Spreading My Jeans

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[Facing a costly divorce, a father makes a desperate choice: having his studly son ‘fill in for him’.]


It was my 17th birthday and we hadn’t moved south yet. I was a sickly youth with a lot of problems inherited from my old man. For his part, he had the same problems including poor vision and a lousy build. He also was under-equipped. Mom had stayed with him because he was from a rich family.

Anyway, I could hear them arguing about his bad performance in matters of love. When we got south, he begged mom for one more year; he’d spend a fortune and workout to become the man she deserved. She said ‘one year’.

Well soon enough he had this blue zip folder. He told her what was in it was expensive but almost magical. One night when they were out, I looked. It had Viagra, other similar things; it also had HGH (human growth factor) and steroids that promised strength, growth, etc. Some were even experimental. There also was a gift coupon for laser eye surgery, since he (and I) had problems there too.

Well, it was the worst thing I’d ever done, but payback for a long list of things he’d done to me over the years. I quietly pushed out the window panel in the sun room. Next I took the blue folder, helped myself to some of his cash in a metal tackle box and messed up both their and my bedrooms to cover my tracks. Then I left a phone message on their machine that I was staying with friends.

They got back and called me on my cellphone. I said I was still at my friend’s place, when actually I was at the beach, just waiting for their call. I rushed home and was ‘shocked’ at the burglary. My ‘old man’ went into a funk about the blue folder theft; items in that bag were either irreplaceable or too expensive to repurchase. He was SOL and had to accept the fact that my gorgeous mother was history in twelve months.

After cleaning up, they figured out the net loss was that blue folder and $5,000 from his crude home safe. My mom asked her ‘old man’ what he was going to do to try and change before the year was out. Dejected, he said nothing. Shaking her head, mom then looked at me, .

At that moment I chose to say that I was going to get a small weight set for myself, speaking of self-improvement. My mother smiled, motioned me to come over, and gave me a light buss on the cheek, happy that at least I was trying to move forward.

As the next year progressed, my mother occasionally noticed that I was developing amazingly fast. Of course, just maturing would do that–especially buoyed up by serious weightlifting (I did it hours per day.)

Unknown to her, I also had those prohibitively expensive supplements that her ‘old man’ had lavished upon himself—the ones ‘stolen’ by that ‘intruder’. By the halfway point of that year, I had changed from ‘dork’ to stud. Formerly five foot five and one ten, I had become five ten and one eighty, a lot of it chiseled muscle.

When I worked out by the pool, I often glanced sideways without turning my head. Sure enough, more times than not, my gorgeous mother would be at the window. With the onset of summer, when I got tanned and really buff, my mom’s nipples would pout, slowly erect, and then POP when she saw me in my Speedos. More importantly, she got sopping wet, wet enough to enter, if I so much as entered the same room.

For me, this was going great. I had the weight set as a ‘cover’ to explain my extraordinary development and change from boy to superman. It was harder to explain my ditching of those coke-bottle lens glasses that I (and my ‘old man’) had to wear. I had the laser http://www.izmirlitv.com/ eye surgery, but I told them that I just found contacts that actually worked.

Now we come to the end of that year. My MILF mother was going to give the boot to my father. He just didn’t cut it in bed and she was sick of squandering her ‘good years’ waiting for some inheritance or divorce settlement.

He was desperate–about to give up and move out. Then he noticed that as I came in from cleaning the pool, sweaty, buff, looking like a greased-up body builder on stage, his gorgeous wife briefly stared at me. She went back to her Kindle book, but he noted that her nipples were now poking out thru the tissue thin material. Then he noticed there was a big damp spot down below also. He was all set to lose his temper when he realized he’d found a solution.

He called us together for a family confab. We thought it was about my eighteenth birthday plans, as I’d just become ‘an adult’ that very day. Well, no, it was something totally unexpected: What he said would create total shock and awe.

The old man: “This is going to sound weird, but hear me out. Within a few days, Sue here has vowed to file for divorce. She said that she can do a lot better, and I’m not questioning that. I noticed that she looks at you with not just pride but more than a little lust. My thinking…and just hold on…is that we could solve her ‘needs’ and Jim’s ‘needs’ if the two of you ‘got together’. We could at least try it; nothing would be lost if it didn’t work out and we had to part our ways.”

It was the strangest proposition in history. It also was brilliant. Mom’s insatiable needs for loving could be filled by me, whereas my unspoken lust for her would also be satisfied. We both controlled ourselves and somehow came up with objections. He actually ‘bought it’ and thought he’d have to convince us to come together.

Old man: “Damn it, I thought this was a perfect solution; well, I’m not going to give up easily. Somehow, I’ll just have to convince you two that you can be lovers. Let’s test that once and for all.”

To that end, he had me sit in the big oak chair in the family room. He dragged a ‘reluctant’ wife (my mom) over to me and literally forced her to her knees. He barked for her to reach into the gap of my athletic shorts and pull it out. She did, but when my huge cock appeared, her eyes grew as big as saucers.

He couldn’t see her lick her lips, look up at me in appreciation and abject submission, then go down to worship it. Soon enough, her head was moving at an incredible rate. I wanted to control myself, but the utter shock of having the object of my dreams ‘going down on me’ was just too much. With a gasp and a sigh, I let loose a tidal wave into her warm, welcoming mouth.

All of a sudden, dead silence hit the room. Mom got up and looked at me and then him. Finally, slowly at first, from all corners of her mouth, warm white liquid starting oozing out. The incredible volume of my spend made her cheeks puff out. He was a little shocked, and I secretly pleased, when she noisily swallowed that warm ocean of love that remained in her mouth. Everyone was stunned by the sheer erotic scene we had just witnessed.

He didn’t have to ask us if we were willing to go through with it now; he knew. He left the room for an hour to do his income tax. He returned to the family room where mom and I were still trying to recover from the unbelievable pleasure we’d both experienced from our first sexual encounter. Her ‘old man’ for his part figured I’d had enough time to recover.

He ‘ordered’ us to get on with it. In the spirit of the moment, I swept mom up in my arms and carried her to her room. Within seconds we were making out like a pair of longtime lovers. Within a few more seconds, I had her stripped nude and flat on her back. The odds weren’t great but it happened: as I closed in on her, my ten inch manhood somehow found the slot and entered her in one seamless motion. I slid in balls deep. She moaned in pleasure as did I.

I pulled all the way out before plunging in with all the force I could muster. She winced in pain as my oversized cockhead rammed her deepest part like a gentle punch of a child. Thereafter, I was in cervical territory with each deep penetration.

It was driving her wild, between the taps at her deepest parts and the action of my heavy, ribbed with veins, ten inch cock remorselessly dragging itself in and out, in and out. Her vaginal walls, unused to this kind of attention, were oh-so-very-sensitive. She felt every vein, every bump on that invader, my pride and joy as it was dragged slowly against the tingling tissues of her love tunnel. The ending on that deep probe was so large that it dragged itself against all sides of her chamber as it slowly made its way in, then out, again and again.

I was inexperienced in matters of love. I didn’t know that her periodic tensing up and moaning were signposts of the big ‘O’. As clumsy as I was as a virgin lover, I had somehow elicited eight orgasms from my beautiful mother.

About halfway into our forty minute love session, I noticed that the old man was a voyeur, silently watching us. That was cool; the idea of me ‘sticking it’ to his wife while he watched was an ultimate fantasy of mine anyway. I got up on all fours, only connected to mom by that long tube, my ten inch babymaker.

In all my formative years, I’d never seen my beautiful mother in anything revealing. Now, there she was! Plump breasts, shapely legs, soft feet massaging me as I serviced her; it was all so overwhelming. Between her beauty and that Viagra I had ‘borrowed’ from that blue bag, it was no wonder we could carry on for a solid forty minutes.

From the intensity of our breathing, anyone could tell we were about to get off together. Sure enough, to our mutual shock and amusement, we heard a voice at the doorway.

Old man: “I wasn’t spying on you, just walking by. Sue, remember that calendar hanging on the door of your closet: you’d better use precautions or have him dump his load into the trash. Well, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone now.” [He threw us a pack of condoms. He had purchased them years before.]

To be honest, I hadn’t considered anything past satisfying Mr. Johnson. I looked at mom, wondering if she was going to send me packing or, worse, make me wear a condom.

Mom: “I don’t know what to say. I didn’t even think in those terms…about the risk of pregnancy. Well, he’s right. I hate to do this to you, but you’re going to have to put one on.”

I was frustrated; you’d be too if you had yourself in the warmest, tightest, most welcoming place and were ordered to put on a full-size ‘raincoat’.

Grumbling all the way, I opened the package and put it on. I noticed, though, that he had had these condoms for a LONG time; the latex was incredibly brittle. I didn’t tell mom this, though. That poor condom, stretched to the max to encompass my big mushroom shaped cockhead, could only cover the crown at the very end. I was too much man for those rubbers.

We went back to our lovemaking as if we hadn’t stopped. Determined to enter parts of my gorgeous mother that no one ever had, I pushed her forward, rolling her up, with her legs now draped over my shoulders, her perfect smooth feet dangling in the air. Her eyes were closed but opened all the way in shock as I quietly but determinedly entered her womb. She was totally unprotected and at maximum fertility.

We French-kissed, making out as I gently pushed her until she was angled upward as I sat on my heels on the bed. We were now two people literally connected as one. My testes were huge, swollen with potent seed. Each globe was the size of a large apple and stored enough vibrant spermatozoa to knock up all the women in a small nation.

With a final manly grunt of satisfaction, I pressed downward with all the strength and force I could muster. With my mouth on her warm pliant lips, our tongues playing, my cockhead swelled with power. At first I could feel…even hear…the jets of love splashing against the latex condom. Then, after a few copious jets of my love liquid, what I hoped would happen…did happen. That old condom, brittle and stressed to the max by the size of my manhood, just gave way.

Almost instantly, I could feel a change. My cockhead once again was in a warm, welcoming place. This time it was returning the favor, bathing mom’s rubbed red and raw inner passage with a soothing bath of warm, love liquid. On and on the firehose-like deluge continued.

My beautiful mother’s eyes popped open again; she could sense the warmth flowing into her. Instead of kicking me off her and running to clean out my genetic material, she locked her ankles around me. She whispered for me to stay inside of her after I was finished. It was just something that men were supposed to do…after they tried to impregnate their woman.

Mom: “That’s it, Jimmy, fill me up. Give mommy all of your precious seed. Make mommy pregnant with your baby. Oh God, so much cum, so much sperm, you must really want me to have a baby. I promise you…if you knock me up, I will give birth…”

I was stunned that she accepted my seed and even encouraged me. Sure enough, I stayed inside of her, still hard, still shooting. We kissed before we both fell into a gentle sleep.

One hour after we had fallen asleep, her old man came back and looked in on us. He saw the open condom package and congratulated himself. Now mom would let him stay, there’d be no costly divorce, and those condoms ensured that nothing ‘unseemly’ would happen. It was all so neat and perfect; if he only knew that as he looked down upon us, basking in his genius, my gorgeous mother conceived.

Yes, four of my little guys had found the prize of prizes: my beautiful mom’s precious ovum. So, as her ‘old man’ stood above us as we slept on his marital bed, those four little guys steered that thing against her inner walls, achieving the pinnacle: I had made my beautiful mother pregnant.

Our lovemaking continued without pause. To his anger, we sometimes spent all day in bed, with food delivered for us. He was comforted that we used those condoms; he was unaware (as were we) that mom was already pregnant. He also didn’t know that I carefully opened the condoms and put them in my pocket. Later I threw them out, unused, into the kitchen trash bin.

About six weeks after our first lovemaking, mom sensed something was amiss. She went to her doctor who confirmed it: mom was pregnant. I was ecstatic as was she. She took great delight in informing him of the ‘new reality’. He would now have to sleep in my room while I slept in the master bedroom with mom. Condoms were a thing of the past. We had a lot of time to catch up on so we’d go bareback riding.

This wasn’t the ending that he had planned for, but at least he wasn’t out on his ear. It all worked out in the end: he would tend to the growing army of toddlers we produced. First it was quadruplets, then two boys and finally twin girls. We had matched ‘Kate Plus Eight’ and had more fun reaching that goal than anyone in history.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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