Sucking Amy’s Panties

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Jeff nervously approached Amy’s laundry basket. He’d watched the young girl progress from a gangly girl of 15 to a stunning blonde beauty at 18, all legs, long, lean, muscular, honed hard and rugged from years of starring on her school’s sports teams. And she was a bitch, pure and through, treating him badly over the three years he’d been married to her mom.

He’d noticed her panties on the bathroom floor before, casually at first, then toeing them up so he could see the glistening cuntal goo and ass smears on the pretty white cotton crotch. He didn’t smell them at first, just touched them with his foot, then in later forays, would smell the air above them until one day he found himself helplessly on the bathroom floor on his knees, madly inhaling the rancid vapors of her teen cunt, musky, pissy, shitty aromas mixed in with the sweet strawberry scent of youthful pussy.

He especially liked the panties she’d discard after coming home from sports practices, the sweaty dankness of them. He’d hold them to his nose and inhale deeply while pulling his cock, then he’d lick them, chew them, suck them nearly clean. Occasionally, when he dared, he’d put one pair on his cock and jack off into them while he rubbed a dirtier pair all over his face.

He felt depraved, perverse, sick, humiliated. And alive.

This day he’d gone to the house to fix a pipe while the two women were away, knowing Amy would be at sports practices all afternoon. He had time as he stole into her bedroom, sniffing the air, fishing for the fishy smell he knew he’d find in the big red laundry basket in the corner. He was not disappointed.

“Mmmm, she hasn’t done laundry in a week or so, I’d guess,” Jeff sighed, looking out the window to make sure the coast was clear before settling down to his task.

He was into it for 15 minutes by the time Amy came home and snuck up behind him. He had his cock stroking into one particularly grungy pair of panties, had another up to his mouth, sucking the creamy stains out while inhaling the rancid ass smears at the same time. He was almost coming.

“You fucking loser, I knew you were cumming in my panties, you don’t think I know what cum smells like?” she growled.

Jeff pivoted wildly, Amy’s panty stuck up his nose, his cock about to explode in the other one.

“Please…” he begged, knowing how ridiculous he looked, a 48-year-old man with a face and prick full of soiled and smelly teen girl panty. “You don’t understand, I…I…”

“Keep jerking that cock, short stack, jerk it off into my panties…now!!” Amy suddenly growled.

Jeff blinked. He looked at the tall blonde, still in red satiny soccer uniform, long, drooping shorts over her lean, muscular thighs, falling socks down skinny shins, and he couldn’t believe his eyes: She was fingering her cunt through her baggy shorts, licking her lips. He jerked his cock.

“Cum for me, baby, make that little pecker squirt a bahis firmaları hot creamy load in my dirty, stinky panties!” she hissed. “Smell that pair in your face, smell my nasty teeny cunt stink!!”

Jeff was delirious, watching the object of his masturbatory affection writhe at the end of her own finger while he was sucking on and jacking off into her very dirty underwear. He came and came hard, a thick, pumping gelatinous load of sperm, into the dank confines of her stinky briefs. He came long and hard and felt like he’d never stop. When he did, he was breathless. He looked at Amy and smiled. She smiled back – evilly. She stopped frigging her cunt and walked over to him, a stern look on his face.

“You are SUCH a fucking loser,” she spat, backhanding him viciously across the face and turning his head back the other way by whacking his face with a forehand slap. “You look like a damned fool…and that cock? You satisfy my mom with that cock? I don’t think so, no wonder she’s fucking so many other guys behind your back.”

Jeff’s head sunk to his chest, he felt humiliated as Amy’s panties hung from his face, the cummy pair still in his other hand. He looked up at her, tears in his eyes.

“Please, Amy…don’t tell your mom…”

She laughed and sat on the edge of the bed. She curled a finger at him to approach her and she sat, sexy legs crossed. He shuffled over to her on his knees, the pair of panties stuck to his face finally falling off to the floor.

“Take those,” she said, motioning toward the cummy pair in his hand. “And suck your own cum from them. Do it now. Do it right. Clean my panties.”

Jeff looked at them, the cold, goopy cum congealing on the yellow and brown smears in the white panty cloth, and then up at her, disbelieving.

“But Amy…I…I can’t…it’s…”

He never saw them coming. Amy’s legs shot out and encircled his head in a brutal, crushing neckscissors, her lithe, teen muscular legs snaring the sides of his neck and crushing the blood off to his brain, instantly bringing him to the edge of sleep. She locked her socked ankles behind him, and let up to let him stay awake. She looked down into his terrorized eyes.

“You don’t understand,” she said calmly. “I can – and will – ruin you, both with my legs in scissor holds and my mouth by telling my mom all about you and your panty-sniffing ways. Now eat that cummy mess outta my panties. Hell, you should be used to the taste and smell, half the panties in the basket you’re always sniffing are usually loaded with my boyfriend’s cum from after us fucking! Now get eating!!!”

She didn’t wait for him to respond, she just tightened her muscular thighs until he groaned in pain. Trembling, he lifted the cummy briefs around the side of her hard legs and towards his face. Closing his eyes, he mashed the spongy mass of fabric between her scissoring thighs and into his mouth, licking, sucking and chewing as fast as kaçak iddaa he could. He gagged. Amy scissored harder.

“You puke on my legs, I’ll scissor your fucking head right off your shoulders, loser asshole scum,” she growled, watching him suck her panties clean. “Keep eating.”

For five long minutes, Jeff tongued and gobbled her filthy panty clean and almost dry, the entire time with Amy throbbing her long thighs on him. When she was satisfied he was thorough enough, she let him go. He fell to the floor and she stood to slither out of her shorts and panties. She held the soiled underwear in one hand, twirling it. Jeff looked up and saw the shine of piss and shit stains there, and the gleam of her cunny oil she’d been leaking since she put him in the scissors.

“Have a fresh pair this time, loser,” she said, sitting back down and corralling his head back into a scissors, this time her thighs around his ears from behind, her long, socked shins crossing on his chest.

She didn’t let him do it this time, but now used her hands to brutally smear the freshly-soiled panty all over his face, rubbing his nose in it, jamming the shitty part up one nostril, the pissy part up the other. She made him lick, smell, suck, devour the filthy shorts, finally stopping when they were clean. She made him hook the laundry basket with his foot and drag it to her. There, she fished out 10 other filthy pair of panties, some a week or more old.

“Looks like you got some laundry to do, loser,” she giggled.

For a solid hour, she reamed his face, his nose, his entire existence with the nasty, smelly teen-girl panties. He was choking on the cheese stench, the pissy taste, the shitty bitterness and the clammy goo of her boyfriend’s old cum. His eyes watered, his ears burned from her prolonged headscissors, his jaws ached from chewing, sucking, licking, his tongue was rubbed raw by lapping the filthy fabric. Everywhere, the stench was on him, it seemed, and he feared he’d never get it off.

After he’d cleaned them all, Amy curled up one foot to his face and peeled off her shoe, forcing the yellowed white sock of that foot into his mouth.

“Suck my socks,” she hissed. “Suck that dirty, rotten sock!”

And he obeyed, he had to, her teeny thigh muscles were killing him and he was doubly weakened by lack of oxygen for the last hour. He smelled and sucked her filthy sock, then the other one. She straightened her legs and put on a horrendous scissor squeeze, crushing him so hard her teeny thighs trembled and quivered with the effort. He passed out cold.

He awoke to the same musky, shitty smell he’d just enduring for an hour in her panty lock and realized Amy had him on the bed, on his back, and was abusing his face inside the sweaty clamp of her muscular and dirty ass. She was riding his face, his nose humped in the vicious lock of her hard cheeks, scraping back and forth and then settling down for a violent nose kaçak bahis fuck, her hairless shitring over his nose, eating it deep.

“Smell that asshole, asshole,” she hissed, spreading her cheeks so wide in her hands that it felt like his whole head would disappear up her filthy rump. “Get in their and sniff my shitty butt hole!”

He obeyed, inhaling deeply and gagging, nearly puking from the sweaty, rancid aroma. She rode him harder now, fingering her gash, sending a cascade of sweet teeny cunny cream down her hairy gash and into his sucking mouth. She was nearly drowning him in her ass and cunt and didn’t care, she rode him hard and harder to another copious, crushing orgasm.

He heard a door slam and Amy laugh. She slithered back, capturing his head in her thighs, his face up her stinky ass, putting on horrendous pressure with her powerful reverse facescissors, her slim calves crossed and locked. She looked back over a shoulder and smiled.

“Mom’s home,” she hissed. “You’re going out for awhile, while I, uh, explain what a nasty, nasty man you’ve been…now go to sleep!”

Instantly, Jeff was out the second Amy tightened her slender teen girl thighs, scissoring him unconscious. When he awoke, he heard Amy sobbing. He focused and saw his wife, Lisa, standing in the doorway, hugging Amy, who was facing him. Through the fake tears, she smiled and winked at him.

“OH, Mommy, Mommy, it was awful, horrible, he was in my panties doing all bad things in there, smelling them…playing with himself…God, Mommy, I can’t tell you!” she wailed. “Then he made me take my panties off and tried to get his face up between my legs and do awful things…that’s when I sorta squeezed him so hard he passed out and I thought he was dead and then you came home..Oh, Mommy!! He’s awake, help me, Mommy, don’t let him near me!!”

Lisa spun around angrily, spotting the sputtering Jeff on the bed. Her eyes were ice.

“You son of a bitch, you no-good, son of a bitch,” she growled.

“Lisa, please, you don’t understand…the panties, yes, I guess, but she…Amy…your daughter…she tortured me, she made me do things…you don’t understand…”

Lisa shielded her daughter behind her and glared at him.

“I should call the police and I may,” she growled. “But after I’m through with you, you might actually WANT me to call the police…and an ambulance.”

She turned to Amy.

“Honey, you best leave the room for awhile, this will get ugly,” she said, ushering her daughter outside. Amy looked at Jeff over her mom’s shoulder and smiled, then quickly resumed her fake cryfest for her mother’s benefit.

“Yes, Mommy….” Amy sniffed. “If you need help, let me know…”

Lisa closed the door, stepped back inside and slowly began peeling off her slacks and tops, standing in sandals, panties and bra, her legs etched in aerobically trained muscle, making Jeff realize where Amy got her legs from. She approached the bed, slowly, turning her panties inside out, pulling the crotch away from her body and showing Jeff the nasty stuff inside.

He screamed. She descended on him. The second part of hell began…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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