Tab To Pay

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MORAL: “Thou shall not drink the wine unless thou can pay the tab on time’ or surely pay through the behind.”

(Phillip’s adventures begin in “Valley of Mom”) Rick had owned the small neighborhood bar for a couple of years. He felt very blessed as his staff was very loyal and honest and never had words about dividing up the tips. And, the customers were just as loyal tipping well and paying without any real problems.

In fact, Rick’s place, called “Hermannhoff’s”, was becoming very popular for the hundreds of folks working in the area wineries and small business in the small Midwestern town along the Missouri River. He knew a lot of customers by name and let them run tabs. The limit was supposed to be $50.00 but wasn’t enforced rigidly as most everyone paid it on time. Rick would get rigid and demanding when the tab got to $100.00 and would insist the customer pay up.

He dealt differently with the men then he did the women who had run their tabs up too high. Occasionally, he would let a man work it off in the kitchen but more frequently he would send Tony, his enforcer, to collect and he usually got the desired results without laying a finger on the guy. Needless to say, guys didn’t let their tabs get out of sight a second time, but would be back the very next day drinking with their buddies. Here is the story of what happened to one lady when her tab got too high for Rick’s liking. Her name was Beth and she always attracted a lot of attention when she sauntered in at a quarter after five. Not only was she really built but the outfits she wore were designed to make sure everyone knew it. She was 5’4″ about 130 pounds with 40-26-42 measurements and had blue eyes and coal black hair that came just to her shoulders. Ah yes, she was beautiful and she knew it.

Not that she was stuck up just self confident. It was a Thursday night when Beth made her usual stop and ordered a bottle of her favorite regional wine, Stone Hill Chablis. Rick got the bottle and added it to her tab. His jaw dropped when he saw the new total and told her, “Beth, I am going to have to cut you off after this bottle as your tab is now up to $114.90.”

A bit embarrassed Beth blushed and replied, “Rick you know I am good for it.”

“Beth, the limit is supposed to be fifty. I can’t let you keep racking it up unless some how you can take care of it.”

As if she were afraid that Rick would take away the wine she quickly poured a glass and chugged it down pausing long enough to say, “I get paid next week and can pay you then, how’s that.”

“Fine, but you can’t charge anymore until the tab has disappeared.” Rick anticipated what would be Beth’s next move although Beth was classier than most of the after work crowd. He knew she would not want to wait five days before having her after work drinks.

“Rick, honey, isn’t there some way that we can work this out some little chore or something else,” she was smiling broadly and running her hand along the necklace that hung close to her nipples. Rick put his plan into motion before Beth could change her mind.

I’ll tell you what for two hours of your time we’ll wipe out your entire tab and let you drink free tonight and I guess tomorrow night.”

Rick, what do I pendik escort have to do, sleep with someone?


“Rick, it isn’t worth it. I can’t do it. Ah, fuck, why not?” Beth frowned slightly but she knew she had fucked a date for much less of a reason and after all she was horny. Rick smiled because now the fun would begin. He took her by the hand and led her to a cozy back room.

It was a small room, maybe 100 square feet, and was brightly lit. There was a queen size bed in one corner with a nightstand beside it. The room was furnished like this when Rick bought the place as the previous owner said he used to take naps in here. It was Rick’s idea to install the video taping system.

Originally he installed it to catch his employees taking extra breaks or doing other forbidden things. But, he found there was a gold mine in taping women making good their tabs. This is why each of the waiters got a turn in collecting from the dead beat girls. Rick had to be able to adjust the cameras and focus and he couldn’t do that without the girl finding out if he was the one doing the fucking. The owner left the nervous Beth alone telling her one of the waiters would be in to collect in a minute. Beth was surprised but shrugged and took another sip of her Chablis.

Back at the bar Rick looked at his list of waiters and found that it was Phillip’s turn to have the fun of collecting a tab. Hearing his name called the six foot tall 180 pound Phillip scurried right over. He smiled like the cat that ate the canary when Rick told him that he had two hours to collect a tab in the back room. Removing his apron Phillip nearly ran to meet the girl that was his for two full hours.

Phillip knew the rules that Rick had set up and knew that he had to comply with them. He knew that, somehow, Rick would know if the rules weren’t followed; although, he had his suspicions. The were only two rules. First, you had to have the girl naked in five minutes or less. And second, you could penetrate all three of her holes but had to do at least two of them. So, Phillip’s jaw dropped to the floor when he saw Beth sitting on the edge of the bed.

Beth knew Phillip worked there and Phillip had seen Beth in the bar from time to time. But, neither had given it a second thought when Rick arranged their meeting in the backroom. Rick wasn’t to blame for it either as he did not even know that they knew one another. Rick had just gotten the cameras focused perfectly on Beth when Phillip walked into the room. He walked away as he trusted Phillip to collect properly and he would check in a few minutes to make sure things were still in focus.

Beth saw Phillip first and was utterly surprised and spit a mouthful of wine all over herself and the floor. It took a half a second to recover enough to ask, “Phillip, oh my god, is it you?”

“Fucking shit Sis what the fuck you doing back here?” Their faces went blank as they sat there for an eternity that was five seconds long.

“Rick sent me back here to pay my tab.”

“How much is it, Sis?”

“I guess about $115.”

“Fuck, I can’t pay it for you. . .” Phillip sat beside his baby sister and they held hands.

“Can’t we just pretend and Rick won’t know any better?”

“No, escort pendik he always finds out, I don’t know how. Let me ask him to get another guy at least.”

Now tearing up Beth answered, “No, no if I have to do this thing I would rather do it with my brother rather than some stranger, ok.”

But, we can’t Beth you are my Sister Mom and Dad would kill us.” Phillip didn’t mean it but knew it was what he was supposed to say. He wanted to fuck his baby sister since she was a teenager and really wanted her 23 year old body now. So, as he said this he put a hand on her nylon covered knee.

“It’ll be alright big brother; please don’t make me do it with some strange horny piece of shit that I don’t even know.” She put her arm around his back and pulled him closer until their faces were mere inches apart. Their kiss was very tentative and strange. They were both a little nervous.

They kissed again this time their tongues meeting. At the same instant their tongues met Beth rested her hand on Phillip’s lap right on top of his stiff cock. They kissed again even more passionately the Beth shocked her brother demanding, “Oh Phillip, you can fuck me anyway you like and do whatever you want but you have to do a few things for me, too.”

Now with his hand under her skirt running his fingertips over the silk crotch of her panties he asked, “Like what?”

“Like get the damn clothes off of us now. And you must kiss my feet thoroughly before I let you do anything else. You can talk as dirty as you want I love a gutter mouth. But, most importantly, we have to wear each other’s underpants home, agreed”

Phillip didn’t think he could fit into his Sister’s underwear but quickly agreed and shed his clothes in less than 15 seconds. He was happy that Beth wanted to be naked fast as they had almost used up the five minutes talking. It took no time to unbutton her top held together by four buttons and unzip her skirt and give a slight tug and they were off of her. He couldn’t help but ogle her tits as the bra came off. The only better pair he had seen was his mother’s last week when she had seduced him. He knew big boobs ran in the family for a second, he pictured both set of tits surrounding his head.

But, first things first he thought, as he dropped to the floor and took Beth’s feet in his hands and frantically began kissing and caressing them. Beth ran one foot along his thigh as he made out passionately with the other. He kissed from toe to toe then worked up the arch to the heel. Reaching up her thigh he pulled off the stockings and continued to kiss all over those sexy feet.

Sensing he had better move things along or Rick would get angry Phillip worked his mouth up his sister’s legs. Focusing his eyes on her crotch he noticed a huge wet spot right in the center. He couldn’t take it anymore and yanked off the panties and climbed on top of her.

Their faces smashed together in deep passion as Beth held her brother close. With one thrust his cock was in his baby sister’s cunt. Beth let out wail that doubtless could be heard in the bar if anyone were paying attention as Phillip’s cock bottomed out inside of her. She couldn’t believe how fucking huge her brother’s cock was and kicked pendik escort bayan him in the ass urging him on. But, he didn’t need encouragement Beth’s cunt was absolutely the best he had ever felt and he told her so, “God, Beth your cunt is fucking fantastic, oh my fucking god.”

“Oh shit, you prick fuck the holy hell of it. Come Rick, fuck your damn Sister.” she snarled back. The bed was bouncing with the hot action. Rick walked by the camera and couldn’t believe how hot the show was. Beth’s head was tossing from side to side as her hand stroked on her brother’s hair. Phillip’s face was turning red as his cock pumped in and out of her. They both had the most explosive orgasms of their lives.

But, neither of them were satisfied as Phillip fell out of Beth he immediately began squeezing and sucking his sister’s giant orbs of joy. This sent shock waves through her body. She couldn’t believe how sexy this felt and how much she was being turned on. She was even more surprised when she had two more orgasms as Phillip covered her boobs with the best kissing they had ever had.

She knew she had to repay him here and now! She gave him a shove and had him lay on his back. Then she eagerly grabbed his mammoth tool and swallowed it deep into her mouth. The taste was great as she licked all over the thing getting all of their combined juices off of it. She was taken a back when her brother began rubbing her ass with one hand and grabbed her by her hair with the other. As she pumped his rod with her hand and mouth she felt him stick a finger deep into her asshole. Again totally turned on she swallowed the entire prick into her mouth as she fondled his balls. It was obvious that her brother liked what she was doing as his hips came up to meet her hungry mouth. She didn’t expect him to cum as quickly as he did as she gagged with the first shot of spunk into her mouth. But, she soon recovered and was sucking him harder and faster trying to get every ounce out of him that she could. When she was finished she asked, “So, how was that big brother?”

“Fucking fantastic, Beth; you are fucking fantastic,” he enthusiastically replied. They lay there for a minute hot and sweaty. Phillip knew that Beth would let him do more right now but decided to wait until later. The two hours were about up anyway. He reached for his under wear to put it on.

“You can take it back later, but right now it is mine,” snapped Beth. She grabbed his underwear and pulled it on and handed him her bikini panties.

“So, sis, when do I get them back?” Phillip tried to ask this shyly and innocently but knew the response he hoped for.

“You can come by my place and take it off me later tonight after you get off of work but only if you promise to give my lonely ass some attention.”

Phillip struggled to put on the silk bikini panties as he replied, “Oh shit, Sis I will be there, count on it!”

The siblings finished getting dressed and walked back out to Rick. He had a bottle of Chablis waiting for Beth as he asked Phillip, “Well, did she pay her tab?”

Looking over at Beth lustfully he responded, “Yes sir, I’ll say she did!” Rick handed Beth the wine and smiled to himself as he knew a hot feature was waiting for him when the bar closed. He didn’t know just how hot as he hadn’t heard Beth and Phillip’s talk about being brother and sister. But his after work fun didn’t hold a candle to what Beth and Phillip would be doing when they got together!

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