Star QB: The College Years Ch. 01

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As always constructive criticism is always welcome via comments or email. Thanks to everyone who loved the first in this series, and to everyone who had problems with it, I tried to change some things to make it more acceptable.


The summer after Sean graduated from High School was arguably the greatest summer of his life. So far, of course. Not only did he break up with Becky shortly after prom, but he and his sister had the entire house to themselves for most of the day. So there was no shortage of fucking in every room and every position imaginable. Quite often right up until their parents got home.

How’d the breakup go, you’re probably wondering?

Well, it went as well as a breakup is expected to go. Lots of crying and pleading, solely from Becky. She also asked “But why?” a lot. Sean didn’t have the nerve to tell her that she was the worst sex of his life. Mainly because that wasn’t the only reason for leaving her. It had to do more with the fact that she had the rest of their lives planned out and she took no account for what he had a passion for. She wanted to pigeonhole him into a 9-5 man, working in an office, and he had no say in the matter. Sean felt a weird pang of guilt after he broke up with Becky, not because he cared for her, but because she cared so much for him. In the end he knew that he couldn’t go on living that life because he would be unsatisfied for the rest of his.

Upon breaking up with Becky he went straight to his sister for comfort. He told her exactly what happened and exactly what was said. She comforted him in the way a loving older sibling does, listening and reassuring him that he made the right decision. After she was sure that he was confident in the decision he made, she did what few other sisters do for their brothers. She dropped to her knees and yanked off his shorts. As always, she was delighted to see his dick, she marveled at its length and girth. Taking it in her hands she slowly massaged it till it got to its full length. Quickly sucking his balls into her mouth she rhythmically stroked her brothers shaft. She could feel his pulse through his dick in her hands, and abandoned his balls to wrap her lips around his dick. She bobbed away, all the time hoping that her attention to his prick would wash away his guilt. And when she felt his hand on the back of her head she knew that the last thing in his mind was his ex-girlfriend. This spurred her on and she tried to force herself down as far as she could. Unfortunately her throat was nothing like her pussy, which could take a pounding from him, this didn’t deter her though. She knew it was more important to keep a wet constant rhythm, than just taking it as deep as possible. So she did just that until she felt Sean tense up. She moaned with her throat as she knew he was approaching his orgasm.

“Cum on my face little brother!” She said in the most big-sisterly voice she could muster.

Sean exploded the moment she said that, watching his thick cum shoot rope after rope on his big sister’s face. He was ready to fuck her right then and there while he watched her clean the cum from her face into her mouth. But they heard their mother yell out that dinner was ready so they would have to postpone the fuck session to later that night.

So where did Sean go to college? Where do you think? He applied to, and got into, the same school his sister attends. Furthermore, he received a full athletic scholarship. Now Vivian, being the big sister, made sure that he wasn’t just attending because she was there. She wanted to make sure that the school offered everything that he wanted. After many a sexual innuendo was made, Vivian was satisfied that Sean was making the decision with the brain located in his skull rather than the one in his pants.

One day over the summer Sean had gotten a letter from the college, outlining the orientation process. It was just then that his sister came over to him with her brilliant idea.

“Hey I have a brilliant idea!” She said quite enthusiastically.

Sean raised his eyebrows.

“We should get an off campus apartment!”

“One bedroom or two?” He said sarcastically.

She ignored his obvious attempt at sarcasm. “It could end up being cheaper than me driving back and forth to school everyday. We could probably even get a stipend from your scholarship for it.”

Now Sean knew exactly why she was suggesting this, obvious she wanted free reign to fuck her little brother at any time she wanted. But did he want this, he would basically be tied down to his sister for the entire year, what if he found someone that he wanted to be with? How would she take that? Would it ruin their relationship as siblings if he were to date someone?

In the millisecond it took him to think of that Vivian was waiting for a response. “Fuck yea! Let’s do it!” Realizing that this was only his freshman year in college he would probably not be the stud like he was in his senior year of high school.

The two ran it over with their parents that night at dinner, and they seemed to be very güvenilir bahis open to the idea. So it was only a matter of finding a place that was affordable and near the campus. And as luck would have it, after a short internet search, they found just the place.

There were just a few weeks left in the summer, but it’s not like it mattered to Sean and Vivian, they were going to be living together. They spent the rest of the summer fucking and lazily packing their things.

Today was the day, at least it was the day for Sean, because he was a freshman he had to attend freshman orientation. And put up with all the stupid get-to-know-you games that the summer RAs had planned. Even though he had his own place with his sister, he still had to spend the first couple of days in campus dorms.

After all that was done he was free to help unload the car into the apartment that he shared with his sister. It was much easier and less stressful than a typical college move in because it was off campus. After the last box was out of the rental van, the parents decided it would be a good idea to take a short tour around the campus and have lunch with their kids before they left them.

Sean and Vivian returned to their apartment to begin the laborious task of unpacking and organizing. They both put on their prefered music and got to it. Starting in the their bedrooms hanging up clothes and making the bed. Afterwards, Sean set up the living room and connected the TV that was a gift from their parents, while Vivian put away what few pots, pans and dishes they had. Exhausted from the move in they both took a shower and lounged in front of the TV before retiring to bed.

In the middle of the night Sean opened his eyes, scanning the room as it was unfamiliar. He listened for his parents and suddenly realized they weren’t there. Then it dawned on him, they would never be there, he was on his own. He wouldn’t have that worry any more. Gingerly he got out of his bed and walked down the short hallway to his sister’s room. He opened her door and watched for a second as she slept in just a white t-shirt.

“hey” He whispered. When she didn’t respond he moved closer to her. “Viv.” He said only slightly louder. She still didn’t wake. He sat on the bed and rest a hand on her shoulder. “Viv.” gently shaking her.

“Hmm? Wha?” She said wiping her eyes.

Sean just crawled in bed with her.

She scooted over to give him room. “What’s the matter baby bro, have a bad dream?” She mocked him.

Sean chuckled. “No, just realized that we don’t have to worry about mom and dad catching us anymore.”

Vivian smiled and pushed her butt against her brother’s crotch.

Sean ran his hand up his sister’s leg to her waist and gripped her hip, flexing his dick so she could feel it pressed against her.

Vivian just cooed at feeling her brother’s massive tool. Her hands reached back and tugged at his boxers.

Sean took the hint and pulled them down and kicked them out of the bed. His prick sprang free and Vivian lifted her legs slightly to trap it between them.

Vivian was already as wet as Sean was hard, so it was no problem for her to slip him inside her with just the slightest adjustment of her waist.

Sean slowly pumped away at his sister’s sopping wet cunt. With his left hand firmly grasping her waist, his right was under her slowly pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers.

“Mmmm Sean, you feel so good.” She moaned.

He just kissed the back of her neck while maintaining the same pace as when he started.

Vivian reached back and grabbed his ass, squeezing it with each thrust, also pushing back against him each time. She could feel him kissing all over her back and neck, sometimes gently grazing her ear. Each time sending shivers up her body.

Without warning Vivian pulled away from her brother, quickly ditched her shirt, and straddled him. Easily sliding him back inside her, taking every inch of it. When she felt him fully planted inside her, she made sure to give an acknowledging wiggle. A sort of nod to him, so that he would know who was the first woman to ever be able to accept all of his manhood.

“Fuck!” He moaned. His hands gripped her waist while his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Vivian tossed her hair around and smiled at him, loving the effect she was having on her little brother. She rocked her hips back and forth, grinding into him, using his chest as an anchor point. She was able to impale herself onto him seemingly deeper and deeper each time.

She looked down at her brother, who had said very little, her hair had created a cocoon around their faces. “You okay?” she asked.

Sean only reached up to grab her face and kiss her.

Vivian threw her head back, arching her back, and rode her brother like he was a horse. Her tits bounced up and down, but were quickly held in place by Sean’s hands. She grabbed his hands and squeezed them, forcing some of her breast from between their fingers.

“Oh god.” She moaned as one hand left her türkçe bahis brother’s and found his mouth. He licked her fingers till they were wet and then she found her clit quickly. She rubbed circles feverishly knowing that she was moments away from an orgasm. “Oh Fuck Sean!” She said while looking in his eyes. “Oh shit yes!” She said through gritted teeth.

Sean watched in amazement as his sister’s stomach tightened up, flexing harder than he had ever seen it. She rode him at an almost blinding pace, and working just as fast on her clit.

“SEAN!” She yelled as she threw her head back. Her steady rocking pace was now erratic and her hand remained still. She held her breath as she rode out the final waves of her orgasm. Collapsing into his chest when it was finally over. “Mmmm I’m tingly all over.” She said in his ear with a huge smile on her face. “Now it’s your turn!” Her simile turned devilish.

Vivian sat straight up and picked up the same pace she had prior to her orgasm.

“Fuck Viv, you’re so wet!”

She knew how wet she got after she came so she used it to get her brother off. She placed her hands at the side of his chest and rocked her hips as fast as she could.

“Jesus Viv!”

His hands found her waist and he just held on.

“Mmmm how’s my soaking wet pussy feel on your giant dick?”

“Fuck. Me! You feel so good Viv!”

“Is your sister’s pussy gonna make you cum?”

“Fuck yea!” He grunted.

Vivian moved from basically being in a kneeling position, to putting her feet on the bed in a squat position. This allowed her to ride her brother’s dick, the entire length of it. Up and down she rode, as fast as she could. Getting all the way to the tip before she impaled herself on it again and again.

“Shit. Yes.” Sean moaned, while matching her thrusts. “Fuck Viv, I’m gonna…”

“Mmmm I want it.” She cut him off.

“Viv, I’m gonna…”

Vivian just slammed harder onto her brother, being sure that he felt every inch of her velvety wet pussy.

“FUCK…VIV!…I’m…” Instinctively Sean pulled her down onto him as he shot his load inside her, still pushing up into her as he felt each pulse of cum fire into her.

“Yes!” She excitedly exclaimed as she moved back to a kneeling position on top of him. Slowly gyrating her hips, hoping to coax out the last bit of cum from her brother’s balls.

“Jesus Viv that was amazing…” He panted. “…but please tell me you are on some form of birthcontrol?”

“Of course you idiot, how do you not already know that?” She said while playing with her tits, smiling ear to ear.

They quickly fell asleep not long after.

The first day of college; easy for Vivian as she already knew the campus quite well, but even after orientation it was still unfamiliar for Sean. He constantly found himself checking what building he was walking into, even asking for directions from some of the upperclassmen. This wasn’t much of a worry to him as he figured that it would only last a few weeks.

What wasn’t unfamiliar to him was the football field, as soon as he got out there he knew he would be at home. Not at all to his surprise he wasn’t going to be the starting quarterback, the team already had one, but he was a senior. Nonetheless Sean was going to practice just as hard as the starter. There wasn’t any practice as it was just the first day, but there was a team meeting, the coach introduced all the new players to the current squad. He went over all the rules and guidelines, and codes of conduct he expected his players to abide by. Sean listened dutifully as the coach talked. He seemed more like a drill sergeant, but he found it refreshing, all the other players respected his style of coaching. A no bullshit approach, no excuses, but still someone with whom you could go to with a problem.

It was well after eight before Sean got home, he ended up having dinner in the dining hall with some of his teammates. He enjoyed the comradery with them, it was different from high school where he felt he was competing against his team to be recognized. Even after one day he felt closer to them than almost all of his old teammates.

Upon walking through the door he saw his sister sitting on the futon watching TV. “Hey Viv.” He just marched to his bedroom, cracking open a book he had to read for his English Lit class.

About an hour or so later Vivian walked upstairs to check on her brother. “How’s it going?”

Sean looked up from his book. “Good I guess.”

“A bit different than what you expected?”

“Yea, a bit overwhelming. So much work all at once.”

“That’s college life for you, sink or swim.”

Sean just sighed in response.

“I’m here to help if you need me. Love you.” She smiled at him, a big smile, to show she was proud of him.

“Thanks, love you too.” Sean went back to his book, with a small amount of pressure washed away knowing that he had someone there for him.

The rest of the week was like this, for the both of them. For Vivian, she was taking higher level classes that güvenilir bahis siteleri meant even more of her time would be taken up by studies. For Sean it was having to dedicate so much more time than he was used to, and practice was even longer than it was in high school.

By the end of the week they were both exhausted and looking forward to spending the weekend catching up with each other and on the inevitable homework they were assigned.

And homework it was, the professors didn’t care much that it was the first weekend of the school year.

Sean roused from his bed and stumbled his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth when he was hit by the aroma of coffee. “Viv you up?” He hollered out.

“Yea. What do you want for breakfast? We have cereal. Or cereal.” She chuckled to herself.

Sean laughed with a mouthful of toothpaste. “Cereal please.”

When he made his way downstairs he noticed his sister on the futon in just a white tee and black panties. “Nice!” He said as he looked her over on his way to the kitchen.

“Well no reason to cover up right.” She said quite matter of factly.

Sean joined his sister on the couch while they both ploughed through their assigned school work.

Several hours went by without either of the two getting up from the futon, both quite engrossed in their respective studies. Sean’s phone chirped, alerting him that he received a text, it was from one of his teammates.

“Huh.” He said reading it to himself.

“Gonna share?” She asked.

“Well, turns out there’s a party tonight at one of my teammates place.”

“Oh, cool”

“Wanna go?” He said as he turned towards her.

“Yea I guess, if I’m invited.”

“I’m inviting you, wanna go?” He said poking her in the ribs.

“Okay, fine!” She playfully shoved him with her foot.

As it was still the middle of the day and the party wasn’t until nine, they continued their school work, only getting up to take a shower as the time drew nearer to leave.

“HEY!” Vivian called out from her room.

“Yea?” Sean called back.

“What type of party is it?”


“Is it like dress up, or casual?” She said while staring at her closet, completely naked.

“It’s the first party of the year, doubt it’s a fancy one.”

Vivian still stood at her closet, shifting her weight from one foot to the other while trying to figure out what to wear. She inspected everything she had before she settled on black leggings, a blue sleeveless tunic, and flip flops.

“Looks good.” He said, eying his sister in a manner that few brothers do.

She thanked him and smiled.

They left their house and walked towards one of the on campus apartments, in that time Sean caught his sister up on who they would be meeting there. This was as much an event for Vivian as it was Sean. She had never been to a party like this before, being a commuter student last year she only got invited to hang out with a few of her classmates. This was altogether different, the people she met tonight could possibly be professional players after they graduated. Not that it really mattered to her, she didn’t follow football other than how well her brother was doing. But this was going to be an actual party, and not just a bunch of girls in a dorm room sharing a bottle of wine.

After a short walk they arrived at the campus apartments, and it wasn’t difficult to figure out where the party was. The bass could be heard from down the block, and the blacklight lit up every window. Sean knocked on the door, but realized that no one would hear it so he just turned the knob and walked in. There he was greeted by the team’s quarterback, Colin, he stood at 5’11’ (~1.8m) long blond hair and typical pretty boy looks. Colin put a beer in Sean’s hands before he even said hi.

“Thanks man! This is my sister Vivian.” Sean had to yell over the music.

“Nice to meet you.” She said. Unprepared for the embrace she got.

“Tony and the rest of the boys are in the other room playing beer pong, go let em’ know you’re here.” Colin instructed Sean. Colin had taken Sean under his wing to show him the ropes of how different college ball is from high school.

“Come on!” Sean grabbed his sister, who hadn’t gotten a drink yet.

When he walked into the back room, which was just a bedroom with the beds moved to fit the beer pong table, he threw his hands up and yelled. “What’s up bitches!” His teammates responded in kind, basically just making a lot of noise. Sean introduced his sister to the guys, to which they immediately all asked if she was single.

“Hey man, you guys are just in time, we’re a person short on each team.”

Sean quickly took one spot and his sister on the other.

“I’ve never played this before.” Vivian said to the guy on her team. They quickly went over the rules, but basically told her try to get the ball in the cup.

The game started and VIvian seemed to be a natural, talking smack to the other team and making faces at her brother. Who she saw was being chatted up by the girl on his team, she was surprised that this didn’t bother her. Then a devious thought popped into her head, that she would of course share with her brother later. Until then, her and her team continued on a winning streak.

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