Stephanie’s Eighteenth Birthday

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Stephanie Morris opened her eyes and looked around. Everything in her room looked the same but there was one important difference between that day and all the previous ones. That day, besides being Friday, was her eighteenth birthday. To most young women, that would be a happy milestone but Stephanie wasn’t so sure. For the last six months, after her mother had died a year earlier, Roger Glass, her stepfather, had been giving her looks that caused her concern because they seemed like the way a man would look at a girl friend rather than at a daughter and, until recently, she had always thought of herself as his daughter.

He had been like a father to her and she had always addressed him as “Daddy”, which pleased Roger, since her mother married him fifteen years ago. Even after Mom died, there were no real changes in their relationship until the time, six months ago, when Stephanie had been caught in what is sometimes euphemistically called “a compromising situation” in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car. Since that time, Roger’s attitude toward her had seemed to change and Stephanie didn’t like the apparent nature of the change.

At the breakfast table everything seemed the same. Roger gave her a fatherly birthday kiss on her cheek and told her they had reservations at a nice restaurant for her birthday dinner that evening. He drove her to high school and then continued on to his job in the normal way but, as she got out of the car, she thought he was looking unusually closely at her breasts. They were definitely worth looking at and usually she was proud of them and the rest of her body, but just then she thought of her voluptuous figure as something that might get her in trouble.

At dinner, after Roger returned from work, Stephanie wondered if she might have been imagining things and looking for problems where there were none. He was affectionately funny in his usual way and they both enjoyed themselves but after they returned home, Stephanie learned her apprehension was well founded.

Once they were inside, Roger faced her and said “Steph, you’re eighteen years old now. Do you know what that means?”

“Yes, Daddy. I can vote in the next election and I’ll register after school on Monday.”

“I mean besides that.”

Stephanie was aware that, at eighteen years of age, sex with her would no longer be considered statutory rape but she didn’t want to mention that and maybe give Roger ideas. “I can get a credit card and stuff like that.”

“It means all that, because you’re an adult and on your own. It means I no longer have any responsibility for you, so you will have to leave my house. Tonight. Right now.”

Stephanie thought that Roger was making some kind of sick joke and laughed nervously. He didn’t laugh or even smile; his face remained completely serious and became sterner. “You can’t mean that, Daddy.”

“You know, I’m not really your father. And, yes, I do.”

“I know that but you’re the only father I’ve ever known.”

“Maybe so, but I’m not your father so you’ll have to move out of my house.”

“But where will I go?” Stephanie had friends, mostly other girls, but none close enough that she could ask to let her move in with them on such short notice, and she had no relatives within a thousand miles, except for Roger.

“I don’t know. That’s up to you. I have some cardboard boxes and I know you have some suitcases you can use to pack your clothes and things. Anything you can’t take with you tonight, you can come back for. You can call somebody to come and pick you up or I’ll drop you off somewhere.”

“But I don’t have any place I can go. You can’t just kick me out onto the street. Isn’t there something I can do?”

Roger smiled slyly when she asked that and Stephanie realized what he had been thinking about for the last six months. “You don’t actually have to move out of the house, but you will have to move out of your room. And move into my room and my bed. And, when we’re in my bed, we’ll do everything I want to.”

“Please don’t make me do that. Please don’t make me have sex with you.”

“Why not? Aren’t I as good as the Corcoran kid and the other boyfriends you’ve been sleeping with? You don’t have to do what I want but your only other choice is being out on the streets.”

Stephanie had no real desire to be her stepfather’s sex partner, but the idea was not completely repugnant to her either. She was not very experienced sexually; Josh Corcoran had been only the second boy she had ever fucked, but quite a few guys had gotten to third base with her, and most of them would have described themselves as having scored. Most of those boys had gotten their cocks into her mouth, but she had always ended up bringing them to a climax with her hand. She actually enjoyed the sensation of a warm, hard sex organ filling her mouth, except the boys attached to them always started to demand more of her than she was willing to give.

Since the time with Josh, her sexual güvenilir bahis needs had been partially assuaged with her fingers on her clit, but that had been far less satisfying than Josh’s or some other boy’s cock in her pussy or even in her mouth. She came to the decision that what Roger was demanding was far better than walking the streets, and could even have some positive aspects. At the same time, should the evening in bed with him turn out to be something she could never go through with again, Saturday would be a better time to leave and be on her own than the middle of Friday night. She would accept the alternative he offered.

“Should I still call you ‘Daddy’?”

“In public, yes, but when we are in bed or other places together, call me ‘Roger.’ Unless you think of something erotic you want to call me. ‘Daddy’ might even be a good idea, since it also has a sexual meaning.”

“What do you want to do first?”

“How about a nice shower? Together. We can wash each other’s backs and go from there.”

In the master bathroom, Stephanie undressed with her back to Roger. She knew he would have his way with her, and soon, but she still had feelings of shyness toward him. He noticed what he thought of as her coyness but didn’t care. He would soon have his cock inside her and, for the time being, he was admiring her long, blonde hair and curvaceous ass. Even when she got into the shower, she kept her back to him, but that didn’t bother him either, because he knew she would turn around eventually. A few minutes later, as the water sprayed over them, Roger washed her back. When his hands reached the derriere he had been admiring, he continued, caressing her hips and down and around to the bottoms of her buttocks and slowly back up on the insides of those luscious cheeks.

Standing in the shower, Stephanie was feeling a little better. So far, the new relationship had been rather pleasant. Roger was not the first person to have his hands on her ass but his touch felt different from that of the others. Josh and her other boyfriends had rubbed her there, almost as though she were the fender of a car they were waxing, and it hadn’t been at all erotic or even pleasant, at least not to her. Roger’s hands were gently caressing her, demonstrating affection, and it was making her feel what she thought of as “tingly.” Perhaps, she told herself, the rest of the evening will have some things to enjoy, not just endure.

She was a bit startled, but pleasantly so as Roger’s fingers roamed up the cleft of her buttocks, brushing against her rosebud. Stephanie touched herself there frequently, even inserting a finger sometimes when showering, and it felt good, but his fingers felt much better than her own. When he cupped his hands under the cheeks of her ass and lifted up, one of his fingertips pressed against her soapy puckered hole, even penetrating to the first knuckle. Her tingly feelings grew stronger.

My God, she’s got a beautiful ass, Roger was thinking. One day I want to fuck her there; she seems pretty willing, but not tonight. I think I’ll stick my finger in her while I’m eating her pussy, though, and see how she likes that.

“My turn now, Steph.” Roger turned around and his stepdaughter turned around also to begin washing his back.

She had seen him many times in shorts or swimming trunks and knew Roger had a good physique but she had never touched him as intimately as she was doing then. Stephanie was impressed at the muscle tone of the shoulders and back she was washing and, as she reached his ass, she had a daring notion. I’m going to do the same thing to him as he did to me, she told herself, and put the thought into action, fondling Roger’s ass as he had fondled hers, even inserting a finger. It was fun for her.

It was fun for him too and Roger smiled broadly, feeling her fingers in such a private place, and his cock grew even harder. After his back had been rinsed, he turned around to face Stephanie, gazing on her lovely bare breasts for the first time ever. They were everything he had pictured, big and soft, yet nicely uplifted with large rosy nipples and areola against a creamy white background. Gently cupping one of the succulent orbs in either hand, he bent down and began to lick and kiss her nipples, elated at how erect they were already and how they stiffened even more at the touch of his mouth.

He washed her arms and the front of her upper body and rinsed her off. With the soap gone from her body, he kissed her nipples again, and knelt in front of Stephanie to wash the rest of her front, and her legs. This included her pubic area, of course, and as Roger knelt before his stepdaughter to wash her there, he noted with lust how her pussy lips were becoming swollen, confirmation of what he had noted about her nipples.

She is getting really turned on, he thought. Tonight is going to be some of the best fucking I’ve ever had, and I’m going to see to it that it’s the best for her too.

Stephanie’s türkçe bahis thoughts were along the same line. Although no penetration had taken place yet, she was thinking of their shower together as a sexual experience and, so far at least, it had been one of the best of her life. She had been apprehensive at first, but Roger’s gentle caresses had allayed those fears and had gotten her so aroused she was actually looking forward to whatever it was she would be doing later with him. Stephanie was already more turned on, or “tingly” than she had ever been with any guy, even more than when Josh had stuck his cock into her pussy the last time they were together.

Roger straightened up after washing off Stephanie’s legs and feet and handed her the soap and washcloth. “Your turn again, Steph,” he told her.

Routinely, she washed his chest, the front of his shoulders and down his stomach but before going farther, she stopped and stared. All her sexual experiences had been in the back seats of parked cars at night, and Stephanie had felt, but never clearly seen a real cock until she looked at Roger’s prodigious erection. Daringly, she held it in her hand for a few seconds. It felt bigger than any she had ever touched before, and a boldly erotic thought crossed her mind. As she knelt and washed the feet of the man who would soon be her sex partner, she continued thinking about the cock she had just held, how good it had felt in her hand, smooth and hard and warm. Her pussy started lubricating as she thought about how good it could be making her feel there after they finished their shower.

Stephanie finished washing Roger’s feet and looked up again at his cock, sticking out above her. The same thought passed through her mind, about what she liked doing with boys and how they liked it too, maybe even more than she did, and she wondered whether Roger would like it as much. She straightened up but remained on her knees. The stiff cock was inches from her face and she put her fingers tentatively on its base. It felt just as good as it had earlier and the same erotic thought entered her mind for the third time, and this time it stayed there.

Roger was no mind reader but he had done a lot of reading about teenage sex and, from the way Stephanie was looking at his cock and touching it, he thought he knew what she was thinking about doing. “Put it in your mouth if you want to, Steph,” he suggested. If he had thought she didn’t want to, he would have ordered her to suck him off, but he preferred having her do sexual acts she wanted when it was also what he wanted.

He was right about what she wanted. Although blushing slightly in embarrassment over what she was about to do, Stephanie held his cock steady, leaned back and opened her mouth as wide as she could, then leaned forward again and took the tip just within her lips. Tentatively, she touched the cock head with her tongue, liking the velvety feel of it. As she slowly moved her face forward, four inches of Roger’s hard cock slipped into her mouth until the end touched against the back of her throat. So far, it had felt good to Stephanie. It was longer and thicker than any erection she had ever had in her mouth but not too thick to fit between her lips, and she had no thought of taking the entire length anyhow.

She leaned back, almost withdrawing her mouth, paused for a second and leaned forward again enveloping slightly more of the stiff cock than she had before. This time the head pressed more firmly against the back of her throat, and she shivered with joy. Stephanie really liked the way Roger’s cock filled her mouth and she touched the underside of it with her tongue as she drew her head back. Another delightful shiver went through her body, and she could feel her pussy lubricating more heavily and her lips starting to swell even more than they already were.

This is nice, she thought. I hope he lets me keep doing it my way and doesn’t grab my head or pull my hair or something like that.

As she moved back and forth, feeling Roger’s cock gliding in and out between her lips, Stephanie enjoyed it more with every stroke, and she was starting to take more of his shaft into her mouth. Her tongue was more active too, fondling the shaft as it slid into her mouth and licking the head when she held it within her lips. In the past, she had done this kind of thing while awkwardly sitting on a car seat and bending over some boy’s lap after he unzipped his pants.

Although at first she liked the way the cock felt in her mouth, it seemed like the guy always ruined it for her by grabbing her head and trying to ram it in deeper. That made her gag, spoiling whatever fun she was getting, and she always got pissed off and pulled her mouth away. She wouldn’t take his cock back into her mouth that night, even if he said he was sorry, and their parking session ended with her masturbating him. Stroking some guy’s cock with her hand was never any fun for her, especially when he climaxed güvenilir bahis siteleri and got her fingers all sticky with his cum.

That night with Roger was different, though, and she felt in charge, setting the pace and taking his cock as far into her mouth as she liked. Her pleasure continued to increase; she loved the way the big shaft felt in her mouth. She loved its warm, round firmness sliding between her lips as she moved back and forth and the way the tip squashed itself against the back of her throat. Her tongue became even more active, and she reveled in the feel of the smooth skin on the sides and even the top when she caressed the cock as it glided in and out of her mouth. Besides her lustful thoughts about how Roger’s studly organ would feel in her pussy later that night, she was hoping she would be able to take it into her mouth in the future.

She’s a natural, Roger thought, as his lovely stepdaughter continued slowly sucking him off. She likes this almost as much as I do.

Besides her obvious enthusiasm and the way her tongue was laving his cock while it was inside her mouth, he could hear Stephanie murmuring happily with every stroke. One of her hands was at the base of his shaft, holding it steady, while the other was at her clit, her fingers doing for herself what her mouth was doing for him. As his carnal pleasure intensified from the feeling of Stephanie’s lips and tongue caressing his cock and from watching it plunging in and out of her pretty face, Roger could also feel his climax approaching. I hope she lets me shoot into her mouth and that she swallows it, he mused to himself, but he would let her decide that herself.

“I’m getting ready to cum, Honey,” he told her.

Pride surged through Stephanie when she heard that. For one thing, she liked the new term of endearment, but mostly the pride was from her awareness that she was giving so much pleasure to Roger, whom she had already started thinking of as “her man,” that she was going to make him cum. Stephanie had never tasted semen, although she liked the smell of it, and had often wondered what it would taste like. Usually the guys she was masturbating wanted to cum into her mouth, but she had never let anybody do it and had never licked their juices off her fingers either. She would have gladly let them ejaculate there and probably even swallowed if they had let her get them off between her lips, but she did not like the thought of her mouth being just a cum dump for them.

Daddy has been so nice and this has been so much fun that I want him to cum into my mouth, she decided, still thinking of Roger in the way she always had. I hope that’s what he wants. Stephanie tightened her lips slightly on the shaft she was sucking and started stroking faster with them.

She’s going to do it! Roger told himself elatedly. I’m going to drop my wad into her mouth! He held onto the bar on the wall of the shower because he knew he would feel weak after his climax and he wanted to stay on his feet. After a few more strokes of his stepdaughter’s tightened lips and caressing with her tongue, Roger felt his cock throbbing and jerking as he started to cum.

Stephanie felt his cock expand slightly and she felt it seem to spasm inside her mouth as others had done in her hand. Is he cumming? she asked herself, and seconds later, she knew he was, as a thick gob flooded the back of her mouth. She moved her head slightly and the second burst of semen landed on her tongue.

This is really great, she told herself, relishing the flavor and the texture of the viscous fluid that had gushed into her mouth. With a third spurt of Roger’s juices, they tasted and felt even better. After savoring her first-ever mouthful of cum, Stephanie swallowed it and greedily went after more, her tongue pressing his cock against the insides of her cheeks and the roof of her mouth to squeeze out anything that was still inside.

Roger was happy about the way his beautiful stepdaughter had sucked him off and how she had swallowed his cum and enjoyed it so much, so he stood quietly until she finished licking it all off his cock.

“That was really good, Daddy,” she said, still on her knees and smiling up at him as she licked her lips to get every drop. “Can we do that some more?”

Roger decided he liked being called “Daddy” under both kinds of circumstances. “Not tonight, Honey, but we can another time. Let’s go to bed now because I have something else for you that you’ll like.”

After drying each other off, including plenty of affectionate fondling and kissing, the naked man and woman entered the bedroom where the queen-sized bed awaited them. “Should I get my PJ’s, Daddy,” Stephanie asked.

Roger liked that term of address more every time he heard Stephanie call him that, and he was experimenting with what to call her at times like this. Publicly, he would continue addressing her as “Steph,” as he always had. “Go ahead, Sweetie. You won’t need them tonight but you should have them to put on in the morning.” “Sweetie” didn’t sound as nice as “Honey,” he decided.

When she returned, still naked and carrying her pajamas, Stephanie asked “What side of the bed do you want me to sleep on?”

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