Sweet Susie Ch. 1

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Susie is now nineteen and the sexiest little thing you would ever want to see…or touch. I am about to write about some events that happened prior to her nineteenth birthday.

The first time I touched her she was asleep. We had been out at the lake for the better part of the day. We had been swimming, playing volleyball and then we had a nice picnic that the housekeeper had packed up. I usually go by myself, but this time I thought it would be a good idea to get Susie out of the house.

She had been a very sickly child and had come to rely on me for everything. A new drug therapy helped her get her health back, but permanent side effects lingered, leaving her condition still difficult. One of those was her lack of growth. Susie stood four feet tall and a little chubby – the doctor said she wouldn’t grow any taller. She resembled a ten-year-old – but she was much older.

Her stature made Susie feel like a little girl. This is probably why she would cling to me incessantly. Her condition led to a life of seclusion in our home, as Susie wasn’t fond of new people, nor did she like to go out much.

Shopping for her was torture. She already didn’t like new people and places, but on top of that, the clothes she could wear made her look so young. Susie would order everything on-line or I would have designers come to the house to fit her for her clothes. My financial situation afforded her the security not to have to do anything for herself.

I do not need to work, nor have I ever done so. I am one of the lucky few born into wealth. We (just Susie and I) live in a very large seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom home on the lake in Evanston, IL far removed from our neighbors and anyone who would bother Susie – or her privacy.

On this particular day, the weather was overcast and the sun made not one appearance. This was also good for Susie since she didn’t like sunlight much. I had ordered a nice two-piece bathing suit for her just this occasion. It was light baby pink with just a touch of white lace around the edges. I knew as soon as I saw it, she would love it.

After sending the housekeeper away for the day, I made my way up to Susie’s bedroom. I knocked on the door and let myself in, as is my custom. There, sitting at her drawing table, was my little Princess. Her long, pale, blonde hair, the texture of silk, fell down to the middle of her back.

When I stepped into the room she turned to look at me with her beautiful, sparkling blue, sapphire eyes. Her most arresting feature was those big baby blues. She had huge blue eyes, her skin so milky white and her hair so pale that when looking into her face – all you saw were those eyes – and of course her soft pink lips which were sexy with a little natural pout.

I had been feeling different in those days. Something had come upon me. I remember feeling differently around my little girl. When I looked into her face, I felt a tingle. It was definitely sexual, as I could feel the sensation from the bottom of my scrotum all the way to the tip of my cock. I rationalized this as Susie reminding me so much of her Mother – who never failed to turn me on.

Anyway, back to Susie. I convinced her to join me on our private beach for some afternoon fun. We started out with our picnic lunch and found a cool spot in the sand. We ate sandwiches and assorted salads. I drank a few ice-cold Harp and Susie gulped her Pepsi. We had eaten our fill bahis firmaları and relaxed for a bit – only to head for the cool summer water. I know. We hadn’t followed the Old Wive’s tale about not swimming until 30 minutes had passed, but we decided to throw caution to the wind.

We played in the water and swam for some time, until we were breathless and in need of a break.

The sun, which had not shown its face yet, looked like it might appear soon, so I grabbed the sunscreen from our bag, not wanting my fair-skinned Susie to burn. She sat obediently on the edge of my lounger for me to slather her young little frame.

At first, the act was purely out of Fatherly concern – and tedious at best. But, that soon changed, as I worked my fingers into her firm little legs – and my fingertips started to tingle. This was the first time I noticed how soft and supple her skin felt. It didn’t stop there, as my eyes wandered up to the crotch of her bikini, where the cloth had gathered in little folds around her pussy.

That one word stung me back into reality. Pussy?

I shouldn’t be thinking this way about my little Princess. The use of the word ‘pussy’ made my thoughts recoil inside my head. I stopped rubbing the lotion onto her thighs and sent her into the boat house to get the volleyball.

God! What had just happened? I didn’t know, but it scared the shit out of me.

I am normally a very proper man who uses proper speech. I only think in vulgarity when aroused. My wife and Susie’s Mother, who had passed away years earlier, used to tease me that my language reminded her of a truck driver.

So now, here I was, thinking about my daughter’s intimate regions as a ‘pussy.’ When Susie left, I managed to compose myself and something occurred to me – I had been without any sexual gratification in two years. Two years? The last time came in Russia, when I bought a prostitute during a trip for my best friend’s Bachelor party. Wow! That was a blast, but that’s neither here not there.

Well, that must be it. I need to get laid very soon or I will lose my mind. Being consumed with my daughter’s care, I hadn’t even realized that I was so horny.

Susie came running back with the volleyball tucked under one arm. The feeling had not left me. All I noticed were her perky little titties jiggling under her bikini top. She had been gone for less than a minute and here I was – again – associating vulgarities with my daughter’s parts.

We played volleyball for a while, but Susie was all I could think about. I watched as her tits, ass and pussy jumped, squirmed and wiggled in front of me for the better part of an hour. I couldn’t get enough. The game was interrupted, when I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I had to take a break, running to the boat house, where I ran into the bathroom and jerked my stiff cock from my swimming trunks and started to pound away. I normally tease a shot out of my prick, but this time, like I hadn’t since I was fifteen years old, I jerked off in such a frenzy.

I tried to think about other women I’d gotten head from, or some luscious pussy I had licked until the early morning hours, but the images of Susie’s pussy one inch from my tingling fingers kept creeping back into my head like some awful LSD flashback.

Finally, so frustrated from trying to keep that image at bay I let it go. Not two seconds later, cum forced its way so forcefully through kaçak iddaa my shaft and out of my cock, that I felt I could have chipped the porcelain from the sink. It was amazing! I had never cum like that in my life – not even with Susie’s Mom.

I felt the rush from the depths of my soul. It was not just my cock and balls, it was my whole body that pushed this one out – like a cannonball shot towards the hull of an enemy ship. My balls tightened so much that I felt them pulling on my stomach. My face and neck were hot – like a bonfire had exploded in front of me. Heart beating so hard, like a racehorse pumping across the finish line at the Kentucky Derby. My legs felt like they were on fire with electric sparks shooting from my cock head to my toes. Finally, my knees gave out and I slid down the wall next to the sink and dribbled cum all over the floor.

I laid there for what must have been ten minutes, trying to catch my breath and letting my heart slow to a normal pace. It wasn’t long after, that I the questions began to jump into my brain.

What am I doing?

What’s going on here?

This is my daughter, the most innocent and beautiful thing in my life and I just jerked off thinking about touching her. I wanted to cry.

How can you love her if you want to see her pussy so badly? I must be a monster!

I couldn’t answer any of these questions. Not a one.

Since I couldn’t clear my mind of these thoughts and I was so burdened with guilt, I couldn’t bare the thought of facing her for much longer. The day would have to end for us. I walked from the boat house and approached Susie.

I told her that her old man was tired from the day’s activities – and that with her condition – it was best that we both retreat to our rooms for the remainder of the evening. Little did she know that I would be trying my best not to think about her.

She didn’t like being sent to her room, but she had always been obedient and didn’t argue. She pushed out that already pouty lip and looked at me as if to say “Why?” – a question she never actually put into words.

Susie picked up her things and sullenly went up to the house. I lay there on the beach for quite some time thinking about everything that had happened that day, drinking my beer and fighting the demons that had taken up residency in my head.

The joint I had smoked while in the boathouse didn’t help matters. The caretaker must have left it there. I made my way back to the house. By the time I found my way into the kitchen I was quite a drunken-stoned mess. I was in the process of reheating something the cook had left in the refrigerator when Susie walked in.

Keeping my back to her, I asked her if she was hungry. She said she was, so I prepared two plates. After I’d finished preparing our meal, I started out of the kitchen with my tray. At that point, Susie asked me – in a very hurt voice – if I was angry with her. This made me freeze in mid-step. Oh! My poor baby.

She had rightfully mistaken my avoidance of her as me being angry. She couldn’t have known that I was sexually deviant thoughts about her. I turned to face her for the first time since the beach. When I let me gaze settle on her, again she took my breath away.

She was wearing a thin, gauze-like nightgown. It came only to the middle of her thigh. And with the lighting in the kitchen I could see right through it. This obviously wasn’t the desired kaçak bahis affect. The nightgown was filmy to keep the summer heat at bay. Nevertheless, the affect was startling.

I could see her hot pink puffy nipples sitting atop her small round A-cup (if even that big) breasts. Her panties were clearly outlined through the gown and again I could see the gathering of panty-cloth around her chubby little slit. I gasped and turned around.

I tried to keep myself busy with my supper tray, but it could hardly replace the thoughts of her in my head. I took a deep breath, turned around to face her and told her I wasn’t angry with my little Princess. I told her I was tired and needed to eat and head off to bed and that she should do the same.

She pouted and asked if I could tuck her in after I was done with supper. I had done this every night of her life, so I couldn’t avoid it and still have her believe that I wasn’t upset with her. I agreed to tuck her in. I ate quickly and showered, only touching my lower region long enough to clean. I think I did this out of guilt for what had happened to me earlier that day in the boathouse bathroom. I made my way to Susie’s bedroom and knocked – and then let myself in.

She was already in bed. Lying on top of the covers, she reached up with her chubby little arms for a hug. I bent down to kiss her on top the head and turned to leave. She then asked me if I would stay till she fell asleep. I agreed.

I sat in the chair next to her bed and she took my hand in hers, curling up against my arm as I sat waiting for her to fall asleep. As she laid there, her little titties pressed against the back of my arm. I was very aware of this. I tried not to think about it, while at the same time, trying not to pass out from the beer and pot.

The feeling was back!

What was so wrong with me feeling this way?

My beer and ganja soaked mind rationalized my feelings. She’s over eighteen, even if she doesn’t look it or act like it. She is totally dependant on you, DADDY. No one will know, not even your neighbors, who thanks to your secluded location, don’t even know who lives next door. She doesn’t have anyone but you. Isn’t she old enough to be taught how love and sex work? She will never trust another man to love her, to be kind to her as I do.

Before I knew it, my arm had turned in her embrace to find my palm cradling her breast. I couldn’t believe what I was doing! My heart hammered in my chest and my cock was rock hard! I could feel it straining against my boxer shorts.

Looking down at Susie, I moved my hand enough to see her little puffy nipple poking through the almost see through fabric. Her sweet little nipple was so soft and fleshy between my fingers. Then, as I worked it, the nipple began to harden and became the loveliest little pebble under my fingertips. I used my right hand to reach into my boxers. I began to lightly tickle the underside to my throbbing cock. I could feel the first dribble of pre-cum dripping down my shaft.

I began to knead the titty between my thumb and forefinger. I was excited by the prospect of her waking. I started to grope her nipple harder. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my cock in my slack fist and fondled her nipple and my cock for what seemed like an exquisite eternity. In reality must have only been 1-2 minuets.

I felt the sensation build in my balls and then… WHAM! I shot my load into my boxers. It was all gooey and hot as I panted like a beast over my young little Susie’s sleeping form. I stood, turned from the bed and with a smile on my face, made my out for her room.

The next day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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