Surreptitious Love Ch. 105

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Chapter 105 — Thuy becomes the unlikely Hero

As chronicled the previous week, the orgy that we had been planning for so long had to be postponed, as the three leading ladies were forced to languish at their homes because of the newly-imposed Corona restrictions. As both, Anna’s dad and Thanh’s mother, were doctors who daily came in touch with Covid-19 patients, their whole family had to stay put for a few weeks, while Nguyet had visited her company headquarters, where there also had been some new infections. However, two modest, unassuming ladies–Thuy and Nga–had picked up the slack, so that we still enjoyed a veritable rumpus, which had caused some commotion, though: Nguyet was dismayed that her young beau Vu had thrown himself into the vortex of sensual debauchery in her absence.

Yes, even though the three gals who were keenest on the orgy hadn’t been able to make it, we three guys and Nga, my former, formerly dopey colleague had partied pretty hard. Thuy had been forced to leave for an hour, but we three guys had banged Nga with impunity, twice each. After Thuy had come back, Hoang and Vu then took her for a spin. There hadn’t really been much erotic art or sensitivity in the tryst, but everyone enjoyed everybody else’s cavalier attitude to sexual gratification. It had been open house, and we all wanted to do something similar this week again. Thuy had told Nguyet, however, since her English wasn’t that great, that she wanted to get more of the fuck-pie this time. She promised that she would switch off her phone or even leave it downstairs in the kitchen, so that her boss couldn’t call her during the bash.

I had forgotten that Nga not only sold clothes for a living but was also working as a substitute teacher in a village school, seven miles south of town. As it was early September and thus the beginning of the new school year, she was quite busy but promised to show up at the hotel around noon, after lunch. As far as I knew, Thuy had ordered some sushi and sashimi and possibly brought fruit, which we could dip in her pussy for dessert. Hoang and Vu would both be there but would have to leave at 1:30 to go to work. Well, I had been looking forward to two sensual, relaxed hours, but knowing the two, it would probably culminate again in some rabbit-like banging, instead. But the lunch with the pussy nectar-coated pieces of fruit would be nice.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked that Thuy wanted to be the heroine this time. I wouldn’t have guessed that from her modest personality, but I always liked it when people pushed their boundaries. Perhaps it was an Ego-thing, as Nga had let us bang her six times the previous week. Maybe Thuy wanted to break that record now? Or perhaps she just assumed that with every new bang, her arousal and satisfaction would go up. Anyway, just like everyone else she sure loved the tickling and tingling that an unleashed stiff cock could induce inside her. Equally, and again like everyone else, she probably knew that she had unfulfilled desires and sensed that Vu, Hoang, and I could do quite something to quench her thirst. And when Nguyet told me that Thuy had confessed that she liked Hoang, she had yet another motivation, although that could have been a ruse: Thuy knew that she couldn’t tell Nguyet that she liked Vu (if she did). But, at least, Thuy had a proper reason to also let Vu bang her: We had organized the orgy, and so it was completely legitimate that those who could attend would take part in the bash with impunity.

Thuy was about 32 and had a small daughter who was about ten or eleven months old, which meant that she was still breastfeeding. Her tits were fairly large by nature, but now they truly were amazing, especially on such a petite woman. Hoang and Vu might not care much for the milk, but I couldn’t wait to lose myself between Thuy’s jugs, just like between Nga’s thighs. I asked Thuy if we still needed anything, but she only said laconically that ‘we had everything’, perhaps referring to her milk-filled boobs. Apparently, Nguyet had tried to dissuade Vu from attending, as he told me, but he wasn’t going to be deterred. Yes, it sure was unfortunate that Nguyet couldn’t be there, but now that we had organized everything, Vu assured me that he wasn’t gonna miss it.

And so I went again to the old, empty vintage hotel, where our orgies took place, on Thursday. I banged on the large metal entrance door and texted Thuy. She appeared surprisingly quickly; perhaps she had been working here on the ground floor. Or waited for me behind the door. She appeared to be excited and chipper and told me to go upstairs to the kitchen on the third floor, where we would eat lunch. She was wearing a grey shepherd’s plaid dress, which conveniently had buttons all along the front. It seemed to have been tailored, but the proportions weren’t quite right. Perhaps she had gotten it from someone else. But her legs looked surprisingly ankara sınırsız escortlar muscular and shapely under her skirt, not as soft as I remembered them. I instantly thought that the dress with all the buttons on the front was chosen wisely.

When I got closer to the kitchen, I could hear Vu and Hoang talking and also smelled cigarette smoke. The two of them seemed genuinely excited to see me and got me a chair, a beer, and a glass with ice right away. I lit a ciggie, and we talked a bit about the whole Corona situation, but then Thuy arrived and started to arrange the food neatly on a large oval plate.

“Hey, I got an idea,” I said. “Don’t we want to eat on the bed upstairs, perhaps?! Thuy could lay down, and we arrange the sushi pieces on her naked body…”

The lads thought about it for a bit, and then Vu said: “Sure, why not?!”

But even though Thuy had nodded, too, she kept arranging everything on the plate, before she got a small bowl of fruit from the fridge. Oh, well. I grabbed my beer and the fruit, while Hoang took the rest of the beer, some ice, and bowls and Vu the oval plate and chopsticks, while Thuy told us to go ahead. We three guys went upstairs, to the room where we had banged Nga half-a-dozen times the previous week. After we had put everything down, Thuy joined us.

Needless to say, not much had changed in the room since the previous week. The double and the single bed were still perpendicular to each other, and there were some chairs near them. The kind soul that she was, Thuy had put on fresh bedsheets, it seemed, and we moved the chairs closer to the beds. Vu and Hoang went to piss, and it appeared to be the consensus that we were going to sit on the double bed. When I suggested to arrange the food on her body once more, I was ignored again, but Hoang took at least his clothes off. As it would have been weird to tell him to put them back on or to have him there as the only guy naked, I undressed as well, and Vu followed suit. We spread around the large oval plate in the middle, but Thuy seemed to have decided to simply leave her dress on for now. At least, she had opened the two top-buttons in the front.

Now, she fumbled with the pillows and even kneeled briefly. Her little ass looked hot, and hadn’t I been straight across but too far away from her, I might have lifted up her dress in the back. For a split second, I thought she might even undress, but no. When she sat down on her thigh like the Little mermaid, I could at least see half of one of her large breasts inside her dress. Her little thighs looked hot too, as her dress had snapped up quite a bit. Her legs well rather shapely, even though she had never seen the inside of a gym. But, yes, as small as she was, she was a grown woman and no teenage girl. Thuy wasn’t quite as sinewy and trim as Nguyet, but I loved her figure and her yellowish skin. And she radiated warmth and was more sensual than her boss Nguyet. But for how long did she want to leave on the dress?! I kinda regretted that Hoang hadn’t lifted it up in the back when her butt had been so close to his face.

But then: Hadn’t I said that I wanted to take it easy today and start things slowly? It was just strange to be looking at three half-stiff cocks, pulsating and getting wet, when she was sitting there like she was completely oblivious to the manhood in the room. But perhaps she was just relishing her queen-bee status. Would Nga be here any time soon? Thuy let her eyes wander from cock to cock and seemed amused. The three of them had started to talk in Vietnamese, and we all were eating now. The erections were forgotten, and so we clinked our glasses and munched on the food. We three guys had all propped our upper bodies on one forearm, like at the beach, and dunked our food in one of the two sauces on the plate with the other hand. Now they were perhaps talking about the last time, as I heard Nga’s name mentioned several times. Or they were asking themselves where she was. Well, I doubted that anyone was missing her right then, as Thuy looked hot in her half-open dress, and I liked how she was putting on a subtle, yet rousing show.

I wasn’t sure if the boys had noticed, but I had watched her open another button on her dress, so that I could see that one half of her tit that was closer to her sternum wobble nicely every time she moved. She also appeared to have pulled up her dress further, as we could see more than four-fifths of her thighs. Like I said, I was too far away to caress her, but I had the best view, at least. Vu and Hoang acted completely nonchalant though, like Thuy was nothing special, but that could have been since they knew that Thuy and I had known each other for several years. As things stood, I’d probably be the one today who would get her first. Or their cavalier attitude was the result of the agreement that we all could fuck as much as we wanted anyway, without trying too hard. Thuy had noticed that ankara suriyeli escortlar my cock was twitching and smiled. I looked at the other two dicks in the room, which were curiously limp, though. Oh, yes, after all, I liked our little undecidedness.

One half of the sashimi pieces was already gone, but I did want to rub a few of them between Thuy’s labia to coat them with her precious salty and sour nectar. We had eaten the other with a mix of Wasabi, soy sauce, and lime, but just when I wanted to ask Hoang to trade seats, I saw that Thuy wasn’t wearing a bra. Unnoticed by anyone she had opened a fourth button, and now I could look at her whole grapefruit-sized breast jiggle inside her dress. If I moved, I might not be able to watch the spectacle, I thought to myself, but then decided to still get closer to her. Nonchalantly, she had reached for her dress and had half-covered her areola again, but my dick was pumping incessantly. Crazy, how such a small gesture can arouse a grow man so much. The boys had seen her boob, too, and we all smiled at each other.

“Hey, Mister Ben, it looks like you’re ready…” Vu laughed.

I laughed back, but then asked Hoang to trade places, so that I could be next to her. I took a piece of raw tuna and looked at her, asking if I could reach under her dress. Thuy pulled it up a bit more and flashed a salacious smile. Oh, Jesus, if Nguyet could see how frantically Vu was staring at our nimble friend. I placed myself so close to Thuy that I could have put my head on her thigh, and I thought I could smell her skin. I looked inside her dress and, yes, there was no bra. When I had gotten a piece of tuna with my chopsticks, she nonchalantly pulled her dress up, so I could sense her pussy, even though it was dark between her legs, under her dress. She didn’t seem to be wearing panties, either, and I caught my first whiff of sour, savory pussy aroma. Three years ago, when Nguyet and I had been at Thuy’s house, we also had rubbed fruit in her pussy, so she knew what was coming. I put my cheek on her right thigh, took another peek and saw her glistening labia like in a tunnel. Yes, no panties. Well, now I knew why she had sent us upstairs but took another two or three minutes downstairs in the kitchen. I moved my head closer and saw that there was a wet spot right under her snatch on the bedsheet. We were ready.

And so I rubbed my piece of fish between her greasy lips, which were still covered by her dress, so that the boys couldn’t see them. Hoang said something–perhaps he complained–and so Thuy fully pulled her dress back towards her belly. Her brownish pubic curls seemed to be steaming. I invited Vu and Hoang to roll their sashimi or a piece of fruit between Thuys’ labia, but Vu only made a face.

“Yeah, Nguyet told me once that that’s not your thing…” I said.

“Hoang doesn’t like it, either…” Vu lamely defended himself.

“Have you ever tried mango?” I asked.

“No, but Nguyet cut a dragon fruit once and rubbed a piece of it in her pussy, but I hated it, frankly. That’s just not my thing… a pussy is for fucking, not for eating,” he insisted once more.

Okay, okay. I used to believe the same thing and raised my hands like I was surrendering. He didn’t need to argue further. I just looked to my left, up Thuy’s thigh, while she pulled the upper part of her dress to her left to expose her lovely large boob. She stuffed the fabric under her grapefruit-sized hemisphere and let all of us have a good look. Her nipples were light brown and because she was breast-feeding, her areola seemed super smooth. Very invitingly, she now opened her legs and pulled her dress up as far as it would go. We all saw her roundish brown pubic mound, which further down framed her snatch endearingly with shorter, soft, fluffy hair. I liked the pearls of pussy juice that had gathered on the ends of some longer brown hairs, which we would suck and eat away in a minute. Or maybe just me.

Hoang leaned over me now, as he had become curious. His weight pressed my upper body down onto my half-stiff dick, while his cock touched my hip, which was a first. He rubbed a piece of mango between Thuy’s labia and seemed happy with the taste, as he took another one instantly. I fed Thuy a bit as she had propped her upper body on both of her out-stretched arms behind her. She seemed super chipper, still enjoying her queen bee status, while I thought of the most inane proposition of the last century: that men had power over women. Ha! I had to laugh: all of us guys would have done anything to be able to revel in the wet jungle biotope between Thuy’s cute, firm, soft, little legs and place our stiff cocks inside her sheath for a half-of-an hour.

I couldn’t stop myself at one point and reached in her dress to caress and massage her large breast. She closed her eyes, and I felt determinedly how my cock was stiffening. Thuy pulled her arms out of her sleeves sincan türbanlı escortlar and then her dress over her head, while I lay down on my back. I lifted our naked supple lady over me and adjusted her fine savory ass directly over my face. Her butt crack and perineum weren’t particularly hairy, but her steamy little brown jungle exuded the finest aroma known to mankind: slightly sour and metallic, enticing and tantalizing. The first drop of her nectar dripped onto my tongue, before I licked the whole length of her moist midsection. Ooaarr! Jesus! Good salacious Lord! I asked Vu to pass me two or three more pieces of fruit, which I then rubbed between her labia, of course. In the meantime, Thuy had fallen forward onto my belly to lick and suck my cock, like she wanted to eat if for dessert.

I remembered dimly that once, up on the top floor at the model home where she usually worked with Nguyet, Thuy had blown me extensively. I loved our reunion here today, at the old hotel, as it seemed to close the circle. Vu came over now and watched me pry her butt cheeks open, before I rubbed one more piece of fruit along it. Then I licked her crack from her pussy up to her anus, sucking countless savory molecules through my eager nostrils. When Hoang kneeled next to her head, she let go of my dick and took his, instead. Vu watched us and seemed happy that we had finally started our beguiling game. I noticed how he took the large oval plate off the bed and put it on a chair, before he went over to the window to smoke. I saw him texting too; perhaps, he was asking Nga where she was. Or he was updating Nguyet, his hot MILF-affair.

To be polite, I offered Hoang and Vu to have a go at Thuy first, but the two just played it down. Of course, it was my turn to go first today. So, I fingered her some more to make sure she was wet enough, but also since I wouldn’t want to do that anymore once one of us had come inside her. When I pulled her butt cheeks apart, her sheath looked like a tunnel on a toy-train board, perhaps N scale? When Thuy shrieked excitedly, I asked her to remain in position and pulled myself out from under her, like a car mechanic going for lunch. Fore-play time was over, baby; we were all way too horny to wait any longer, but I still did one more thing to amuse us: I placed my stiff cock between her butt cheeks like a frank between a hot dog bun. When I started to swing, my balls hit her pussy, and Vu murmured something about ketchup was missing or so.

Right when I was about to enter Thuy, he mentioned in passing that Nga had been stopped by the police and sent home. Oh, bummer! But when I looked at Thuy’s ass here, I didn’t think that anyone would miss Nga, to be honest. I wished I could have watched Thuy’s face when Vu had told us that Nga wasn’t going to be here: Was Thuy happy about it or disappointed? Anyway, I finally pushed my cock inside her hungry wet treasure gently and pressed until it was about half-way gone. Hoang had watched me but now, that I was going at her from behind, he went back to the front and had his cock warmed up. Vu was trying to have the same done, but then they discovered that it was difficult to suck two dicks at once. While I was fucking her happily from behind, Hoang got his shaft polished, while Vu went over to the window again to smoke.

I loved how my balls were banging against her snatch and pubic curls, while she was having a lot of fun with Hoang’s dick in her mouth. I didn’t think Thuy even noticed when I was sending a lavish load of sticky cum towards her cervix, but as soon as Hoang had noticed, he came over to take my spot. I went to pee–pretty chipper how marvelously I had just fucked. Oh, it had been sooo nice to discharge a substantial load with relish, after all the tickling, shivering, and tinging. Hoang had gathered steam, of course, and when Vu was done smoking, he went over to Thuy’s face to have her suck his cock. Thuy used the energy that she was receiving in her back to slide effortlessly along Vu’s rod, and it occurred to me that, maybe, there was actually a perpetuum mobile. Anyway, I would never be able to forget how Hoang was banging her, while she was sucking Vu with her lovely large dangling breasts in between. But perhaps it was better that Nguyet didn’t see it.

Now that Hoang had come as well, he offered his position to Vu, who seemed exceedingly eager to continue what Hoang and I had started. When Vu was hobbling over to Thuy’s fine young ass, his fat pulsating glans was dripping and throbbing. I stroked Thuy’s hair and caressed her face a bit, before I sat down on the bed and fondled her amazingly large breasts. Gosh, were they awesome! When I got a bit of milk squeezed out, I licked it off my fingers and then offered Hoang to have a go as well. When he was milking our titillating friend, I imagined that I even heard the divine liquid leave her nipple. When Thuy noticed some cum on my limp dick, however, she asked me to come over to her face, so that she could take care of my noodle. I felt her rough tongue jiggling up and down, and again remembered our first hour alone at the model home, perhaps three years back. I pulled out, though, when Vu was exploding inside her, after which we all collapsed on the double bed to rest.

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