Subway Seduction Ch. 05

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Alisha had intercepted Tyson’s two letters and three telephone calls. She did not want Rayne to get involved with him again, after the way he had treated her all those months ago. But now, Rayne had a young baby, and Tyson had wrote and telephoned several times to try and convince Rayne to let him see ‘his’ child. The last letter had stated simply that he would see them both soon. Alisha knew from Rayne how impulsive Tyson could be, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he showed up. Now, he was stood on the doorstep, demanding to see Rayne and the baby.

“Tyson, I can’t let you in. She won’t want to see you. You can’t leave her to cope with pregnancy on her own, and then come around here shouting the odds.” Alisha told him.

“I just want to see them. If it’s mine, I want to sort something out. Some access or something.” Tyson explained.

“If that were true you would have been there for the birth… Or at least the next day, but where were you Tyson? You weren’t with her, and you weren’t interested, and now you expect us to bend over backwards for you? Go home, Tyson.” Alisha stated, nastily.

“I was there. I went there every day for a week, but she never came in. I didn’t know if she was going to have a home birth, or use a private clinic or anything.” Tyson tried to convince her.

“No… The baby was a week late… They brought the birth on in the end.” Alisha confessed.

“Please, I just want to see them. If she tells me to go, I will, and I won’t come back, I swear it. I have to try though. They’re my family.” Tyson told her, calmer now.

“No Tyson. Tiger was your family and you accused him of sleeping with Rayne. Rayne was your family until you almost raped her for something she didn’t do. And that little baby is absolutely nothing to do with you.” Alisha accused. Tyson felt anger and guilt build up inside him, and he simply pushed past Alisha and into the house. He strode upstairs as Alisha followed behind him, shouting at him to not go upstairs. Tyson tried the first door to find an empty bedroom. The next door Tyson tried revealed a beautifully decorated nursery. Tyson scanned the room, and saw the back of a young girl sat on a baby’s play mat. Tyson crept closer to find that it was Rayne, breast feeding a young baby. Tyson watched them, gazing upon Rayne for the first time in almost a year, and his baby for the first time ever.

“Rayne…” Tyson said, quietly. Rayne turned to look at him. bostancı escort bayan Tyson looked at the shocked expression on her face, and she stood quickly, the baby still feeding from her now enormous breast. She turned away from him, not wanting him to see the baby, or even herself.

“Get out. I don’t want you here. Go home.” Rayne told him, coldly. Tyson put his hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him. He looked down and tears filled his eyes.

“I just wanted to see you. Both of you. I wanted to see my daug… My… I don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy. I wanted to see my child.” Tyson told her. The baby stopped feeding, and Rayne placed it in the cot. She buttoned her top back up and turned to Tyson, tears streaming down her face.

“Boy. I called him Christian. Christian Harley Delucia. And it’s a bit late if you don’t like it.” Rayne told him.

“Delucia… You gave him my name?” Tyson asked.

“Of course. I thought about calling him my name, but I wanted him to have his Dad’s name, so he knows I never wanted to keep him from you.” Rayne explained. Tyson dropped his head. His heart told him to sweep them both up and take them home with him, but his head kept reminding him Christian may be Tiger’s. He walked over to the cot and looked down at him. He had dark eyes and the beginnings of dark hair. Tyson could see Rayne’s face when he looked at him, and even his own, but he still had to be sure.

“I want to know for sure, Rayne. I know you never slept with Tiger, I realise that now and I am so sorry for what I did to you. But I still need to know he’s mine.” Tyson told her.

“Fine. I’ll sort a date out at the hospital. I’ll phone you and tell you when. They told me it takes about six weeks. I don’t want you near us until we get the results. I’m not having you win your way around me and my baby, then leave us again.” Rayne bluntly told him.

“I can’t do that Rayne. I still love you, and even if he’s not my son, he’s my nephew and I want to be part of his life. If he is Tiger’s I want to explain to him about his Dad.” Tyson explained.

“Well that’s up to Tiger. Once I know, I’ll call him and see what he wants to do. I know he’ll never be a proper Dad to him, but he can be a Dad as much as he can.” Rayne confessed.

“Rayne… Tiger won’t be his Dad in any sense of the word… Jinx is eight months pregnant…” Tyson told her. Rayne dropped to the floor, sobbing. ümraniye escort Tyson knelt in front of her, and pulled her towards him. He hugged her tightly, not wanting to let her go. To his surprise, Rayne hugged him back, sobbing into his broad shoulders. Eventually she quietened down, and looked at Tyson with red, tired eyes.

“Tyson, I have missed you. I know Christian is yours but I understand why you want to be sure. I want the three of us to be a family, but it’s going to take time.” Rayne explained. Rayne kissed his cheek, and then paused to look at him. She had not realised just how much she had missed him, and how much she still loved him. Rayne kissed his lips tenderly, and Tyson responded, placing his hand on her waist and slowly moving it up to her breasts. Tyson unbuttoned her blouse, hoping she wouldn’t stop him. She didn’t, and in seconds Tyson was groping Rayne’s breasts, kissing her passionately and was about to unzip his trousers, when Rayne grasped his hand.

“Please don’t stop me now baby.” Tyson pleaded. Rayne stood up and switched on the baby monitor, and then took Tyson’s hand and led him into her bedroom. She lay down on the bed and watched as Tyson unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erect penis. Rayne sat up, and slid off the bed, dropping to her knees on the floor. She eagerly took him into her mouth, sucking him and teasing him with her tongue. She took his cock out of her mouth and lapped at his balls like a puppy, and then proceeded to lick the length of his shaft. Tyson grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up. He unbuttoned her jeans and let them slide to the floor. Rayne wasn’t wearing any panties, and Tyson pushed her down onto the bed, and buried his face between her legs, searching for her clit with his tongue.

“Tyson… I need to know… How many has there been since me?” Rayne panted. She gasped and arched her back as Tyson’s tongue found the most sensitive part of her clit, flicking it with his tongue. He started to rub her clit with his fingers and looked up at her.

“Just two. No one could replace you, Rayne, and after them I stopped looking. I just wanted you back. I realised how special you were, and how stupid I was to ever think you’d done anything with Tiger.” Tyson told her, rubbing her bud between his finger and thumb, making her arch and moan. He didn’t want to talk about it. He just wanted to please her, as if it would make her forgive him. Tyson climbed escort kartal onto the bed, on top of Rayne. He pushed his cock forwards, to the entrance of her pussy. He looked her deeply in the eyes, asking her permission. Rayne nodded, and Tyson slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her, her muscles gripping his cock tightly. Tyson slowly slid his length inside her, kissing her breasts and neck as he did. He started to thrust gently inside her, listening to her moan as he started to fuck her.

“Harder… Please… Like you used to…” Rayne begged, panting, and starting to buck against Tyson’s thrusts. Tyson pulled his cock almost out of Rayne’s pussy, thrusting a little harder back inside her. They were soon fucking like animals, screaming, moaning and grunting as they enjoyed each other’s bodies again. Rayne dug her nails into Tyson’s shoulder, and screaming in pleasure. Tyson thrust even harder inside her, wanting to make her orgasm. He fucked her hard, and then felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, as Rayne had drew blood with her nails as she came on his cock. Tyson slowed his thrusts down, taking long, slow strokes instead, prolonging her intense orgasm. Rayne felt the last waves of her orgasm, and lay back on the bed, panting wildly. She felt Tyson’s cock twitch inside her, and she used the last of her energy to pull his cock out of her pussy.

“Rayne…? What’s the matter, sweet thing? I didn’t hurt you…” Tyson asked, looking worried.

“You can’t… Cum… I’m not using anything…” Rayne panted. Tyson then understood what she meant, and moved higher up the bed, straddling himself over her breasts. He started to masturbate furiously as Rayne licked the head of his cock, teasing him and making him desperate to cum. He felt his balls twitch, and his spunk flew out of his cock, all over Rayne’s face and breasts. She stuck her tongue out, catching a few salty drops on her tongue and eagerly swallowing them. As the last few drops of cum splashed onto Rayne’s face, she lifted her head and once again frantically took his cock into her mouth, licking his spunk and her own juices off his cock. Tyson looked down at her beautiful face, covered in his cum which he prayed had brought Christian into this world. Tyson knew he could never be without Rayne again. He wanted to make her happy, and keep her safe.

Suddenly, a woman’s high pitched scream came through the baby monitor, and Tyson and Rayne shot up out of bed. Rayne grabbed her blouse and wiped her face as she ran down to the other end of the hallway. They burst naked into the nursery so see Alisha crying next to Christian’s cot. Tyson ran over to her and Rayne went to the cot.

“Tyson! Tyson please….! He’s gone!” Rayne screamed.

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