Taboo Ch. 01

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No offense to anyone reading but if u don’t like it u don’t like it I don’t really care its incest fantasy not a published book keep your opinions to yourself and just get a decent nut out of it perverts I know I did.


My name is Xander Storm I’m eighteen and a senior at Odin High School in Charter Bay, Louisiana. Charter Bay is a medium sized fishing and college town in east Louisiana. But above all else it’s a football town the Odin High Sharks are the reigning state champions three years running now and I’m proud to say I have been apart of that.

I play linebacker on our shut down defense and in have made all state every year since I was a freshmen. I’m built for my position 6’5, 245 pounds and all muscle. I’m African American and I come from a military family. My father died in the Iraq war when I was thirteen leaving me and my mother Sheila Storm on our own.

My father was a officer and had a great life insurance policy so my mother doesn’t have to work but she does part time work as a grief counselor for other military widows. She is very beautiful standing at 5’9 with a partly athletic body tone but plump in her chest and hip areas. She turns heads wherever she went but since me father died I have known her to go on maybe two dates in five years. But she never complains she just says she has me and that’s all the man she needs.

We have a great relationship and she is my number one fan in football. You wouldn’t knock it by looking at but she is a hardcore fan and when I say hardcore I mean hardcore she will fight anybody who trash talks me or our team and most likely she would win.

So it’s Saturday the first weekend after the start of the school year. Normally I’d be at practice but it’s been raining almost nonstop for three days now so the coaches cancelled it. So I’m in my room playing Call of Duty Ghost on my Playstation 4. Mom is down stairs doing house work like always on the weekend. My cell beeps and I look down its text from my girlfriend Jalisa Grey. We have been dating a few months now she is a awesome girl and sexy as hell. Like my mom she is athletic but plump in all the right places but my mom has the bigger chest. But Jalisa isn’t far behind with her 34DD. Is it weird that I like girls with the same body type as my mom? Maybe but fuck it she’s hot.

The message is a picture of her posing in a sexy matching bra and thong with the caption “I want your dick so bad daddy.”

I laugh as my ten inch snake starts to rise in my pants and reply “It wants you too you nasty slut.”

She loves it when I talk dirty to her she is a completely submissive in bed a total opposite of her normal bitchy bossy self. But then again when it comes to me she is a complete submissive period she what I tell her when I tell her most of the time no questions asked.

She replies back “Oh daddy that made me so fucking wet I wish the road to my house wasn’t flooded so u could come and fuck your slut. Oh daddy can I play with myself please I’m so horny.”

I chuckle as I know its a serious question she won’t dare touch herself without my say so that pussy is mine. I know its cruel but I enjoy making her squirm.

I text back “Nope you can’t touch my pussy but you can get on all fours like a botch in heat and fuck your ass with that seven itch vibrator of yours until I give you permission to stop.”

I’m big on anal I like the sound a girl makes when my huge dick stretches her shit hole and the look on their faces while I’m turning their guts into jelly. Jalisa had the best one I had ever seen when I popped her anal cherry just a few weeks back over summer vacation. We were at a pool party at a friends house and she looked so sexy in her pink two piece I couldn’t wait until we left. So I took her in the house to a bedroom and we started making out and I started stripping her and sucking her amazing breast.

She was purring like a cat as swear started to form over her caramel skin and he toes started to curl then I shocked her.

“I’m gonna take your ass today get on your knees, pull down my shorts and suck my dick you better get it good and wet that’s all the lube your gonna get.” I said to her looking down on her like a master would a slave.

She looked terrified and horny beyond belief all at the same time. Without a word she fell to her knees and did as I instructed. In no time she would down in her knees swallowing as much if my cock as she could. The girl is a expert with her mouth can prolly suck cold butter escort ataşehir through a straw. Not wanting to nut yet I pulled her off and put her face down across the edge of the bed ass up in the air.

“Be gentle baby please I have never done this before.” She whimpers as she looks back at me stroking her saliva on my hard cock.

I didn’t answer her I just grabbed a hand full of her hair and held her head over to one side so I could see her face. With my other hand and put my cock between her plump ass chicks and against her puckered brown hole. I watched her face and saw the fear in her eyes it just got me hornier if that was even possible. I began to push my dick against her hole it resisted and she shut her eyes tight. I pushed harder and harder and harder until finally it gave in and my dick head popped into her once virgin asshole.

Her mouth opened to scream but only a high pitched squeak came out.

I paused and said “Hands behind your back.”

She did as ordered and I locked her small wrist together with my huge hand behind her back making her virtually helpless and then I began the long slow journey of burying my dick in her ass to the hilt. She started to struggle and beg me to stop as the pain of entry hit but I kept pushing and held her in place.

Six inches in she was sobbing “Please daddy no more no more please take it out please.”


Eight inches she started to shake as the first pain orgasm of her life hit her like a bomb.

I took that chance and slammed the last two inches home. Her mouth opened in a totally silent scream and her second orgasm in five seconds hit. Her ass squeezed me like a vice and i just stayed perfectly still savoring the moment.

It last nearly three minutes before she finally relaxed and closed her eyes. I pulled out part way and thrust back into her. Her eyes shoot open as she remembered what was happening not even realizing that I had used her bikini too to firmly tie her hands behind her back. She started to struggle but it was too late nothing she said or did would stop me from fucking her stupid. I didn’t even hear what she was saying anymore all I heard was the sucking sound of her asshole as my dick started moving in and out and the slapping your ass cheeks made as my hips hit em with every thrust.

Soon I was going full steam fucking has ass hard and fast moving like a jack hammer in her shit hole. Her screams of pain turned to moans and whimpers. Grabbed her hair and forced her body up off the bed the combined pain and pleasure of the anal ramming and being held up by her hair alone sent her into another earth shattering orgasm.

He huge breast jiggled and swung as I continued to fuck her like a common slut. Not for the first time I wondered why I got such pleasure out of totally controlling and power fucking women it gives me a rush knowing that I’m in charge knowing that at that moment she is nothing more than my fuck toy.

After half and hour of this anal assault I slammed my dick all the way into her again and held it there and filled her battered ass with a flood if hot come roaring my satisfaction. I let her hair go and she fell on the bed limo for a minute I thought I had killed her but she was breathing hard having just had her fifth orgasm. I pulled out and cum and traces of blood ran from her ass. I untied her and she struggled to get up on shaky legs and when she did she turned and looked at me with glassy eyes. I really got afraid that I had gone to far thinking she was about to explode on me. Instead she shocked me by simply falling to her knees and taking my dick back into her mouth sucking all the ass juice and cum off without any hesitation.

I didn’t even realize it but I was sitting in my room jacking off to the memory I don’t even remember pulling out my dick and only after I came so hard my feet started to shake was I shocked back to the present. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at my mother standing in my door staring at me mouth agape. We just stayed like that me sitting in my bed hand still on my hard cock and her in the door staring at it.

Then as if she finally realized what was happening she turned and fled the room. I heard her take the stairs at a near run.

Shit. Was all I could say as I fixed my pants. I looked down at the phone and there where more pics Jalisa had sent. She was fucking her ass with a seven inch black studded vibrator that resembled a dick. Despite what just happened I smiled and sent a reply saying kadıköy escort bayan “Keep going ill call when I’m ready for you to stop.”

Not waiting for a reply I toss it on my bed and went down stairs to face the awkward situation I just found myself in with my mom. She was in the kitchen at the sink with her back to me as I walked in. I found myself standing in the doorway admiring her.

She was wearing a pink house dress with flowery designs the silky material hugged her curves perfectly. She wore sandals that showed he new pink pedicure and her long blonde hair dyed of course is in a ponytail. The bright colors matched her red bone complexion perfectly she looks truly stunning and I find my cock getting hard all over again. I’m such pervert.

“Mom ummmm I’m sorry about what you just saw.” I said as I walked in slowly.

She jumped a little apparently spooked by my sudden appearance behind her “It’s ok baby you are a healthy young man it’s normal for you to do those kind of things I’m sorry I just came in I should’ve knocked.”

I smiled and asked “So what did you need.”

She still didn’t turn and look at me when she answered “I just wanted to know if u wanted to watch movies with me tonight.”

“Yea sure mom.” I said as I walked to the fridge to get a soda what I saw made my heart skip a beat.

From the angle I had now I saw from the corner of my eye the reason she didn’t turn. The front of her house dress was up just above her panties and she had her hand in them furiously rubbing her clit even while we spoke. My mother had saw my cock and it made her hot enough to play with herself in the kitchen. What the hell was happening. I quickly got my drink.

“Let me know when your ready mom.” I said as I walked out.

“Ok baby.” Was her quick reply.

I moved out at hid behind the wall beside the door and listened. I heard her moaning softly but fast enough for me to know she was really going at it.

I moved upstairs thinking about what I just saw my cock hard as a rock.


When I finally called Jalisa some two hours later she could barely talk she was so worn out from the ass fucking she had given herself. I released her to rest and sent her to bed good thing her folks were out if state visiting family would’ve been weird I’d they has walked in on her doing that on the couch. I laughed at the thought.

It’s time for the movie and I had to rub one more out before I went down to soften the near constant hard on I had since I stumbled on my mom playing with herself in the kitchen.

After I quick nut I was ready so I headed down and found her in the living room waiting what she was wearing stopped me in my tracks. She had changed out of her house dress and sandals into sexy black dress with a deep neck line showing a scandalous amount of her amazing breast and stopped just above her knees. On her feet she wore six inch wrap around open toed heels. She was wearing jewelry and make up she look ready to go out to dinner and dancing not watch a movie with her son.

“Wow mom whose the lucky guy?” I asked staring at her ass as she was bent over looking through DVDs.

She stands and giggles “Your the only guy in my life baby the only man I need I just felt like dressing up.”

“You look amazing mom.” I said in all seriousness she was the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on.

“Thank you baby. ” she said blushing. “Sit down what kind of movie do you wanna watch.”

I sit down “Anything you want mom.”

“No it’s what you want baby your the man of the house.”

That made me pause again I got the sudden feeling things were changing very rapidly I had never thought of my mom in the position of a submissive she was just to strong willed for that. But now I’m not so sure so I decided to test it she hates horror movies.

“Ok Shark Night.”

I expected her to protest but instead she pulled the movie from the shelf and put it in with no questions asked.

She comes and sits next to me on the couch and asks “Do you want a snack?”

“Uhhh no thanks mom lets just watch the movie.”

“Ok baby.” She says in the sweetest voice I’d ever heard from her.

Thirty minutes into the movie she had her face buried in my chest but she never complained and she kept watching. I put my arm around her and she embraced me in a hug as she lay on me. This was feeling less like a movie night with my mom and more like a date. My dick didn’t know or really escort bostancı care about what it was it started to throb in my pants. Soon I had to adjust myself constantly to get it in a comfortable position in my jeans.

After about ten minutes of this my mom did something that would forever change our relationship.She release me and without warning started undoing my pants.


She didn’t answer just reached in and pulled out my steel hard dick. Then without hesitation she moved her hair out of the way and went down on me taking over half my dick into her mouth I the first go.

“MOM!!!!” I near shouted as a wave of pleasure hit her mouth was amazing.

She started bobbing up and down slobbering on my dick like a paid whore. She swirled her tongue over the head of it the entire time it was the best blow job I had ever felt. The fact that it was coming from my own mother was mind blowing and it made it ever better.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned loudly as I threw my head back.

She kept going taking me deeper into total mind blowing pleasure with every second that passed. Finally after over twenty minutes of the sinful blow job I was on the edge of climax.

“Ahhhh I’m cumming I’m cumming.” I yelled.

Mom just kept going in fact she sucked harder and faster. I came so hard I saw stars shot after shot of thick white cum went into my moms mouth at that moment she deep throated me taking all of it straight down her throat into her belly. When I was done I felt like I had just run a mile but she wasn’t done she sucked and licked the head of my cock making sure she got every drop of cum then and only then did she let my cock slip out of her mouth.

All I could do was stare at her and all she did was stare back as if waiting for me to say something she made it abundantly clear what she wanted.

“Get on your knees and bend over the back of the couch.” Was all I said my tone not one of asking but of ordering.

She smiled and hurried to comply bending over the back of the couch with her ass in the air. I stood up and got behind her pushing her dress up over her ass. To my surprise I found she was wearing no panties she was planning this.

I line my dick up with the hole I had popped out of just eighteen years earlier and prepared for reentry. With one hard fast thrust I was in. My mother was now my lover, my slut, my new fuck toy.

She moaned loudly as her vice grip tight pussy welcomed me home. It was feeling unlike any other I have my dick buried to the hilt in the woman I love most in the world my own mother.

“Oh baby it’s so big your even bigger then your father was.” She moaned in total mind numbing pleasure. “Fuck your mommy please I need it so bad fuck me please baby.”

I remained still and grabbed her by her hair and forced her head around so se could see and said “Your no longer my mother your my slut and it’s not baby it’s daddy from now on do you understand.”

Her eyes were full of lust and I knew immediately that I had her measure she liked it rough liked to be dominated she is a total sub.

“Yes daddy please fuck your slut with your big cock.”

With that I pulled out and thrust back in hard she moaned and I forced her to keep looking at me. I start getting into my rhythm and soon I’m power fucking her from behind and she is moaning and screaming for more. I oblige letting to of her hair and holding her hips fucking her so deep I’m hitting her back wall. I reach around and tear the front of her dress open and free her massive 26E tits from her bra. It take hold of both tits and lay on over her back still driving my cock into her has fast and hard as I can. I’m in heaven fucking my mother-slut with reckless abandon the world is blur as minutes turn to hours and soon before I even realize it we have been fucking for nearly two hours nonstop. In every position doggy-style, missionary, riding, spooning etc. we went from the couch to the kitchen table and counter tops to the stairs all the way up to her bed.

Now we are both completely nude except for her heels which are now beside her ears as I pile drive her pussy with her legs on my shoulders. We are both breathing hard as our muscles burn but our bodies just won’t stop. She has no more energy to moan she is just taking it with eyes closed clenching the sheets. I’d roar as I cum inside her yet again if she hadn’t and her tubes tied after my birth she would surely be pregnant by now.

I’d pull out and roll off of her letting her legs fall and I lay beside her. I reach over and grab her hair again and she knows she isn’t done yet as I guide her mouth back to my cock. She sucks it long and hard and licks it like a Popsicle. I breathe and enjoy tone blow job still not believing who is giving it to me. Where will we go from here?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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