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It’s been three years since Mark left home after having sex with his own mother before Christmas. The two have not talked since the incident, Mark chose after graduation to take a job on the west coast. Sarah on the other hand stayed home forever living with guilt of what took place between them. Please read The Reluctant Santa first, it was my first attempt at incest and I think it was a pretty hot story.

“Hey Mark, Dad here I’m so glad your flying in for Thanksgiving this year. Look forward to seeing you, hopefully your visit will get your mother out of the doldrums she seems to have been since you left. Well see you soon son, Love you.” Was the voice mail from his father.

Mark turned off his cell phone and went to the car rental booth at the airport to rent a car for the long weekend. They only had a few left so he was stuck with a little Ford escort to use for the weekend. He was sure his father would let him use his BMW or use his mother’s suv. Mother he thought I have not spoke to since I left for the west coast running from the one night of lust that took place between. How he took advantage of her in a drunken state and while wearing the Santa suit his father usually wore for charity.

The thing that worried Mark the most was the fact his cock was already starting to harden in his jeans at the thought of his sexual experience with his mother. He felt ashamed that he took advantage of her and because of this he has had a hard time maintaining a relationship with any other women since.

Mark drove to the family home and got out of the car heading for the door with his bag. He rang the doorbell waiting for someone to come and answer it, after a few minutes his mother came to the door.

She looked stunning as usual, her short auburn hair neatly combed, her tight sweater accentuating her breasts, a tight pair of jeans that showed off her delectable tight round ass. Mark had to mentally stop checking her out so he could avoid getting a hard on right on the door step.

“Hello Mark.” She said. “Your father is in the living room watching a movie.”

“Hey Mom, good to see you after all this time.” He shakily replied.

“Good to see you son.” Her reply was short and as cold as the November air outside.

Mark watched as she turned away and headed for the kitchen; Mark set his bag down and went into the living room. His dad sat in his favorite chair watching an old war movie on DVD. His dad loved those old World War Two movies and thanks to DVD he could enjoy the old classics in higher quality.

“Dad I’m finally home.” Mark said entering the room.

“Mark bout time you got here” exclaimed his father jumping up from his chair. The man gave his son a big bear hug in the center of the room.

“Easy Dad I’m sore from the long plane ride from California.” Mark laughed.

“Really it is good to see you son. Did you see your Mom?” he asked in almost a whisper.

“Yeah she greeted me at the door.” He said. “Still not happy with me leaving home I guess.”

“Well hopefully this visit will bring her around to her old self.” Dad said.

“Boys supper.” His mother yelled from the dining room.

The three of them sat down at the table in the dining room to eat supper, it was just a light dinner because Thanksgiving was the day everyone would stuff themselves. Not much conversation was going on at the table; most of the talk took place between Mark and his father. Sarah spoke only when spoken too by her husband and son, she made no attempt at conversation.

Dinner over Mark went to his room and unpacked his bags, he got out his bathrobe and shaving kit so he could freshen up before bed with a shower. As he passed his parents room he could hear them arguing on the way his mother had been such güvenilir bahis a cold fish to Mark. Mark figured it would be best not to listen and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After his shower he went back to his bedroom and went straight to bed, the jet lag made it quite easy to fall asleep. When he woke to the smells of a Thanksgiving feast being prepared, he rolled over to his night stand to see a note on it for him.

Mark I’ll try to get home for dinner tonight apparently a deal in Japan did not go through as planned and I have to get down to the office to have a conference call with our Japanese clients. Love Dad.

Mark got dressed in a casual pair of slacks and button up dress shirt, he headed down to the kitchen to see his mother there cooking. The smell of her perfume mixed with the heavenly smells of turkey, dressing, yam, mashed potatoes, carrots, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie. His mother looked as good as the dinner sounded dressed in a long skirt that went down to her ankles and a tight knit sweater that just sort of hung off of her shoulders.

“Did you get your fathers note?” she asked without turning around from the counter.

“Yes I did.” He replied. “You look very nice today mom.”

“Thank you Mark.” She said. “Good now everything is ready this gives us a chance to go into the living room and talk.”

Mark followed his mother into the living room watching the sway of hips go back in forth as she walked. She may have been in her late forties but she still had a great body and she still looked good in the beauty department. Sarah sat on the couch and Mark chose to sit in his Dad’s recliner.

“Mark I still can not believe that you would come home in something I usually expect your father to be wearing and take advantage of me.” She stated. “Then instead of dealing with this you decide to run off to California.”

“I would have stayed Mom, the way you screamed at me that day. I thought you were going to call the cops and have me arrested for rape.” He exclaimed in his defense.

“I was angry Mark, why would I not be angry my own son took advantage of me.” She spat back at him.

“All I can say is that I’m sorry Mom.” He answered.

“Sorry is all you can say, are you sorry I sucked your cock, are you sorry you licked my pussy, are you sorry you fucked me and are you sorry you fucked my ass.” She fumed at him.

“Yes mom even though you sucked cock better than anyone I ever been with, your pussy tasted better than any I’ve ever had, you were a good fuck and I enjoyed fucking your tight ass, I’m sorry.” He stood to yelling at her.

“Mark I’m sorry too. I was sorry I drove you so far away, I was sorry cause I enjoyed are incest so much. Even though I was angry the more I thought about it the more I became aroused by it.” She put her hands to her face and began to sob. “I’m so ashamed.”

Mark sat down next to his mother on the couch and began to hold her in his arms tightly. She buried her face against his chest still sobbing as he used his hands to stroke her back. Mark’s cock was now straining against his pants; he was instantly hard to hear his mother say all those things. Then for her to admit that she enjoyed it after she had to think about was even a bigger turn on.

Mark now pulled her face away form his chest and looked into her eyes for a moment; he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Sarah was momentarily shocked at this gesture but she too felt very hot by the sudden admission they had made. The two of them kissed passionately on the couch where they had they’re first incestuous experience almost three years before.

Sarah fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her son’s shirt; Mark put his hand up inside her sweater to find that she was not wearing a bra. türkçe bahis He fondled her bare breasts and her large pointy nipples. Sarah had his shirt unbuttoned and she broke the kiss long enough to take it off of her son.

She took control of the situation and pushed her son back on the couch kissing his chest and stomach. Sarah unbuttoned his pants and freed his thick eight and a half inch cock from them. She stroked it’s hardness up and down for a few moments, and then encouraged by her son gently pushing on the back of her head she engulfed it into her mouth. Mark listened intently to the sounds of his mothers slurping saliva on his cock; he thought she sucked cock even better sober than she did drunk.

Sarah even fondled his cum filled balls as she continued to pump her son’s member in and out of her mouth. She ran her tongue up the shaft and then just concentrated on his sensitive head. Mark dug his fingers into her hair and groaned as he shot thick loads of semen into her mouth. Sarah did her best to drink all of the cum down, some of it made it to her belly while the rest dribble out of her mouth.

She sat up and wiped the excess cum from her chin and lips, looking at her son who still had lust in his eyes despite shooting such a big load. Mark stood up and kicked off his pants standing in the living room naked with his semi erect cock bouncing in front of his mother.

Mark helps his mother off her knees and kissed on the lips, he was excited to taste her spit and his cum in her mouth as they kissed. He pulled he sweater off and began to suckle the still firm tits of his mother, her nipples seemed to have gotten a little darker than her remembered but were still all so sensitive.

Mark had Sarah lay down on the couch and he pulled the long skirt down and the pair of white lace panties she was wearing off. He spread her milky white thighs to reveal her beautiful wet pussy. His mother kept the hair trimmed in a very neat triangle with no excess to be found around the lips. Mark got on his knees and spread those lips apart and sought out her clit with his tongue. Sarah moaned letting her son know he had found her sensitive clit and her son began to work it with his tongue.

Mark licked her pussy with slow long strokes of his tongue occasionally hitting the clit; he knew he was teasing so he finally assaulted her clit with fast and furious strokes from his tongue. She started bucking her hips wilding grabbing his head with both of her hands. It did not take long for Mark to bring his mother to orgasm and his cock was now fully hard again.

He slid in easily to the wet pussy and began to slowly fuck his mother with long deliberate strokes from his cock. Her soft pants, moans and cries spurred him on to pick the pace up little by little. Before they both knew it he was fucking her like a wild animal savagely pounding his cock in and out of her.

Sarah could not remember the last time she had been fucked this good and hard, it had to been when her and her husband first started dating. Her pussy both hurt with the pain of her son’s powerful pounding and felt like it was in heaven with it too. After her third orgasm Mark was getting tired so he pulled it out of his mother and sat down on the couch, Sarah took the hint and climbed on top of her son facing him. She loved being on top cause this gave her control of the action now.

She found the right groove and began to ride his young cock so it would both get in deep and rub her clit at the same time. Mark drove her wild with his kissing of her neck and breasts while she rode him. After she gave her self an intense orgasm riding she began to pick up her pace slamming her ass up and down on it. Mark got the hint and grabbed both of her ass cheeks so he could slam his cock güvenilir bahis siteleri to meet her thrusts.

His mother screamed aloud that she was coming again and collapsed on top of Mark to catch her breath. After a moment to rest Mark rolled her off and got her on all fours for some doggie style. Like before she fucked like an alley cat Mark noticed that she had one hand fingering her clit and the other reached under and her long nails gently scraped his balls. Mark could not resist and began to fondle her puckered asshole again as he did three years ago.

Sarah had a few good orgasms again doing it doggie style as she usually does in this position during sex. Her son’s fascination with her ass hole gave her an idea as his cock was still hard.

“Mark no one has ever fucked my ass before you and no one has fucked it since you either.” She said.

“Can I fuck your ass again Mom?” he asked her.

“Yes baby fuck your momma’s ass again , fuck it good and hard with that big cock of yours.” She moaned.

Mark got up and went out to the kitchen and came back with the butter tray, he knew there was ky jelly upstairs but he could not wait to fuck his mom’s ass any longer.

He smeared some to the butter on his cock and then the rubbed a big gob in and around his mothers asshole.

“Some nice hot buttered buns for you to fuck.” His mother moaned.

“You have the best buttered buns around mom.” He said positioning his cock with her asshole.

Sarah tensed as he pushed the head in and then relaxed again, Mark pushed another couple of inches in and she dug her fingers into the couch cushions. Now he had the full length of his cock buried in her ass and was churning butter so to speak. Sarah was now moaning the words ‘oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck my ass baby’ over and over.

Her tight asshole once again milked her baby’s cock and soon he was shooting another huge gusher inside her ass. After a minute or two to recover Sarah strolled out to the kitchen to check supper, coming back in she gathered up her clothes.

“Dinner won’t be ready for another hour baby, so I’m going to take a shower to get cleaned up.” She said leaving the living room.

Mark sat and pondered what they just did for a moment or two, he gathered up his clothes and headed upstairs to his room. He heard the shower turn on as he got to his room, his cock once again was hard as a rock.

He threw his clothes down on the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom; he closed the door behind him and got in the shower with her. She was not surprised to see him and smiled as she took him in her arms.

“I love you Mark.” She said.

“I love you Mom.” He replied as they began to kiss.

Mark made love to his mother in the shower, sitting on the toilet and then he came inside her well fucked pussy while they were fucking on the bathroom floor. The two of them cleaned up for real and got dressed. Soon Dad was home and dinner was already on the table ready to eat.

Dad was glad to hear mother and son laughing and joking like old times from the dining room. It made him feel good that the two had made up and if everything was going to be okay between them he had a surprise.

“You two seem to be getting along well now.” He said smiling.

“Yes we had a very long and intense talk.” His mother replied.

“Good, well then I have a surprise for the both of you.” He said. “Mark how would you like to move back home and take a job with one of my clients?

“Sounds great Dad, I can tie up all the loose ends by Christmas and be back home for the holiday.” He replied.

“Great and to celebrate you and mom can go up to her family cabin, get it ready for us to spend Christmas in, I’ll be up to join you Christmas morning after I tie up some loose ends here.” He explained.

“Well maybe someone will get a visit from Santa again.” His wife laughed which made Mark bust out laughing as well. Dad did not get the joke that was meant for just mother and son.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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