Supermarket Crash

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I was looking forward to starting my new job on Monday. It was Friday & I had a week’s break between jobs. Marketing and Brand Management is my passion. No, none of the large corporate bull shit. I really get a buzz from making a real difference to a start-up company that tries to change the way we behave and live.

Yes I am a liberal but a sensible one. Managing the brand image of a new Medical Instruments start-up that uses really cool Apps to help all kinds of people is a lot of fun – or so I hope – from Monday onwards. My last job was not bad as it involved supporting an NGO dealing with adult education programs. I also changed flats this week, moving into a nice apartment closer to the sea and still convenient to commute to work on the Metro.

My name is Amy Brayburg, 24 years old and I have been single for the last 4 months since my ex-boyfriend decided that he wanted to go back to chasing 19 year old drunks. That is – after I caught him snogging a couple of girls at a party that I was not supposed to be attending but decided to go as I finished work early that evening.

Yes he has is arms around a plump brunette and a skinny blond with pink strands and was taking turns kissing them while they were slobbering all over him in shrill drunken tones. The plum brunet was actually feeling him up right there in front of others in the party and giggling in her slurred tone.

I am 5 foot 8 inches tall with long blond hair. I am athletic in build with long legs and I keep fit with yoga and tennis or squash. I did not attract much attention in school as I was shy and also had specks, braces and serious about books. Moreover I have an older sister who is drop dead gorgeous while my mom used to be a stunning looker who still gets mistaken for my older sister!

I started attracting boys in my senior school year as I got rid of my braces, started using contact lenses and let my hair flow down. Suddenly the boys started showing interest in me, but I was still shy and into my books.

I lost my virginity at 18, to Joey from my science lab group. Yup, he had specs and was a real geek. But he was very sweet and caring. He was always very polite and respectful. Those 6 months in high school were really enjoyable as we were in love as only high schoolers could be. We had sex about once a week and it was gentle, cuddly and warm sweet sex.

Joey started to get really interested in eating my pussy and he became a real expert at it. He was as shy as I was and it took us a while before I started to suck his cock. But soon I learned to please him as he always pleased me with his mouth. We would then fuck slowly and gently but with affectionate passion. Joey went to Stanford and so we had to break up. I was heart broken for months.

Here it is Friday afternoon & I decided to go the supermarket and get some grocery to fill my fridge in the new flat. I was feeling very positive and energetic. I had not met a man or even thought about dating anyone for 4 months. As I walked into the supermarket I saw an Audi turn in. The driver was a man with shades, dark hair, tanned dark skin suggesting he was from the Middle East or India. His hair was well groomed and his features had a strength that caught my attention for a second look. I suddenly realised that I was really looking at man for the first time in 4 months!

I picked up a basket and shopped the aisles as I picked up some fruits, some ham, a wedge of Cumin Gouda, and then I turned into the aisle with the juices. Bam, wham, crash! I heard a scream of a kid and his mother and felt my feet flying from under me and I landed. But my landing was a lot less hard than I expected, but I was still stunned by a knock on my head from the shelving. That really dazed me and I did not realise where I was. I did feel that I had fallen on another person.

My face was buried in the heap of clothing and human anatomy while my eyes were shut. I groaned and stirred as I tried to breath. And I felt a firm pulse on my cheek and lips. I groaned again and the pulse was even stronger this time. I could feel a stirring and there was that pulse again. The strong and hard throb on my face and lips was distinct. I still could not see but I did feel the denim clothing on my face. My heart started to race as I groaned again and this throb in my face got stronger. The effect it had on me was sudden. By body flushed and my heart raced. I could not explain it.

I suddenly relaised that I was lying on top of a man. My eyes opened slightly & I found myself looking at a large bulge in a pair of denim jeans as it pressed on my cheek and lips, throbbing and pulsing. My arms were pinned and I could not move my torso or my head. I groaned again and there was that pulsing throb on this bulge in the jeans.

I suddenly realise that this was a man’s erection and it had been growing and throbbing as I was groaning and lying there. The flushed feeling in me now became highly elevated as I realised that I had a hard cock pressed against escort bostancı my face and lips, albeit under the jeans.

My blood race and I felt my pussy tingle and give a twitch. I then heard a deep bass voice groan. I actually felt it between my legs, the deep voice vibrated on my panties as it covered my pussy. The flushed feeling was now racing ahead and my pussy twitched and I groaned. This was followed by the throbbing of the cock under the jeans and a groan between my legs. My pussy again twitched and I suddenly realised that I was probably creaming in my panties! I panicked and groaned louder and that only made the cock throb strongly resulting in a deeper groan on my pussy. I was panicking!

I then felt a woman’s arm help me up by lifting my shoulder and arm. That released my arms and I quickly but clumsily started to get up. I again felt a deep groan between my legs as I got up and my pussy twitched. I was flushed red and totally flustered. As I stood up I saw the man slowly get up to his feet.

It was the dark driver of the Audi and my heart raced and my tongue went into a twist as I tried to say something and was blabbering incoherently. He looked a bit dazed but he recovered to his full height of over 6 feet and politely apologised.

He quickly bent down and picked up my shopping basket and the items which had spilled out, handed them to me and once again politely apologised. His eyes were dark brown and had a strong direct look. I was still flushed and my heart raced and my pussy twitched and I could actually feel the moisture. I could not get rid of the image of the throbbing pulse of his erection on my cheek and lips, which was amplified even more by the fact that I now knew who the owner of the erection was!

I abruptly grabbed the basket and mumbled incoherently as I turned and hurried to the checkout. I could distinctly fee my pussy pulsing and moist as I was visualising this hard cock throbbing in my face after more than 4 months. I then realised that I had to get more food for the evening and the weekend. So I hesitantly went about getting more grocery while I struggled with the recent episode of a hard throbbing cock in my face and the deep voice groaning on my pussy. At the checkout I finished paying for my items and had my two hands full of bags to carry out.

As I started walking towards my apartment, I crossed the car park at the zebra crossing. I was still flushed and very conscious of my soaking pussy while still thinking of that hard cock pulsing on my cheek and lips. Only I now also had a face to go with that thought and it really got my heart racing.

As I was crossing, a car pulled up to let me cross and I looked up. I almost fainted and I stumbled and fell as I saw that it was the Audi with the same guy I had crashed into. He was now without his shades and I could see his strong clean cut face and brown eyes as I stumbled and fell. I dropped my grocery and I noticed that my shoe heel was broken as I got up.

This dark tall guy quickly got out of his car and came to my help. He picked up my fallen bags and asked me politely if I was ok. I was even more flushed and flustered now and I could hardly think or speak. I stammered and I could not look him in the eyes. I somehow got my wits together and started to take a step when my shoe with the broken heel caused me to stumble. The dark tall man caught my arm and prevented my fall. I was so aware of his quiet masculine strength.

“Can I help you to your car?,” He said.

“No! I just live up the road,” I replied.

“You will not be able to walk in those now. Let me drop you. Please get into my car,” he said with that deep rich voice.

I could just feel the vibrations of his voice and that got me thinking of his voice on my pussy and groin sending shock waves up my spine. I suddenly started getting more flushed and I could feel my pussy switching again. I was a mess and could not get two words right. He gently took my arm and opened the passenger door of his Audi and seated me. He took my grocery bags and put them in the boot and got into the car.

“Where do you live?,” he asked.

I was in a daze. My heart was racing and my pussy was pulsing and I could not get a word out. I pointed ahead towards the road and said “3 blocks next to Starbucks.”

I was surprised to hear my voice sound steady and calm. It was not how I felt. “I am sorry for the unfortunate encounter and your second accident. I wish we could have met in more normal circumstances,” he said with a glint in his eyes and a quick smile.

I looked up and my heart gave a big jolt and started racing again as I saw his handsome face and the dimple on his right cheek. My pussy again started pulsing & I could feel my face flushing up again.

“I just came to get some grocery for my new apartment,” I said.

“Lucky you are not hurt,” he said with just a bit of caring tone in his voice.

I looked up at him to thank him and again my heart ümraniye escort gave a skip and my pussy pulsed hard and I was sure my panties were damp. I was terrified that he could smell my juices now. I again felt myself flush and go red.

“I am Ash Ratzinger and I have just come into town this week to start a new job,” he said.

“I am Amy Brayburg and I start with Innovative Health Apps on Monday. I just moved into my new apartment after changing jobs,” I said.

“What a coincidence. I have just joined the Medical School where I will be part of the team working with the elderly who choose to live at home. I have seen your new App and it has a lot of promise,” he said.

So he was a doctor! From his accent I gathered that he was Indian though his name did not sound it. My heart was coming back to normal and I was feeling quite chirpy, though my pussy was still pulsing every now and then, particularly when I heard his deep voice.

We soon reached my block of apartment and I got out of the car. He collected the grocery bags and said “Now be careful with that shoe. Let me bring your bags.”

My heart again started to pound at the sound of his voice. I was now convinced that he could smell my wet panties as my pussy gave a big spasm.

My apartment was in the second floor and we went up the elevator while I took my shoes off and walked in my sock feet. I opened my door and dropped my shoes and asked him to come in. I did it without thinking as it seemed the natural and polite thing to do. “Would you like a cup of coffee or a drink?” I asked.

Ash had been very polite and I just could not let him think that I was discourteous.

“I’ll just have something from your fridge,” he said.

When I opened my fridge he looked in and took a bottle of ginger beer that I really enjoy on a hot day. “My favourite,” he said with that handsome smile and his dimple showing up.

My heart raced and my pussy again squirmed. Now that I was in my own apartment my thoughts were more in control and I realised that it was 4 months since I had been with a man and here it was Friday afternoon and I was with the most handsome man I could imagine and he was a real polite and considerate guy too.

I started to put away my grocery in the fridge when I blurted out “Would you like to stay for dinner? I am planning on making a Thai Chicken curry.”

“That would be lovely, thank you,” he said. “Since both of us are starting new jobs that could be a nice celebration!”

It was still only 4 in the afternoon and a long way from dinner time. I started to make preparation for the meal and he joined me in the kitchen. Ash started talking about his previous job in California and how he was looking for a new challenge in his field. I learned that he was 31 years old and single. Hi family were from India and modified their name to make it easy for people to spell it. He just shortened his first name to “Ash.” We laughed about family and how his folks were traditional even after living in the US for over 20 years.

I finished the preparation and started marinating the chicken and washed my hands. As I turned to reach for the towel, Ash reached for it too and my hand fell on his hands. I was immediately conscious of his strong hands and his gentle eyes with the half smile. I gasped as I looked at him and I could feel myself blushing again and my pussy again started to spasm. My legs started to wobble and I stumbled. He grabbed me around my waist and we were now wedged together against the kitchen sink. I was suddenly conscious of his hard bulge in his pants pressing against my stomach.

I looked up and saw that gentle look in his eyes. “You look so beautiful and irresistible. I have been smitten by you since I saw you in the supermarket,” he said.

I was now shocked and yet elated as my heart raced and I could feel the tingles of excitement all over. I think I blushed and smiled. I nervously started to say something when he leaned forward and kissed me. It was a smooth, gentle but firm kiss. I was now soaring with elation as I responded gently and savoured his strong masculine hold and marveled at his gentleness as well. We broke our kiss and I was panting while he had that glint in his eyes and that warm smile.

We kissed again and this time the sparks exploded at the sheer passion took over. Our lips meshed in eager search while his tongue darted in searching for mine. I responded instinctively and clung on to his neck and arm. He held me around my waist and slowly led me to the lounge. He started to slowly and gently kiss my neck and my ears as he sat on my couch and seated me on his lap.

There was an unexplained electricity between us and I responded to his kisses with my own. I probed his ears and kissed his eyes with passion as I pressed my C cup boobs on his chest. His hands were now on my ass and they took a firm grip and squeezed my athletic bum. His hands slowly moved up and under my top to my back. Ash started kartal escort bayan to run his fingers up my spine and that shot a bolt of lightning up my spine.

My pussy really clenched and I kissed his mouth with a deep passionate kiss. I had never felt like this with any man before. He was a real man who triggered all my feminine senses. He again kissed my neck and started to murmur in my ears with his deep voice. My brain exploded with passionate surrender and my body clung to him, demanding he take wherever he wanted to. He gently started to move his right hand to cover my left tit and caressed it gently while his thumb rolled over my nipple. I moaned into his mouth with excitement and he reached behind me and undid my bra and took off my top.

Now I was top naked and he just leaned forward and started to kiss my tits. He would kiss one tit while his had caressed the other. His tongue would lick and roll my nipples and he was driving me wild. I started to work on his shirt button hurriedly while he made love to my firm tits. Ash again moaned over them and his deep voice vibrated through my chest. I finally had his shirt off and he now had taken my panties and skirt off. I was totally naked on his lap and he started stroking my thighs as he continued to kiss my lips and tits. His strong firm hands were gently stroking my inner thighs and they slowly found my soaking pussy lips.

“You are so amazingly beautiful,” he said with that soft gentle look in his eyes.

I responded with a passionate kiss as he stroked my pussy gently and inserted one finger into the folds of my outer lips. My whole body shuddered with pleasure and I whimpered and moaned. I was suddenly overtaken by an intense level of sexual arousal I had never had before. I clung on to Ash and moaned as I looked at him.

“Wow! I am flattered by your passionate response,” he said.

He continued to gently finger my pussy slowly on the outside, occasionally touch my stiff and enlarged clit, which sent bolt of lightning through my body. He continued to kiss my tits, nibble on my nipples, kiss my face and moan into my ears.

Ash gently lifted me up and placed me on the couch and continued to kiss me, my tits and my neck while his finger gently entered my dripping pussy. He slowly started kiss my tits and downwards to my flat stomach. His finger now entered my pussy and I responded with an upward thrust of my hips as my pussy muscles responded automatically by clamping firmly around his finger. They just gripped his finger and pulsed on it.

I was now squirting pussy juices freely and whimpering as he kissed his was to my thighs.

Ash now positioned himself to start licking and kissing my pussy outside and then the lips. His finger spread the folds and his tongue dipped in to lick and stroke my clit. I wailed and whimpered with uncontrollable pleasure as my body shuddered and I clung to his head. My hips bucked up as he continued lick my pussy and probe with his tongue. He stared a regular rhythm of working on the pussy and working up to the clit and back again.

I was now totally lost in pleasure like never in my life before. Ash then gently took my hard clit between his lips and licked it with his tongue and at the same time he started to moan with his deep voice. That just took me to a new level of sexual adventure as my pussy exploded and I bucked and screamed and shuddered as my pussy suddenly boiled over into spasms of the most amazing orgasm I have ever had.

Ash somehow found a way of prolonging it by stroking his finger inside my pussy and touching my G spot while his tongue continued to gently lick my clit and moan with is deep voice. I then exploded into a second orgasm and grabbed his head as I bucked my hips to his amazing tongue and finger. My head was spinning and my heart racing as my whole body shuddered. My toes curled and I was gasping for breath.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Ash look at me with those amazing brown eyes and that gentle smile. My heart pounded again. I was going to have a heart attack with this gorgeous man.

I smiled while still gasping and said “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had, thank you.”

I sat up and leaned forward as Ash came up to kiss me. It was another soft and strong kiss mixed with my pussy juices that he had been tasting! I enjoyed his masculine passion as he probed my lips and tongue while I started to unbuckle his jeans and lower his shorts. I could feel his hard cock straining and pulsing and it suddenly sprung out into my hand. I gasped with amazement in the middle of the kiss as I felt the rock hard erection fill my hand and throb urgently. The sheer manly strength of his cock meat and its thick muscular power stirred me again and my pussy gave a huge spasm. It was the hardest and biggest cock I had ever seen or felt.

We broke from our kiss and I said “It is my turn now,” and giggled as I suddenly felt a bit shy.

Ash had a big beaming smile on his face as he stood in front of my with his magnificent cock in front of my face and throbbing in my hands. It was at least 7 inches long and a bit darker than his skin. He was not circumcised and the foreskin had rolled over his bright pink knob which was shining with his pre-cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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