Sweet Sherry’s First Time With Mom.

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Adele Madison is thirty two years old.

Her blonde hair is perfectly soft and shines in the sunlight when she sits out on the deck of her perfect home. She has firm 32C breasts and her body is toned from strenuous gym sessions with her personal trainer. She has wide set blue eyes and a seductive smile.

Adele Madison has never been married because she says she doesn’t believe one should be tied down to one person all their lives and love is not just a signed marriage license.

She has a string of lovers including her Spanish man-servant Jose. She likes Jose because he only sleeps with her, and Adele never thought he would delve into the barely legal depths of her teenage daughter.

Adele wasn’t sure whether or not having Sherry to stay was the best idea. She hasn’t seen her daughter since she was ten years old. Sherry lived with her dad in the city.

Now Sherry was eighteen years old and wanted to see her mother again. Adele didn’t like people to know she had an eighteen year old daughter so she rarely spoke of Sherry-Rose Madison. It was a shock when she received the phone call from her.

“Mom…?” The voice was hesitant. Adele knew immediately who it was. She only had one child.

She drew in a deep breath, then forced herself to speak with her usual lilt. “Sherry! How lovely to hear from you!”

“Mom, I can’t believe it’s really you! Do you know how hard it was to get an address for you! And of course me and dad moved around a lot so I guess you’ve been trying to get in touch with me too huh?”

“Oh.. yes, yes I have. It’s wonderful to speak to you honey,”

“I was wondering if I could come and stay with you for a while over the summer?” Sherry asked carefully. Adele couldn’t refuse.

So she was due to arrive any minute and Adele sat at the kitchen table sipping a glass of Perrier, keeping one eye on the window for Sherry’s taxi.

Sure enough the taxi pulled up and Adele barely recognised the bouncy blonde that jumped out the passenger door.

Sherry gathered her bags and hauled them up to the front door.

Adele threw open the door and clasped a hand over her mouth. “Sherry! Haven’t you grown up!”

Indeed she had. Sherry had inherited her mother’s blonde hair and blue eyes except Sherry’s were wider, and more innocent. Her nose was turned up and sprinkled with freckles and her smile was big, showing two rows of perfect white teeth and to top it all off – dimples.

The day was hot, very hot even for Florida and Sherry wore a pair of short denim cutoffs, tennis shoes and a white sleeveless top that she had tied just below her pert little tits and exposed a toned midriff. Her sun-tanned skin glowed in the light and she brushed a loose strand of hair from her face before hugging her mom.

“Wow mom I can’t believe I’m really here!”

Adele couldn’t either. Her daughter had grown up to be a cute little teen with a body to die for.

“Come inside and I’ll get Jose to put your bags away in the guest room,”

Jose appeared behind Adele and took in the delicious sight of Sherry before picking up her bags and taking them away.

“Ugh I’m dying for a shower, do you mind mom?” Adele shook her head and pointed to her room.

“You have an en-suite in your bedroom honey,”

Sherry grinned and sauntered off. Her taut little ass encased in the tighter than tight denim.

Once in the bathroom Sherry ran the shower, stripped off, and stepped into the shower, the cool water ran over her body, causing bahis firmaları a sensation she loved. She brushed her finger tips over her nipples and shuddered with the new feeling. Although she had kissed boys, she was still a virgin and didn’t know much about fore play or sex.

She kept her bush shaved because it was easier for wearing her tight cheerleading panties, she had no idea how seductive it was for a girl to be clean shaven.

After her shower Sherry spent a long time in her bedroom. She was sorting out her clothes and things when she heard a long drawn out moan coming from her mother’s bedroom.

Curious, she left her room and followed the sound til she reached her mom’s door. She creaked it open slowly and peeked in.

On the bed lay her mother, naked. She was pinching her nipples while Jose favoured her with his tongue. Sherry had the perfect view of his wet long tongue, flicking over her mom’s clit then diving into her hot hole. He stopped and used long slow licks, up and down, til Adele was practically screaming for him to fuck her.

Sherry felt a strange feeling welling up inside her. A hot throbbing around her cunt almost like an itch she had to scratch.

She reached down her shorts and under the elastic of her panties and found her warm snatch was sopping wet. The sight of her mother and the sexy Spanish butler really turned her on.

Her finger touched her own clit and she gasped loudly. Jose stopped what he was doing and looked at the gap in the door. Sherry blushed bright red.

“Sherry? Is that you?” Her mother said breathlessly.

“Ye-yes.. Mom I’m sorry I heard noises…” Sherry trailed off and Jose left the bed and opened the door. Sherry couldn’t help but stare at his hard 10 inch cock.

“Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural,” Jose said in his husky spainish accent.

“Why don’t you join us?” Jose asked. Surprised at his boldness, Adele nearly protested but stopped when she remembered the way Jose had looked at Sherry – with a naked primitive lust.

“Oh I don’t think…” Sherry began but Jose took her hand and led her to the bed. He lifted her top over her head and bent his head down to lick her erect nipples. All rational thought left Sherry as she was enveloped in a raw desire that hit her right to the very core.

“You like?” Jose murmured and Sherry could only nod.

Adele giggled girlishly and went to work taking off her daughter’s shorts and panties. She admired Sherry’s smooth cute little cunt. “Are you a virgin Sherry?” She asked and Sherry nodded again.

“Hmm we will have to do something about that won’t we?” Jose said and lay Sherry down on the bed. Adele took his place working on her nipples while Jose went down on Sherry. The moment his hot tongue touched her clit Sherry came in a shuddering orgasm. Adele gave a tinkling laugh, and Jose continued to flick his tongue against Sherry’s now super sensitive clitoris.

Adele admired her daughters rosey nipples, hard and nearly an inch long. They poked out, erect and tasted salty with her sweet sweat. Adele reached down to find Jose’s rock-hard cock. She enveloped it in her fist and jerked it up and down, it throbbed hotly in her hand. Jose stopped licking Sherry and let out a groan. Adele suddenly sat up.

“Honey…” She began. Sherry looked up at her mom, her eyes glazed with desire. “Yeah?” She breathed.

“Have you every sucked cock?”

Sherry began to blush and shook her head. Adele stroked her blonde hair and smiled down at her. “Jose kaçak iddaa loves to have his dick sucked. You should try it. Come on, don’t be scared,”

Jose positioned himself. He stood up and pulled Sherry down so she was off the bed and standing in front of him. Their eyes stared at each others for a moment before he pulled her roughly in for a kiss. His tongue was in her mouth, circling and licking over her gums, almost touching her tonsils. Then he pushed her down onto her knees.

Sherry stared at the giant penis swaying slightly in front of her face. She felt a hint of excitement mixed with fear.

“Now baby,” Adele said from the bed. She was laid out, propped up with pillows so she could see the action and her finger slid in circular motions over her clit as she watched. “I want you to take his cock in your fist…that’s right. Now draw it back, his foreskin I mean,”

Sherry very gently did so. The massive head was throbbing even harder.

“Now touch the end of it with your tongue…yes honey that’s it. Now lick it like a lollipop…mmm that’s good sweetie,”

Sherry’s small pink tongue ran over the head of Jose’s cock making him gasp sharply. She grew bolder and took the entire head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

“Honey suck it a little, just gently and move your hand that’s holding him up and down,”

Jose began to slowly thrust in, urging her to take more of him inside. Sherry didn’t protest but when the head hit the back of her throat she gagged and almost spat him out.

Adele watched the sight of her innocent, blue eyed daughter, sucking the big spainsh cock and she almost came right then and there. Her finger was moving faster and even delving inside her hole every now and then. Sherry’s tiny fist held the cock at the base as Jose’s gripped her blonde ponytail and pushed her in and out to get the rhythm just right. Sherry soon felt his thrusting become more urgent. Adele noticed it too.

“Now Sherry,” She said a little breathlessly. “Jose’s is going to cum soon. And if you’re a good girl you will swallow every last drop of his juice,”

Sherry looked at her mother, her mouth full of cock, and nodded. Soon Jose gave an all mighty yell and Sherry felt something hot hit the back of her throat. His cum poured inside her mouth and she had a hardtime swallowing it. It flowed over her mouth and down her chin. She got most of it down but the rest dribbled onto her chest and down over her tits. Jose had withdrawn and sat back on the bed, his eyes closed. Adele hadn’t cum yet, she felt a little cheated. Sherry sat back on her knees, cum covered and licked her lips.

“It tastes nice Mom, kinda like salty french fries,” Sherry giggled.

“Oh but Sherry, look at you you’re a mess! You didn’t even swallow it all! Naughty girl,” Adele moved down off the bed and knelt in front of her daughter.

“I suppose I will have to clean you up,” And with that she ran her tongue over her daughters mouth and down her neck and onto her tits. Jose had recovered slightly and watched this with interest.

“Lie down honey,” Adele said softly. Sherry did so and Adele lay on top of her. The warmth of her and her pussy pressing against Sherry’s pussy made Sherry feel turned on all over again.

They kissed for a long time, it was so passionate, wet and long. Jose was slowly jacking off his now hard again penis and watching. Then Adele slid her hand down Sherry’s firm body to her cunt and felt the silky smoothness of it. It was moist and aching kaçak bahis for some release, Adele could tell by the way her daughter gasped and arched her back as her finger brushed against Sherry’s little clit.

“Mom…I…feel…I just want…” Sherry said between breaths. Adele hushed her by placing a finger over her lips. “Shh, I know what you want, but are you sure you’re ready?”

Jose’s eyes glanced sharply at Adele. He was dying for a chance to fuck the barely legal teen virgin. He patted the bed. “Come back up here, I’m sure it will be much more comfortable,” He said and the two naked gorgeous women climbed back onto the bed and lay down next to each other.

“I’m so ready Mom, I’ve felt like this before…Like, ever!” Sherry said and Adele moved over to the bedside draw. She opened it and extracted a vibrator. It was small and soft to the touch. Just enough for little Sherry.

“Let’s get the feel of it first,” She said. And she turned it on. The faint humming was soon drowned out by Sherry’s gasps and moans.

Adele moved it expertly up and down Sherry’s clit and when Sherry was ready she slowly slid it inside her. In and out, in and out. Jose licked his lips, he was sure to cum fast inside Sherry’s tight wee cunt. Her hole was stretched to the limit just taking in the small vibrator.

Then Adele did something Sherry didn’t expect. She moved the vibrator down her snatch to her asshole.

She urged Sherry to raise her legs and Jose helped by holding them up in the air. Sherry was now totally exposed and vulnerable.

Her puckered glory hole looked delicious teamed with her wet cunt. The vibrator was lubed up from Sherry’s juices so it moved inside her asshole smoothly. The feeling was indescribable, Sherry felt like her inside were going to explode but it was an amazing feeling, a good feeling.

Jose had always been a great lover of anal sex. Adele would scream with pleasure whenever he slapped her ass, bent her over and forced his cock inside her butt. He nudged Adele and she gave him the vibrator, he took over the action. Sherry didn’t seem to even notice, her eyes were closed and her fingers were fluttering over her clitty.

Jose removed the vibrator and slid his solid cock up and down her wet crack. Adele spat on his dick and wanked it so it was nice and lubed.

“Sherry you are gonna feel something a bit bigger now, it might hurt a bit but it will feel nice after a while,” Adele explained as the head of Jose’s penis disappeared into Sherry asshole.

Sherry’s eyes flew open and she cried out as Jose slid inside further. To take her mind off the first painful entrance Adele slid the vibrator inside Sherry’s cunt. Jose pushed Sherry’s legs up higher and moved in and out off her ass, going in a little more each push. Finally his entire cock was inside her hole, along with the vibrator and Sherry was going crazy. She was gasping and thrusting, the feelings were so intense. He pumped away at her ass and Adele kept the vibrator going at a steady pace. Sherry was screaming now, about to cum and that set Jose off, he exploded inside her ass just as Sherry orgasmed. Her juices ran down between her thighs as she shuddered and cried.

The three of them lay there, Adele still aching to cum herself, for at least 10 mintues, until Sherry and Jose could move again. Sherry’s insides ached and her thigh muscles hurt from being pushed up and apart for so long but she felt so happy. For the first time she knew what it was like to orgasm properly.

But she dearly wanted to lose her proper virginity… will it happen? She knew it would be even better than what she had just felt and she couldn’t wait! but YOU will have to wait for the next chapter of Sherry’s Experiences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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