flow onto my cock, soaking my balls and the lounger cushion. I’d never experienced a squirter before.

Her moisture was incredible, my cock was now sloshing in and out of her as she quivered beneath me, locking me within her grip. Carol was screaming with pleasure, her pushes now matching mine as I continued slamming her soaked pussy.

Her orgasm subsided as I slowed my pace, not wanting to cum already. This was just too hot to end so soon. I looked at Mom again, she appeared to still be sleeping. She must have been really out, or Carol’s screaming would have surely woken her.

“Hey, Josh, you wanna fuck your Mom? She’ll never even know, she’s out like a light,” Carol said.

Damn, this was my chance. I couldn’t believe her best friend would even suggest it. I wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity! I stopped fucking Carol and pulled my cock from her soaked pussy, then stood above my mother looking down at her. She was spread eagle, her pussy easily available to be taken.

“You promise not to tell her? Are you sure this is right?” I asked.

“It’s now or never stud,” she said.

I eased my body onto my mother, almost testing her to see if she was truly passed out. I was shaking, both in excitement and nervousness. Her skin felt silky smooth, slick with suntan oil. She smelled wonderful, the lilac perfume she always wore.

I gently rested against her, my hard cock between us, her large full breasts pressed against my chest. I reached up, caressing her breast with my hand. They were such perfect tits, full, firm and soft. Even though she was asleep her nipples came to life as I rubbed them between my fingers. My cock was throbbing, pressing against my naked mother’s stomach.

I kissed her neck softly, not wanting to wake her. She was definitely out cold. I was so fucking horny for her, but had so many reservations about going through with this.

Carol was behind me, her hand fondled my balls as I lay still, contemplating my next move. Carol’s hand firmly grasped my shaft at the base, guiding me to my mother’s pussy. She was coaxing me in, almost forcing my cock into my mother’s pussy.

My cock was now resting on her labia, moist and inviting. I could public agent porno feel her warm, moist pussy lips as I rested the head of my cock slightly between them. My cock was throbbing, swollen to full girth, bulging with excitement. Carol’s hand pushed my cock into her pussy, just the head as I lay still, shaking noticeably.

Mom’s pussy was so tight, so inviting. I pushed further, sinking my throbbing shaft into her pussy as Carol’s hand remained on me, forcing my cock forward. I retrieved slightly, almost afraid she was waking up. Both of my hands were now massaging her soft, full breasts.

I pushed forward again, still being guided by Carol until my balls rested against her. My cock was now fully surrounded and buried in Mom’s hot, moist pussy. Carol released my balls, her hands now cupping my ass, squeezing the cheeks as she pulled me back toward her. Then she pushed me forward, guiding me deep inside her pussy. My cock was swollen with excitement, a raging erection, as I quickened the pace.

I was now fucking her, my balls touching her ass on each push forward. Carol was still pushing and pulling me, now gripping my hips, almost forcing me to fuck my mother harder. I startled as I felt Mom’s pussy contracted around my cock, tightening it’s grip on me. But I continued picking up the pace as Carol coaxed me. Mom had unbelievable inner muscular control of her pussy, even unconscious.

I think Mom was still out of it but her arms wrapped around me as I felt her lift her knees, giving me full access to her pussy, almost begging me to pound her deeper. I really started fucking her forcefully now as her legs wrapped around my torso, she was pushing herself, meeting my thrusts with her own. I was forcing my cock so deep inside her it felt like my balls were trying to squeeze in as well.

Mom was moaning now, whimpering, as I quickened the pace even more. My balls were slapping her ass as I slammed my cock into her. Her legs were squeezing me now as she tensed, feeling her orgasm as her moisture increased. She was now moaning loud, rocking her body into mine, meeting my every thrust with a push of her own, consuming my cock with her hot pussy. Damn, she could fuck!

She started screaming as she came, shuddering, quivering as she held me tight. I was kneading her tits now, squeezing them as her lips searched for mine. Her tongue met mine, a passionate, loving, hungry kiss as I felt myself tense to cum.

My entire body went numb, stiffening as our mouths devoured each others’. My first load erupted deep inside her, splashing her inner walls with my thick, hot semen. A second rush left me, as forceful as the first. My grunts became screams of ecstasy as I exploded again, gripping her as I forced each shot of cum out of my body with a violent thrust, pushing it deep inside her. It was almost a steady stream of fluid being shot from my cock, a constant orgasm.

Mom was cumming again, with me. We were gripping each other tight, devouring each other, forgetting where we were and who we were with. I could feel my massive loads escaping her pussy, running out as I continued tensing and erupting. Carol’s tongue was now on my balls, searching for cum, cleaning as I unloaded my seed into Mom. She was darting at Mom’s pussy with her tongue as I slowed to allow her access.

It felt like I came for a solid minute, emptying a huge amount of semen into Mom, Carol working feverishly to keep up with the outgoing flow of hot, sticky cum. She was devouring it eagerly. My orgasm ceased as my body collapsed onto Mom as she relaxed, appearing to be out again.

I slowly withdrew my cock from her, looking down as my cum oozed from her pussy, Carol going back between her legs to consume it. My cock was still hard so I slid it into Carol’s pussy, bringing her to orgasm as her tongue devoured Mom’s pussy. I came again after only a few minutes of pounding Carol’s pussy unmercifully as I pushed her face into my mother’s pussy.

I grunted again, not believing I could cum again already with such force as I shot another load of cum into Carol. I held her hard tits as I came, pulling her into me as I thrashed into her, forcing more cum from my body. My cock almost hurt from the force, making myself explode again. Carol splashed me again as she came violently, now unable to keep her mouth in contact with Mom’s pussy.

Mom didn’t stir, remained still as if she weren’t ware of what had just happened. I pulled my cock from Carol’s pussy as she stood, kissing me passionately after we both finished cumming, sticky cum running down the inside of her thighs. She was massaging the cum into her legs, spreading it as if it were lotion.

“Just don’t talk about this Josh,” Carol said as Mom lay still.

“I’ll never say anything. Do you think she knew what was happening?” I asked.

“We may never know. It’s our little secret,” Carol said as she dropped to her knees and licked the remaining cum from my cock.

Carol then stood, kissing me again.

“I’m going to sleep in your guest room tonight. If you get lonely during the night, come visit,” she said. “I’ll wake your mother and help her into the house.”

At that, I went into the house, going directly to my room. I stayed up almost all night thinking about what I had just done and my new best friend, Carol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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