South Wind Ch. 2

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Dave lay awake most of the night, his mind unable to dispel the thoughts of what he and his daughter had just done. Deep in the pit of his stomach, he had an uneasy feeling. What happened that night did not seem at all as sinful as he had imagined it would be. After butting another of the Viceroys, he decided that she was more than his daughter now, she was the young woman he had made love to and, as far as he was concerned, the lovemaking was only beginning.

As soon as Lynn had left for work, Dave started up the old Corsica, driving the gray beast the short distance to where Jenny was. The day was dawning sweet after the thunder- storm of night before. The sky was a mellow blue with a few cumulus clouds moving in from the southwest. As the car climbed the steep grade of the gravel road, he could see Watts Bar Lake spread out in the rear view mirror. He put his left arm on the door, feeling the wind playing over his arm. ‘Damn,’ he thought with a smile, ‘falling is love is so wonderful.’

Closing the cabin’s door behind him, Dave stood and took in the sight of his daughter as she slept on the full size bed. A flower print sheet covered her right side, leaving her left thigh exposed before the flowery print cascaded down around her midsection leaving more of her delightful body naked to his gaze. Her left breast, partially visible, moved to her deep breathing, the dark nipple standing proudly from the top of the mound.

Dave took a deep breath. God, he wanted her bad! He wanted to feel the warmth of her flesh on his lips. He wanted to taste her ripe nipples as he made her moan loudly with his touch. His left hand instinctively touched the pocket of the navy blue tee shirt, checking to make sure the pack of cigarettes were there. He smiled as he found that they were, closing his eyes for a moment, knowing this was going to be a long morning.

“Morning,” Jenny whispered up to Dave as he sat down on the side of the bed, not opening her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Dave offered back, his eyes taking in first her sweet lips then her exposed left breast, “I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“I’ve been up a bit,” Jenny replied, opening her eyes and smiling at her father. “I made us a pot of coffee.” She blew him a kiss, looked out the window, allowing the sheet to fall from her prim, young body as she turned to push the curtain back. “I’ll take a cup if you’re going to have one,” she added as she viewed the new day through squinted eyes.

As they sat and drank the coffee, Jenny could sense her father was fighting back something he wished to say. “Talk to me,” she whispered, her left hand coming to rest on his shoulder.

“Jenny,” he said, his eyes looking down at the deep green carpet. “I know you have every right to hate me right now but-“

“Hate you?” Jenny said in shock. “I laid awake most of the night wishing you’d come back. It is not hate I feel, it is love that I feel. You got that?”

“I want to make love to you,” Dave whispered, his eyes now looking into the steamy, black coffee.

Jenny giggled loudly. “Well, I am the one naked, you know? God! You men. You think that if I wasn’t wanting you I’d have pranced around here like this?”

“It’s more than just sex,” Dave said softly, sitting the still half full coffee cup to the carpet and removing his tee shirt before he lay back on the bed.

“I know that, silly,” Jenny laughed, laying her firm, naked breasts on his chest as she traced the outline of his lips with a finger.

“Oh, you do, huh?” Dave teased, the fingers of his left hand running through her black hair.

“Yes. You were the first one who ever just laid and talked to me afterwards. God, I loved that.”

“Oh, and these others. There were a lot of them?”

“Oh, not that many,” Jenny taunted down at him. “No more than a dozen or two.”

Dave froze in shock. It had been obvious she wasn’t a virgin when he had taken her the night before but… Dave took a deep breath, wondering what he had missed about her over the last few years. “That many?” He finally forced the words out.

“No,” Jenny laughed loudly, running her hand through his hair. “You’re the fourth, and its not like the others and I spent all our time in bed. What I am trying to get through your old, hard head, is I love you. Okay?”

Yes, Bunky. I love you too. Guess I just worry a bit too much.”

“I like it that way,” Jenny giggled as Dave pulled her to him, making her breasts press tightly to his naked chest, his eyes looking deep into eyes resembling his own.

Their lips met as Dave’s hands roamed down his daughter’s back. Jenny moaned deep into her father’s mouth as she felt his tongue exploring her lips. Father and daughter, both now caught in a world most would never know, let alone understand. Father and daughter taking that one step beyond to find a forbidden love, but, as their kisses sent embers of fire throughout their bodies, both father and daughter started on a trip into the deepest kind of love, the love izmir escort bayan which knew no bounds.

Both of Dave’s hands ran over Jenny’s firm butt, pulling her naked waist tightly against the black jeans containing his now fully erect cock. He could taste her sweetness as his tongue told her lips of his wanting. He could feel the warmth of her breasts against his, their now labored breathing telling a story of their growing need for each other. In an instant of shared lust, father became a man and daughter became a woman, both with the age-old needs shared by men and women since time immemorial.

“Take these off,” Jenny hissed hotly, rolling on her side and undoing his pants.

Slowly she pulled them off his body, making him as naked as she was. Then, as her right hand moved to encompass his shaft, Jenny laid back down by her father’s side, her hands slowly moving up and down his aching swollen member.

“Hon,” Dave moaned out in a half-hearted chuckle. “It’ll be over before we start if you keep doing that.”

Dave took his daughter’s hand away from his cock. His other hand roamed over her bare thigh, down on the top of its firm skin then, as Jenny moaned softly, slowly moved upwards with his fingertips touching the deep, inner skin of her thigh. Jenny closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she felt the fingertips inching their way towards her pussy. She liked this type of touching, like it a lot as his fingertips seemed to be spreading a passionate fire wherever they moved.

Jenny rolled onto her back, letting her legs spread a little as fingertips played up and down her now wet slit. This was her first encounter with much foreplay and it was having a toll on her. She moaned as her father taunted at her slit, the fingertips now just inside her swollen lips, moving up and down as the touch made her moan even louder.

Dave bent down to his daughter, taking one of the hard nipples deep into his mouth. His tongue played over it, bringing it instantly to its hardest. God, he loved tits. He loved everything about them from the look to the touching of them. He sucked in harder, as if trying to pull the whole tit deep into his throat. Jenny squealed as her body shuddered to the feeling of Dave’s moan being cast against her wanting flesh.

It was no problem at all for Dave to find Jenny’s clit. Jenny opened her legs even further as he lightly stroked at the swollen passion bud. For Jenny, this was a new thrill to have someone else, not herself, work at her clit. Dave’s touch was very different, much more demanding than hers had ever been.

“Feels so good,” Jenny cooed to her father as she felt his fingertip slowly circling around her clit, his tongue flicking back and forth over her nipple, demanding her whole body to pay attention to each new sensation.

“Oh, God!” Jenny squealed out, her hips coming up to embrace the finger. “Oh, my God.”

Dave worked faster at both Jenny’s clit and nipple. His finger now played over the swollen top of her budding needs as, with her right hand pushing his face deeper into her firm breast, she could feel him sucking at her as if he intended to suck the entire tit in.

“Daddy,” Jenny howled, her left hand slapping at the sheets. “Please, fuck me. God damn, I love you.”

Dave did not answer as he played his gasping daughter through her climax. He loved the feeling of her labored breathing pushing his head up and down with her breast. He could feel her wetness increase as her body seemed to do a long, gentle shivering then lay back to the bed with a loud moaning.

Dave wanted more for his daughter than the night before had been. All that had been was the act of each laying claim to the other. A half-hearted attempt for each to find out how far the other might go. No, as their bodies reach out is secret yearnings for each other, both knew there was no longer any limits they had to push.

Dave moved to between Jenny’s thighs, spreading her uplifted knees apart far enough for him to bend forward, guiding his cock into her glistening wet pussy as he moved.

Jenny moaned as her father slowly entered her. His entry seemed even slower than the night before, very unlike the lovers she had known before who, once they had fumbled their way in, seemed only too content to slam themselves all the way in before they slipped out. She lifted up on her elbows, looking down to watch the fat cock entering her. She could see its movement, feeling her pussy expanding inside in response to the movement. Now, before her eyes, the feelings seemed to take on a much more physical meaning.

“I want to feel you cum in me so bad,” Jenny whispered out hotly as she lay back to the bed.

“I’m in no hurry,” Dave chuckled as their bodies touched.

“I’ve never felt like this,” Jenny said as her mind tried to capture every feeling she was having.

Dave started a rhythmic thrusting, bending further to kiss at first one nipple than the other. He loved the tightness of her wet escort izmir pussy. Loved the feeling of her muscles gently grasping at him as he pulled back.

Jenny could feel her climax building deep in her mind. She could feel her breasts heaving against her fathers lips, reminding her of his fingers on her clit. Behind her closed eyes, she could still see his cock slowly sliding deeper and deeper into her. From thought to thought, and thrusting to thrusting, her mind seemed be climbing a stairway towards her climax.

Dave slammed his body against hers as he felt her body seem to explode. She was hissing and gasping, a wild look in her eyes as she bucked her hips at him. Again, her hands slapped hard against the sheets as she wrapped her legs around her father, drawing him in even deeper.

As she lay gasping for air, Jenny was unsure what had just happened to her. Thoughts seemed to flood in one side of her head, but would be gone as a new thought came in. She could hear her own panting as she fought to control her breathing. Swallowing hard she had to giggle at a feeling that seemed to tell her that her heart was beating someplace in her throat. Then, without a warning, Jenny was laughing for no reason.

Dave didn’t wait for Jenny to come down, simply rolling her with him until he was on his back, his hands holding her above him. He felt her sink a little deeper around his cock as her lust-crazed eyes looked down to him. Moving up and down slowly, Dave begun fucking into his daughter before she could fully recover. His hands roamed over her erect nipples then, as she moaned softly, his left hand ran along her right cheek.

Jenny, never having been on op before found the position a bit awkward at first but, as she realized the control she had she relaxed back into her fit of passion. Soon she was sliding from side to side, forwards and back, exploring the new feelings the position could bring her. It took her but a few minutes before she was pulling up and slowly sinking Dave’s cock back into her, finding it now to be a most exciting position.

With a loud scream, Jenny started to bend forward, her movement stopped as her father’s hands held her upright as her orgasm crept through her body like a hot wind. Her body seemed to trash in all directions at once as she hissed out her passions with lusty shrieks that sounded more like an animal than a hot, young woman.

With her juices slowly flowing out of his daughter, Dave easily moved her forwards till her wet opening was within inches of his lips. Then, as Jenny hissed out his name, he pulled her pussy to his lips, running his tongue as deep into her as he could.

Jenny had never had this sort of attention. She had been kissed between her legs maybe twice but, what her father was doing made this more delightful than any man had been in her life.

Dave’s tongue played out at her, bringing her quickly back to the throes of passion as his hands played roughly over her squirming ass. His daughter now thrust her wet pussy at his face as she grunted and groaned down to him all the needs she had now realized.

Jenny felt her mind explode. She felt her juices running out for Dave to lap at them as if a starved man. She grabbed onto the headboard, lifting her pussy slightly from his face as his tongue still worked at her hole as if there were to be no tomorrow. She could hear her screams echoing in the tiny building. She could feel her hot love juices running from her and, best of all, she could feel the hot, soft tongue licking at her, making the orgasm seem to become endless.

Dave moved Jenny back down to ride his cock. The young woman was off and running the moment his hard cock slid into her steamy depths. Now she wasn’t his daughter, having become a wild woman with tremendous needs. No longer was relationship a part of the picture as the two taught and learnt from the other just how much they had needed this.

Three times Dave moved Jenny from his cock to his face, than back again after she had come against his tongue. He loved giving oral to a female, and this female was proving to want it more and more as she ground her pussy against his face, whimpering out for him to never stop.

Jenny found herself turned over, her knees propping her wet pussy up in the air as her hands laid back along the bed. The bed moved then she felt her father’s cock at her entrance. With one slow move he was deep into her, his arms wrapping around her and grabbing hold of her breasts. This time there was no softness from her father. He rammed into her with unrelenting rhythm. Harder and faster he slammed into her moaning body as his fingertips played harshly over her nipples.

Suddenly she knew it was about over as she heard his passionate sounds, his body now slamming deeper and deeper into her as his own climax overtook him. Jenny closed her eyes, feeling her father’s seed exploding deep in her. Then, with a deep wailing, she knew it was over.

Dave lay on his back, his young izmir escort daughter nestled tight against him as he stared at the ceiling, fighting to get both his breathing and thoughts under control.

“I love you,” Jenny whispered, wanting her father to know that she wanted much more than just the sex to continue.

“Love you, too, Babe,” Dave replied, running his fingertips along the underside of her exposed breast.

Jenny took a deep breath. “May I ask you something?”


“Well, don’t get mad but, you know, Robin has the hots for you. Why haven’t you made love to her?”

“Well, mainly because she is trying to get pregnant.”

“Use a rubber. Come on, I know you notice her. What’s the hang up?”

Dave chuckled. “The hang up is: she is trying to get pregnant by her father.”

“You’re kidding,” Jenny gasped. “She’s doing it with her own father?”

“And who am I?” Dave asked dryly.

“But I’m not trying to get pregnant… Not by anyone.”

Dave tried to blow several smoke rings as he thought over his response. “Look, honey, it is incest. Doesn’t matter if you are getting pregnant or not, it is still incest.”

Jenny laughed lightly. “Incest is best, put your dad to the test?”

Dave playfully pinched at Jenny’s nipple. “Well, did I pass your test?”

“Oh, I don’t know”, she giggled, snuggling up closer to her father’s naked body. “I think I will have to do a lot more research.

That day only Tammy showed up for coffee. Robin had left a message that she was going to visit her father. Jenny spent the day wondering what Robin and her father talked about after they had their forbidden sex. By noon, Dave decide to go to his studio and get some writing done on a history book he wanted to get published. Tammy and Jenny decided to go to Wall Marts and get a few decorations Jenny felt her little place needed.

A little after ten that evening, Jenny heard her father’s car snaking its way up the curvy, dirt road. She took a deep breath remembering all the wanting she had felt the whole day. Looking over to the dresser, Jenny made sure the pot of coffee was ready, dimming the lights as she saw the reflection of the car’s headlights on the trees up the road from her little place.

They were in each other’s arms the instant Dave came through the door. Daughter and father, caught in am embrace as lusty as it was loving. Daughter and father, each needing the delights of each others body as much as each needed the next breath they took. She could smell his after shave as his hands moved over the red skimp, sheer night gown, searching out her firm butt then, once found, using it to pull her youthful body closer to his as their eyes met.

“God, I missed you,” Dave whispered, running his left hand through her hair.

“I love you too,” Jenny replied in more of a moan than words.

Their lips meet and, instantly their tongues were exploring each others. Dave’s hands moved up and down Jenny’s back, clutching deeply into her yielding butt as, with loud moaning, the passions built between then as if they were throwing gasoline on the fires of passion already raging in their minds.

Dave guided his passion-filled daughter back to the bed, slowly lowering her to the comforter until he was posed over her, their eyes exchanging the demands of their needs as Jenny’s hands moved down and undid her father’s pants.

Clumsily they tried to pull each others clothes from the other’s body. Finally, Dave rolled from his daughter, stood up from the bed and slowly stripped in front of her. Jenny took in every new inch of skin being exposed to her eyes, knowing that, in a few moments, his body would be hers to explore as he explored hers.

Jenny took control this time as her father laid back on the bed beside her. Her hand reach down and took a hold of his cock, sliding up and down the hard shaft as she pay her head on his chest. Watching her hand move up and down the shaft, Jenny wondered what was so bad with what they were doing. She was happy, maybe the happiest she had ever been with a man, and her father showed no disenchantment with their lusty incest.

Deciding to hell with foreplay, Jenny got on her knees and slid the red panties down her legs, taunting her father as she slowly removed the skimpy garment. By the time she had them off, she realized one thing that incest brought: There was noting forbidden now. Now there was only the acts of pleasing and being pleased that mattered. As she straddled her own father, guiding his cock into her wetness, Jenny started to understand that nothing in her life was taboo by what others said, only by what she decided, and her father was now no forbidden fruit, he was the center of her universe… A hot, wet, full-of-need universe that was still being created.

Putting her left leg over top of him, Jenny took his swollen cock and guided it to her wet opening. Their eyes locked as she slowly lowered herself onto him, letting him enter her as if they were caught up is some sort of sexual slow motion. Inch by hot inch she controlled the entry, quickly finding how, by moving around, she could increase her own pleasure at a much greater rate than any other way she had found.

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