Sparking Ch. 05

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Liam noticed his brother hustling Mrs. Hardy into the kitchen, but was unaware of the unfolding drama. His entire attention was on his stepmother. She was staring at him; her sexual intent evident upon her face had anyone looked at her. Fortunately for them both, no one noticed.

Sandra beckoned him with three fingers, their agreed upon signal. He knew she would slip away and expect him to follow in thirteen minutes (he never understood why it had to be thirteen, but she was insistent on this point).

Swallowing the shit-eating grin he knew would give him away, he swirled his drink and pretended to be contemplating the vagaries of death instead of the life-affirming force of sexual release awaiting him.

Just when he thought he would explode at time for dragging on so slowly, the hands of the clock told him it was time for his assignation. Slowly wending his way through the anticipatory crowd (what exactly was going on?), he slipped out the front door. He knew she wouldn’t want to go back into the backyard again, so he wracked his brain as to what place Sandra would most likely be.

Seeing his father’s large silver Chevy truck parked across the street, he leered appreciatively. Knowing Sandra’s bend towards kink, he figured she was laying spread eagle in the back seat, playing with her clit, letting her juices soak into the fabric. There was nothing more of a guaranteed turn on for her then knowing they were fucking in place his father would use every day.

He still remembered the scorching sex they had a few weeks ago in Sandra’s marital bed, minutes before his father was due home. She’d made him pull out of her ass before he was ready to come and masturbate against his father’s pillow. When he was on the verge, she’d directed him to spurt his come onto her buca escort breasts and face, and then she’d rubbed it into her skin before dressing. He wondered if his father had tasted his cum when he kissed his naughty wife upon his return.

Sure enough, as he neared the truck he could hear faint rustling noises and a soft mewing. He fumbled underneath for the spare key and sighed when his questing fingers felt the square box. Unlocking the door he found Sandra lying on her back as he imagined, skirt shoved far above her waist, one hand working her clit, the other pushing in and out of her sopping hole.

“Liam, ’bout fucking time!”

“No Sandra,” he corrected softly, “it’s time for fucking.” She glared up at him then grudgingly laughed at his witticism.

She didn’t even bother undressing him, but merely unzipped his pants and shoved them down far enough so his cock could pop out. His standing position was at a perfect angle for her mouth, so she flipped over and crawled to him. Hungrily she attacked it with her mouth, sucking strongly until the tip hit the back of her throat, a special trick he still loved after all this time.

“Fuck, Sandra, I didn’t even close the door! Anyone could see us.”

She raised her head from his dick and shrugged eloquently. He knew she was daring him to fuck her where anyone passing by would be able to tell what they were doing. Lately she’d gotten bolder and bolder, wanting him to fuck her from behind while his father was in the other room or jacking him off under the table when the family sat at Sunday dinner.

When she lightly scratched his balls with her fingernails, he knew he was lost. Feeling a need to somewhat control this situation, he grabbed her hair and twisted the long blonde strands buca escort bayan until he controlled her movements.

“Hmn, handlebars.”

He pulled her hair a little as he eased into a more comfortable position for her to suck him thoroughly. Deciding she needed a little punishment for teasing him so, he forcefully fucked her face, knowing her lips were being stretched most uncomfortably around his large girth. While James definitely had length on him, Liam knew his cock was a lot fatter.

Just the thought of his brother watching as he fucked their slut nearly made him cream right then and there. Deciding he wanted more than her mouth, he eased out then slapped her lightly across the cheek to let her know he wanted her attention.

She reluctantly opened her blue eyes as he roughly whispered, “present your ass, slut, and you better hold your cheeks wide open for me. If you don’t, then I won’t be nice enough to lube you up.”

A grimace crossed her face as she remembered the time she’d teased him too much and he fucked her ass raw. He’d come all over her back and then walked away until she came crawling on all fours with her mouth open begging for more.

Excitement made her body tremble and Liam smiled cruelly as he hooked two fingers deep in her pussy and set up a punishing finger banging he knew she desperately wanted. Just when he felt her on the edge, he withdrew his fingers and swirled them in his mouth, tasting her juice.

The glare she gave him over her shoulder should’ve melted his ball hairs, but he raised an eyebrow, the gesture so like his older brother she caught her breath. She put her weight on her shoulders in order to leverage herself enough to open her ass the way she knew he liked.

Liam bent over a little escort buca and sniffed her fragrant asshole. He loved the slightly musky salty smell mixed with the sweeter scent of her pussy. Licking her asshole had her jumping because he’d never done that before. Judging by her pushing back, Liam figured she liked it.

Dipping his head further, he gathered some of the cream dripping down the back of her thighs with his curled tongue and eased it deep into her dark rosebud, ensuring he had a smooth passage. Deciding against using his own spit, he played with her clit for a moment then used that lubrication to grease up his cock.

“Sit up, I’m coming in.” He hopped into the back seat, forcing her to move over. He pushed his jeans down to his ankles for more mobility.

Sandra was too far-gone to protest, just desperately grunting for the thick meat pole to violate her asshole. She needed him to fuck her hard and long, hopefully to assuage the emptiness she felt deep inside.

Using his superior upper body strength, Liam raised her above his body and then eased her down onto his fuckstick. She nearly screamed as he slowly reamed her asshole, his girth stretching her unbearably in this seated position.

Liam groaned when he was fully inserted into her. They’d been having enough anal sex now that she wasn’t as tight as before. This was a good thing as it allowed him to fuck her like this more comfortably. Knowing he wouldn’t last long there (he never did), he grabbed her hips and began pumping slowly.

As he established his rhythm, he felt her ass muscles clench whenever he moved. Feeling charitable, he put four fingers deep into her gaping pussy. Sandra immediately went wild, screaming, “Fuck me, you fucking pervert. Pretend this is your brother’s asshole. Fuck me like your daddy can’t. Fuck me like the slut I am!”

Hearing those taboo words (how’d she guess he often fantasized about fucking James or being fucked by him?), threw him over the edge and he ground her down on him as his throbbing cock exploded deep in her depths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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