Suzie’s Son-Swapping Sex Club 04

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(Note: All characters in this story are fictional, and all are over 18, and all were introduced in previous chapters of this series).


After Suzy and I shared that motel room (and lesbian sex) I fantasized about it and masturbated over it every night the following week. That next weekend her son invited my twins to go camping with him which left Suzy and I both home alone for the weekend. Needless to say I was thrilled to death when she invited me over on Saturday night to watch some porn together.

On the big night I dressed up (or down) in the sexiest outfit I had: A bright red latex micro mini (even shorter than the one I had worn previously, and one that I purchased just for the occasion). This new skirt was so short that it barely covered my butt and allowed a hint of my white panties to show in the front. On top I wore a white button down blouse with half the buttons undone to show my more than ample cleavage—and no bra so my erect nipples could tent the material.

A slinky pair of beige nylons covered my legs and attached to the garter straps fully exposed by my too short of a mini skirt. A pair of red pumps to match my skirt completed my wardrobe.

Ringing the doorbell to Suzie’s house I wondered what she would be wearing and if it would be as sexy as my outfit. To my pleasant surprise, she out did me.

She came to the door dressed only in her underwear: A white bra with holes for her already erect nipples to stick out, a pair of white panties and a pink garter belt holding up a pair of smokey grey stockings. A pair of pink heels completed her ensemble.

“Ummmm, how sexy,” I said.

“You too. Great outfit. Please come on in.”

As soon as I stepped across the threshold and closed the door behind me she took me in an embrace and kissed me. As she kissed me, she rubbed her naked and already erect nipples against my covered ones making my nipples throb all the more and my pussy run and dribble on my panties.

Then she took me by the hand and led me into her living room where she put on the first movie of the evening. It was a nice lesbian feature which made us both hotter and hornier than we already were. When the movie was done we raised the temperature by modeling our sexy outfits for each other while coping feels of each other.

We sat together on her couch and made out and fondled each other for awhile. Then when I was so horny I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Suzy said:

“Would you like to see something really, really kinky now?”

“Even kinkier than what we just saw?

“Yeah,” Suzy said with a wink and a lascivious grin. “Much kinkier.”

“Sure. This I’ve got to see.”

Suzy put another DVD on, then returned to the couch to sit next to me and put her arm around me. Her hand draping over my shoulder fondled my tit as the movie started. By this time my blouse had become completely undone and opened so she had complete access to my tits.

When the movie started I was totally shocked to see that it was a home made flick. The first few frames showed Suzy in micro mini skirt and button down blouse (mostly unbuttoned) like I had on—except that she was flashing in public.

“Oh my God Suzy! That’s you.”

“You disapprove?” Suzy said teasingly.

“No, of course not,” I said as I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. “I think it’s incredibly sexy. I’ve always wanted to do something like that but never had the nerve.” At the same time I couldn’t help but wonder who took those racy pics of her but didn’t have time to ask because . . .

The scene on the movie shifted and showed Suzy here in her living room, still dressed in her micro mini and with her blouse now completely unbuttoned. And she was fondling her tits and rubbing her panty-covered pussy up under her skirt while watching a porno. And then I received the biggest shock of my life! Suzy’s son came into the room while Suzy was playing with herself and masturbating—and he was completely naked and sporting a hard-on that made my mouth and cunt both drool.

“Oh, my God, Suzy! That’s so fucking hot!” I sat there totally transfixed as Suzie’s son Brad made out with his mom and fondled her. Naked male/clothed female has güvenilir bahis always been a huge fantasy of mine, but to see it as a mother-son scene was totally mind blowing.

And then to further blow my mind the mother-son duo on the screen graduated to doing both oral and genital sex.

“Oh, Suzy,” I said as we both fingered each other’s soaked panties, “I can’t believe you did that with your own son. So fucking hot. It drives me fucking crazy.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Suzy said as she kissed and licked my face. “Didn’t you tell me once before that you sometimes fantasize about having sex with your own two sons?”

“Oh, have I ever! I masturbate to that naughty thought all the time.”

“Then why don’t we do some role playing. I’ll pretend to be one of your sons and I’ll call you ‘mommy’ while doing things with you.”

I laughed a nervous laugh. “Sure. Sounds hot. Fuckin’ ‘A’ let’s try it.”

“Okay, but to make it even hotter and more realistic for you, let me blindfold you. That way you can more strongly visualize one of your sons doing the things to you that I’m going to do.”

Suzy made me stand up and then coming up behind me she put the blindfold on me rubbing her inch long nipples against my back as she did so.

Then she came around to the front of me and said. “Oh mommy, mommy, your tits are so big, can I touch them.”

“Sure thing sweetie,” I said, getting into the role-playing. “Mommy is proud of her tits and you can touch them and play with them all you want.”

And as Suzy fondled me I fantasized that it was one of my sons, and the thought just made my pussy gush so. I’d never been so turned on in all my life.

“Mommy?” Suzy said.

“Yes dear, what is it?”

“Your titties are so beautiful I want to kiss them. Can I?”

“Y-y-y-yes.” I was really getting brain-fried now. “Mommy would love that.”

Suzy kissed my breasts gently all over, sending goose bumps all up and down my body as I imagined both of my sons doing that to me at the same time.

And then she began sucking on my engorged nipples while sticking a hand up my skirt to rub soaked panty-covered cunt. “Oh, fuck yessss! Jimmy, Timmy. You make your mommy feel so-o-o fucking good.” I moaned.

And as Suzy worked on me I fondled her ass still fantasizing that it was my sons I was doing this with—just like Suzy and her son in the video.

And then there were other hands on me, hands other than Suzie’s. Hands fondling my tits, hands fondling my ass, hands rubbing my crotch.

And there were mouths. Mouths other than Suzie’s. Lips and tongues kissing and licking the side of my face, sucking my tits. And I didn’t know if they were guys or girls, but I was beyond caring. It all just felt so fucking good.

Suzy got behind me again, removed my blouse all the way and began rubbing her tits against my bare back. Then she pulled my skirt down leaving me naked except for my soaked panties, garter belt, stockings and shoes.

Suzy was behind me again rubbing her tits on my back and her own hot crotch against my ass while kissing and licking the side of my face.

And then there were the cocks. Three of them. All hard and throbbing. Two of the cocks rubbed against my thighs, and the other one . . . Oh, my God, the other one rubbed against my sloppy wet panties as if its owner was trying to fuck me right through my underwear.

“Okay, mommy,” Suzy said, “be a good girl and lie down on your back so me and my friends can have some real fun with you.”

“Yes, dear.” I gladly did as she asked. As soon as I was on my back, Suzy began kissing and licking the insides of my thighs. (I knew it was Suzy because I could feel her long, silky hair against my skin).

At the same time I felt two of the cocks bumping up against the sides of my breasts from either side, while the other cock teased its way through my hair, to my forehead, and then it teased the tip of my nose.

Suzy pulled my panties off of me and began eating me out like crazy.

“Ummmmm, fuck, yeah!” I moaned.

The two cocks at my breasts began to tease my enflamed nipples, pressing against them and pushing them back and forth. The cock on my face slid forward türkçe bahis another couple of inches. Greedily I sucked it into my mouth while my hands fondled the butts of the two boys fucking my tits.

This so fucking fried me that as soon as all three of the throbbing hot cocks came on me I thrashed and moaned my own orgasm.

And then they removed my blindfold and I got the shock of my life! It was my own two sons who had just jazzed on my tits, and it was Suzie’s son whose cock I’d just sucked off while his mom ate me out.

“Jimmy! Timmy!” I said, at first trying to sound like I was protesting. I should have been angry, or at least embarrassed—but instead the whole idea just made me instantly horny again.

Before I could say anything else, or even move, Suzy, who was completely naked by this time, moved up from my crotch and licked all the cum off of my tits while our three sons watched. Then she was completely on top of me licking her own son’s cum out of my mouth while rubbing her rock hard nipples against mine and fucking her fire-hot cunt into mine.

“Ummmmm, mommy, mommy, mommy,” Suzy moaned as she rubbed herself all over me and licked out my mouth and face.

And the thought occurred to me that as Suzy tasted the burnt almond taste of her own son’s cum in my mouth, I was also tasting the burnt almond taste of my twins in her mouth. And that completely roasted my increasingly perverted mind.

Knowing that our sons were watching their two moms getting off on each other while licking their sons’ cum out of each other’s mouths really sent me into orbit—as it did our sons because they all three got hard again even though their cocks were still dripping with their last cum from fucking my tits and mouth.

Having licked all of her son’s cum out of my mouth, Suzy raised her head up and then the next thing I knew she was sucking and licking all of the residual cum off of her son’s cock which was again directly over my face. She continued to fuck her cunt against mine while licking her son’s cock.

“And now,” Suzy said, “I want to watch you lick and suck the cum off of your sons’ cocks just like I did mine.”

And then she grabbed both of my sons’ cocks and guided them towards my mouth as I licked my lips in anticipation.

First I flicked my tongue at one, and then at the other, tasting the bitter sweet nectar while the thought of the perverted sinfulness of it sent electrical jolts all through my body. Goose bumps raced up and down my body as I tingled and burned all over.

“Ummmmmommy, mommy,” my twins moaned in unison.

And then I sucked both of my twins’ cocks into my mouth at the same time and felt so fucking slutty—and so fucking hot. My mouth crammed full of cock meat (my own sons’ no less) while Suzy played with and sucked my tits while fingering my pussy, and her son’s cock was trying to fuck my hair.

But before making me cum again, Suzy said. “Okay, let’s have some real fun. Marge, my son and I would love to watch you fuck both of your sons. So, why don’t you get on your knees?”

“Yeah, mommy,” my twins said in unison, “we wanna fuck you. We’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. You’ve always looked so sexy to us.”

“Well, you needn’t wait any longer,” I said as I eagerly pulled my panties down and went to my hands and knees, ’cause your mommy is really hungry for both of your cocks.”

Jimmy mounted me from behind. His hot tool teased my ass cheeks then slipped underneath my ass to rub against my drenched lips. I reached a hand back to help guide him in. As soon as he felt my wetness engulf him he began pumping back and forth as fast and furious as a horny mastiff while moaning “Mommy, mommy, mommy.” He bent over to hug my body and reached his hands around to play with my tits. Feeling his hot, tight, young body caressing me and spooning me like that while his poker-hot cock fucked me, was sheer heaven.

Timmy, too horny to wait for his turn played with his cock while watching his twin fuck me.

“Don’t just stand there,” I said. “Come here, sweety, Mommy wants to make you feel real good.” I flicked my tongue in the direction of his cock.

“That’s a good boy,” I said as Suzy guided him to my face. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Mommy wants you to fuck her in the mouth.”

“Ummmmommy, mommy, mommy,” Timmy said in the same tone as his twin fucking me from behind.

And, then, as I sucked on his meat, he began fucking my face with the same speed and urgency as his twin was fucking my cunt. And I was in pervert’s heaven, getting fucked from both ends by my own sons.

And, just to make it all the hotter, Suzy and her son were fondling each other’s genitals while watching me get fucked by my twins.

And then both of my sons exploded at once, shooting their loads of hot jizz and filling my mouth and cunt with what seemed like buckets of their stored up roasted almond tasting cum juice. The heat of their cum and the naughtiness of the incest we had just committed sent new tingles of pleasure all through me.

As soon as my sons withdrew their diminishing organs from my orifices, Suzy rolled me over onto my back saying, “my God, that was sexy! Made me so fucking hot watching you get fucked from both ends by your own boys!” And then she was on top of me again, writhing and humping her body against mine while she licked all of the boy cum out my mouth.

After cleaning my mouth out she moved down to gobble cum out of my pussy. And, since she had switched positions so that her knees were now straddling my face I returned the favor by eating her out.

And then, to my delight, at a signal from Suzy, her son Brad, whose balls were turning blue from unrelieved horniness, came up and getting on all fours mounted her from behind only inches above my face.

And, what a breath-taking sight that was, watching Brad slide his engorged tool into his mom’s hot and slippery wet pussy. Then, as Brad fucked his mom’s cunt, I got to lick her clit and his cock as it pumped in and out. In a minute Brad was done, shooting his load into his mom and all over my face.

“Let’s all go into my bedroom,” Suzy said after I had licked her son’s cum out of her cunt and she had licked my face clean, “and we can really party.”

“Brad,” Suzy said when we all entered her bedroom, “why don’t you lay down on your back on mommy’s bed?”

“Yes, mommy,” Brad said as he lay down on his mom’s bed, his re-hardened cock bobbing in the air like a mast in the wind.

Suzy then got on top of him squatting just above his stomach. While my sons and I watched, Suzy grabbed her son’s cock, played with it for a few seconds making him moan with pleasure while he fondled her ass.

“Okay, son,” Suzy said, “mommy want’s you to fuck her cunt again with this gorgeous hunk of cock you’ve got.” And with that, she guided the head of his cock to her slobbering lips and impaled herself, sitting down on to his groin so that his cock was fully imbedded in her. Then she laid down on her back upon his stomach and chest while he began to pump his cock in and out of his mom’s cunt, and wrapped his arms around her so he could play with her tits while fucking her.

“Okay, Marge,” Suzy said, “why don’t you get on top of me now in 69 style?”

I positioned myself, my knees straddling her head, my dripping cunt only inches from her mouth. I began to lower my face towards her steaming pussy—and her son’s cock.

“Timmy,” Suzy said, “I wanna watch you fuck your mommy. Why don’t you mount her from the rear?”

Then as Timmy mounted me, and I felt the delicious, electrifying, incestual feel of my son’s hot poker cock entering me. He wrapped his body around mine so he could fondle my tits while fucking me.

Suzy then said, Jimmy, I want you to rub your cock against my clit while my son fucks my cunt and your mommy can then lick us both.”

And so, Jimmy moved up to the side of the bed, standing between Brad’s thighs. As he got ready to rub his cock onto Suzy’s clit, she wrapped her legs around his shoulders forcing him closer to her.

And then there we were, all five of us fucking like crazy in one big mass of flesh, one big group fuck: Brad on the bottom fucking his mom from behind, while one of my twins fucked me from behind, while the other twin pounded his cock against Suzie’s clit while I licked both Suzie’s clit and my other son’s cock, and Suzy licked my cunt and Timmy’s cock.

After everyone came, we changed positions and continued to fuck and suck the evening away.

And so began a series of wild, incest filled weekends for our two families.

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