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The people in the story are all over the age of eighteen, the age of consent. Sex is mutual and consensual. This is a work of fiction and the timescales and narrative belong to my world not that of reality.



David Jones stared at the small dinghy bobbing way off in the tide.

“Dave, what’s happened?”

Sarah his sister looked out to sea,

“Oh No! Dave I thought you tied it down?”

“So did I, bugger!”

“Well swearing’s not going to get it back, can you swim out to it?”

“Not really. it’s on an ebb tide, as I swim out it’s already going to be further out. Unless I can swim faster than the tide, we’re stuck.”

“Please try, we can’t stay here.”

Sarah sounded desperate so Dave walked into the waves and dived in the direction of the dinghy. Twenty minutes later he stumbled ashore and was helped out by Sarah.He lay on his back on the sand, exhausted, breathing heavily, his chest rising and falling as he gulped in the air. He coughed and rolled over, vomiting into the sand.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t worry, you really tried, I watched you.”

“Yeas but I lost the boat.”

Look it’s okay, we’ve got some water and a few snacks, we’ll get it sorted.”

Dave sat up and Sarah helped him to his feet. He was still breathing raggedly. They walked slowly up the beach to the palms that fringed it. Between two giant trees lay a couple of towels and a beach bag. Reaching in Sarah pulled a fresh sealed bottle of water out, passing it to him. Dave had a few swigs then passed it to Sarah. She drank slowly and then passed it back. Dave tipped the bottle up and gratefully swallowed. They sat on the towels watching the waves and feeling a slight cooling breeze.

They had arrived three days before with their parents for a last family summer holiday before Sarah left for University. Dave was in his final year but they knew this was the last time for a while they would all be together. She was nineteen, he twenty three, he was at Durham, she would be going to Plymouth almost the opposite end of the country. They were enjoying the Caribbean resort holiday, and had decided to hire a small powered dinghy and explore the numerous small islands around the main island. Now they were stuck, probably overnight, possibly longer. For once in their lives they had not bothered to take their mobile phones, since reception was patchy, so they had abandoned them in their rooms. Now they had no way of letting their parents or the hire people know where they were or what had happened. They sat side by side gloomily staring out to sea.

“I need to pee,” Dave stood to move into the strand of trees.

“Wait where are you going?”

“Off to pee, why?”

” Well I don’t want to be here on my own.”

“A minute! Two tops!”

“I’m frightened.”

“Look I need to pee, the place is deserted, you’ll be safe here.”

“No! Please don’t go, please.”

“OK, turn your back to me,”


“Turn round, so I can pee.”

“No, you’ll disappear, just go,”

“I can’t!”

“Why not?”


“Because what?”

“You’re my sister and I can’t just get my dick out in front of you.”


“Because, you’re my sister and I don’t want to flash my dick at you.”

“Why is is it super small or super big?”

“No! it’s just…”

Oh for Gods sake, just do it, I won’t look, but stay by me okay?”

“Shall I hold your hand?”

“As long as it’s not the one you hold your dick with.”

“Ha Ha funny.”

“Well go on then! Get on with it!”


Dave fished his cock out of his shorts and holding it away relaxed his bladder muscle. A few splutters came out before it sprayed out with force creating an arc of pee back towards the sea.

“Oh wow, that’s impressive, does it always go that far.”

“Are you watching me pee?”

“I certainly am, and I’m glad I did, not only is that an impressive cock brother of mine, but a big, big piss.”

“You shouldn’t be looking.”

“No I shouldn’t but I’m glad I am, oh is that it?”

“Yup, show’s over, now do you mind if I put it away now?”

“If I said no would you leave it out?”


“Well no sense in asking then, my turn.”

Dave watched in amazement as his sister faced him, pulled her shorts and bikini bottoms down and squatted in the sand in one smooth movement. A soft hiss and a stream of pee hit the sand, bubbling and disappearing, leaving a wet patch.

“Well that’s hardly fair, I couldn’t see anything.”

“Those are the breaks Bro.”

“Whatever, we need to have a walk round this place, in case we can find… something.”

Sarah stood, hauling her bottoms and shorts up together, with a practised wiggle she had everything back and buttoned up, without Dave seeing anything.

Dave bent and picked up two of the empty bottles they had and Sarah picked up two more, she stuffed them in the empty beach bag with the towels and offered it to Dave to do the same. He threw the bottles in and Sarah closed the bag and put the straps over her shoulder, tucking bahis firmaları the bag under her arm.

“Right we’re all finished here, okay let’s walk back through the trees. Come on!”

Dave grabbed Sarah’s hand and yomped off in between the trees. They were on a gentle rise, soon the trees gave way to a grassy upland. This thinned out to a few rocks until the slope plateaued out at about thirty metres above the beach, a flattened ridge ran along the island’s top, sloping gently back down to trees and a beach all around. There were no trees at this level, no animals, no birds. About half way along the ridge the level dipped producing a small pool, about six metres long and three or four wide. , the water was clear and a small cleft slightly above the water level, showed that this is where any overflow drained away.

Dave knelt by the water and smelt it, it didn’t look or smell brackish, there was no growth on it. He dipped a hand in and sipped the water. It tasted all right. He nodded to Sarah, who likewise ran a scooped hand just under the surface and drank the resultant scoop, slowly, enjoying the coolish taste.

“Hmmm, well let’s fill the empty bottles we’ve got, that will give us fresh water overnight. then we’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

They filled the bottles and continued past the pool, and checked the island for any other signs of life. It soon became apparent that it was deserted. Sighing Dave helped Sarah down the slope and they emerged on another beach like the one they left. They kicked off their shoes and walked barefoot over the hot sand. Sarah stopped and removed her shirt, revealing the matching bikini top for her bottoms. Her firm breasts filled the cups perfectly. Even after a few days her skin was tanning beautifully. Grunting Dave pulled his shirt off and they put them in the bag. Dave took the bag held his other hand out to his sister. She grabbed it and they walked together.

“So, what now Robinson Crusoe?”

“We settle down and keep warm, then start again tomorrow.

“Come on we can’t be that far from civilisation, can we?”

“Well we motored for about an hour and a half, so I guess there must be something just over the horizon.”

“OK, what about when the boat drifts into view, that’ll start them searching won’t it?”

“Yes, I guess, but unless we can get a fire started to attract attention, they could take a while to find us.”

“A couple of hours maybe?”

“Possibly or a day, not more than that I wouldn’t think.”

“Great! So I’m marooned on this tiny little island, with no food, some water and nowhere to sleep.”

“Yup, with me for company.”

“This sucks so much.”

“Bite me!”

“OK, can we start a fire?”

“Got matches or a lighter?”

“No, why?”

“How we going to start a fire?”

“I don’t know! That’s your department.”

“Oh Really? Really? So princess pain-in-the-arse, what’s your super power?”

“Nothing, I’m not experienced in ‘surviving on a desert island with just your sibling and a bottle of water’. That’s also your department. In fact this whole screwy, shitty fuck up is your fault. “Let’s go exploring, naw we won’t need food, just some water, we’re not going far”. ARSEHOLE.”

“Feel better?”

“No, just working up to a fully fledged, million volt all out meltdown, now do something and get me off this shitty little island and back to the hotel so I can have a shower and change my clothes.”

Sarah jumped up and down and stamped her feet. A small grin appeared on Dave’s face as he unscrewed the cap on the water bottle.

“Fuck you princess and the donkey you rode in on.”

“I hate you!”

“Okay, point taken, so I’ll leave you in peace to strop and I’ll…”

“No! wait, don’t you dare walk away and leave me alone. You wait til I tell Mum, Dad will kill you.”

“Only if they find us,”

“What? what do you mean?”

“Just what I say, they have to find us first. Could be weeks, months, years.”


“Yup, that thought hit you too then. What happens if they never find us.”

“No! I will not let that happen. We’ll build a bonfire, put up tall poles with our towels on and make a big sign with stones so an aircraft can see it and use it to guide them here.”

“yes, all those good things, but and it’s a biggie, but someone’s got to spot it before we get rescued.”

“Bastard! You bastard! You’re just winding me up, you know we’ll be found, you’re kidding right?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“Please tell me you’re kidding, please?”

“I’m not kidding, but I’m sure it only be a couple of days, before they find us.”

“Two days stuck here, with fuck all and you, no way, we’ll swim, it can’t be that far.”

“OK! how far do you think it is to the main Island?”

“I..I…well… Perhaps, err, I don’t know!”Sarah shook her head and began to cry.

Dave was astonished, Sarah never cried, no matter what the situation, she always had a ready answer, or a sharp reply. The last time she cried she was ten and it was when they told her that their beloved grandmother kaçak iddaa had died. Dave moved to her and put his arm round her shoulder, she moved to him and wrapped her arms round him. Sobbing uncontrollably into his chest.

“Look Sarah, it’s okay, we’ve got water, we can rig up a shelter, we’ll be dry and warm, I’ll try to light a fire, We’ll be rescued by tomorrow I promise. Shhhh, it’s okay.”

“I’m scared, I hate this, I’m not in control, I’m always in control, always. I hate this, I want to go home.”

Dave laughed a little and gripped her tight,

“Don’t worry, we’ll soon have it all under control, you see, come on lets get round this headland and see where we are.”

He pulled her into the trees and they walked up the slope, above the trees, and walked round the headland. Looking down they saw a third beach and walked down. Dave stopped in the trees and put a finger to his lips. They walked slowly and carefully down through the trees, until they came to a wooden hut, hidden just inside the tree line. Carefully they skirted round it. There were no signs of habitation, no footprints, no mess, just the hut.

Dave looked at the door and gently pushed it, it swayed open on well oiled hinges. Inside a rush mat lay on the floor behind the door. They walked in and saw a large bed, a table and four chairs. Sarah walked to the kitchen area, in the cupboards were tinned foods and crockery. Dave looked at the fireplace, it hadn’t been used in a while, but there were logs and kindling. He saw the matches on the side. He grinned as Sarah sat on the bed and tested its springiness. It was a bare mattress, no sheets or pillows. She leaned down, it smelt okay. She looked at Dave and patted the mattress beside her.

“Try it, it’s quite good.”

He sat with her and bounced, they slid together and began play fighting. It ended with him sitting on her waist holding her hands down, arms outstretched. For some inexplicable reason, he lowered his head and kissed her, she, shocked, responded, before he broke away and jumped off the bed, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. He stalked off out of the cabin. Sarah sat up, shocked by his actions and her response. She shook slightly, then touched her lips gently. pushing off the bed she went outside. Dave’s shorts and shirt were near the waters edge and he was swimming with powerful strokes into the waves.

“Dave wait, come back, Dave!”

Sarah, ran to the clothes and stripped her shirt and shorts off, then ran full pelt into the waves. The tide this side was stronger and she was whipped back by the breakers that smashed into her, unaware of their strength. She choked and felt the water rise over her, then the eddys flung her over and over. She was lost, couldn’t tell which way was up. She pushed her feet down, but made no contact. The tide had pulled her out beyond her depth. She panicked, her mouth was full of water, no air. As she went to gasp and drag in a lungful of seawater, she was grabbed and suddenly she was breathing air again. She choked and retched, bringing up the water, spitting and gasping, she put her arm out and her hand found Dave.

“Shit Sarah, that was fucking close, I nearly missed you, are you okay?”

“Uhh Huh!” she nodded, spittle dripping on her chest.

She gasped in the air, her chest heaving and her throat sore from the saltwater. They walked up the beach. She felt cold on her chest and went to adjust her top. It wasn’t there she looked through tear filled eyes and saw that her top was missing. They were farther down the beach than when they had entered and her clothes were about a hundred yards away. They might as well be on the moon. She sat down and brought her knees up to her chest, tears stinging her eyes.

“I lost my top!”

“I know, I’ll walk out and see if I can find it, are you alright sitting here. The tide’s, going out so you’ll be safe.”

She nodded and Dave trudged out into the water again. He spend fifteen minutes going up and down, but couldn’t spot her top. He trudged back to her. She was still sat, but now her arms were round her legs, as if she was hugging herself. Dave half smiled.

“Sorry Sarah, looks like you’re left with a one piece now. Come on let’s go get the rest of our clothes.”

Reluctantly she allowed him to pull her upright. She stood arms crossed over her chest. Dave put his arm round her shoulder and they walked back to the pile of clothes left earlier.

“This cost eighty quid, and I’ve not even worn it for a day.” She smiled and and uncrossed her arms, her breasts swaying slightly as she walked. Dave glanced over and down grinning.


“Nothing, but you have fantastic boobs, you should go topless more often.”

“You reckon?”

“I do,”

“For my benefit or yours?”

“Just saying, you have beautiful boobs, that’s all.”

“Hmm, perhaps.”

“Anyway you saw my cock, so I guess we’re even.”

“Hardly, you covered up, I have another twenty yards to go.”

They laughed and Dave slipped his arm off her shoulder and grabbed her hand. They walked to the clothes. Dave pulled his trunks down and stood kaçak bahis naked.

“Fair return?”

“Yup, you getting dressed then?”

“No, I think I’ll walk around like this, any objections?”

“None, in fact I’ll join you.”

Sarah pulled her bikini bottoms down and stepped out of them. Dave winked and grabbed her hand.

“Come on let’s get back to that hut and have a cooling drink.”

They walked up the beach arm in arm, carrying their clothes. Finding the bag inside, Dave brought two bottles of water out and they sat in the sand side by side sipping water. The sun was high now and the sand beyond the shadow of the trees was becoming too hot to walk on. They sat in the shade and enjoyed the warmth without the burning heat.

“If we put the towels out we can lie here until the heat goes, what do you reckon?”

“Good idea, I’ll get them,”

Dave went to the bag and grabbed their towels and they spread them on the soft sand between the trees. They lay side by side and looked out to sea. The sound of the surf, the warmth, tiredness made it easy for them to drift off to sleep. They day moved on and as the heat left the beach and the sun moved across the headland, deepening the shadows as they stirred. Dave sat up and touched Sarah’s shoulder, she murmured and opened an eye.

“Hiya sleepy, suns moved round must be getting towards late afternoon. Come on let’s walk down the beach and enjoy the last of it.”

He stood and held his hand out, watching in amazement as she rolled over, his eyes were like saucers. Sarah giggled and took his hand, looking up at his broad but muscly body. She saw his cock bobbling and lengthening. Laughing she stood and hugged him, feeling it against her belly, she teasingly rubbed against it. Dave grinned and held her tight.

“Come on you tease, lets walk, I think I need a distraction.”

They strolled down the beach, she glancing down at his cock swaying as he moved. He watched her breasts sway slightly as she kept pace with him. At the waters edge, much lower now, they knelt in the water and allowed the waves to wash over them. Although warmer than they were used to, the coldness against the suns heat caused Dave’s erection to subside, but their nipples to firm up. Glancing at Sarah he grinned and winked. Seeing his tiny nipples crinkle and feeling her own harden she grinned back. Seeing his cock shrinking she frowned and pointed,

“Ahh, that’s no good I like it when it’s hard.”

“Well I need some warmth then.”

“Here, will this help?”

Suddenly she straddled his lap and he felt the hot stream of her piss over his cock and balls. The effect was electric, his cock hardened and rose up, almost touching her pussy. She grinned and lowered herself as her stream slackened. His cock touched her sex and she wiggled, angling her bottom to force his cockhead against her lips. She leaned in and kissed him, like he had earlier. His turn to be surprised, but he reacted as she hoped.

Meeting her lips and opening his mouth, they kissed, tongues exploring, lips locked together. His hand touched her breasts, she sighed and opened her shoulders wider to give him better access. He took the invitation and spread his hands out to engulf each one, gently squeezing and then allowing his palms to slide against her nipples. She felt a jolt from her tits to her pussy and squeezed her legs over his.

She angled her bottom more and sat back on his legs, her opening welcomed his cockhead and she pushed her mouth harder on his. Her eyes flashing open and saw his deep blue eyes staring at her. She eased out of the kiss and rested her head on his shoulder. They were locked together, not moving. She put her arms on his sides and used him to lift slightly before dropping back, his cock sliding a little deeper into her. he grunted and held her to him, his hands sliding off her breasts and down to her waist. She gazed at his eyes and nodded slightly, he moved a little, more of his cock sliding in. the hot upper side rubbing against her clit.

She moaned gently and kissed his shoulders, neck, chest, leaning back as he returned the compliment.

Stretching his legs out in front, he took her full weight and she slid against him so he was fully inside her, she sighed again and he kissed her lips, just grazing them, a butterfly dance on them. She rocked slightly feeling him filling her up. He moved to kiss her jaw, then nip and suck her earlobe, she felt it in her pussy, electric waves of pleasure dancing inside her. Lifting her hips she began to let him slip in and out. His cockhead rubbing her g spot, his thickness pulling and pushing her inner lips, the upper side rubbing her clit. She slowed and relaxed. Kissing his chest as she felt his hands on her breasts again.

They danced this tango for forty minutes until she needed to cum and moved a little faster, a little higher. His breathing quickened and he began to thrust up to meet her. As the pleasure broke in her, he pushed up further and held her off his lap, her weight resting on his cock, speared by it and rocking as her clit called for more. She began to feel the spasms in her vagina as he reached his climax, shooting his seed deep into her. They slowed, kissing until they settled again, not moving. Slowly they sat back, she with her hands on his knees, he hands on the sand behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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