Sundress in the Dark

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I walked into the room at the magic hour, backlit as the sun set behind me. I closed the door, and you lit up, happy to see me. It had been too long since we were last alone. You liked my sundress. I did too. I liked it so much that it was the only article of clothing I had on. As you walked toward me I put my hand up in front of me, palm out. You automatically stopped, looking surprised and a little confused, but curious.

I bent forward, cleavage showing as you stood waiting for the next moment. Taking my time, gathering the hem of my dress in my hands, I stood back up, exposed and excited, feigning a strength I didn’t have as my knees weakened seeing the hungry look on your face. I couldn’t let that hunger go to waste, could I? Your eyebrows went up as if asking permission, and I gave my assent with a nod, smiling at my good fortune to have such a willing lover. A warm smile came to us both as you kneeled. I moved forward, toward you more slowly than you cared for. Your impatience showed but you didn’t verbalize it, wanting to stay in my good grace until your turn came. Ideas darted about in your head about when your turn came. Your mouth had started watering since the moment I walked in, and it felt hot, electric and almost too much to take as your tongue licked up my slit and your mouth enveloped my clit, the wet heat of our fluids mingling as my head fell back in the astonished jolt of your electricity meeting mine. You lapped at me, wrapping your hands around my thighs and pulling me into your face. I leaned into you, my hands running through your hair as you mumbled indecipherable words that obviously meant you were feeling an enormous satisfaction after having had such an uncomfortably long abstinence without me.

I stepped back, lowering my dress, and your face contorted into frustration. Why would I take your toy away so suddenly when we had just started to play nice? I wanted with so much of myself to straddle your face again and lean into the feeling until I came. I enjoyed the muffled sounds of your ecstasy at creating escort bostancı mine, and I’d missed it so, so much.

Another part of me wanted much more of you than your desire. I admit I was holding resentment about how we’d last parted. It wouldn’t keep me away, but it would mean it wouldn’t be roses and rainbows in the first few minutes just because you eat pussy so well and so willingly. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down. This had never happened, and at first you remained there with my juices on your chin and your cock as ready as it ever was, yet unsatisfied.

You wanted me. You wanted me so much that your mouth hung open for a bit, reaching for the right words but realizing it wasn’t going to be yours just because you wanted it. I’d never wanted you to beg, but would I now? That was a concession you were willing to make. Your cock needed that concession, but I stopped you before you got out a word and said I wanted you to sit down, talk to me. The tension was almost too much for you, but you gained your composure, poured a cup of coffee, and asked what I wanted to talk about.

I don’t want you to talk with me, but to me. I come to your side of the table and help you take your shirt off. I tell you to talk to me and then my mouth meets yours for a moment. I wait, and once you start talking, I start kissing your neck. The feeling distracts you and you become speechless, so I stop kissing until you begin again, and that’s when my hands wander, caressing you, running my fingers through your hair. You pull me to you and kiss me, wrapping your arms around me. Pressed against you, I lose my own focus and my moans and staggered breathing put you back on familiar ground. You see the desperate desire for you flood me and your eyes get wide. Don’t get smug, I was doing well there for a minute.

You aren’t exactly smug, but you are pleased to see my animalistic desire for you hasn’t subsided in the least. You can feel me trembling all over with it, and now I’m the one with hungry eyes and you can tell I ümraniye escort want nothing more in this moment than to have your cock in me as my hips move to the rhythm you set with my legs spread and my feelings bare.

You stand up and out of your pants as I take your hand to lead you into the bedroom. You don’t let me lead you, though. You stay standing there, and you see me turn looking at your feet planted where they are and my pleading confused look. Why would you stop the goings on when they’re going so well? You would love to follow me into the bedroom. You like to see me crawl into the bed with horny impatience and spread my legs for you, knowing every moment you aren’t in me borders on being physically painful. You like the look of surprise and pleasure that I get as you enter me because you know I want it so much. It’s not going to be mine just because I want it, though. You never really make me wait, but will you now? I know that I will wait. I have no other option but to wait. My desire for you has become a desperate need and I feel like I’m going to burst out of myself with the need. Focusing on my breathing, my heart manages to slow from a gallop to a pounding so I can think somewhat less single mindedly.

I know you’re angry about me leaving as I did. You want me back, but aren’t going to go back to what had almost become routine just because I got you horny and then started off for the bedroom. You slowly and deliberately sit back down and pick up your coffee. This had never happened, and at first I stand there panting and wet.

You have on your poker face. I didn’t know you had one. The hunger is my eyes now, and not wanting to waste it, you look down at your crotch and move your knees further apart, giving me the option but not being insistent. A frustration is mounting in me that is so hard to contain. I need you, so I get to my knees, moving toward you and your irresistible scent gives me hope of my possible future release. My mouth is now the one that’s watered, and I lick your balls slowly, looking kartal escort bayan up at you. I’m trying to gauge when it’s my turn. It’s not the attitude you’d prefer I have when I could just be glad for the option to please you. That would be preferable, but I’m painfully sexually frustrated. You can see that as I suck your balls into my mouth. It feels good, but you think it would be best if I could calm down a bit and adjust my expectations, so you tell me to stop sucking. I open my mouth wider and there’s a soft wet sound as the vacuum seal of my lips on your balls is broken, but as I move my head back, your hand meets the back of my head. You had told me to stop sucking. You did not tell me to take you out of my mouth. You guide me closer and then move your hand away.

A few seconds pass with me in that position, kneeling before you with your balls in my mouth, trying to stay still. They’re a really nice few seconds for you. I’m not able to nag you if your balls block my ability to talk, for one, but the physical sensation also feels really good. You think there may be something about this that could settle a lot of issues. I break the silence despite the obstruction and I mumble what you know to mean I’m asking what you want me to do. You tell me what your were thinking about this maybe solving some problems, but even if it doesn’t solve a problem, you like me just like this. If I don’t want to stay there, that’s ok, too.

I stay there, at first thinking this is a little ridiculous, but then I calm down some and it is nice. I don’t have to worry about everything in my world like this. Staying in the moment is really a lot easier with you in my mouth. So I stay like that for as long as you like.

When you’re ready, you stand up, and let me suck you. You enjoy the muffled sound of my ecstasy at creating yours, but this isn’t your preferred ending, so you have me stand and lead me into the bedroom, where you don’t want me to lay down and accept as is so often my preference, but you lay down, and want to watch me take initiative. It feels so much more exposing to me, and it is. Almost nothing of my body remains connected to the world except for where I connect with you in this position. You watch me enjoy the ride.

-This is my first submission. I’d greatly appreciate feedback!-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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