Stranger in the Store

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We had been flirting with each other the whole time standing in line at the check out of the grocery store. He could have gone to a different line seeing as I had a whole cart of items and he only had an armful of snacks to take with him back to work. Our conversation struck up when he looked down the back of my loose fitting, worn out jogging shirt and commented on my tattoo.

“Nice owl” he said and grinned boyishly.

Any other nice girl would have been offended at being so openly checked out but I was happy to have been paid attention to.

I smiled up at him and asked “got any of you own?”

He nodded and pulled down the collar of his cotton shirt to reveal beautiful calligraphy on the lower side of his neck down towards his shoulder. It was in Gaelic.

Being naturally curious I asked “Whats it mean?”

“Die with honor.”

I almost came right there. Here’s the thing. I had been engaged at a ridiculously young age to a music making, sex god, pagan love machine. He had lived by the words Die With Honour. And die he did. Tragically in a drug over dose when he was 20. That was eight years ago. Since then I had married a wonderful, more conventional man and had a baby. Life was good. Not spectacular, but good enough for me. Never again did I hear the words die with honour until that monotonous Wednesday at the store. It was like my fiancé’s gods were keeping an eye on me to send me a treasure.

And what a treasure. At least 6’4 and handsome. Dark blond hair that needed brushed. Huge hands that hinted to something artistic and brown eyes that captured me. The tattoo was a nice touch.

“Are you ok” he asked slightly concerned.

I waved it off “Oh yeah. Sorry I was not expecting to hear that at all.” I smiled and loaded my things onto the conveyor belt. We talked about the crappy music in the store and how many tatts each of us had. The cashier must have been new as she was taking a long time with my produce but neither of us minded. He seemed to be enjoying talking to someone about something other than how many sheets of drywall was needed or who to hire as a landscaper. He worked for a contractor in town. He asked what I did. I’m a manager for a well known retail store in our town. I was sad to see that the cashier had finally finished I would have to leave. I paid, said bye and pushed the güvenilir bahis cart outside.

The weather had decided to throw a fit today, complete with clouds and lots of wind. I wasn’t wearing a bra, being only an A I usually don’t when just running errands. But with the wind I was sure I would flash somebody. So of course, the wind whipped up my shirt before I could grab it and I had flashed Hottie from the Line. He grinned as he walked up to me, his three items had taken a fraction of the time to ring up as mine had. Setting his bag in my cart he asked where my car was and steered the cart to it. I loaded it up quick and turned to thank him for helping me, and I stopped.

I must not have noticed talking to him before, but I noticed now. I was dripping wet. If it hadn’t been so windy I’m sure he would have smelled me. He was so good looking, and he had been so sweet to push the cart I reached up, standing on tip toes and lightly kissed his mouth.

He was a bit shocked at first. He held still for a moment as if getting used to the idea of kissing a stranger then slipped his hands around my waist. It was a bit of a stretch for him as I am only 5’4 but he did it. His tongue crept out to taste mine and I moaned. His hands grasped me to him and he pressed his body hard on mine making me lean back onto my car. He was getting hard I could feel it. I could feel one hand tangling itself in my hair in an effort to pull me closer to him. I moaned again this time producing a groan from him.

A car honked at us breaking me out of my temporary insanity.

“Get in the car” he said huskily

I slipped in and unlocked the passenger door. He sat down and reached over to grab my face, pulling it closer to his. Moaning as he claimed my mouth I got braver and ran my hand up his thigh, to his rock hard bulge in his jeans.

Being quite vocal, feeling him made me moan again. By now my pussy was dripping I was sure. His hands had made their way to my tits. Small but nice, I was proud of them. He groaned into my mouth as he teased my nipple on my left breast with his fingers.

I wanted him so bad I thought for sure I would come before he even touched my cunt.

“Drive” was all he could say between gasping for air and kissing me. I put the car into drive off we went with me rubbing his cock through his pants and he sucking türkçe bahis on my right nipple and rubbing my pussy. He gave some directions and since our town is not huge I soon found myself a his house.

Nice place, I thought and he took my hand and led me in. Once the front door was closed he slammed back into me, pushing me up against the wall tearing my yoga pants down. I yanked his belt and only looked at his face when he made a gasping noise.

“What’s wrong? Did I scratch you?” I asked, worried.

He looked at me “No no, your not wearing panties. Where is your underwear?”

Sheepishly I said “i hate them, I never wear them. Does that bother you?”

“Hell no!” he laughed, “my girlfriend will never go commando for me”

I laughed and sank to my knees to pay full attention to his belt and zipper. Once they were undone I reached in and pulled his cock out. It was beautiful. Long and thick, almost as big around as my wrist. His head was shiny with pre cum and red with excitement. He held his breath while I softly stroked him up and down. I touched my trim pussy lips as I slid my tongue over his tip. He groaned and wrapped his fingers in my hair and started grinding into my face.

I looked at him while I blew him. His stomach was flat, and the tattoo on his neck was just barely visible from where I was on my knees. But he had a nautical star on each hip bone and Celtic knots going down his left bicep.

Back and forth, I was really getting worked up. My fingers frigging my clit and his huge cock in my mouth. I loved the aggressive way he held my head in place to make sure I deep throated him. There was no cause of concern on that point. I can deep throat like a pro.

We kept at it like this for at least ten minutes but I really needed to get fucked. I jerked my head back and stood up, folding his cock against my flat belly.

“I wanna fuck you so bad.” I said calmly.

He looked down at me “Emm hmmm” he agreed as he started kissing me again. Picking me up he took me to the master bed room. The house wasn’t huge, put well laid out and prettily decorated. Obviously his girlfriend and I had similar tastes.

He flopped me on the bed and climbed over me. I was so hot and moaning that I almost couldn’t wait. He spread my legs and bent over my wet pussy, exploring with his tongue my clit and güvenilir bahis siteleri hidden valleys. My husband hadn’t gone down on me since before I had gotten pregnant four years earlier.

I squealed and tangled my hands in his hair. Arching my back and moaning loudly as he worshiped me. Sliding two huge fingers in me he fingered my g spot as he licked my clit.

After a few minutes of this I pushed his face away, “Please fuck me!” I begged.

He lifted up and grabbed my legs, pulling me towards him. I arched my hips so he could enter, I was so wet it was easy. He pushed in a bit slow at first.

“ahhh, you feel so tight, fuck.” he groaned as he got used to the feeling of someone other than his girlfriend and I sighed with pleasure of being completely filled.

I wrapped my legs around his hard ass and he held tightly to my hips as he started to pound into me. “mmm, oh yeah go harder!” I whispered to him.

He smiled, as if he had been waiting for me to ask him. He continued to thrust into me noisily and I moaned loud enough I’m sure the neighbors heard me. His head fell back and his pace slowed.

“What’s wrong?”

He didn’t answer, just flipped me over presenting my ass to him. Scooting closer he licked his thumb and rubbed my tiny rosebud as he re-entered my cunt. I laid my head down on the white sheets and just enjoyed it as he had his way with me with such animalistic passion that I hadn’t felt in years. His thumb would slid in my ass hole for a second, then slid back out again to just rub he outside.

We could have been there on his bed fucking for hours, I wasn’t sure. But when he yelped that he was gonna cum in my pussy I lost it, my orgasm was insane, tearing through my ass and radiating down my legs. He continued to fuck me hard as he shot his hot whit sperm in me. When be stopped moving I mad him lay down so I could suck his cock clean of our juices. He tasted slightly sweet mixed in with me. He closed his eyes as I licked him.

After, we laid there recovering just smiling, he was trailing his fingers across my back looking at my tattoo of an owl on one side and a swallow on the other.

“What’s your name?” he breathed as he reached over to touch my cheek.

I looked in his eyes, then past him to the photos on the dresser of him and the women who he was supposed to be faithful to. I thought of my husband who had not touched me in a year.

“Anna. What’s yours?”


Cutter and I have been having an affair for over year now. His girlfriend doesn’t know, and neither does my husband.

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