Sundae Love

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A first date is usually quite innocent. A movie with popcorn and a sly slip of the arm over a lady’s shoulder’s. Maybe even a gentle kiss at the door when he drops her off when the clock ticks midnight.

I will tell you in great detail what a first date does not include. It does not include an empty sundae shop after one in the morning. It does not involve using a woman’s body as a sundae dish.

Terry managed the local Cold Stone Creamery part time as he went to the local Pharmacy College. It wasn’t the most clean job, nor the warmest. But it was fun watching families and people on dates come in for something sweet. Ice cream is a bonding food. It brings people together.

Which is exactly why Terry was bringing Maddie there after he took her out to dinner. He wasn’t a rich man but he wanted to impress her with what he had. And he had the ice cream shop.

Terry met Maddie in class. She was auditing a nutrition course for her MD. He knew she was out of his league but he asked her out anyway and unbelievably she said yes. So he spared no expense. He took her to Cherile’s, the finest French restaurant in town. He brought flowers and wore his best suit.

Terry opened the car door for Maddie. Before he let her sit down took out a handkerchief. “Now, close your eyes. This is going to be a surprise.”

“What do you have up your sleeve, Mr. Mallett?” Maddie smiled. Her voice was like a ray of sunshine beating down on his skin.

“Why Ms. Dupree, I would tell you but that would be no fun.” Terry smiled back, wrapping his handkerchief over her eyes. He enjoyed the formality game Maddie like to play. It drew out their courtship and gave him the encouragement he needed.

They arrived in front of the store around 10pm. The doors had been shut for almost a half hour. It was awkward shuffling Maddie inside with her eyes still blindfolded.

The handkerchief served mostly so Terry could take in his fill looking at Maddie. She was divine. White creamy skin with dark hair bringing out the blush in her cheeks. She was a tiny woman, around 5’0¨ to his 6’0¨, but her presence compensated for any lack of stature. She’s what his mama would call a spitfire.

He took this opportunity to inspect the rest of the beautiful woman in front of him. Her breasts were plenty, contrasting with her tiny little waist and only matching her curved hips in breadth. Perfectly proportional, she’s what other ladies would call an hourglass.

“Are you just gonna stand there looking or are you gonna take this handkerchief off so I can look back?” Maddie’s words startled him. He’d lost himself in looking at her and she knew it.

“You’ll have to forgive me, Maddie.” Terry slipped the handkerchief off. Maddie’s eyes were filled with laughter and not accusation, giving him hope. “I’m not used to being in the company of such a beautiful woman.”

“Ice cream?” Maddie looked around the shop, smiling.

“Surprise!” Terry threw his hands up. “And I’ll have you know it’s not just any ice cream! This ice cream comes with your own personal ice cream server.” He bowed, waving his arm dramatically in old fashioned servitude.

“Ah. And what kind of uniform does the escort bostancı ice cream server wear?” A naughty little sparkle in Maddie’s eyes made Terry slightly wary. But what was the worst that could happen?

“Uniform?” Terry sputtered and looked down at his jacket and tie. “I do suppose I’m bit overdressed.”

“Very, very overdressed.” Maddie smiled, her eyes twinkling even brighter. “You wouldn’t want to get that lovely suit stained, would you?”

Terry grinned. This was certainly a surprise. Not a bad one, but a surprise. Maddie had a bit of a naughty streak in her.

“And what would you recommend Ms. Dupree?” Terry began sloughing off his jacket.

“Anything more than shorts and an apron I would think. Ice cream is dangerous for that lovely suit.”

“It’s very good you’re looking out for my wardrobe.” Terry teased, gently, playing along with her logical façade, removing his shoes and pants.

“I do what I can to help,” Maddie croaked, her eyes never leaving his body as he stood before her, almost nude and very aroused beneath his boxers.

“I do believe we may have a problem though, Ms. Dupree.” Terry smiled mischievously, wrapping the black apron around his waist. The cloth did nothing to hide his erection, but added to the game nicely.

“And what is that Mr. Mallett?” Maddie’s voice was a little breathless. He could see the peaks of her nipples poking through her dress.

“I believe we’re out of ice cream bowls.” Terry said, belying the towers of empty bowls piled on the counter.

“Whatever shall we use instead?” Maddie brought her index finger to her lips, biting on the tip seductively.

“Well, since there’s really no choice, we can eat it off each other,” Terry suggested very matter of factly, as if he were offering a coupon to a customer.

“I believe that may be our only option,” Maddie sighed as if resigned to her fate but the grin on her face belying her tone. “I hope we get a discount for our ice cream…providing our own dishes.”

Terry loved this sassy and sexy side of Maddie. He was so hard he was going to burst in half. He watched her slowly remove her shirt and pants. She kept her bra and thong on, probably just to tease him. They barely covered her as it was.

“What’s your favorite flavor, Ms. Dupree?”

“Dark chocolate,” she whispered, her voice choked with desire.

Terry motioned for her, “Come over here, baby.”

“What are you going to do?” Terry didn’t answer her question. He knew by the look on her face that she was excited and not nervous.

Never in his life had he thought his first date with Maddie would end this way. He expected to drop her off at her house and maybe get a peck on the cheek. If he was lucky.

“I’m going to make you an ice cream sundae.” Terry smiled and took a scoop of the extra dark chocolate ice cream from the freezer. He rubbed the cold cream all over his chest, creating a dark trail of chocolate. He stopped at his nipples, coating them with extra chocolate sauce.

“That looks delicious. Do you have whip cream to go with my sundae?”

Terry reached for the canister and handed her a can of whip cream. “I have it ümraniye escort here but I”ll need you to do the honors.”

The look on Maddie’s face resembled a five year old on Christmas morning. She took the can of whip cream and squirted several long trails across Terry’s chest, mixing it in with the melted ice cream.

“Mmm…I like that.” She giggled, taking some sprinkles from a jar on the counter and sprinkling them across the whip cream. “What a real treat.”

“You better take a bite before it melts, Ms. Dupree.” Terry’s arousal was becoming painful watching her smooth the whip cream over his chest. He almost came in his pants when she lowered her mouth to his nipple and sucked the ice cream away. He cried out with pleasure, causing her to suck on his nipple even harder.

“Oh, God, Maddie. You’re killing me.”

“Mmm, but you taste so good, Terry.” She continued licking the ice cream off his chest, lapping up the melted sugar off his dark skin. She lowered herself to her knees, running her hands up his hard muscular thighs. Her hands finally reached his hips and slipped under his boxer shorts. She fondled him for several long seconds until he grabbed her hands and forced her to stand up.

“It’s my turn for a sundae,” his voice was deep, thickened with arousal. She giggled, excited she could arouse him to such a peak so quickly.

Grabbing her by the waist he lifted her onto the cold stone slab. She sucked in a deep breath, the chill from the cold surface rippling through her body, making her nipples peak out of her bra, almost an inch poking through her bra.

The surface of the stone slab was high enough to bring her face level with his. Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her face against him, kissing her like a man starving and she was the first sight of food in ten days.

He reached behind her, snapping the bra off her back, freeing her large breasts for his hands. Maddie leaned her head back, luxuriating as Terry’s hands squeezed her breasts heavy with desire.

“My favorite flavor…is vanilla.” He kissed her again before he reached down and grabbed some of the sweet cream flavor from the freezer. “Lean back,” he ordered.

She complied, leaning her head back until her stomach was concave, perfect for a scoop of ice cream. Terry slipped a small scoop right onto her skin, watching as it began melting down the soft trail of hair on her pelvis.

“Oh, that’s so cold.” She sighed, her deep breaths moving her beautiful breasts up and down.

“That’s OK, baby, I’m going to warm you up really soon.” Terry took a dipper of warm chocolate sauce and drizzled long strings of sugary chocolate sauce across her breasts and own her pelvis, melting into the scoop of ice cream at her belly button. “But I have to have my chocolate syrup with the vanilla.”

The chocolate syrup melted into the ice cream, creating a trail of sticky sweetness down Maddie’s pelvis, into her panties, soaking the red lace material.

“Mmm…the perfect sundae. Aren’t you hungry?” Maddie’s legs spread suggestively, her hips undulating with the desire building up in her torso.

“Extremely,” Terry’s fingers slipped under the strings kartal escort bayan attaching the layers of her panties together and yanked hard, the small slip of material ripping off easily. “But this isn’t on the menu,” he laughed, throwing the panties across the room.

He sat and stared at the vanilla ice cream, melting down into her beautiful hairless pussy. It looked perfect with the chocolate sauce melting in with it. And delicious.

Like a starving man, Terry dove into her pussy, licking the sweet ice cream off her swollen lips. The sweetness mixed with her musky wet discharge, a flavor he’d never had but could quickly become addicted to.

“More, more…” she chanted when his tongue found her clit.

Terry buried his face between her thighs, his cock becoming even more hard with sounds squeaking from her mouth. Her thighs wrapped around his neck, her hand pushing his head deeper into her center. He responded as demanded, running his tongue up and down her beautiful folds, lodging itself against her clit, vibrating against her center.

Maddie leaned back, and screamed as she orgasmed. Her body let loose orgasmic fluid, covering his face. She quaked and shivered as Terry slowly licked up the evidence of her pleasure, enjoying every ounce of pleasure and sugar combined.

“Terry…please…” Maddie gasped, unable to finish a complete sentence.

“Please what?” Terry took a long lick from her hole all the way up to her clit, she shivered again pulling his hair.

“Please…” Maddie squealed, “Fuck me, Terry. God, please fuck me!” She screamed it now, pushing her hips up against him.

“Yes ma’am,” Terry stood, pulled off his boxers and slid his length deep inside her, going slow so he could watch the ecstasy on her face. He stayed in her, lodged fully for several long seconds. He couldn’t believe where he was. Maddie, the woman of his dreams, was splayed open on an ice cream counter with his dick filling her to the hilt. Their eyes met, as he slipped in and out of her in a single stroke. It was beautiful, the sensation of being so close to her.

“Are you OK?” He needed to know he wasn’t hurting her.

“God, yes. Please…keep moving. I want to feel you come in me.”

Terry took that as all the permission he needed and began driving himself inside her relentlessly, moving fast and sure. Her legs moved up, wrapping themselves around his thighs, urging him to move faster.

Terry’s buried his face in her shoulder, the only thing he could focus on now was how good it felt to be inside her. But he wanted to feel her come around him before he took his release.

So he took her earlobe in his teeth and nipped gently as he drove himself high against her g-spot. Two strokes and she was clenching deep around him, leaning her head back and screaming her pleasure.


“Come, baby, come for me!”

And she did, letting herself lose control in his arms. Terry lost himself inside her, draining his come against her cervix.

Only when Maddie started to shiver did Terry slip out of her, lifting her off the cold slab of granite.

“Are you OK?” He asked, suddenly shy.

Maddie giggled. “Much better now. How about a real sundae?”

They dressed. Terry found a blanket to offset the cold in the shop. Then he made her a real sundae, with actual bowls.

That was their first date. And ten years later they still celebrated their anniversary with sundaes.

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