Step by Step

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Camilla was a short, blonde bombshell. When she graduated from high school she decided not to go on to college as she’d never been academically inclined, but got herself an apprenticeship with a florist instead. She thrived in the artistic environment and as soon as she finished her training she borrowed money from her parents to set up her own shop. That’s when disaster struck. Her mother was killed in a car accident, leaving Camilla with the only father she’d ever known, 40-year old Gerard.

The two helped each other through the grief and slowly adapted to the new life. Gerard went on a few dates, but he didn’t seem interested in any new women. Camilla dated occasionally, but although she wasn’t a virgin she didn’t seem to date anyone long enough to get to the point of having sex with them. Unbeknownst to each other, they were getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of sexual satisfaction in their lives.

One night Camilla had been watching a saucy episode of her favourite TV-show and her pussy was dripping wet as she headed off to bed. She got her “rabbit” out of its hiding space and moistened it with her slippery pussy juices. She undressed and lay on top of her bed, fucking herself with her toy, not noticing that Gerard came home.

As he entered the house he heard some peculiar sounds from Camilla’s bedroom so he walked towards her door. The door hadn’t been properly closed so he opened it slightly, expecting to see Camilla fucking some boyfriend. His cock stood to immediate attention when he realised that she was masturbating. She sounded so hot and looked even hotter from his vantage point, looking straight between her shapely thighs. He watched her squeeze her firm tits tights and moving the buzzing pink toy in her cunt as it stimulated both her clit and her fuck hole.

He surprised himself by wishing that it was HIM holding the rabbit. That thought caught him off guard and he quickly moved to his own bedroom. But he couldn’t get rid of the mental image of Camilla fucking herself. He logged on to his computer and went to his favourite porn site and searched for blondes masturbating, but none of them looked as sexy as his stepdaughter.

That’s when he knew why he hadn’t been able to find satisfaction since his wife had died. He wanted Camilla. He knew that he didn’t want her as a replacement for her mother, as his wife had been tall, dark and slim. Camilla took after the travelling salesman that her hotel receptionist mother had had a one-night-stand with. Gerard had been Camilla’s dad since she was 2 years old and until tonight he’d just seen her as the little girl in pigtails. But now it finally dawned on him that she was a highly sexual adult. And she was the woman he desired.

As he let his hand do the job he fantasised Camilla’s cunt or mouth would soon do, he started making a plan. He was going to fuck Camilla, but he didn’t want to scare her off by slipping into her bed tonight (even though that was what his cock was begging him to do). He had to plan this carefully so that she slowly came around to his way of thinking.

Camilla’s shop was still in its infancy and as a carpenter Gerard knew that he could do a lot to help her. One morning he asked Camilla what she needed doing and he made a plan to do it all. He made sure that he got there just before closing so that they’d be alone together. Then he asked Camilla to come and help him with various tasks. He was perfectly able to do all the work without an assistant, but he asked her to help him hold things in place and when both her hands were occupied he brushed past her, “inadvertently” resting his cock against her ass, or his arm against her tits. He pretended not to notice when Camilla got a bit flushed by the intimate touches.

When they were alone together in the evenings he deliberately chose to watch movies with steamy love scenes and chuckled quietly to himself as Camilla squirmed next to him. After she went to bed he snuck up to her door, opened it quietly and watched her masturbate herself to sleep. It was painful to watch her using her toys on her hot snatch and not join her, but he didn’t think she was ready for it yet.

For the next few weeks he kept making excuses to spend time with Camilla and there was an increasing amount of “accidental” body contact. Gerard started noticing that his touches were having an effect on his stepdaughter. Her nipples would stiffen through the fabric of her bras and he felt a surge in his crotch as he noticed how big they were, like cherries crowning huge ice-cream sundaes. He imagined fucking those delicious tits and cumming in her mouth.

Then he started going straight to the kitchen to make his breakfast, before his morning stiffy had settled down and he noticed to his satisfaction that Camilla’s eyes were drawn to his sizeable bulge. He knew that it wasn’t the size of the cock that mattered, but what he did with it, but he’d found that just like men are drawn to huge tits, so are women attracted by a generously sized cock and his thick 8½ inches had received a lot of interest in the past.

Soon something interesting started happening. Camilla started güvenilir bahis playing along with his game. Soon it wasn’t just him brushing past her, but her bending over and resting her tits against his arm. Soon she started wearing tight shorts around the house, with cropped tops, asking him to hold the ladder as she climbed it to get something, giving him ample opportunity to stare up her top and see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. His cock ached, begging him to throw her on the floor and fuck her senseless. He knew that she was ready to be seduced and had started playing with him. Now he wanted to make her beg.

One night Camilla had been out with her girlfriends. When she came home he did exactly what she’d done a few weeks earlier, the incident that had started his obsession with her. He’d left his bedroom door slightly ajar and started stroking his cock as he heard her enter. By this time he was so horny for Camilla that he only had to think of her to make his cock stand to attention and he started stroking it vigorously. He moaned out loud for good measure and soon noticed a shadow outside his door. He made sure his full size was visible to her and the thought of her watching him excited him so much he shot a huge load onto his stomach. He kept stroking his cock after he came until the shadow disappeared from his door and into her own room.

The next week the tension between stepdad and daughter increased a hundredfold. It was coming up to Camilla’s 21st birthday and Gerard decided that it would be the day. He snuck into Camilla’s bedroom to check her underwear size and then he drove to a sexy lingerie shop. He could’ve spent a fortune in there, but settled for a few very sexy pieces. He bought a baby blue babydoll with furry edges and matching g-strings. He then picked up a transparent black bra and French brief set. Then he got daring and picked up a red bra with holes for the nipples and matching open-crotch pants. Finally, on a whim, he picked a remote control egg that he thought he might enjoy using on his sexy stepdaughter.

On Camilla’s birthday Gerard was up early and made them breakfast. It was a Saturday and Camilla had left her assistant in charge of the shop for the weekend. When she walked into the kitchen Gerard kissed her lightly on the lips and gave her a gift.

“Thanks, dad!” she said with a smile, expecting something practical as he always gave her practical gifts.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” he said and smiled expectantly as she opened her gift.

Her eyes opened wide as she realised what the blue fabric was. “Th-thank you,” she stuttered. “It’s gorgeous.”

“You’re gorgeous, darling,” he said, careful to sound like a dad who’d just bought his daughter a sweater, and not the horny guy trying to get himself laid. “Why don’t you try it on and model it for me.”

It didn’t take her long to return and Gerard was struck by how sexy she looked. The babydoll seemed to be serving up her luscious tits on a tray and the sheer fabric left very little to the imagination. He had to pinch himself to stop himself from picking her up and carrying her to bed. He handed her a second parcel.

“Here’s another gift.”

She ripped it open and found the black garments. She suppressed a smile. “Shall I try these on as well?”

“If you want to.”

Damn, she’s hot, was his thought when she walked back in. She was short and curvy without being fat. The transparent black material made her nipples look dark and inviting and her clean shaven slit looked ever so inviting in the minimal undergarment. He smiled and handed her another parcel. She didn’t even bother unwrapping it before him, but simply took it to her room. He adjusted his crotch in anticipation. She took longer this time, but it was well worth the wait when she showed up, stark naked apart from the straps that surrounded her tits and the fabric that framed her pussy.

“You like the way your little girl looks, daddy?” she asked innocently.

“Daddy’s little girl is very pretty,” he said nonchalantly. “In fact, here’s another birthday gift for you.”

“I must have been a good girl,” she mused, fully aware of where his gaze was fixed as she unwrapped the egg.

“Why don’t you put that somewhere safe while I serve your breakfast,” Gerard said and turned his back on her.

Camilla rose to the challenge and didn’t even exit the kitchen. Her pussy was dripping wet by now and the crotchless pants were ideal for slipping things into her cunt. She sat down and moaned lightly as the delicious egg made its presence known. She’d wanted Gerard since she was old enough to fuck, and she’d realised for a while now that he wanted her as well. His presents had taken her by surprise, but now she was enjoying the game and eager to see what he’d planned next.

She didn’t have to wait long. As they tucked into their food Gerard’s hand slipped into his pocket and all of a sudden she felt the egg starting to vibrate inside her. It was wonderful. She struggled not to moan and even more to continue eating her breakfast. She was starving, but it wasn’t for food. Her pussy was on fire and she could türkçe bahis feel a puddle forming on her chair.

“Are you OK?” Gerard asked casually.

“Yes,” she managed to say, all too aware that her face was bright red. “You?”

“Very well, thank you.”

His hand slipped into his pocket again and the vibrations in her pussy intensified. She stopped pretending to eat. The pleasure was intense. She was breathing heavily. Her firm tits bounced up and down as she tried to control her breathing, her nipples were hard and her chest flushed. Gerard smiled and flicked the switch in his pocket to maximum. She grabbed hold of the table and started moaning.

“Oh… Oooooooooh… Yes…” she moaned.

Her hips started gyrating on the chair. She grabbed her tits with her hands and massaged them, pushing one up so that she could suck and bite her nipple.

“Want me to stop?” Gerard asked.

“Fuck no!” she cried out. “Don’t stop… Oh… more… Yes, daddy… more!!!!!”

He moved around the table and kneeled on the floor behind her chair. He kissed her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her.

“You’re putting on quite a performance for daddy, baby,” he whispered. “I’m so proud of you.”

She moaned in reply. He reached for her pussy lips and parted them. Her clit was engorged and bright red as he placed his finger on it and started teasing it.

“I want you to cum for daddy now, baby,” he said softly and started circling her clit with his finger.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she moaned louder. “Not long now…”

“Cum, baby. Cum for daddy.”

“Oh…” she groaned. “I’m cummmmmmmming!”

She started shaking as she surrendered to the intense pleasure.


Her body arched and she wrapped her arms around him as her orgasm intensified.

When she finally stopped cumming he pulled her up and kissed her on the tip of her nose.

“Bend forward, baby,” he said and she did as she was told. His fingers soon found the string and he had to give it a tug for her satisfied cunt to release it. “I might let you borrow this again, if you’re a good girl.”

He then cleared the table and started doing the dishes. He soon felt Camilla’s presence behind him.

“Was that it?” she asked.

“Weren’t those enough birthday presents?” he pretended to be hurt.

“Oh, they were lovely,” she admitted. “It just feels like such a shame to let them go to waste.”

“To waste?”

“Well yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend, so who’s going to see me in all those gorgeous outfits?”

“That’s a good question,” he admitted. “I didn’t think of that when I bought them.”

“And much as that egg was very nice, it made me really horny and I don’t think it’s a good idea in this day and age for a young girl like me to go out looking for one-night-stands.”

“You’re very sensible, darling.”

“So maybe you can help me, daddy…”

“I’m always happy to help you, sweetheart. What can I do for you?”

“Well, seeing how I’m really horny and don’t have a boyfriend… And you don’t have a girlfriend either… Maybe we could help each other.”

“I’m listening.”

“You could satisfy me with that great big cock of yours and I could satisfy you with my cunt.”

“You want your daddy to fuck you?” he sounded shocked and enjoyed the brief look of insecurity on her face.

“Well…” she started but was interrupted by him as he finished his sentence.

“…without sucking my cock first?”

She dropped on her knees and unzipped his jeans. He thought the look of his member on her red lips was going to make him cum immediately, but he managed to hold back. She’d obviously sucked cock before. Her hands expertly worked the base of his shaft and his balls as her tongue and lips did their thing. He had to grab hold of the edge of the worktop so as not to fall into a heap on the floor as she teased his manhood. She quickly let him slide out of her mouth and continued working him with her hand as she sucked his balls and teased them with her tongue. Then she deepthroated him. She was delicious. He’d never received such an enthusiastic blowjob in his life. It was better than anything he’d ever seen in a porn movie. He didn’t blink for fear of missing any part of this sexy experience. He’d never cum in a woman’s mouth before, but this time he was too caught up in watching his nubile stepdaughter sucking him off that he forgot to pull out. He moaned out loud and started shooting his load deep into her throat. And she swallowed every drop of it.

“You tasted yummy,” she smiled and licked her lips as she finally let go of him. She stood up and kissed him deeply and he could taste the salty remains of his cum. Damn that was hot!

“You’re daddy’s wonderful little cock sucker, aren’t you,” he smiled and grabbed her ass.

“I’m glad you liked it, daddy,” she smiled and took his hand. “But now it’s my turn.”

“Your turn?”

“To be fucked. I want you to fuck me, daddy. I’ve waited for this for three long years. Fuck me today. Fuck your little girl, daddy.”

She walked him to her bedroom that still had the güvenilir bahis siteleri pink furniture she’d favoured as a girl and he found the innocent décor an immense turn-on. He grabbed her from behind and massaged her tits before taking her garments off. They’d been a great prop, but now he wanted her naked. She then helped him undress and soon they embraced, skin to skin. His hairy chest was rough against her naked nipples, but it only seemed to turn her on more. His cock was semi-erect again, pressed against her soft tummy. Their hands discovered each other’s body as their kisses deepened. Soon he moved them onto the bed and their limbs were entwined.

She grinded her wet pussy against his leg at the same time as she stroked his rapidly hardening cock. They didn’t speak, but their moans echoed in the sunlit room. Soon he pinned her under his body and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Without much effort at all he penetrated her, sighing with her moan as his thick shaft filled her tight little cunt. Once he was burrowed deep inside her he slowly pulled out until only his head was left inside. Then he slammed inside her again, crashing his pubic bone against her clit. They both cried out with pleasure.

He picked up the pace. Soon he was fucking her fast and furiously. Her wet cunt made splashing noises every time he plunged inside her and he could smell the sex in the air. He stopped briefly to allow her a chance to place her legs across his shoulders. It made her even tighter around his cock. She was delicious. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had such a tight fuck. She rubbed her clit furiously as he fucked her faster and harder.

Then she came. She cried out loud for her daddy and he continued slamming into her. He’d just cum in her mouth so he had plenty to go before he could cum again. When her shivering cunt had finished cumming he pulled out. He got her up on her knees and kissed her deeply. Then he made her get on her hands and knees. Her pussy was swollen and wet as he watched her from behind. He teased her asshole with his finger and worried her slightly before he drove his cock back inside her cunt. He was balls deep now. He moaned with satisfaction and grabbed her hips tight, grinding his cock inside her, feeling every part of her and making sure she felt every inch of his hard meat in her tight cunt.

He then started fucking her from behind. The wet splashes were louder now and her ass cheeks soon got red from the contact between them and his hips. She groaned with each thrust. She grabbed hold of the headboard and he moaned with delight as he caught sight of her bouncing tits in the mirror. This was so hot. He was fucking the hottest babe he could imagine and the little slut was no other than the girl who’d been his daughter for 19 years.

He reached for her tits and started kneading them. He tweaked her nipples and grabbed her tits hard. He knew that she’d be bruised after their love making, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to get off from the roughness as much as he did.

She reached down for her clit. She started massaging it vigorously. Soon she came again, her cunt squeezing his cock tight. It was delicious. He knew that he didn’t have far to go now, but he wanted one more thing.

“Ride me, baby,” he said as he pulled out of her dripping cunt. “Ride your daddy’s shaft.”

He lay on his back and she straddled him. His cock glistened in the sun that shone through the window as she pulled her pussy lips wide apart and slowly lowered herself on to his shaft. She used her powerful thigh muscles to move up and down his cock and he started kneading her tits again. She leaned forward so that he could suck her nipples. He sucked them, bit them and sucked them again. She rode him hard. She was insatiable. She didn’t seem to be able to get enough of his cock.

He felt a familiar feeling in his balls. He was ready. Now he just needed her with him. He let go of her tits and reached for her pussy. It was bright pink, swollen and dripping wet and she moaned with pleasure when he found her clit.

“Cum for daddy,” he whispered as he started rubbing her pink button.

She rode him faster and harder. He kept massaging her clit. Soon he could feel the increasing pressure on his cock and when she cried out in ecstasy he finally released his load and shot it straight up her cunt.

When they both finished cumming she collapsed onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Then he carefully rolled onto his side and they both fell asleep, his cock still in her cunt.

An hour later they woke up and made love before they hit the shower, where Gerard fucked Camilla against the tiles. They lost count of how many times they fucked that day, Camilla’s 21st birthday. They were still sore the next morning, but it didn’t stop them from fucking some more. They had to drag themselves off to work on the Monday, even though they could hardly walk by then. They lived as lovers until a neighbour happened upon them, fucking in the backyard one afternoon. It caused a bit of a scandal in their small town and they were forced to sell their businesses and move to another part of the country. They’re married now and nobody, not even their two kids, know that they started off as stepdad and stepdaughter, but in their intimate moments Camilla still calls Gerard daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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