Stuck Again Ch. 03

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Hi, this is Brian again. If you remember my last adventure it was with Amy’s mom Beth. They live across the street and I have been fucking Amy for awhile now. Amy’s mom Beth came over one day and kind of forced me to have sex with her. I actually enjoyed it alot. She had a smoking hot body and her tits leaked milk. They started doing that after she had them redone. She told me not to cum in her but she wouldn’t get off my cock when I told her she needed to and I shot a big load in her. When she left that day she told me she was very possibly pregnant and that even though her husband had a vasectomy she would be able to handle the situation.

Something must have happened over there because a few weeks after Beth and my encounter Amy wouldn’t return my calls and every time I saw her dad he would give me a dirty look. One day a moving van showed up and the next day Amy and her family were gone. I never found out for sure if Beth had turned up pregnant, but I overheard my mom say on the phone one day that someone had run into Beth recently and she definitely had baby bump. My main outlet for sex was gone and summer was coming.

I had graduated from high school and was going to go away to college in the fall. I tried to date some, but I didn’t want anything serious knowing that I was leaving. Some girls I went out with got scared when they saw the size of my cock. A few wanted to try it, but only a couple could get it in far enough to allow me to stroke. They were usually sore for a week and didn’t want to do it again. So I spent most of the summer working and waiting for college to start, looking forward to coeds.

A couple of weeks before I was due to leave I went out on a Saturday night with some buddies for a last rowdy get together before we all went our separate ways. We drank lots of beer and I made it home at about 2 am. I was pretty wasted when I walked into the house. I was surprised to see my mom waiting up for me. She was sitting on the couch in the den. I guess my dad was already asleep. It was summer and she was wearing a lightweight cotton nightie. As I stood there unsteadily with a goofy grin on my face I thought to myself, man that’s pretty short, it barely covers her ass and I don’t think she’s wearing a bra either. My mom was 40 and really was a looker. She’s tall, about 5′ 8″, with long legs and an ass that looks great in tight jeans. Her tits are about a full C and look good on her slim frame.

I held on to a chair so I wouldn’t sway too much while she smiled at me.

“Brian, have you been drinking?” she asked

“Yup,” I said, “Me and my buds blew it out tonight one last time before we all leave.”

“Well I was worried about you. Your father has already gone to bed.” she said.

She smiled and got up off the couch and walked over to me.

“Here let me help you into bed.” she offered.

As we walked down the hall my brain started trying to process the sight before me and my mouth started running off saying some things I had always thought but should have kept to myself.

“You know mom you look really good in that nightie.” I said.

She chuckled and said, “Why thank you son.”

“Yea, it barely covers your ass. I always thought that was your best feature. I love it when you wear tight jeans or shorts. I can tell you’re not wearing a bra either because your tits are swaying back and forth.”

What I was saying made perfect sense to me in my current state, but would shock the hell out of me if I heard myself say them if I was sober. I looked back at my mom who was guiding güvenilir bahis my 6′ 2″ 220 lb. frame down the hall and saw my words were having some affect on her because her hardened nipples were definitely poking through the light fabric.

“Now son, you shouldn’t be thinking about you old mother in those terms.” she said.

“Hell mom your not old,” I said,”You’re as hot as they come, everyone knows that.”

We made it to my room without banging into to much stuff. I had grabbed her a couple of times to steady myself and I’m pretty sure I squeezed one of her breasts. I stood next to my bed, the same bed I had fucked the shit out of Amy’s mom Beth in. I was smiling at my mom thinking about that day. Even though I was pretty drunk my cock started to get hard.

“OK let’s get you undressed and into bed.” she said with a smile.

She helped me pull my t-shirt over my head then she started to undo my shorts while I kicked off my shoes. She got my shorts unbuttoned and the zipper pulled down and as she was sliding them off I was able to look right down the front of her nightie to get a good view of her beautiful tits. She had a nice tan going this summer but I was struck by the contrasting whiteness of her breasts. Her nipples were rosy pink and very large and hard. As I stood there transfixed by her tits she continued to pull my shorts off and I heard a sharp intake of air from her when she got them off. She had pulled my shorts and boxers off at the same time and there between us, at full attention, was my huge cock. It’s 10 plus inches long when fully hard and has a large bulbous head with a pronounced ridge. She got a little weak in the knees and it was me that needed to reach out and steady her.

“Oh my God,” she said, “Beth was right, your huge.”

That statement didn’t fully register with me. My mom had been discussing my cock with Amy’s mom? What’s up with that shit? Oh well, I thought, take a good look at your son’s huge cock then. Like all women once they see it they have to touch it and my mom was no different. She reached out with trembling hands to stroke my big meat. I hadn’t had sex in weeks and my drunk self was ignoring my logical self and thought that here before me was a hot woman stroking my cock. The fact that she was my mother didn’t matter to me. I got very bold.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Do you want to try it?” I asked.

She swallowed and said, “This is so wrong, but I can’t help myself. I saw you that day fucking Beth in here and ever since I have dreamed about what it would be like. I know I have to try it even if I am your mother.”

My drunk self thought, cool let’s do it. I reached for her nightie and pulled it over her head. Her body was everything I had dreamed it would be. All she was wearing now were some panties and I took those off as we climbed in my bed. She opened her legs and I could see she was neatly trimmed but not shaved smooth. I used one hand to explore down there and another to squeeze one breast as I sucked on the other. Her soft natural tits were just the right size. She moaned as I sucked, making her big nipples even longer. She was very wet and had large labia lips. I was easily able to slide two fingers in and then a third joined them. I was getting her worked up.

She said, “We have to be quiet so we don’t wake your father up. I can’t believe I am actually going to do this. Please, Brian I want you to try to get you huge cock in me.”

I moved over on top of my mom and lined up my rock hard shaft with her entrance. I rubbed my türkçe bahis huge glans back and forth across her clit causing her to squirm and moan. Her big lips were swollen and opened up like a butterfly and I pressed forward. I had not been able to get the right leverage to enter Beth in this position, but I was making good progress getting my cockhead past the opening of my mothers’s pussy. She was grabbing the sheets making some sounds I couldn’t understand as I pushed more in. My cockhead popped past the restrictive part of her entrance and more of the shaft went it. My mom’s cunt felt like it was made for my cock. I withdrew some and then pushed in. She reached around behind my ass with both of her hands and pushed me forward taking most of my length in one stroke.

Drinking usually numbs the senses, but this felt wonderful. She was tight and hot, but I could move back and forth. Her legs were wrapped around me now and I was giving her full strokes. I was bottoming out and she was taking all but about an inch of my length. She was biting her lip and we were both sweating. I’m pretty sure she had a couple of orgasms as we fucked. In my semi drunken state now, I was lasting a long time. It felt so good that no thought of stopping crossed my mind even though this was my mother I was fucking.

I wanted to change positions so I slowly pulled out with a little pop and turned her over on her stomach. I picked her ass up so she was on her knees and I lined up to re-enter her. There was some initial resistance getting back in this way but she pressed back on me and my cock head popped back in. She grabbed the headboard as I pumped her from behind. Her beautiful white tits were flopping all around from me slamming into her. Her perfect ass was right there in front of me as I slapped it and pulled her hips back and forth. My big balls were slapping her clit. I felt her shudder and spasm with another orgasm. Her cunt muscles were clamping down on my cock and I was starting to think about actually cuming in my mom’s pussy. When she was done she turned her head back to me.

“Baby, don’t cum in my pussy, please. I want you to do something else. I want you to fuck me in my ass. I have to feel that cock in there. It’s been so long I want to try it. Please baby.” my mom pleaded with me.

The fact that my mom was asking me to fuck her in the ass didn’t register at all. All I saw was a perfect ass with a little pink hole looking at me and I was going to be able to stick my dick in it. Whether it would fit was a whole other story. Hell, I was going to give it a try. I pulled my cock out of her well fucked pussy. Everything was very wet from her juices. I got my fingers wet from her dripping lips and rubbed them around her asshole. I pushed one finger in and then two. She moaned as I moved them in and out. She was loosening up so I started to try to get my cock in. It looked like I was trying to shove a basketball through a keyhole. I pushed forward and she pushed back but we were making little progress. She reached around to grab her ass cheeks to spread them further apart as she pressed back. I didn’t want to hurt her and I knew if I got in it would be very, very tight. She was panting now, gritting her teeth and shoving back on my cock. Her ass must have started to loosen up because about half the head was in. I was going to give this one last try then give up. I grabbed her hips and counted to 3. I was actually up on my feet when I shoved forward and suddenly she collapsed underneath me and we both fell flat, face forward on the bed with me on top her.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri was a little dazed from the crash landing and the drinking. I picked myself up to get off of her when I had to stop. My huge cock was firmly planted in her ass, every inch of it. The force of me shoving and falling forward must have impaled her on it. This was great.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I got it in, are you ready?”

I didn’t get any response. I shook her a little bit and finally figured out that she was passed out cold. She either hyperventilated or hit her head on the headboard. I raised up to pull out of her so I could roll her over to make sure she was OK. I pulled back and nothing happened. I pulled again and nothing. My cock was still firmly stuck in her ass. I guess since she was unconscious her anal sphincter was locked tight and wasn’t going to let go of my swollen cock. It was keeping all the blood in my erection and since I hadn’t had an orgasm, that wasn’t going down anytime soon. I rolled over so she was on top of me and then I sat up on the edge of the bed. I held her around the waist as her head flopped forward. We couldn’t stay like this. It would be getting light soon and no telling when my dad would wake up. I had to think of something.

I remember in my gym bag I had something my coach from school had given all of the weightlifters. They were little capsules that you broke and sniffed right before lifting. They would clear your head and I bet wake you up. My gym bag was across the room so I had to stand up and walk over there with my mom still stuck on my cock. I was careful with her and was able to fish around in the bag and find one. I moved back to the bed and sat back down. I broke the capsule and waved it under her nose. The desired effect happened and she coughed a little the started to wake up. Another thing happened, her ass started to loosen to. Maybe the capsule helped with that as well. I was able to slide my cock out a little. As soon as I lifted her off me some she sat right back down. I knew the best was for me to get my cock out was to just have an orgasm so it would soften and slip out on it’s own. I raised her up and the back down a few times. I could feel the tightness of her ass working on my cock and I think mom did too. She started to pick herself up and down on her own.

Though still very tight she was able to use half strokes up and down on my cock. I leaned back and let her do all the work. As she raised up and down on my cock with her back to me she reached down to play with her clit. It must have felt good for her, but for me it was a mix of pain and pleasure. Her ass was extremely tight and I needed to cum really bad now. She was raising up now pulling all of my 10 inch cock out except for the big head and the slamming it all back in her ass. This was really an odd site watching my mother fuck herself in the ass like a crazy woman on my cock I felt my load building and I grabbed her hips and pumped until I started shooting. It felt like I was unloading a quart of cum in my mothers ass. She was cuming too, having flicked her clit.

After about 12 good shots I finally started to relax. My cock slowly started to soften. She raised up off he pulling herself off of it up to the point where my cockhead needed to exit. The ridge on my glans was still pretty swollen and was catching on her sphincter. I know it hurt, but she had to pull hard. It looked like it wasn’t going to come out when all of a sudden her asshole widened and I popped out. What a relief. As I watched it clenching, my load that I had deposited in there started to ooze out. I stood up and held her close. I was pretty sober now and as we stood there naked in my room, mother and son holding each other, I realized things were going to be very different.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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