Standing in the Doorway

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I stand in the doorway and watch as you stretch up to the top shelf for something. You are on your tiptoes and the muscles of your legs are flexing. I follow your smooth skin up your legs, from your ankle to the bend in your knees.

Your short black skirt barely covers the bottom of your ass. The white tank top is straining to hold in your large breasts. Your hair is flowing across your shoulders, wet from your shower. I can’t help slipping my hand into my pants and stroking my dick.

I slip up behind you and press my hard cock against your ass. I want you to feel how horny I am. Wrapping my arms around your waist, I gently kiss your neck and shoulders, pushing the straps of your tank top over your shoulders. You push back against me, showing your appreciation to the hard cock rubbing up and down the crack of your ass. I reach up with both hands and cup your giant tits.

I gently caress and rub your nipples through the tank top, all the while kissing and licking your neck and shoulders. You turn around and we kiss, our tongues finding each others. The embrace is intense. Passion and lust-filled moans escape your lips as I continue to massage your breasts. Reaching down, I slip my hand underneath your skirt and realize you aren’t wearing any panties. I find your freshly shaved pussy easily. I can feel the heat coming from your inner fire.

You must really be enjoying the attention because your pussy is dripping down your legs. I want to taste you so bad. You push me back against the counter and start taking your tank top off. Your gorgeous tits are finally exposed to me. I can’t help but reach out to touch them, but you playfully smack my hands away. Slipping your thumbs into the waistband, you bend over slightly and slowly slide your skirt down your legs showing me your glorious ass.

You kick your skirt aside and pull me to you and we kiss again. This kiss is driven with lust, as you stick your tongue into my mouth. I lower my head to your amazing tits and take one of your nipples into my mouth. As I lick and gently pull on your nipple with my teeth, a low moan escapes your lips. You are breathing heavy.

I move to the other breast and try to put as much of your tit into my mouth. You are running your hands through my hair, pulling me into your chest, and grabbing my head. güvenilir bahis You start kissing my neck and licking your way to my chest, grabbing my shirt and pulling it off. You attack my chest, licking and sucking on my nipples. As you get onto your knees, you slowly kiss your way down my stomach.

You look up at me with lust filled eyes and a wicked smile on your face as you unhook my pants. In one motion, you pull my pants down. My dick is standing at full attention. You start kissing the base of my dick and pulling my balls into your hot mouth. I lightly caress the sides of your face and moan with anticipation of what is to come next. You slide your tongue up the underside of my dick until you reach the tip.

Swirling your tongue around the head, you taste the precum that has gathered at the tip. You smack your lips together with a gratifying “Yum!” Finally, you open your mouth and take my hard cock into your mouth. The feeling is amazing. You pull back just to the head and then you dive back down, taking all of me into the back of your throat. You start sucking and twirling your tongue around my dick, making slurping sounds and trying to swallow my entire dick.

The sensations are too much for any mortal man to handle. I can feel the cum boiling in my balls. I grab the sides of your head as I slide my hard cock into your mouth with lust filled abandon. I can feel the tightening of my balls. My cock expands even more as it prepares to give you a mouthful of hot cum. You sense my excitement and you pull back preparing for my explosion. With one giant thrust forward, I slam my dick into your mouth and explode my hot cum down your throat. You grab my ass to try and hold my dick in your mouth. You swallow all that I have to offer, keeping me in your mouth until the sensations have passed and I have calmed down.

Standing up and passionately kissing me, I can taste my cum on your lips. I spin you around and lift you up on the counter. You know what I want. You raise your legs up and put your heals on the counter, exposing your wet pussy to me. I drop to my knees and kiss your shaved pussy. Breathing in deep, I can smell your desire. You are dripping juices and I can’t wait to taste you. You grab the back of my head and pull me into you. I stick out my tongue and lick you from the bottom türkçe bahis of your lips up to the top of your pussy. I take your clit into my mouth and suck on it, flicking my tongue all around your sensitive button. This is driving you crazy.

You are rocking back and forth, trying to get more of your pussy into my mouth. I reach for your tits with one hand and with the other I put two fingers into your hot pussy. Fucking your cunt with my fingers, I lick and nibble on your clit. The orgasm starts deep within you, and eventually takes over your entire body. Shaking and raising your body off the counter, I’m having a hard time holding onto you as your orgasm hits full force. You cry out and grab my head, pulling me into your pussy. When you have come down from your orgasm you release my head and pull me up for a kiss, mixing the taste of our juices together.

I can’t take it anymore, I need to feel your pussy wrapped around my hard dick. You wrap your legs around my waist and wrap your arms around my neck as I pick you up and carry you into the other room. Laying you down on the couch, I take one of your tits into my mouth. You cry out, “Please Fuck Me!”. I put the head of my dick at the opening of your tender pussy. The tension is killing you, you are pushing forward trying to get my dick to enter your pussy. Finally, leaning forward, the head of my dick enters your wet pussy. I push all the way in until my dick is buried in you. Screaming “Yes!”, your orgasm hits and you start shaking and crying out in passion.

I continue to feed my dick into your pussy. Your cunt muscles are massaging my dick, trying to get me to cum inside of you. I grab your legs and put your ankles up over my shoulders. Slamming my dick into you, my balls are slapping into your ass. I have your knees pinned next to your ears as I ram my dick into your hot pussy. We are panting and sweating like wild animals. With one huge thrust, I slam my dick into your pussy and shoot my cum into you.

Your pussy walls are pulling the cum out of me. You explode with another orgasm that turns you speechless. You can’t make a sound. Finally, you cry out and let loose with everything that you have left. I put your legs down and collapse on top of you. We are breathing heavy and sweating like animals. I continue to move slowly inside güvenilir bahis siteleri of you. I’m not finished yet. We lay together for a few minutes, caressing and kissing each other. I slowly pull out of you and motion for you to turn around.

You get on your hands and knees and push your ass up in the air. I position myself behind you and enter your pussy. I am sliding my dick all the way into your wet pussy. I reach around and play with your clit while I’m fucking you doggie style. Playfully, I reach up and grab a handful of hair and give a gentle pull. You seem to love this sign of dominance. I grab both of your shoulders and pull you into me, making my dick slam into your pussy. Another orgasm rockets through your body as you bury your face into the couch cushions.

After you calm down, I slowly pull out of you. I run back into the kitchen to grab something I saw earlier. I come back into the living room where you are still laying with your ass up in the air. I slid in behind you and stick my dick back in your pussy. It slides in easily because you are so wet. After getting your juices all over my dick, I pull out and place the head of my dick at the entrance to your ass. You purr a naughty little laugh and I thrust forward. My dick slowly slides into your butt. You gasp out loud and then let out a loud moan.

My dick sinks all the way down to my balls into your ass. I pause for a moment then slowly pull back. Just when I’m about to slip out, I slide my cock back inside. We get a good rhythm going and you are moaning out load. I reach down and grab the cucumber that I got from the kitchen. I rub the cucumber over your pussy as I slam my cock into your ass. When the cucumber is covered with your juices, I slowly insert it into your pussy. You stop thrusting, a little confused because you are being filled completely.

I get the cucumber all the way inside of you and start moving my dick inside your ass. I get a steady rhythm going and you start to get into it. You are loving having both holes filled to the max. As your orgasm takes you, I feel the vibrations from your pussy and your ass muscles and it sets me off. I slam my dick into your ass and shoot a huge load of cum deep inside you.

We buck and thrash together like wild animals as our orgasms subside. I reach up and grab your tits as they hang down from your chest. You roll over and pull me on top of you, sticking your tongue deep into my mouth. I know now that we are never going to finish cooking dinner tonight, at least we had our dessert!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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