Submissive Judge-Slave!

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Adela Harrod watched her father, Judge Harrod, shuffle in the room.

Del, a splendid beauty with close cropped red hair, clad in a pink button down tied just under her full breasts to show both the big boobs AND the cute little tummy.

She smiled at Daddy as she thought of what an idiot her ex fiancée Scrip was.

Reardon Harrod was almost naked, except for a pair of panties and high heels that did not hold up his 240 pounds well.

As well as a pair of mousetraps on his nipples.

Santiva Kitt, his bailiff had been especially cruel that afternoon.

She’d felt the judge was too hard on a young black male with a marijuana habit.

The pretty ash blonde bailiff had taken the judge across her knees, after ordering him to remove his robe (and everything else) and she’d whipped his butt with his gavel!

Del looked at her father with amusement.

“Tiva told me she had to take you to task, eh, Daddy?

What a nasty asshole you are.

Pot’s a plant, not a drug.

How can you put these poor kids away for it, lock them up in Anvers, where their lives are just worthless?”

“Del sweetheart, I must apply the law as it stands.”

Del laughed and pointed to a spot on the carpet right in front where she was sitting.

Although she’d been a normal, devoted daughter, when Adele had grown up, she had begun dominating her dad regularly.

She crossed her marvelous long shapely legs, barely contained by a tiny pair of snug denim cut-offs just above the thighs, and ordered her father to remove his panties.

Leaning down, Del unlocked the Prince Albert chastity piercing locking Daddy’s foreskin to his scrotum.

Del leaned back and began grazing the judge’s cock with her black stiletto pumps.

The Judge’s cock, denied orgasm for some weeks, swelled as his daughter’s bahis firmaları elegant high heels poked and stroked his junk?

Reardon had been worried when his beautiful daughter, then a 20 year old college junior had discovered the female domination porn on his computer.

Yes, and his correspondence with a lady called The Empress, and a Master Hercule The Stool?

The judge, a widower raising his daughter alone, had thought these discovered might alter the girl’s psyche.

A decade later, parent and child had quite an interesting relationship.

Del looked down at her father, his cock was bulging as she brought her heels, six awesome inches each, together around his organ and massaged.

“So Tiva tells me that Sheriff Winkworth has been at it again, right?

Wink brought in Valero Vesuvio, , selling a small amount of weed to one Tijuana Estuary, who’s mom was our fucking housekeeper.

She raised me while you and Mom were off at fundraisers, et cetera.

You have put both purchaser and seller away in Anvers Correctional for twelve years!”

Del’s heel tickled Reardon’s scrotum, and he began gasping with intense desire

He knew he had to keep his hands behind his back, but he was so tempted to grab his penis!

“Well, Miss Estuary will be going to the Woman’s prison, actually, dear?”

Irritated, Del reached over and knocked one of the mousetraps off the judge’s nipple, and he rocked with pain.

“Oh, shut up! Yet you gave your golfing buddy, Wormwood Scrubs probation for beating his wife.

Wormy is such a slime ball?”

As she said this, Del began jabbing instead of massaging poor Reardon’s cock.

As her indignation grew, she began kicking him lightly as well.

“And I know you also gave Holbein Tintoretto, head of the East Buttermilk Falls kaçak iddaa mob, a suspended sentence.

Yeah, when he put piano wire around the neck of?”

Who was that cute kid working in the yard? Del wondered, looking out the living room window.

Look at those shoulders.

“Your Uncle Wormy darling” protested the sweating judge.

“I really can’t get into intervene with his troubles with Citronella, their marriage is none of my —“

“Even if he broke her nose?” asked Del as she knocked the other mousetrap off Reardon’s right nipple.

And then Del smashed her heel into the base of Reardon’s penis.

Pinning it to the carpet as effectively if it had been a Bowie knife nabbing the head of a rattlesnake.

Reardon, whose cock completely aroused and filled with blood, did not react well to the pain.

He screamed and thought of his younger brother Blandings.

Blan today was a dissolute postman and the Buttermilk Falls town drunk.

Blan, who had once said at Adela’s christening a quarter century ago.

“That infant’s got the devil in her.”

At the time the family considered Blandings Harrod bitter, as he had just been expelled from Harvard.

Later it turned out to be the black sheep’s only sober prophecy.

Now the judge squealed lustily at the pain from his offspring’s spike heel.

Finally she lifted it and then kicked her father neatly in the nuts, eliciting yet another cry.

“Daddy, I can’t believe you are so cruel to the poor, and so nice to your society friends.

It makes me ill.”

And she kicked him again, the sharp tip of patent leather solidly connecting with the judge’s tender scrotal sack.

Del wondered what Scrip would think if he knew how she treated her father.

Oh well, Scrip was history now.

Del casually applied kaçak bahis lip-gloss as she continued to stimulate Dad’s cock with her high heels; he was forgetting the pain and getting excited again.

Del noticed that despite what he’d been through, the cock being manhandled just below his disgustingly flabby paunch was really shaping up again.

Dad was staring at his baby adoringly.

As she made her mouth a perfect O and colored in her full bottom lip Del considered.

She thought it was probably a good thing that Daddy, despite being so in love with her, was actually not related?

Mom had told Del just before she’d passed that her darling child was actually the result of a brief extramarital assignation with a handsome golf caddy at the Buttermilk Falls country club.

“And he screwed Hermione, Florence Connie and Dora, too, dear, my entire bridge group.

But I was the only one who was impregnated as far as I know, dear.”

This had to be true, Del had always wondered why she was a gorgeous statuesque redhead, and her four older sisters were obese and bespectacled, just like her parents?

So it was okay if she had a bit of a peculiar relationship with her “father” it seemed.

Now Del unbuttoned her blouse a bit, showing a bit of curvy cleavage in her breast tops, and a peek at black frilly bra? Reardon’s eyes popped out of his head.

Del rubbed her heels faster and faster on Daddy’s cock and suddenly he spurted long white loops of semen all over her heels.

After letting him enjoy the moment, she pointed to her heels and he began licking off the scum obediently.

“Say who’s that in the garden, Daddy?” Del asked

“The cute guy weeding the azaleas.”

“That’s your former fiancée’s felonious younger brother. ” Reardon replied.

” Remember you insisted I let him off the robbery and that I get him a job, dearest? I disremember his proper name, but he’s called Shoemouth.”

“Interesting, really, He’s better looking than Scrip.” Del said, licking her lips meditatively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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