Summer Of ’76 Ch. 01

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Thanks Amanda for all of your wonderful help

“All the kids is this story are 18 or above.”

“Mr. Parrish, would you please sit down and let me teach the class?” Ms. Hall said in a stern tone of voice, her face turning red with anger. She had been a teacher for just over 20 years and this was the first time in her career that a student had ever got the best of her.

Jack turned to look at the 40-year-old teacher and flipped his middle finger up. “Fuck you bitch! We’re having fun over here.” He laughed as he slipped his tongue back into Sue’s wet and wild mouth while his hands went under her blouse to find her firm 34B breasts.

Ms. Hall had been putting up with Jack Parrish and his boy-hood antics the entire school year, but with only one day of school remaining she had reached the end of her nerves with him. “WOULD YOU PLEASE SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!” Ms. Hall screamed as loud as she could and threw a book at Jack, hitting him in the middle of his back.

Jack cried out in pain as the book slammed into his back. “Ouch, you fuckin’ bitch!” he yelled, jumping off Sue and running towards Ms. Hall. “I’m going to knock your fuckin’ teeth out!” he screamed, pulling back his clenched fist.

Hands more powerful than his grabbed his arm and threw him to the floor. “You’re not doing anything to her,” Ben Wilder said as he held Jack to the floor. “She asked you five times to stop with Sue and sit down,” Ben added in his low, calm voice.

“You’re as dead as she is, mother fucker! Wait till I get your fuckin’ ass outside, fucker!” Jack yelled up to Ben, trying to get free from the powerful grip that held him down. However, no one had ever broken free from Ben’s grip in the last four years—ever since he joined the school’s wrestling team. He knew he wouldn’t have a chance in hell at beating up Ben but he had to make it look good. He was the loud-mouthed bully of the school and had to keep up his reputation.

Ben just smiled down at Jack; they had been friends from their first day in school. “You do what you gotta do, Jack, but you’re sitting here and finishin’ class.” Ben smiled again, showing his very large white teeth to Jack, and with one swift pull Jack was at the desk next to Ben.

“Thank you, Ben,” Ms. Hall said to the most-prized student in her class. Ben had been one of her favorite students since the first time she had ever laid eyes on him. She had never seen anyone as tall as Ben was, and she had spent the last 3 years watching him turn into a giant of a man. Standing 6 foot 11 inches tall and just under 300 pounds, Ben was as gentle a mouse.

Jack stomped out of English class as mad as he had ever been in his life. How could his friend make him look like a fool in front of everyone? How could he look anyone in the eye after this?

“Ben!” Jack yelled, running up to Ben and slamming his fist into Ben’s thick chest. A dull thud was heard in the busy hallway. “You ever do anything like that to me again, I’ll kill you!” Jack said, gritting his teeth and drew back his fist and threw it towards Ben.

Ben pushed out his massive arm and sent Jack flying into a row of lockers. The force of Ben’s blow should have knocked him out, but somehow Jack remained awake. “Don’t hit me, Jack!” Ben said as he drove his long hard finger into the middle of the bully’s chest. Over the last year of school Ben had started to see how Jack really was. He used anybody and everything to suit him and he didn’t care who got hurt in the process.

“I guess he told you!” Jennifer laughed, as she stood by her locker sneaking a fast cigarette before her next class began. “How could you hit Ben like that? He’s probably your only friend in school.”

Jack gave her a dirty look and replied. “Fuck you, bitch. Why don’t you go find a pussy to lick or something?” he said, walking away from his sexy, young friend. She had made the mistake of telling him one night, while they were having sex, that she wanted to be with another girl. From that night on, he always found a way to throw it in her face.

“Fuck you, Jack! Have fun finding a date for tonight,” Jennifer yelled, while she flipped her middle finger to him and went back to puffing on her cigarette. She was a great girl, loved to have fun, loved to laugh, and was one of the best-looking girls in school.

Jennifer’s parents were German and Asian, but she got all of her best features from her proud German father. He could have been a god, standing well over 6 foot tall with 250 pounds of pure muscle that he loved to show off by walking around his home naked. Jennifer had spent so many nights thinking of his massive manhood using her body that she would cry herself to sleep. Many times Jennifer had wanted to come on to him but had always been afraid he would reject her.

“Hi sexy,” a soft voice said to Jennifer as a warm hand went under her güvenilir bahis short skirt, cupping one of her very firm butt cheeks and gently squeezing them, sending a warm rush between Jennifer’s thick thighs. “How’s my best friend on this fine and sunny Friday?” Danielle asked, as she pushed her hips against Jennifer’s behind. Danielle loved hugging Jennifer and knew how much it turned her friend on.

Jennifer gasped as she felt Danielle’s body. “Girl, you’re going to kill me some day doing that!” Jennifer turned and returned the warm embrace. It sent chills through her every time she was able to hug Danielle, feel her big, full 37-inch breasts and put her hands on her round 38-inch butt. In addition, today Danielle had also worn a very short skirt, so Jennifer made sure to slide her hands on Danielle’s great behind.

“Oh Lord! I hope nobody ever sees us hugging like this, they’ll think we’re two lezbos or something.” Danielle moaned as she felt Jennifer tracing the seam of her panties around each of her cheeks and down between her thighs. This was the one and only thing that turned her on so much and her best friend knew it. “You turn me on so much when you do that.” Danielle moaned again as she slowly looked up at Jennifer and her big brown eyes, placing a soft kiss on her pouty lips. “Stop it, and give me a drag off that smoke,” Danielle said, pulling from Jennifer and taking the cigarette from her hand.

Jennifer made sure she was against her sexy friend, with her arm around Danielle’s thin waist. “Who’s on hall watch today?” she asked as she returned her thin fingers back to trace Danielle’s panties.

Danielle had her eyes closed as Jennifer had her way under the skirt. “Mr. Freemen.” She moaned when Jennifer found her way between Danielle’s beautiful dancer legs. “Jennifer, I’m starting to wonder about you touching me like this all time.” She moaned out loud as Jennifer brought her close to a well-needed orgasm. Jennifer’s gentle fingers smoothly ran up the middle of Danielle’s wet mound, stopping only to tease the tiny nub of flesh. “I love it when you do it, but it’s not normal for us to do this,” Danielle added as she took another big puff off the cigarette and pushed her auburn hair from her face.

“Why? It’s fun and feels so good!” Jennifer said, as her other hand moved to caress Danielle’s big right breast. “Tell me you don’t like it and I’ll stop.” Jennifer rolled Danielle’s nipple between her fingers and saw the pleasure on her pretty face. Jennifer moved her mouth to Danielle’s, her tongue slowly slipped inside as her small fingers tried to enter Danielle’s sex.

Danielle was close to having an orgasm on Jennifer’s hand, but she pulled from her friend. “You have to stop doing this. Yes, it’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever known in my life, but it’s wrong. Girls go with guys, not each other,” she said as tears ran down her face. “I love you so much I hurt, but I can’t make love with you.” She reached down to caress Jennifer’s face.

“Nobody will ever know,” Jennifer replied, as she felt her heart break in two. “Please just let us try it one time, if you don’t like it, I’ll never bother you ever again.” By the time the words came from her mouth she had broken into tears and her long, thick black hair fell across her face.

Danielle pulled her crying friend into her arms. “No, I love you as a friend, a sister and that’s all!” she said. The two beautiful girls held each other. Danielle seemed like a ‘dumb blonde’ but was the class president, a school dancer, and was at the top of the principal’s list. She couldn’t take any chances of loosing her college scholarship. However, deep down somewhere inside, she wanted Jennifer just as much as Jennifer wanted her.


“Ben!” Lenny Kingman yelled across the lunchroom. “Over here!” he yelled one more time as he waved his massive friend over to come and sit with Danielle, Jennifer, Candie, and himself. “Why did you let that fucker hit you?” Lenny asked Ben, then looked to Jennifer. “Sorry, I didn’t mean anything.” Lenny knew Jennifer was dating Jack.

Candie looked at Ben with lust in her eyes. She had always wondered if ‘all’ of his body was so big. “How’s your chest?” she asked as she moved her 5 foot 8 inch body to sit on his lap and moved her hand under his shirt to caress him. “That big bully hit my guy; I should go scratch his eyes out,” she said, puckering her lips up to his, making sure she was pressing her firm breasts into his massive chest, and letting her bleached-blonde hair fall in his face

“Stop teasing him, Candie!” Jennifer said, as she saw Ben getting his normal embarrassed red face. She had also known Ben from their first days in school and would jump anyone if they teased him or tried to embarrass him in any way. A lot of people teased Ben, but he didn’t know that they were being mean. Ben was sort of slow. Not by any means dumb or stupid, but he didn’t catch on to their cruel words.

Candie stood up and made sure to show Ben up her short skirt. “I would never tease my türkçe bahis big, handsome guy,” she said, leaning to give him another kiss. This time, though, she made it last longer. As she pulled away from him she saw something in his pants move, like nothing she had ever seen before.

“Fuck let’s go smoke and blow this place,” Jennifer said in a pissed off voice as she jumped up, knocked over the chair she was sitting in, and walked towards the exit. She was still very upset at Danielle for turning down her offer for love.

Candie made a sour face and asked. “What the fuck is up with her?” Candie watched Jennifer as she slammed open the door and stormed outside. “Is she on the rag or what?”

“Nahhh, she’s just a little upset, that’s all,” Danielle said as she picked up her books. “Come on, I could use a cigarette myself.” Once outside Danielle went to stand by Jennifer, lighting a cigarette as she said. “You need to stop this. You know I love you, but I can’t make love with you.” It killed her to think that her best friend was so angry with her.

Jennifer gave her a cold look. “You know you love my hands on you. I feel you melt in them when I touch you,” Jennifer said as she watched the rest of their group coming towards them. “Are we still getting together tonight?” she asked Danielle, giving her a good pouting look. She knew Danielle hated it when she was mad at her.

“Nothing can happen and I mean it!” Danielle said as she pointed her finger at Jennifer’s face. “NOTHING!”

Lenny walked to Danielle, put his arm around her and asked. “Is everything all right?” He leaned to kiss her on the mouth. Jennifer knew they were going steady, but it still made her sick seeing Lenny kiss her. She thought of Danielle as her own and that meant that nobody else had the right to touch her.

“Yes, she’s fine. Aren’t you?” Danielle said, giving Jennifer a hug and a tiny kiss on her cheek. “We’re getting together tonight to help her work everything out,” she added, giving Jennifer a little wink.

Lenny crossed his arms over his chest and replied. “Hello! Did you two forget we are going to the concert tonight?” he asked them in his normal deep tone of voice. “Jack and I worked our asses off to make the money for us to go, and I ended up having to pay for Ben, too. His mother wouldn’t give him the cash for the ticket.”

“SHIT!” Danielle yelled and stumped her foot down on the ground. “Yes, we forgot,” she said, slapping herself on the head and giving Jennifer a sad look as she took a puff off her cigarette.

Jennifer looked around to find her giant friend. “It’s going to be so fun. And as much as Ben loves Charlie Daniels,” she puffed her cigarette. “He is going have a blast!”

Lenny smiled at Jennifer’s words. “Do you know if he still has that huge Rebel Flag? I’d love for him to bring it,” Lenny said, taking a drag off Danielle’s cigarette and then giving it back.

“Yes, we still have it: it’s at the house,” Jennifer said as blew smoke from her lungs and gave Lenny a dirty look for touching Danielle. “I’ll bring it,” she added, looking away from her friends.

“Well, I have to run to my next class. We’ll be at your house about six,” he said to Danielle. “And to get you and Ben about seven. Bye,” Lenny added as he ran off to his class.

Jennifer moved next to Danielle, slipping her hand under the tiny skirt that covered Danielle’s great behind. “Want to skip class and sneak into the pool?” Jennifer asked, hoping with all of her heart that Danielle would say yes. As horny as they both were, maybe Jennifer would finally have her dreams of loving Danielle come true.

Danielle gritted her teeth and looked at Jennifer. “You really and truly want it to happen between us, don’t you?” she asked her sexy friend. She wanted it, too but was so very afraid someone would catch them or find out. Her parents would kill her if she was ever caught in such an act.

Jennifer gave Danielle her famous pouty look that she knew Danielle could hardly refuse. “Yes! To hold you in my arms and have us orgasm together would be my dream come true,” she said with a smile. She gently slid her fingers across Danielle’s hot mound of sex, making Danielle’s brain flood with excitement and causing her knees to buckle under.

“Yes! Let’s go, but I don’t want to rush things. I want it to happen without pressure,” Danielle said, looking to see how happy Jennifer was. She had always been very touchy-feely with Danielle and now was going to get her chance.


The two girls made their way into the pool building without being seen. “Shit, that was easy,” Jennifer said as she put her arms around Danielle’s waist, moving her mouth to cover Danielle’s. Standing next to the pool edge they began the slow, deep, and passionate kiss that they both had wanted for so very long.

Danielle softly moaned as Jennifer took the lead and began to undress her sexy, well-built friend. “Oh Jennifer! You make me so fucking horny.” Danielle moaned and let Jennifer have her way to do anything güvenilir bahis siteleri she wanted. First, her blouse was removed to expose her full heaving breasts. “Suck my nipples, Jennifer,” Danielle softly whispered as her hands pulled Jennifer to her swollen buds.

“Anything for you,” Jennifer said, as she moved to her knees and started to trace around the hard nipples with her wet tongue. “Your flesh taste so good,” she whispered to Danielle. She gently sucked the right nipple into her mouth, while her soft hands worked pulling down Danielle’s short skirt. Just like at the lockers earlier in the day, Jennifer gently traced the delicate seem of Danielle’s panties, sending rushes of pleasure over every inch of her body.

Danielle watched her sweet friend as she pleased her body. She knew it was so wrong, but it felt better than all of her lousy boyfriends put together. “Jennifer, you’re wonderful,” Danielle said as she could feel the small fire between her slender legs begin to turn into massive flames of desire. “Let’s get in the water,” Danielle moaned, pulling from Jennifer and jumping into the warm pool.

Jennifer pulled off everything except her panties and jumped in the water next to her sexy friend. “I love you, Danielle,” Jennifer said as she moved against her lover. Their arms locked around each other, pulling them as close as two people could be. Their mouths moved together and they kissed; but this time, Danielle wanted it so badly that she couldn’t pull away like all the other times.

“Oh God, I’m on fire!” Danielle gasped for air when the kiss broke. “I need to cum!” Danielle said with desperation in her sweet, soft voice. “You make me crazy!” she added, as she swam to the ladder and climbed out of the pool. Jennifer watched as the water ran off Danielle’s body, from her full breasts, down her flat tummy, and through her delicate panties, making it look like she was wetting herself. “Let’s go back to the training room,” Danielle whispered to Jennifer.

Jennifer climbed from the pool, but this time it was Danielle who watched the warm water run off Jennifer. Down her small breasts, over her slightly rounded tummy and down her thick thighs. “I’m so glad we’re doing this,” Jennifer said, kissing Danielle. The two beautiful girls went hand in hand to the trainer’s room. Once inside Jennifer looked to a small cot that sat in the back of the room. It was used if a student needed to rest, but today it would be used to bring two very sexy, young girls pleasure.

Danielle walked to the small cot and lay down on it. “Here I am! Cum take me!” she said, reaching for Jennifer to come and please her, use her, anything that she wished. “Make me cum. I’m on fire,” Danielle whimpered as tears of happiness ran down her beautiful face, hot blood rushed through her arteries and wetness poured from between her slender legs as she thought of what was to come.

Jennifer moved to her sexy friend, and gently laid across Danielle, making sure their hips were together. “I’m going you eat you alive!” Jennifer moaned as she slowly began to kiss every inch of Danielle’s beautiful young face. “I’m going to suck these big, beautiful tits of yours.” Her hands cupped Danielle’s breasts and gently gave them a squeeze, running her thumb around her hard nipples. “Then, I’m moving between your legs.” Jennifer smiled and licked her lips. “I’m going put my tongue so deep in your pussy and eat you out until you explode,” Jennifer said as she moved to suck Danielle’s breasts.

“YES! YES!” Danielle cried out with joy as Jennifer began her seduction. She watched closely as Jennifer suckled her full, heaving breasts like a small baby. It sent rushes through her body like no other time in her young life. All of her past and present boyfriends had never made her feel anything as wonderful as this. Danielle felt as if that she could orgasm just from having her breasts pleasured.

Jennifer smiled to Danielle as she sucked, licked, and gently bit her hard nipples, bringing her great delight. “Is it good?” Jennifer asked as she flicked her hot tongue over a nipple. “Is your sweet pussy getting hot? I sure can smell you,” Jennifer teased, and started to grind her hips into Danielle’s hot sex.

“YES! It’s fantastic!” Danielle moaned out in the cold, empty room as her body was filled with very intense heat. “Oh please, make me cum!” she begged Jennifer as her hips thrashed under her wonderful new lover. Her body badly needed to release.

Jennifer slid down her inflamed body making sure her face was between Danielle’s legs at the starting place of her desire. “Is this what my girl needs?” Jennifer asked as she licked up the middle of Danielle’s burning, wet sex making sure her long tongue sank slightly into Danielle’s soaked panties, stopping to tease her inflamed clitoris. Jennifer’s tongue slowly licked the hardened morsel of flesh as she gently sucked it into her warm mouth.

“Jennifer, it’s so lovely! Don’t ever stop!” Danielle moaned, enjoying the unbelievable talents of her amazing friend. Danielle could feel Jennifer kissing every inch of her excited sex, from her clitoral hood down to her excited anus stopping only to suck one of Danielle’s excited labia into her mouth and gently rolling it between her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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