Stranger in the Club

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I hated business trips especially when you are alone on them. Post office you dont really have much to do. Hence I was not very excited with the prospect of travelling to the capital city all alone. So after a boring and tiring day I found myself alone in my hotel room contemplating if should step out for a drink or just spend the night in my room. After some deliberation I freshened up and decided to visit the hotel’s club.

Luckily it was weekday and hence stags like me were allowed to walk in. I stepped in the club and took a table for 2 right across a booth with the dance floor to left and the booth to the right. For a weekday the place seemed fairly packed with good music and the psychedelic lights. I was in no mood of grooving so I ordered my poison for the night – a large whiskey and decided just enjoy the view of couples grooving and grinding. I was having a good time indulging in my voyeurism when I realised there was a couple in their 30s in the booth who was arguing. Both of them were around 5ft 6in. The guy was slightly fat and bald but from the looks of it – stinking rich and the lady was just “HOT”- Slim, average built, long hair, kohl eyed, sharp features, dressed in a black tank top and white short pencil skirt. She had a pretty face, perfect assets and smooth legs. They were married because I could make out the mangalsutra in her neck. To put it simply, had she been single, I definitely did not have a shot at her. But tonight was going to be different for both of us.

Well to describe myself, I am 35 year old married male working for a MNC in Mumbai. I am around 6ft tall, fair with a lean built and am averagely güvenilir bahis endowed considering my indian genes (I won’t brag about myself), however I do make up for it in my stamina and pace. I had been a unfaithful husband only once before this very fateful night.

Coming back to the story, they were arguing about something from the looks of it. Finally the guy must have asked her to shut-up by raising his finger and stern look. After that they sat in silence for a few minutes before the man stepped out for a smoke. I noticed this and decided to capitalise on the opportunity. I ordered a drink quickly, walked up to the table and kept it there. She looked up puzzlingly. I smiled and said, “this will help you deal with it better” and walked back to my table. Soon her husband returned and started with small talks and subsequently started checking their cellphones out.

Whenever her husband stepped out for a smoke, I would order a drink for her and raise a toast from a distance. We also started exchanging smiles. I would glance at her at every opportunity available hoping lady luck would shine on me. But alas, it seemed the luck was not in my favour tonight. After an hour and half of peeking, smiling and raising toasts, her husband decided to call it a night. I thought that was it, but then she said she wanted to go to the rest room and pointed in that direction. He asked her to hurry up and got busy on his phone. She walked passed me and hinted me with her eyes to follow her. I followed her across the dance floor coming closer to her. Soon she was in my arms reach which she felt. She extended her had back looking back türkçe bahis if her husband is watching. I held her also looking back if he was watching . She grabbed me by arm and hurried towards the restrooms. But there was a big queue there. so we sneakily stepped out of the club without her husband noticing and walked in the hotel lobby. We looked around and she spotted a ladies restroom nearby. I told her I have room here but she said she did not have that much time. We sheepishly sneaked into the ladies restroom. Due to the late hour and thanks to our luck the lobby was almost empty.

We rushed in to a cubicle and locked it. She turned me around and grabbed my face and kissed me. I responded and kissed me back. We started kissing passionately with our tongues intertwined. I could smell and taste alcohol which was intoxicating. I pushed her against the wall of the cubicle and continued smooching with my hands feeling her boobs and her back. I slowly moved from her lips to her neck licking & kissing it. I was caught up in the heat of the moment. She moved her hand towards my jeans and unbuckled & unzipped it putting her hand in my boxers. I moved my hands over her skirt and started pulling it down in the meanwhile also feeling her buttocks. Those boobs and ass were the best thing had happened to me that night. By now her skirt was bunched up on the floor and i was pulling down her panty. In the meanwhile she had already pulled out my cock. I could smell her pussy. Without saying much she looked into my eyes, turned around and pulled cock towards her pussy.

Instinctively I pulled her buttocks apart and I pushed in my cock güvenilir bahis siteleri in her wet pussy. That was one of the best sensation I had had until then. She gasped,”Ahhh” with pleasure as I entered. The feel of her pussy on my bare cock was amazing. I grunted, “uhhhh”. Slowly I started pumping that wet pussy increasing my pace. I grabbed her nice juicy boobs in one hand and hair in the other for grip and started pounding her pussy. Intermittently, we she turned her head around and would smooch me. The air around was filled with animalistic grunts of “Ah ah ah ah ah ah” & muffled “fuck fuck fuck” and the pounding of our bodies. We were copulating like untamed beasts in the that cubicle without a worry of being caught or being filmed.

I continued pounding that pussy for maybe 7-8 minutes post which she shut her eyes, opened her mouth wide trying her best not to moan and leaning her head behind and arching her back she gave a guttural moan and shivered indicating that she had cum. I felt a flood of her pussy juices on my cock. Watching her like that my cock twitched and I pumped my seed in her wet pussy. We stood there for a couple of minutes panting and gasping for breath with my cock still in her pussy. Slowly it popped out.

She pushed me away, took tissues and cleaned herself, pulled up her skirt quickly, picked up her panty and put it in pocket & just smiled. With that she just walked out. After a couple of minutes, I pulled up my jeans and walked out in the lobby carefully without being noticed. When I walked out she was with her husband who waiting there yelling at her for taking so long. But I think she dint really care what he said after what had happened inside. He stormed off and she followed him apologising. But before she left she did wave back with a sly smile and left me without any contact information. I sincerely hope our paths cross again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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